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Zoes secret dreams made public

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New tag game

February 3rd 2011 2:01 pm
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Look, this game is simple, Tell what your human says the most to you.

She can never find me, when I first change to my new sleeping spot. But that's okay cause a lot of times she'll put food in our bowls to see were I came from. If I hear the beautiful clink clank of food,
in my best Forrest Gump imitation "I was running!"


Call me running water

February 4th 2011 6:10 am
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When your cat has fallen asleep on your lap and looks utterly content and adorable, you will suddenly have to go to the bathroom.

Rule of Feline Frustration

I guess we are like running water. I found this quote on another website. How true it is. Remember I mentioned this in my tag list. Turns out to be, this happens to everyone.


Sleeping safely now

February 12th 2011 8:18 am
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Mom has been so busy I haven't gotten a chance to tell you I'm sleeping safely now.

Mon. night Mom woke up to a THUMP! She looked around for me Zach came a running to check on me but they couldn't find me. Then Mom seen me I had crawled under the chair that Mom throws her robe on. So. it's kind of like a tent. See. I was so tired I didn't even have the strength to climb back in the window. I slept 12 hrs straight that first day. I've been sleeping under there every night now.

My itchies are completely gone, and I'm getting plenty of productive sleep. Things are great. I've even been pretty social the last couple days. It's nice.


Oh No! Mom seen me!

February 13th 2011 11:16 am
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This morning Zach and I were chilling in the sun on the countertop. That's were the sunbeam was. I had been lulled to sleep when Mom popped in the kitchen. Oh crap! I got busted! Here I never get on the countertop. I'm the perfect one, the sweet one and now I've mucked it up. She'll never look at me the same again. We both jumped down, but it was to late. She seen us. Here's the thing, she didn't make a big deal out of it. Which makes me nervous. Zach keeps telling me to chill but I'm still nervous. Zach says Mom probably thought it was cute, us lounging in the sun. I guess I'll just ride it out.


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

February 14th 2011 6:59 pm
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Just wanted to say I hope everyone had a great lovie dovie day. Hope you got all the loving you could stand. This was the best day ever for me. I got roses and paw mails from Toby. WooHoo!
Zach used all our Zealies up sending love notes to his girlfriends but other than that it was great.
Love all my Catster friends,

P.S.- A doggie that Diamond has had a crush on sense day 1, sent her a Valentine today. Now she already had a Special Valentine and a cute one too but he's no Stewie....Drama, Drama, Drama!


We've gone plus size

February 22nd 2011 7:43 pm
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Guess who became plus members today? Yep, that's us! The newbie plus members. Thanks to all our friends for putting up with us. We are a little different personality wise, it's our parents fought.

Things are still good with me. I'm sleeping beside Mom in the bed now. And my Rodent Ulcer on my lip has gone away now thanks to my itches going away. Thanks Mom, Thanks Doc. I wonder sometimes if my vet or his staff is on here.

Diamond, our sister, got Diary of the Day on Dogster today. So, Tux and me are lagging behind. Nether one of us has gotten picked yet. I would say I'll think of something good, but Diamond always gets diary picks from talking about her day and Zach gets them from showing his softer side. So, maybe I should just be me. I'm soft spoken by nature so it might not work for me.

Love you guys. Hey Toby.


Check this out.....Poopieheads Diary!

March 5th 2011 5:58 am
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I told Mom that I want rosettes and stars like Zach, and the only way to get it is to right a kick butt diary and get a diary pick. Well, Mom has been too busy all week and last night she was playing with our pages. Instead of helping me!

Cat friends have suggested talking about pooping, well I don't have any bad litter box habits. The one I do have is Zach's fault. He kicks the litter out and I get confused cause I see litter on the floor and I'll use it. Mom bought us a high sided litter box and it helps. At one time our litter box was inside a cardboard box cut down to size but wide enough to catch the litter he kicked out. That worked until it was time to replace the box then she couldn't find one the right size.

See, not very exciting. So here's my real poop story.....

Mom messed up my playlist. It must have been like that for at least a whole day! She was able to fix it last night, finally. One of my favorite songs is on there now. It's called "Cajun Moon". She got around to adding comments on to my pictures, finally. And she let Zach send me a rosette, but when he did he rubbed it in that I can't go to Bourbon Street with him and his friends after the Ball. How do you like that? He's such a brat. Back to Mom, she turned her back when he sent me the rosette. Poopiehead! Did either one of us mention to you, that our parents took Diamond camping with them last weekend? Dang Dog! I was sitting here needing a nap on Mommy's lap and she wasn't here! Instead she was walking Diamond around the lake. (Mom did come home Sat. for a few hours, while Dad went to do a job) I did hear Mom talking about how Diamond acted all big and bad while barking at the geese through the camper door but when Mom took her out she didn't say a word to the geese then. Scaredy Cat! Mol! She's a poopiehead too. I discussed this camping without us to Mom (I know it annoys Zach that Diamond gets to do outdoor activities
with Mom and Dad), She said next time the stay at the lake here in town again she will take us. Yah, I'll believe it when I see it.

