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Zoes secret dreams made public

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A diary about the new kit

August 14th 2011 6:44 am
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In case you don't know, there's a new kit. We were going to get little Forrest G, (Dad said it was okay) but this kit lives 15 min. from our house and needs a home. Mom said it was love at first sight. It has no home or name.

-- link removed --

Mom said it would be easier to write this in a power point style...

- this kits Momcat was dropped off at a friends house, preg and hungry, they are going to keep her as a barn cat
- the daddy at the house is oldschool, if the lits are not giving away they will go to the shelter
- Mom felt at least Forrest G will have a better future if not adopted

now the Zach issue
- Zach is not good with change, he was livid for weeks when Di came to live with us
- We do dog sit a lot though, so maybe it won't be bad
- Mom says if she still spends quality time with Zach maybe it won't be that bad

- Mom feels bad because cause she stopped Dad from bringing home a dog just two months ago. Mom said she couldn't trust the doggie cause it was three years old. Plus she didn't want to upset Zach.

Now the kit is 5 weeks old and is eating Iams kit food but is still nursing too. Mom said she got Zach when he was around 8 weeks old. Mom says chances are she will bring him home a little latter. He's an outside kitty living in a carport so when do we get his shots? Can he be tested for diseases or should the mommy be tested.

Names= Mom says his pic is his first one and he looks like he's telling a joke. So, Mom is playing around with him having a funny man name here's a few plus some other favorites (zach was almost called Memphis Raynes from "Gone in 60 sec.")

What do you think about Happy Gilmore?

Maybe Jim Carrey

We could call him Titus Pulo sense Lucius is named well Lucius. Titus was the crazy ape of an roman solider that was best friends with Lucius.

Or we could name him Memphis

Tristine, one of Dad's favorite

We have more names, but these are Mom's favorites.



August 16th 2011 1:32 pm
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Mom was on Topix today in the cat section. She was reading about bad bathroom habits.. someone suggested Happy Cat that's added into water. It's supposed to calm a cat. Mom wasn't sure about this but she might try it. Then she realized it was a litter additive instead....but what does she see Cat attract! Wow, the great abundance of info her is unreal. Problems that she has just considered part of cat ownership might be helped by Cat attract and Feliway. Mom used Feliway when we first moved into the house cause I was stress eating (typical female) and Zach was freaking out jumping everywhere till finally of two days of this behavior settling down in his room, in a box. Hey look, it's a Zach in the box!

Know that the kit is coming, Mom thought of another name today "Griswold" you know like Chevy Chase. Anyway, Mom is working hard to get us on our best behavior so we don't teach the kit bad habits.
IE: my bathroom habits
Zach's scratching and jumping habits
Our begging for food.

Mom said she can deal with the jumping on things and begging, but the other two have got to stop. That's part of the deal with Dad. He understands if it doesn't work he just wants to see her try to teach us good manners.

Hit the link then under the order price you'll see a section with usage info in the center, click on that for some great ideas.
-- link removed --

Is it just me?? None of my links have worked sense the update. Lets try it old school:

Oh about this cat litter additive, the litter can't be scented in anyway and paper and "conventional" litters isn't good with Cat attract. Naturally, they recommend their own brand. So, Mom looked it up and wouldn't you know Precious cat classic litter is hypoallergenic, which would be good for me!

Oh and Mom found us a new litter pan too. She said it looks like the sides are really high so when Zach starts "a kicken", the litter will stay inside. But what about the baby?


Outdated updates! WAY TO GO MOM!

August 18th 2011 6:24 pm
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Good news on the grandma front, two weeks ago we got the labs back and grandma is know cancer free! They will of course be checking her blood count every six months for awhile.

Haley, the sis in Jordan, she's back. Been back for awhile. Way to go MOM! She said she liked it all right. She got a gold bracelet from one of the kids that she tutored while she was there. Today she left for college in Tenn.

