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Zoes secret dreams made public

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The story of a local doggy found (lost sense Thanksgiving)

March 14th 2011 7:29 pm
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This is Mommy's story so I'm going to let her tell it. This will cheer everybody up.

Mom- There's a sweet old man at work named Rudy. He's 61 years old and says that they will have to kick him out, to get him to leave. "no retirement for this old man" he says. Anyway, at Thanksgiving one of the Grandchildren left the backyard gate open and all 3 of his dogs ran away. He looked and looked. He found two of them together and brought them home. Daisy, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier could not be found. He went to the animal shelter and talked to "the fine young people there." They had not seen her. A week later he goes back and was lucky enough to talk to the Dog Catcher for his area. She said she hasn't seen her either but she'll keep an eye out.

Now, know that we live in a large metropolis with one main extremely busy animal shelter. Thank God, the place is huge cause the animal shelters in surrounding counties are poor and small. The poor animals in those shelters have a week to get adopted. Sad I know. Zoe promised an uplifting story. So, let me quit preaching. I'm just saying, them helping an old fart find his favorite dog is very, very sweet.

Now Rudy called the animal shelter so much they knew him by his voice. Finely, they had a lead. Right after Christmas the girls said that the dog catcher had something to tell him. So, he ran up there when she was in. She told him she had seen and tried to catching Daisy. She told him what neighborhood it was. So, he started riding through that neighborhood weekly. But, still no luck.

This morning Rudy came up to me and told me he had found Daisy Friday afternoon. He was in that neighborhood and asked a guy that was working in his yard, if he had seen her? He said yes. The guy said the kids had been leaving food for her but she was to skittish to let them catch her. He told Rudy where she was hanging out at.

Rudy went there and he could see her sitting on top of a hill. He called her and she didn't come. So, he made a clicking sound that he does when he's going to feed his dogs. She came running down the hill and jumped on him. He said "if you were a poorly type chap she would have knocked you over." She gave him lots of kisses and jumped right in his truck. He kept saying "she remembered me." I told him of course she did your her Daddy.

He said at first the other dogs wasn't sure of her, he had let them smell each other through the fence. As soon as they started wagging their tails he let her go in with them. He said he's weekend "was like a family reunion." He said she's lost a little weight, so Saturday they took her to the vet, got her checked out. Bought her lots of toys and "She had a good meal." He's so happy and I'm soooo happy for him.

Remember, this pup had been lost sense Thanksgiving, living on that hill at the end of a neighborhood, missing her family. And almost 4 long months later she heard something, looked up and seen her Daddy! Miracles do happen!


I wish I knew her..our new angel

March 16th 2011 4:37 pm
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Me and Zachery joined Catster back on Dec, 19th of 2010. I guess you could still say we are newbies but it doesn't fell like it. We have so many great friends but we never meet Hazel Lucy.

I wish I had meet the Queen of Catster. I wish I could have played the game where she would hide in a picture with other kitties. I wish I had been around for her wedding. It sounds like it was a hit. I mean 3 TV news org. picked up her wedding!

P.S.- she joined on Mom's birthday! Just a neat little tidbit.

I wish I knew her and so does Zach. She will make a lovely angel.


I have a Diary of the Day question?

March 23rd 2011 1:25 pm
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Okay if you go to the bottom of the diary pick page my sis Diamond is the 2nd doggie there. Yea! right? Wrong! I'm a little aggravated that The Diary of the Day belongs to a Pet Supply Wholesaler.

It's actually kinda funny, cause four doggies was able to run it off by being barking mad in the comments section of the diary. The page itself is gone now but the diary is still there. You oughta check it out and see your fellow Dogsters doing a good job calling it out.

But how did it get Diary of the Day anyway?

Me and Mommy are doubting the whole diary thing all together now. But then Diamond said something that makes all the sense in the world. We don't write diaries to win awards from friends and an ego stroke from the diary lady. We write diaries for our friends. To entertain them. To let them know what's going on. Can you believe Zach (which, by the way is still sulking from the match) went and patted her on the back and told her that was the single smartest comment she's ever made.

We do it for you, our dear friends.


Amazing how things remind you of the past

March 25th 2011 6:52 am
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As you know our playlist this week is a very big deal. Zach with his #1 hits from 3/25 throughout the years and mine being country that went main stream during the 80's. River said Mike and the Mechanics reminded his mom of someone. And my Mom keeps thinking about her Dad's parents lately.