Friends, something tells me I'm not going to get diary pick with this rant. I tell ya though, I feel better getting that off my chest.

All shadow cats (my friends that aren't as popular as their siblings) chime in with your rant. I know you've been biting your tongue. Come on join in!


Purrs and barks requested for a family member

March 6th 2011 7:11 am
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I don't know the full details, Lucius's Dad, Brent, my human step brother isn't a big talker. Especially about matters of the heart. Lucius is an adopted Boston Terrier from a rescue organization in Raleigh. My step brother went down there with a friend to check out another dog (for the friend) and he seen Lucius there. It was instant love. Like most singles with pets in their 20's, Lucius has helped his Dad through some rough times and two breakups with major girlfriends.

When he first got Lucius he was moving in with us to stay while he was working on his new house. Like most projects it took longer than it was supposed to. So, Lucius lived with us for 6 months. He is part of our family. When Brent has to go out of town for work, we keep Lucius.

Lucius has a Mommy too. Brent's major girlfriend #2. She gets visitation with him. So, lets not forget to purr for her too.

Okay, now that you know the story. Boston Terriers have chronic stomach issues. And Lucius has had plenty through the years. Lucius is 5 years old BTW. Our Dad told Mom on Thursday that Lucius is sick again. She asked "is it his stomach" and he said "yes". So, she didn't think anything about it. A $200. vet bill and some meds will take care of it she thought. Well, last night Dad came in and said Little Lucius might die. Naturally, Mom got Brent on the phone right away. Lucius went to Doc. Thur. evening and Doc had no answers. Friday he went back for a Colonscopy. Nothing was found. They sent him home with some special food and told Brent if he's not doing better to bring him back Monday and they will do X-rays to see if they can find blockage that way. Brent says he whimpers when you touch his stomach. He did poop and eat a little Saturday morning. Brent says he was drinking water like a mad man but that all stopped come afternoon and ate or drank nothing Sat. night. Brent is coming over this afternoon, so Mom will ask how he's doing today.

Our Dad has a big heart and can't handle death at all. He's also talking about Marley and Me a lot, too. He's very worried. Mom is thinking about how special that bond is with your very first fur roomie. It's your own house, and the only person there waiting for you is your pet. What a blessing they are in that time of your life.

So, please purr and if you have barkers in your family ask them to bark a prayer for little Lucius and everybody his presence has touched.

P.s. Mom has been meaning to do a new video of us, after hearing the news last night, she went ahead and did that. At the beginning and at the end is clips of Diamond and Lucius wrestling on the bed. Mom keeps trying to catch me on film but I'm too quick to get caught.


Still waiting for results from Lucius' test and a Mardi Gras- gift

March 7th 2011 6:12 pm
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First, Thank You for the Mardi Gras mask, whoever it was that gave it to me. I love it! Thank You again.

Second, Lucius. The vets have no clue why he's not eating. Their checking everything know to. They did some x-rays today and found nothing. No blockages. That's good. They tested his liver and kidneys, they turned out good. They did a fecal test too, which we don't have the results yet. He's staying overnight at the vets for observation. I, no, we hope he is going to be okay. Maybe we will know more tomorrow.


Thanks for missing us.

March 12th 2011 10:14 am
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Sweet Callie left us a note today wondering where we've been and wondering if things are okay. Zach sent her a note back. Telling her how hetic things have been around here the last couple days. Thanks again for caring, Callie and family.

Dad wants to send Mom's car over the Rainbow Bridge and make her get a new one. That means car searches online and visits to car lots, after hours. Her car had cut off on her, again! On the way to work the other morning, by the time she got it running good she was late for work. Mom runs the ragged edge, leaving 20 min. till and that's one of Dad's pet peeves (which doesn't help out the situation at all). She wants to get her car fixed and keep saving money. She likes her car and there's no payments with it. They are both stubborn but Mom will win, I know it.

Lucius, He's doing better. dad went to see him yesterday and said he was jumping around (which is a no,no because he's on limited movement per Doc.)
excited. Mom needs your help. Brent says he can't afford another animal right now and doesn't want one right now but Mom knows that's what Lucius needs (or his Daddy to stay home with him from time to time. Again, Brent is 25 and is a cad like Zach is.) She knows the meds run out one day and then what? He become depressed and quit eating again. The vets found nothing. So it has to be mental.

Anyway, she needs to help somehow. She thought about getting him a shelter brofur or sisfur with a hefty Petsmart gift card. But Mom thinks that's being pushy. Maybe, they should just MAKE Brent bring him to stay with us on the weekends while he's out being 25. They could be weekend parents instead of Grandparents (Dad worries that then, he will be ours for good, and that causes a whole new issue with Diamond cause she gets snappy after a week of sharing).

What should we do for Lucius?

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