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Zoes secret dreams made public

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What's in a name? Zach tagged me!

April 10th 2011 10:32 am
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My turn to do Zach's new game, he said he didn't want it to be a popularity kinda thing. So, I'll try to pick not as know kitties.

What's in a name?

Copy and Paste, then Tag 2 cats
If your kitties may not be known then leave their url or create a link to them. Your kitties can be anybody! Cool! Can't wait to see your answers.

1)cat with a human name
2)cat named after a famous person
3)cat named after a food or drink
4)cat named after a inanimate object
5)cat named after a celebrity or character
6)cat with coolest nickname I know
7)cat with the coolest name ever
8)cat with a name that just screams summer

_____________________________Here's my list______________________________

1)Solomon, super sweet kitty family there
2)Kringle. as in Kris
3)Kitcat, Yum! Chocolate
4)Bootbox, this is a family full of cool names
5)Norm, very good looking male specimen of our state (an hour away)
6)Sid Vicious, his nickname Fang Cat
7)Letti, I've loved this name sense the first Fast and Furious! Another good looking kit from our state.
8)Cherry Marie Frizzball, we meet this family through Diamond. We highly recommend looking at their pages. Their Mom is a professional photographer. Simply stunning.

My two tags-
Lacey, the cat burglar in our master plan to take over
Tink Hart, we gave her that name you know
And my honorable mention and extra tag goes to .....Yolo, What a seriously cool, unique name!


I ran like I stole it.

April 12th 2011 6:15 pm
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Okay, real quick. Mom picked a small branch of Azaleas off our fuschia colored bush today. She brought it in and put it in a small glass of water. Now, she sat down on the floor with me and Zach to let us smell the flowers on the branch. She always does this before she puts the flowers up where we can't get to them. Well, I smelt all right! I went to smell the stem and I stole it. I took it right out of the glass. I scurried under the kitchen table and was heading to a hiding place when Mom and Diamond stopped me in my tracks at the kitchen door. She took the branch away from me and scolded me.

I got a wicked adrenaline rush. It was fun, I just wish I got away the azaleas:(


Tornado alley cats and east coast please

April 16th 2011 5:22 pm
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Is everybody okay? We made it through the storms okay, but we have been nervous about our friends sense yesterday. We know some of you are okay but we just heard there was a tornado 2 miles from kibbles, romeos and zeekes house in Westminster. We checked in on Calico Junction but that was before the storms really hit Va full steam. We would like to know you guys are okay or if you need purrs so howler back, please. We need a head count!


Mommy is so funny!

April 20th 2011 7:15 pm
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Mom spent the last three hours working in the back yard. We watched her from the Kitchen door.

When she came in she mad cause she couldn't find her gardening gloves so her nails had more dirt caked under them than the yard itself. So, she scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. I was a snickering because my Ginsu Claws are self cleaning.

Then she got in the shower just to find out they were out of soap. Ha! I'm self cleaning too. No streaking through the house to steal the soap out of the guest bathroom for me.

Then when she got out, she got into her goofy doggy P.J.s just to bust the butt out of them when she sat on the edge of the bed, she was having a coniption fit! By this point, me, Zach and Diamond was rolling. We don't have to wear P.J.s Haha Mom!

Poor Mommy, and she already said tomorrow will be the longest day ever.

Mom is lovin James Durbin tonight on American Idol! Wow!


I thought you might get a kick out of this

April 25th 2011 3:52 pm
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This is Diamond's diary today, about their camping trip and Diamond getting in trouble! It's so funny!

Mom called it... The Walk of Shame!

We went camping this last weekend and Mom said I showed my butt big time. It rained all Thursday night and all day Friday, but Saturday was gorgeous! Mom and Dad had a job to do first thing Sat. morning so I was dropped at the house to hang with the cats till they got done. When they picked me up to go back, they had the boat with them. We dropped it and Dad off at the marina. Me and Mom took the truck to the camper. Now the plan was to jump on the boat at the pier near our camp site but there was already two boats there. SO......