Zach did his John Wayne imitation the other day on his BooBoo shot comments section and started bragging about Grandpa being in the movies with John Wayne and Ronald Reagan, he was just an extra people don't get excited. But it's still cool. Grandpa flew bombers that was damaged or needed work on them, to Texas when he was in the Army. He had to crash land more than he wanted to remember. He always wore a cowboy tie and was burried with his Tiger Eye Cowboy Tie on and with 50 flash lights cause he wouldn't change the batteries in one, he would just buy a new one.

And just now, Zach was talking to Kitcat about how Mom wishes she could do a page on her Grandmother. She would have been liked for sure. She was Aunt Bee in the flesh just skinner but with the same hair too. Her cooking, Paula Deen, step aside and let grandma show you how it's done!
We used to fight over her dressing at Thanksgiving and then she would bring out another casserole dish of it. God Bless her. She was always kind and soft spoken. Funny when she wanted to be. One of those people that every one was drawn to like a bee to a flower. She was so patient with us kids, running around, tracking mud in her house and making mudpies in her good dishes.

Mom just felt like saying she misses them and wanted them to be remembered too. Sorry if anyone gets mad about a diary about humans. It just poured out of Mom and yes she's a little teary eyed but not bad. They've been gone sense her mid 20's.

If you feel like it you can share your memories too.


Saying goodbye to a new toy

March 26th 2011 12:37 pm
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toy funeral

As Zach told some of my friends, Mom and Dad are at the lake this weekend. Mom and Dad came home to check on us and take their showers about 10 this morning.

Well, Mom noticed on the way into the house, her rose was getting some black spots. So she ran down stairs to grab the Rose Disease spray. She sprayed the rose bush good. Came back in the house, poison in hand, she went to close the front door and noticed Daddy's keys were still in the door. So, with one hand she tried taking them out of the door when she noticed the sprayer was spraying in the house. $%#$ &%! Big time rookie mistake. She washed down the floor, she threw the throw that was hit downstairs for cleaning, flipped the cushions on the sofa( will do till Dad can clean them) and she cleaned down the coffee table. But, Oh No Mommy! Zach's favorite new toy! It was in the line of fire! Mom wasn't sure if it got sprayed or not but she's not chancing it.

Bye, Mr. Mousey, you will be missed

I wrote this for Zach because he's just to upset. It was his favorite. Thank you River and Simone for Mr. Mousey, we loved him dearly.

Tears at times have the weight of speech.


Having a great time.......

March 29th 2011 6:42 pm
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First, I should feel bad about laughing at Zach but it was just too funny. I bout busted my gut on that one!

Second, Mom is working hard on the quiz River and Simone came up with. Mom says she's going to get them all even if it's two weeks after the game is over.

Third, Thank you River and Simone, we have meet some of your friends and we have became friends! YAH! To many to name, I wish I could but it's already 9:34 and we still haven't seen our friends diaries yet.

Fourth, Finn your right, Mother Nature is a poopiehead! It snowed yesterday! Last week we had to turn the AC on so we could sleep and yesterday it snowed. What the heck are you doing, Mother Nature? Are you a Dodo too? Is there a Father Nature causing you to forget what your doing? Did you party too much in college? What's your issue? Cause we are freezing down here!



April 2nd 2011 5:55 am
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To all our friends born yesterday, the ever so sweet and funny Tink Hart for her Gotcha Day and then this morning I see my great friend Zoey is Cat of the Day! She's so beautiful! I haven't even checked the diary list today yet but I felt I needed to say...

Congrats, Happy Gotcha day and Happy birthday to everyone!


Even though it's chilly spring is here

April 2nd 2011 8:19 am
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Diamond and I woke up to Mom and Zach dancing to Pretender by FooFighters. Crap! I'm so sleepy.

I don't have to feel or even smell the air to know the weather is changing. I hear Dad mowing the neighbors yard. And Mom is dancing around like a idiot more than getting any house work done. She's listening to Little Big Town right now. Ugh! Can't I just go back to sleep.

Mom took down our winter curtains and put the summer curtains up yesterday. Mom calls house stuff bed clothes, sofa clothes and table clothes, out with the dark and in with the white.

