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Zoes secret dreams made public

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Always apologizing for his behavior

January 11th 2011 8:40 am
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My first entry, wow, this is cool. Okay, first and foremost, I must apologize for my little brothers diary today. He was lewd and insulting to me, but you guys had to read it so, I apologize for him to you. I'm sorry. Mom thinks Matthew McConaughey is a cutie, so why can't I like Toby.

Now, I had a dream last night that I was on American Idol and that Secrest had a crush on me. I sang "For your eyes only" and "Hometown glory" and nailed them both! Hometown glory is on my playlist this week which is probably how it got in my dream. They didn't change me much, just put some extra highlights in my hair. Secrest said "The next American Idol Cat is...... Everybody was there, my heart was pounding, I was holding hands with a Rex named Fae(a feline furriend of mine, check her out, she's a newbe to this website) okay where was I, Oh and we are waiting for him to say a name, dang it, say it!...."Zoe, you are the next American Idol Cat" confetti started falling, mom and dad were crying, Diamond was running in circles barking her head off and Zach was consoling Fae, Cad.
It was a great dream.


Tom and Jerry

January 13th 2011 1:09 pm
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I dreamed I was Tom and I caught Jerry. How cool is that? He got down on knees and begged for me to let him go. Sound familiar? Well, I couldn't kill him either. I just batted him around for a little while. Moral of the story, while watching Tom and Jerry I will never yell at Tom for being a softie ever again.


dream a little dream

January 15th 2011 10:14 am
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Mom, I dreamed that I was Kelly Clarkson and somebody on this website who will remain nameless was Jason Aldeen and we were singing "Don't you want to stay" to each other. It was so special, I got the warm fuzzies. Then like the brat he is, Zach walked into my dream singing "Smoke a little smoke". How rude!!!!! "Honey, it was just a dream, just remember the perfect part and forget about your brother. I think Toby is a very cute cat too." Mom!!! I'm dictating my diary to the computer. Now, everybody knows!!! I'm so embarrassed, stop laughing Zach!



January 18th 2011 5:20 pm
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My lovie dovie page was done first. Enough said.


:) My special Valentine (:

January 21st 2011 8:21 pm
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Dear Diary,
I read a letter that was passed around today saying Toby thinks I'm beautiful. All of my friends wrote notes on it telling him to go for it. It also said I was his first Valentine. Wow, I got those butterflies in my tummy like Mom told me I would one day. I was so nervous when I read it. Do I answer or not. I decided to be polite and tell all my friends thank you. I also wanted to tell them how gorgeous he is to me. I really like this guy.
I'm such a lucky girl, I found my Mr.Darcy.


Revenge served cold

January 25th 2011 6:59 pm
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Zach told everybody that I had a crush on Toby, so, It's my turn! He's making his short list for Valentines. Guess what the new girl Lilo is at the top. She is very, very pretty. There's 4 other girls. CAD! Two of them, mom thinks has moved on. And the other two he hasn't sent a note to yet. Gotta go. He's coming.


Shopping on the internet

January 27th 2011 5:30 pm
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I seen mom laying across the bottom of the bed with the laptop. Now Diamond was stretched out along her side and Zach was laying on mom's bum. I couldn't believe I was sleeping through this love fest. So, I assumed my spot on her upper back with my head laying over her shoulder. Mom told me she would open my page so we can listen to my Valentine playlist while we shopped. I heard my song to my sweetheart Toby (it's the Alison Krauss song).
Mom said "Zoe, lets find our new comforter for your room." "but, you've got to promise to throw up on the rug, not on the floor and not on the new cover." She knows I can't make that promise but I said "Okay, mommy." Drats, it turns out to be a little difficult to find one in the color we want. It must not be trendy this spring. There's only 1 on mom's favorite website and she didn't like it. We went to Williams-Sonoma site to dream about shopping sprees.
Mom, I love you. Maybe it's the music making me sappy but I love the fact that you guys took me in. I never would have had this moment otherwise. Heck, if it wasn't for daddy scooping me up and bringing me home to you, that man would have killed me. Thank You Daddy.
Zoe, we love you too!
Mommy and Daddy


Help us build a shelter, please.

January 28th 2011 2:14 pm
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Diamond, my sister is in the Bissell pet photo contest. Now, if your tempted to enroll yourself good. Cause, it is for charity money. Which is good. Plus your picture is put on the Bissell box!
In our neighboring county the poor furs have no chance. It's a tiny shelter for a very big county. They are state ran, so there's no money going into the place. Mom said that if and that's a big if, Diamond wins, we would donate the money to that shelter. She heard they have a building fund for a second building. Mom has a problem with one of their policies but who cares if it saves lives. That's all she wants anyway.
Here's the link to Diamonds page this week voting ends 2/1, then we will have another link to give you. d=35550
Diamond, Mom and the poor furs say thank you!

P.S. Mom said you win a little pet shopping spree money which she will give to Calico Junction, after she gets a couple bags of
kibbles for us. That is if Diamond wins 1st
or 2nd place.


I'm tagged by Willow

January 29th 2011 9:28 am
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It’s my turn! I’m not feeling so hot. My meds aren’t helping with my allergies that well this time. But, here we go. The beautiful Willow tagged me. I have to write 5 thing my parents do to annoy me. Being the second fiddle , behind Zach, I decided I’m going to tag other kitties that are in the shadow of their family members. And of course I can’t forget about my Toby.

1) Mom yelling at me to sleep on the bed , floor or dresser, she says she hates seeing me fall asleep and then literally fall out

2) Every time I get comfortable on mommies lap, she moves. Mom says I have bad timing . The way I see it she’s the one with bad timing.

3) I love it when dad calls me Little Zo but I hate it when he calls me Zoella. I not a evil women making coats out of puppies and I’m not a jap. Monster!

4) Not feeding me every time I want to eat. I’m little, I need substance.

5) Grandma not coming over enough . I love her .

Okay, now it’s your turn. Here’s my tags:

Toby, my Valentine
Spit fire my little friend with dog problems at home
Madeline I wish I was as pretty as her
Lilo I want to hear from the new girl
Maedia I want to get to know you
and one extra tag, cause I'm a girl, and I couldn't make up my mind, who not to pick
Oreo he's just a cute little bugger


Sorry , Mom and Zach.

February 1st 2011 6:00 pm
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Sorry Mom and Zach for scaring you. I won't sleep on the bed tonight but I will lay on you. But I will be in the window all day tomorrow again. Love you mommy.

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