Normally, this week every other year Mom and Dad normally go to the beach for Mom's birthday but not this year. And wouldn't you know, three waterspouts came up on the beach crossed the island and died in the Cape Fear River. Gosh, Mom said she wouldn't know what to do if she was on the beach with it coming toward her. Nobody was hurt.
Pawsome pic of one of the waterspouts

As you guys might have heard Dad has a big big job. This is the biggest job we have ever had. Bad news for the owner, insurance isn't covering it. Mom says figures. Restoration people feel the same way about home owners insurance as Doctors do about mega health insurance providers.

Um.. lets see what else.... Mom did my page the same time she did Zach's. Have you seen it? Mom kinda likes the white strip so she left it. She says it breaks up all the pink. She's thinking about adjusting it a little.

We both have new playlist.
Zach's has hits like:
The Golden Age
Pumped Up Kicks
Tighten Up
The Cave
Summersong- my fav
and Sail which is Zach, Mom and Dad's favorite on there

Me, I've got great songs that I think Colette would love. they are kinda jazzy and sassy

I have songs like
You've got the love
Bust your windows
Jar of hearts

Zach says "Enjoy!"


Purrs needed for me and Tux both!

August 22nd 2011 5:32 pm
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Mom has wrote this diary three times trying not to sound angry but she is simply put. See this past weekend wasn't that great for Mom and it was her birthday weekend. The one thing that she has to look forward to in her life right now became the main topic at her Birthday dinner Saturday night. Griswold. And as usual, Grandma thinks Mom doesn't need to get him. "To many animals, high vet bills, Caring for senior animals cost a lot of money.....After awhile she started sounding like Charlie Browns teacher to Mom but then Dad chimed in (she guesses cause he felt he had backing) Mom stayed strong. She knew they were only doing this because they didn't think she would get mad in front of Great Grandma (which of course added her two cents in too) Mom just calmly mentioned that Dad recanted and she couldn't believe it! You should have seen it, Mom being told by Grandma, Great Grandma and Dad about how stupid it was to get another kit. meantime Great Grandpa is talking about how they treated Dogs and Cats when he was growing up and the only one that not once made Mom feel bad was her knight in shinning armor, her Dad.

Truthfully, they are right. You want proof? Last night Tux fell off our deck. He already has a hip that is sore from trying to hold himself up to eat but when he left here he was dragging his front rs paw. He was in definite pain. Like that's not enough we found two more knots on Diamond Thur. night. And this morning Zoe walks up to me limping. WTH! Does she have sympathy symptoms for Tux. What happen?

Mom says "Dang, I give already. Got it, you don't have to scare me to death just to teach me a lesson!" So, I guess no Griswold now. I know, why do you think Mom is so mad. She was bullied into going to work and telling her girlfriend no.

This afternoon when Mom got home from work, I was putting more weight on it but every little move Mom or Diamond made spooked me. I'm not afraid of them but their movements. this too has claimed down too. All four of us will be chilling on the bed all afternoon and night.

Mom will sometime get a call back from grandma and grandpa letting us know how Tux is. Then she will let you know.


Thank God the neighbors were home!

August 28th 2011 6:46 pm
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Just seen a pic of a house burned up and this was the write up underneath it.....

"Firefighters hose down the smoldering remains of of a house in Rodanthe, N.C. destroyed by fire during Hurricane Irene. Roger and Celia Meekins barely escaped their home during the height of the storm when they realized their home in Rodanthe, N.C. was ablaze. Their neighbors Heather Fleming and Jim Meyer helped them out of the water after they exited the burning structure. The flame became so intense the four made a swim/walk through the five foot deep storm surge to a neighbors home about 100 yards away. They also has three dogs in tow."

Thank God some people stayed!

Yes it is the same Rodanthe as in the movie "Night in Rodanthe"
Great movie with ironically a hurricane in it. Richard Gere and Diane Lane fall in love. Good movie if you like romance but feel a good cry is needed.

If you wish to see the pics of whats left of the outer banks here's the web address just pan down and you see Irene lashes NC Coast. Of course, the other storm pics are amazing too....
Read more:

Oh and Tux is going to the vet Mon. His leg was doing soso and then he hurt it again. Mom thinks he's torn a muscle in there somewhere.