Me and Mom had to walk by toddlers, kids playing, 4 dogs, ducks and about 50 scared adults in the center part of the camp ground. I was doing good till a little Yorkie started barking at me, then it's buddy decided to join in and it was over then. The hair on my back stood up, and I started showing my teeth and barking back. Mom said she had to get the tight grip on my leash and bulldoze me throw it all. Toddlers are being snatched up by Mom's, kids are being yelled at to avoid me, there was two Golden Retrievers which normally I would have loved to be friends with, but I was still mad at that Yorkie for cussing me, soI barked at them to. They just wagged their tails at me. Mom called the whole scene was the walk of shame...for her.

Then I put my nail in one of the boat seats trying to get to some ducks, I could tell it made Dad mad but he hasn't said anything sense Mom said she would get the guy at work to patch it. Then that night Grandma and Grandpa came over with Tux to cook out. I loved seeing Tux as usual, but I was busy barking at a Dobbie that was a puppy. He kept being walked back and forward in front of me. Mom said she was going to put me in the camper if I didn't straighten up. The Dobbie didn't say a word so I looked like the bad guy in all of this. The Dobbie left, so I was good then.

Latter that night, it was eating time. Mom was in the camper checking the food to make sure it was done when.... I houdinied for the first time out of my harness! Grandpa tried catching me but too late, my lightening speed had kicked in. I ran right up to the camper door, begging. Everybody laughed about me doing that cause I could have went and found that little Yorkie but my stomach ruled my brain at that point.

Mom said next time she's going to take my fresbie to distract me from any barking furbabies. That's what she does at Petsmart to keep me in line and it works like a charm. The only time I ever barked at Petsmart, it was at my own reflection in the front window. Silly me! I don't fell too bad, I chatted with a friend Sunday and she said she would have been the same way!


Our computer got hit too....

April 26th 2011 6:14 pm
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Today, Mom was looking at Jayne Mansfield pics when she seen a Pride and Prejudice pic Mom oh look, clicked on it and Bam! IE warnings popping up every 2 min. Mom ran 3 different malware ans spyware searches. We got hit by two different Trojans! We found a couple adwares too. Everything is fine now. But it wasted two whole hours that Mom could have, and wanted to change our pages. The Mansfield pic is for Zach's page.

But Mom has two hours to work on my page. Ready get set my new name....Zoe Kona Sunshine A.K.A: Gidget to Moondoggie.

I'm also getting rid of my itchy scratchy bunny suit!
So, keep your eyes open for profile changes.


We are okay, but feeling a little survivors guilt

April 28th 2011 1:20 pm
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Satelitte view of April 14th storms

"One of the largest single-system tornado outbreaks in United States history occurred from April 14 to 16, 2011, resulting in at least 155 confirmed tornadoes across 14 states and severe destruction on all three days of the outbreak. A total of 38 people were killed from tornadoes and an additional five people were killed as a result of straight-line winds associated with the storm system." quote from Wikipedia.

It was the worst outbreak till last night.

God how we weep, for the fathers and mothers who lost their children, young and old, kids who became orphans , the animals who lost their fight againist the storms or are just simply lost. We feel for the new homeless population of the United States. We purr and woof that their hearts are healed and filled with the need to pull up their boot straps and begin rebuilding. That they smoothly go from shock to devastated to determination. Helping one another is the best healer. May they find their way through this nightmare with peace.

Asking that all kitties and doggies whether you believe in God or not, whether you believe in miracles or not take a moment of silence for the 300 people who lost their lives yesterday in the deadliest storm sense 1974 and don't forget the others who have perished over the last couple weeks in 15 different states.

Why all the storms this year? heres the answer


Can you help

May 2nd 2011 8:05 pm
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While we were commenting on Chief Roosters diary tonight Mom started to questioning Blackies' death again. I'm going to let Mom take over to tell you the story of Blackie.

