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tiny mighty moe

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that's hot!

January 12th 2011 8:31 pm
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Hi it's me Moe or "tiny mighty moe" mom says that name fits me well, cause I am so tiny but very mighty like a LION!! Well sometmes we all need a little babyinn from mom and dad. So the other day I was on the desk watching mom, her fingers move really fast around the key board and I like to try and catch them. Dad was there too so I like stood up and rubbed on the desk lamp and smelled it, we all like to lay under it when mom is at the desk, then I reached on top to see if there was anything up there I could take off cause like you know I can almost turn the switch, anyway dad said "no moe that's hot" to late pain seared through my paw pad I said "meeerooow!" as I jumped off the desk and then sat in front of it for a long time holdin that paw up off the ground, so while the mighty moe was down, mom and dad cuddled me like a baby. It was nice and now I don't even care what's at the top of that silly ole lamp.
Hey calie said it PLAYTIME
Good night everybody and everycat.


Catster and dogster grant us this request please

January 16th 2011 10:48 pm
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I think Catster & Dogster should send email messages to all our pals when a new family memeber is added to our Catster & Dogster accounts so your friends can quickly be friends with the new member.
Some of my family has friends that still do not know me.


busted by mom

January 18th 2011 10:26 pm
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WE have this most pawsome toy mom calls it da bird and we all LOVE LOVE LOVE it so mom makes it fly around for a while and we try and catch it and sometimes we do but mom always puts it away in the closet after we have some playtime with it. So anyway the other night Tiny and I went to the closet mom had left open and made plans to get dat bird down. I told tiny to wait below and I climbed waaaay up on top and I found da bird then I knocked it down so tiny could grab it and run, well it got caught under some quilts and stuff so of course tiny couldn't get it out(realy he aint so tiny but he is such a BABY) so I was looking down at him from the top telling him to HURRY HURRY and when I looked up there was mom ooooh busted she made me get down and she put da bird some where...........we on know where yet, next time I will not ask tiny to help me sometimes I think the only thing tiny about him is his brain. It's ok mom loves him I think most of all.


smoke alarms

January 25th 2011 8:30 pm
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I think the noisey little deal mom calls a smoke alarm is really pretty scary. So we were having a nice night at home with mom, dad had gone to bed, booboo was outside (just on the balconey) little boy was on the paito, so tiny callie and I were in the office with mom. I was so comfy and cozy under the little desk lamp and mom went dwnstrts to the kitchen for a toasted bagel and ham. Wow while the bagel was toasting in the toaster that toaster is kinda scary too! (crazy thing POPS)then all of a sudden there is a LOUD ear peircing screech over and over, until mom got in the chair and pushed on the ceiling then it stopped then she said you silly kitties it's ok. Callie came out from behind the sofa like she wasn't scared, yea right, I ran up the stairs quick as lightening to get away from that awful thing. Now tiny a taken my spot under the light on the desk, brat, I popped him hard, and he popped me back, mom said "hey yall don't fight" I told her whatever as I left the desk top.


no moe no moe MOE NO!

February 4th 2011 10:08 pm
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Yea that is what she says to be everytime, and then I get down but jeez I was just looking at dat bird I wadn't touchin it or nothin she just gets so goofey over that silly "little boy bird" but after all I am a cat and he is a bird.
See mom has the little parakeet she had before she had us and skids never bothered with the bird she grew accustomed to it and it could fly lose in the room with her (they kept each other company when mom and dad usedto travel) she had a bird previously so knew he is family, we are still learning about birds as family, mom doesn't trust me or the others with him unless she is in the room with us and then if we try to very gently touch his cage she starts in with "Don't touch the bird" kind of a silly rule for kitties. Well ok just to be fair she does say nice things to me like "hey pretty moe moe my little girl moe, love that kitty moe, when she does that i don't even mind that she makes up silly rules that don't make any sense. Good night kittes snuggle up and stay warm.



February 11th 2011 10:28 pm
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Oh ok so he is like my very big little brufur so I gotta love him but somtimes it just gets so tough, Tiny is really big and he plays my mom and dad like a fiddle and then tonight I just couldn't believe it he had caught one of the mouses on a string mom was running for us and now I went in for the kill on the 2nd mouse she had for me and I am so fast and powerful I jumped High and ran fast and then nabbed it at the top if the kitty tree I jumed from the top with it in my mouth and headed to the carrier so I could hide with it and lo and behold!!! there sat that big ole blued eyed wanna be tiny cat in there. I was tired from the chase and I was carrying a load so I just laid out right on the rug and draped my paw over the mouse. MOm laughed and said something like oh Moe you are so beautiful well I wan't going for beautiful I was a lioness with kill and the den was in use. Oh well tomrrow is another day.


Happy valentines day

February 13th 2011 11:02 pm
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Happy valentines day every kitty, hope you get lots of pretty fun kitty stuff you know cat nip hearts and stuff and lots of love from familes. Don't forget to have someone get cards for you to give to your mom and got a card for us to to give dad and she left it for him so can get it before he goes to wrok tomorrow. I hope dad members to get one for mom frm us when he gets her card from him.
Mom said maybe she will even get some zealies so we can give pawsents tooo. oh fun.


aww look at moe

February 15th 2011 8:01 pm
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I am just too cute, and mom is getting better at showing off my cuteness. MOL she thinks this is my best picture yet. IT's the primary photo on my page. I know she thinks I am the cuttest of them all that's why she spoils me so much.....oh wait I think we all get spoiled umm. have nice night hope you all had a good valentine day.


tiny, the lamp, and the phone, and I am active poster

February 20th 2011 7:11 pm
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Hey I was listed with active Posters pretty cool!
Mom got this new smart phone and she even knows how to use most of it the thing of it is that now all her emails come to the phone so it goes off alot and it makes the msot anoying scary sound I cannot even describe it it's kinda like buzzzzDING my heart lurches and I have to jump down and go hide somewhere. Well i am here under the lamp on the desk with mom she's telling me I am beautiful and it keeps going off now I finally calm down and got back up here and comfy then here ocmes Tiny (what a joke that name is for him) he wants to lay underthe lamp mom showed him the other one since there are two he looked it over then came over here to lay with me....he's tooo big there's not room then the phone went off we both jumped down and he got back up there before I did so I guess I will get comfy over here under the other lamp on this side of the oooh my cats there goes that crazy phone, I am outta here.


Daddy's home!!

February 28th 2011 8:45 pm
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My dad was gone for a few days and he got back last night. When he came home I met him at the door but when he reached for me I ran to my kitty tree and climbed to the top so he followed me and I reached out then he leaned in and I gave him a really big nose rub, a kiss and puurred really lound sweet somethins in his ear. He thought it was so cute he told mom about it and she said wonder why she doen't do that to me? Well see mom is always looking for us and playing with us and dad does the hard stuff like clean our boxes (sometimes) and gets the heavy kitty litter and gets the heavy kitty food. For some reason dad thinks we love mom more, it's true we do wait for her to come home but she likes playtime with us and we do look forward to that time with her. I just thought dad needed to know I think he is the best kitty dad ever!!
You should have seen TIny's diary oh he is just strutting is stuff he thinks he is so very bad now that he is a mancatatwork. I gotta go beat him up sometime just to bring him down a notch or two.
good night catsters.

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