Mom needs human advise and she trust you guys will know the- right thing to do

August 30th 2011 3:31 pm
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Now, one of us told you about Mom's work laying off about 100 people. Mom says it's really sad cause they had layoffs just three years ago and nobody has been hired back sense. All the people that got sent home had been there for 5 to 9 years. The company is union, so they go by seniority regardless of work skills or ethics. Mom doesn't like this part of the union at all. She says that's no way to run a business unless your shooting for running it into the ground. Mom said they bounced back last time and they will do it this time but it's going to be rough! Mom has been there for 13 years, so no worries here yet.

Okay here's the problem....
Mom's closest friend at work, Mariette, who got moved out of her job to fill a layoff spot, is mad at Mom. See unfortunately, Monday in the morning meeting Mom was told she's getting Mariette's old job. Mom had no idea she was going to be moved too, never the less into her girls job! Well, now Mariette is reflecting all her anger onto Mom and it hurts Mom but she understands. When Mom lost her dream job the same way three years ago, she blamed the last guy that was promoted into Quality Assurance. Now it wasn't his fault and she knew that, but she had to be mad at somebody for awhile to be able to cope. Mom just hopes Mariette comes around faster than she did. Mom wants to tell her she understands and that she can talk it out with her. After all Mom is in the same boat, learning a new job she doesn't want.

Here's the question..
How much space she I give her? For how long? She hasn't spoken to me sense she stood beside me in the meeting Monday. Mom had mentioned the problem to her lead man today, hoping he would casually mention to her that Mom didn't ask for the job and that she didn't know about the plans to put her in that position. But as usual, 1) he's a man, female feelings are useless in his eyes, even though he's better than some of the guys around there (yes, we have some male chauvinist pigs at work) and 2) he's management, he's not going to go out of his way unless he has too.

Mom tries to keep out of all work drama. And as you know, there's just some hate fueled dramas that has a larger than life gravitational pull that sucks everybody in. Mom tries to be Switzerland but it's hard, especially if people are getting personal. That's when Mom gets MAD.

But this drama, this is a completely different animal. This is heartbreak. Her and Mariette has been friends for 11 years and only once had a spat, and that was in the first few months they worked together. They have been through so much work stress together. Mom misses her already and it's only been two days.

Mariette's common law hubby works with them, should Mom talk to him? Don't worry Mariette isn't the jealous one and we are all like family anyway. Mom feels that if she knew Mom didn't back stab her or keep a secret from her than deep down she would know it's silly to be mad at Mom. And maybe will talk to her.

Mom keeps hearing from friends that Mariette is lonely and feels isolated in her new job. This breaks Mom's heart too.

BTW, Mariette is the one who has Griswold, the kit.


Wanted - ship mates, female kits need only apply

September 4th 2011 6:52 pm
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I'm having an all girl pirate ship. No boys allowed! I thought about calling the ship "Wickedly Desirable" but I want a scarey pirate ship, not something that sounds like a Hugh Hefner idea. So, I chose "The Blood Thirsty Princess" I think it's perfect!

I am looking for female pirates to join my ship. You must be capable off beating up boys, preferably our brothers! You must be cultured but raw in personality. We have to be able to manipulate the men with our feminine feline wiles.

You must be able to wear a corset for when we go in town for supplies. We have to look respectable you know, I don't want to meet the hangman. Do you?

Here's the real names for the higher up jobs on the ship. Just tell me which job you want.

Tink will be my First Mate- this position as the captain's right-hand man and the one who would assume his role if he were killed in battle or could no longer perform his duties. She said yes already today.

Quartermaster - Out of their distrust of dictatorial rule, pirates of the Golden Age placed a large portion of the captain's traditional role and power into the hands of an elected quartermaster who became second-in-command and almost a co-captain. The quartermaster punishes, he was a sheriff enforcing fairness in duels or a judge presiding over jury trials for serious crimes committed among the crew , he was in charge of maintaining order, distributing rations and supplies, delegating work, and guarding and dividing plunder. In fighting, the quartermaster decided what ships were worth it and often led any boarding party, ultimately deciding what loot to keep. When discipline or punishment was necessary, only he could give it, but even then it was with the agreement of the captain or the vote of the pirate crew. I think this is a good position for Simone to have.