I'm going to tell you this as short and simple as I know how. I do not want to take away from little Vern's death in any way so please don't take this like that. It's just got my wheels in the old brain a turning, wondering what killed Blackie.

First Blackie was fine and then he wasn't. I took him to the Vet and Tonya said he had a blocked bile duct. That wasn't it. I tried taking him back but the bean counters in the front wouldn't let me see the Doc because I couldn't pay for the visit. I told them he's not getting better and that I had just payed my house payment so I was broke. But they were owned by a big corp. and they just would tell me no. Anyway, that's another sore spot, but not why I'm telling you this.

Finally, I got a hold of Tonya, and told her the bean counters won't let me see her. She said bring him and told me to ignore them. By this point it had been a few days. They kept him over night. Tonya told me, she had misdiagnosed him and that she was very sorry. The main Doc. came in and said it could be serious, we have sent some lab work off. That he wanted Blackie to stay there so they can watch him till they get the results back. Which would be in 5 days because of it being the Thur. before Labor Day weekend. Bad timing.

Doc called me Sunday evening suggesting that I put him down. I was so young and stupid then, I actually thought Doc might be wrong again. So, I said "no, lets fight it." I remember hearing the disappointment in Doc's voice. So stupid of me. Blackie died Tues. morning in a cold cage at the Vets after suffering. This will always haunt me.

Okay, when Doc told me the results as I was holding my dead precious cat in my arms, everything he said was muffled. Honestly, I didn't hear a thing he said except he had said earlier this virus will take down a horse, and getting it from birds. He also said there was a vaccine but it was ineffective, so they don't give it. I always meant to go back and get his file or at least write down the virus that killed him but I never did. Does this sound like a virus that any of you know of? Please help me. I don't know if it will make me feel better but at least I would know what killed him.

Thank You.

P.S.-That's when I started going to the Vet we go to know. Not because of Tonyas mistake but because of the bean counters turning a deathly sick animal away.And taking advantage of the fact that I'm not the type to make a scene. Which is exactly what I should have done. That Vet is gone now by the way. The main Doc opened his own Vet, privately owned right behind it.

Again, I'm not wanting to take away from the precious Verns trip to the bridge.


Mom needing advice

May 7th 2011 5:54 am
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As some of you know Mom has a dog out at Grandma and Grandpas named Tux. He is 17 years old. For all of you with experience with older animals, your knowledge could be very helpful. Diamond is going to post the same diary to try to get help on Dogster to and Tux is part of a group for old farts, so Mom will be going there too.

It's very simple Tux still does his job, running out to the truck to greet Grandpa when he comes home. He still gets excited to see Mom and Dad when they come over. They just don't think he's ready to go for his long walk.

Simply put, he's not hungry. He's turning away from his food. He's gotten so picky in his old age, and Mom tried getting Grandma and Grandpa to give him some meds to help with his tummy. But they just haven't done it. Honestly, Mom thinks Grandma thought the suggestion was silly. Grandpa said he was going to keep an eye on Tux this weekend to make sure he's pooping alright, he also bought some livers to give Tux to eat last night and he said he did eat.

How do I help Tux eat better more than every two days
and how do we get Grandma to understand that he needs an little extra help


We can't click on our prizzies!!!!!!!!

May 14th 2011 6:37 pm
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Look like all our friends we've learned to work around some fleas but how do I get around not being able to click on my prezzie. Zach was on one of his girlfriends pages and wanted to make sure his pic showed up good. Well, he couldn't click on it. At the time we were chatting to Blizzard, so we checked his page and the prezzies opened. Then ours and it was fine.

Well, we come back three hours later and Zach had got a reg. prezzie from Baltster. But no luck it wouldn't open. What does it say? I don't know?

Help HQ. I have been using Firefox for a year now, so the problems every body has been having I haven't had. I'm the lucky one on that. And yes it's annoying that you have to check your pages for photograph (good song, btw) comments, but at least you can check in a around your butt way.

I can't see my prezzies!!! They won't open!!! Help!!

Zach says M, help us please!

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