Only to make it worse, Mom wants to go to the races tonight, it's opening night and that means Ladies Night. When they go they always come back smelling like burnt rubber and some kind of special gas. Mom says I wouldn't like the races and Zach is to snooty to like them. But, Diamond being a old country girl would love it.

Mom says the car shows, drag races and drifting races are starting up too. Thank God, Dad isn't drag racing crutch rockets anymore. It was scary when he did. They would leave to go to the races, me and Joe would be on pins and needles till they walked back in the door.(Mom still thinks Dad is hot when he takes off on his bike, hot as Tom Cruise in Top Gun and as short). No Dad hasn't been jumping on any sofas lately!

No Tigger! Mom isn't staying home to watch the basketball games. But she's pulling for Butler. That is her fav out of every body left.


A dear friend told me to show my face

April 6th 2011 4:16 pm
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I have a scar. Yes, cute little me.

It started when I commented on one of Teddys new pictures about how big his eyes is. He sent me a note stating he wanted to see my pretty face and eyes.I told him I have a scared lip from a Rodent Ulcer that never healed properly and I'm a little shy in front of the camera because of it. He told me not to be afraid, that some of the most beautiful kitties he knows have imperfections. I asked Mom what she thought and Mom reminded me that the runways for the last two years have been walked by women with "character building oddities." Mom says it makes you stand out from the other beautiful girl cats. She also said that she doesn't think it's that bad. I decided to not be afraid, so I had Mom take these pics today. Here I am world! (it's my left lip at my nose)

here's a close up of the scar

Doc had given me Allergy shots. And Mommy had me taking pills for my itches but the ulcer just didn't heal. Mom knew this ulcer would be a problem when it just got worst as I was taking the Meds. Doc said give the Meds sometime to work. They did on the scratchies and hives but not on the ulcer. While thinking about what Teddy said I decided to do a diary about allergies. Maybe, there's something in here to help you.

this is a pic from a distance

What is a Rodent Ulcer?

Allergies in Cats: Symptoms and Triggers

I have several allergies fleas, dust, pollen and Mom suspects mold. My allergies has gotten worse sense we moved in our new home a couple years ago. The house was built in the 30's. Zachs allergies to plastic has been manageable by not having plastic bowls or toys.

Mom is going to talk to Doc about trying Zrytec for my allergies.
This is a report about Zyrtec for cats that Lisa found for her IBD Newsletter Thank You Lisa for keeping us informed.

I hope you guys find something useful in my diary.


Zach thinks he's an orangie!

April 9th 2011 12:57 pm
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It came to me when I was chatting with my BFF Calie on her diary, that some of you don't know Zach's fear of trash bags.

Here's his story, Mom went to the shelter to pick up her a new kitty after Joe Black died. She looked and looked, she talked to Dad on the phone and he said he would be there in a sec.

Meanwhile me and Grandma and Grandpa was waiting for the new kitty to come home. Mom usual gets a grown up kitty cause their chances of getting adopted are less, so I was working on the ground rules so I didn't lose my position in the family. It was my time to be THE cat of the house. So much for that idea!

Mom said Dad got there and he looked at all the kitties and he didn't see their next kitty either. Their hearts were breaking to have to leave without a kitty but they believe in knowing when you meet the next one. Kind of like knowing when you meet someone special in your life. You just know it. Then Dad suggested looking at the kittens. In one cage there was a pile of about 6 little orange and white kitties. She decided she would look. In the middle of that pile was a black leg. Now, Mom and Dad just love black kitties, they are so sleek and mysterious. Mom gently untangled the kittens and it was the cutest little Tuxxie there ever was. She loved his buttons. She decided this was the kitty he was just too cute and so small. The shelter said that he was 3 months old but Doc said no because he wasn't getting his adult teeth yet. What a surprise we got when they showed us the kitty that got.

So, I know why he likes Finn so much, he thinks he's a orangie too. Plus our Mom's are a lot a like too.

One of the things we were talking about was how Zach is terrified of trash bags. He runs for the hills anytime Mom gets one out. She pretty much knows that he was put in a trash bag but why? For transport to the shelter, was the orangies and whites really his family and did he have a different daddy? Was he left on the side or worse in the road, in the bag? These are the questions that will never be answered, but we are so blessed to have him. Mom will wait till Zach is out of the kitchen before she gets one out now.

If you have any suggestions for Callie, feel free to leave them here or on her diary named crying. She is crying out every time her Mommy leaves the house.

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