Boatswain (bos'n) - This position may be compared to the modern chief petty officer. A ship of any size would require the boatswain to oversee several junior officers who would share his responsibility for the crew's morale and work efficiency as well as the maintenance and repair of the hull, rigging, lines, cables, sails, and anchors.

Gunner - a gunner by a cannonA gunner would be the leader of any separate group manning the artillery. His special skill would be in aiming, but he would oversee the four to six men required to take the gun through the steps of loading, aiming, firing, resetting, and swabbing for the next load. He would also work to ensure the gun crew's safety in avoiding dangerous overheating or excessive recoiling of the weapon. A master gunner would help to coordinate the timing and accuracy of the individual crews, especially when a broadside was ordered.

Powder Monkey - This term was first used in the British Navy for the very young men who made up most gun crews in the 17th century. In contrast to a pirate officer who was elected, these poor souls were forced to perform what was some of the most dangerous work on the ship. They were harshly treated and rarely paid, and if they avoided being mortally wounded in their service, desertion was probably as attractive as having very little hope of being promoted in the pirate crew.

Carpenter - There could probably be no more highly regarded artisan in a pirate crew when your life and livelihood depended on the soundness of the wood around and beneath you. A person in this apprenticed trade would use their skill to not only repair battle damage to masts, yards, hatches, and the hull, but to keep the ship's leaky seams in check with wooden plugs and oakum fibers. He would often have separate quarters combined with a workspace. Each carpenter would usually have an assistant in apprenticeship.

Surgeons, Cooks - Yet another highly valued position, surgeons would often be grabbed from crews of captured ships, although they would not be ordinarily be asked to sign the articles. He would be expected to deal with colds, fevers, or sexual diseases with an assortment of mercurial medicines or other current treatments, and the carnage of battle often required amputations in hopes of saving the wounded.

Cooper - If a pirate captain was fortunate enough to have a prosperous career, perhaps he could afford the services of a cooper, a barrel maker. Most everything not in a crate or canvas bag was in a barrel. Using steel hoops and strong wood, the cooper would make containers to keep gunpowder dry, food free of pests, and water and spirits from leaking into the bilge. With a changing environment and the constant shifting of the cargo, the hoops and staves of the barrels required constant upkeep to remain intact and tight.

Musicians - pirate musicians Those who could play drums, bagpipes, trumpets, accordions, fiddles, and other instruments were so well liked that they escaped torture if captured by pirates. Musicians would usually play prior to and during a battle, blaring out martial tunes, nautical favorites, or simple loud noise to inspire the crew..

Cockswain - Originally the Captain's attendant who would row him to and from the ship, later came to mean the helmsman.
Drivelswigger - One who knows nautical terms and maps.


Oh No! Tux don't go!!!!!

September 8th 2011 7:54 pm
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Tux, this past weekend with grandpa

Troubles and tears surround us today. Our dear Tux is so sick. Doc agreed that Tux didn't act like it was time but he won't take his meds! He's got to take them! He has two heart pills and now two kidney pills cause he has gone into acute kidney failure. He's taking in fluids too.

Grandpa called Mom at work and told her to bring Diamond and some food out to the house. As some of you know, we have been having a hard time keeping Tux eating, and now it's worse. He pulled a muscle in his leg and then ran off two days in a row! He did come back by himself both times but the second day he was in pitiful shape. That's when he went to the vets for the second time and we found out his kidneys were going down for the count. Mom tried covering the pills with ice cream, pimento cheese and peanut butter. The peanut butter worked but she still had to be forceful with him. Which she hated doing. He took all but one pill of the two kidney pills. Grandma said she would bring him over to our house tomorrow night for round two. He did eat and drink some water with Diamond tonightso that's good .

He has to eat and he has to take his meds, if he doesn't he'll leave us. Grandma thanks they are fighting a losing battle. Mom agrees he's being awefully stubborn about the whole thing. Purr that he will understand all of this. And purr that he doesn't bite Mom's finger again. It was a minor causality of war today.

Sad note: Diamond told me they were all sitting outside enjoying the afternoon when Grandpa and Grandma started talking about how much grey he's gotten in the past two weeks. This haunted my thoughts all night.

Did I tell you Diamond has two new knots on her front legs. Mom says she guesses this is something we are going to have to deal with for the rest of her life. She's worth it! And my allergies has my eyes watering something awful.

Also purr for Manytoes and the fam. They are having a lot of illness in their home too.


A different kind of tribute to 9/11, one that shows hope and- pride

September 10th 2011 10:43 am
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9/11.………..What can we say. Mom said it was the saddest and yet most patriotic moment in her life time so far. Now, we were going to do the classic 9/11 pics and videos like the Bullhorn scene but this morning Mom seen a documentary that changed our minds. It was called “Nine Innings from Ground Zero” It’s available everywhere on the internet. And it is showing on HBO like 9 times from now to Mon. night. That’s where we seen it.

I promise if you watch you won’t be disappointed.

The center of the docum. Is what got Mom felling that national spirit rise up again. It talked about the Yankees having to fight for the win of the world series. And that the last games was supposed to be in NY. But NY was a disaster area. At the time they were put on super dooper alert. It had only been 48 days sense the attack. Gullani and others, among FBI decided to go on with the series being in NY despite the threats of more attacks….. To say we won’t be afraid!

Next, they talk about all the people who came to the game. The security was unreal. Soldiers, Bomb sniffing dogs, Guns and FBI men every where. Yankee fan Scott Gutterson said he thought “This is my America ” when seeing all the heightened security every where.

Then here comes President Bush, to throw the first ball. They had a secret service guy dressed up as a umpire on the field with the Pres. At this point they have President Bush talking about Jetter giving him pointers and told him if he “bounces the ball they will boo you.”

The clip

clip where you can really hear the crowd chanting after the pitch

United we stand!

They talked about how nobody wanted to crack a smile because of the depression outside those stadiums walls. But one guy said “you could go to the game and stand up and scream, jump up and down, It was a wonderful release.”

9 miles to the south at ground zero, the recovery effort was still going on. This part is kinda sad.
Then it shows the guys who were digging at ground zero being feed and that they had found some recliners there and a TV, so they watched the game. One worker said “I had a belly of steak, I’ve got a recliner and I’m watching the Yankees play in the world series, I was an American”

Game four, the 7th inning stretch they had a tribute to a tethered flag that was found at ground zero. It was flying high above the stadium. As an opera singer sang “God bless America”
10 th Anniversary Tribute

America, we need this spirit to come back. We need to hold hands and stand strong. We are not weaklings, we never have been. Hitler was afraid of us, his thinking was only the truly strong stock of Europe and other countries made it here and found ways to survive. We were the Industrious Nation, of great inventors and great workers. We believed in putting blood, sweet and tears into our work. This intimidated him.

United for a stronger nation is what I chant now! With help from Washington (whenever that comes) We will be strong and prosperous again. I believe that in my heart and so should you. Don’t give up!


My list of pirate ladies and their duties! Girl pirates- rule!

September 11th 2011 8:08 am
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Here’s the list of crewwomen and their positions. I could use a few more pirates but we are in a good place. Zach is struggling to get his guys together. HeeHee! My boyfriends won’t even sign up for him. MOL!

Tink- First Mate
Dagger Toes Simone- Quartermaster/the man!
Monida Cristo- Head of all night raids and all raid planning
Feisty Skittles Scarr- Master Gunner
Nadia- Boatswain/Petty officer
Pippin- Drivelswigger/ The nautical map genius
Calie- Doc
Rose- The ships matriarch/ Therapist
Bloody Kat Darkblade- Lookout
Oreo- Cook
Mad Roni Cutler- Cook
Callie- Monidas Assistant
Gypsy-Cockswain/private bodyguard for the Captain and Officers
Lady Natasha of the Black Sea- Deadliest gunner in the south seas
Jezebel- 2nd deadliest gunner
Anna- Musician/Violin
Presley- Musician/Harpsichord and Violin
Sleeper AKA Nails- Carpenter
Paris- Cooper/ Barrel maker
Ginga Ninja- Night Raider/Swordsmen
Harley Diabolita- Night Raider/Swordsmen
Samhain AKA The Black Plague- Night Raider/Swordsmen

Our prisoners can be our powder monkeys. So Toki might get his wish.

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