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Life of a not so feral kitty

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the cat door

March 13th 2011 10:49 pm
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OK check this out I am so pretty very dignified and snow white with the most beautiful eyes. Not even sure how some cat such as I ever ended up on death row. Thank you God and mom that is all behind me now. So we have this "cat door" that we can all use to get outside to the little patio enclosure my dad made for us.(I really like it) I have humans and really should not have to open a door on my own. When I go to the door.......well you gotta press your face against it really hard (and not dignified at all) to push it open. Well it smells like other cat faces cause ya know sll the other kittes already been touching it and stuff. Thank heavens mom and dad both finally figured out I want them to open it for me. So now I just stand at it and kinda smell it and look around for one of them once we make "eye contact" they will come and push it open for me. MOL they are so well trained. I heard dad say "booboo push it" I gave him a look that said you push it. I mean really why don't they just leave it open anyway. So much easier on us all.


my mom

March 17th 2011 11:27 pm
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I love my mom it has been almost three years since she plucked me from certain death at the local death row shelter. See I heard from "skids" that I had to reach out to her so I did and she told them to take me off the death row "that's not a feral kitty" she said "can't I please give her a home" After she got me home I think she wanted me to be a new version of skids and I was in love but then came the dreaded vet visits after all that it took a while before I could trust her again. Now I love to give her "eye blinks" or "kitty kisses" even when I am upset if I can catch her eye and she blinks, I feel so much more better. even when those brats try to "mess with me" if I hear her say "no moe" "no callie" "stop tiny" then she says real sweet, "that's my booboo kitty" I try to sleep with her quite often cause I know she likes it and of course it is kinda nice. It is good to be home. My mom has a birthday on 3-18....we are up so late, so that's today. MOL we wanna give her her a present, we always do but dad has to help us. He always lets us sign a card just form us and then we get her some cat nip stuff, that she re-gifts to us. MOL


the new cub

March 20th 2011 10:47 pm
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Well we got a new cub cause those other cats tear em up pretty bad real fast, I love to lay in the cubby hole of the cub, so after they all looked it over, I got in there and then here comes callie, she tried to smack me with her very untrimmed nails, yea I am pretty sure they were out. Mom made her leave me alone then I rubbed my eye to show mom how much it hurt and to tell her Callie needs her nails trimmed. See Lacey's mom reminded everfurr about those creepy nail clippers. The next time callie came over with her outstreched paw ready to smack, I just made a run for the outside kitty cage, mom said "oh no boo come back" yea right whatever, I gaver her my backside. It's ok I still love mom but callie isn' even using that cub now she just wanted to aggravate me, and that's so wrong.



March 21st 2011 7:20 am
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Yay go me. What a shock showing mom my backside go me a DDP. I am lovin this life of a not so feral kitty kat. After Callie took the cube that she didn't even want to sleep in, I went to sleep with mom. At some point during the night she came in there too so Mom woke to callie in the bed when she thought it had been me. Yea she has just gotta be wherever she thinks I want to be.

Thanks everyone for my comments. Thanks Tundra for my pic. and Kaci sweet kitty alrady left a rosette on my page thank you!


Thanks my furry kind catster furiends

March 21st 2011 8:52 pm
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IT was so good to be a DDP today it was my first Diary honor. Mom still hasn't trimmed that cats nails oh that would have been the best pawsent ever Callie is still chasing me tonight mom said she wants to play....well go play with one of the other kitties. I am sleeping in the kitty bed that she doen's like to much and she is hanging out with mom.

Enough about that I wantted to say thank you to all my furiends for my pawsents:
Our DOTD sweet Anna
Kaci Sunshine, such a pretty sweet kitty.
Xena Warrior Princess and family
Tink the Cat for my "WINNERS CUP"
Tundra and Lumi are both so kind and made my DDP picture I look so good in them both.

Congratulations to:
Kally Kat and welcme home pretty Kally!!
Angel Monaco
they were all DDP with me today.
I like being a catster cat.



March 24th 2011 8:29 pm
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Well Diary check that out I was a feral kitty about to be PTS for no good reason at all then moma came looking for a kitty, oh I thank God for that day. Now I have a forever home where I am loved more than anycat in my house (the others cannot know this). Look at me here writting diaries that make it to DDP and DOTD! Thanks to everyfurry being that celebrated with me today. Thanks to that mysterious diary lady....I love all this attention! I am going to thank you all each and everyone tomorrow. Mom is walking in the "avon walk for breast cancer awareness" it's 39! miles in two days the 2nd week of April so she is getting home late these days (cause she is walking to be in shape for the 39 miles) and I cannot send thank you pawmails without her cause I don't have thumbs. I had a wonderful week all week long, treats just for me the others could not even try to get to them, my own play time with the mouse and ever time I come to sleep with mom she makes Calie 'back off' I don't even have to say a word. I just lay close to mom and she tells Calie "come over here calie don't bother booboo' MOL she needs to tell her to get down!
Thanks so much have a wonderful night catster kitties and the humans that love them.


Oh yea my rosettes!!!

March 24th 2011 8:34 pm
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oh my dear diary I forgot to say page looks better than anycat in my family!! There are so many rosettes on it!! I feel so loved here in this community of catsters. When mom first looked at my page tonight it looked like she was on some other catsters page MOL, she never saw any of us get that many rosettes!
Tink gave me a winner cup for DDP and a Crown for DOTD
Zachquiah, Herbert & family gave me a star!
Skylar dreamboat # 39A gave me a Diamond!
Dixie Gave me an Emerald!
Kaci and family a heart for DDP and for DOTD!
Tony-Anna and family a ribbon for DDP and DOTD!
Tate a Shrimp!!! ooow these are so good.
Frankie also gave me a shrimp!!
Mia-Milo and family gave me shrimp! I didn't share.
Nadia & Gump gave me a ribbon!
Elsa gave me a ribbon and a heart DDP and DOTD!
Thank you to every kitty that stopped by to read and comment on my Diary too.
whew!! All these along with the wonderful kitties that gave St Paddy's rosettes and I never had so many before....oh I hope we did not miss any kitties. We love it here. We continue to bow our head in purrayer and prayer for the pawrents of the kitties that had to go to the bridge the past weeks.


DDP again

March 29th 2011 10:42 pm
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Hey Diary I was a DDP again today, thank you catster and everyfurry one that helped me celebrate I have so furry many pawsome friends here. Mom is walking in avon Breast Cancer walk the 2nd week of April and so she gets home to us so very late she is going to help me send my pawmail and thanks tomorrow. The kittens that were kittens two years ago also had a birthday this week, and little boy was a DDP and I was DOTD all with in this week! Wow we love it here.


Fat Cat

April 3rd 2011 7:14 pm
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Sometimes people look at me and they say that is a fat cat. It kinda hurts my feelings. I mean I like to eat, what cat doens't... unless its Moe and I think she is too skinny. Anyway back to me, ok so I am not a young girl with a girlish figure I am a full figure girl but I am still beautiful. I had many days where there was no food available to me so it took a while to get used to the ideal that mom was not gonna let me starve. Well tell me if you take a look at that profile picture of mine is that a candidate for a nine lifes commerical? No cause we don't eat that stuff. Really I wonder would those fools that say that think The Catfather is a fat cat and if they do would they be so brave to tell him so? I think not. Please be nice to the fluffy cats. I mean do you think tate wanted to be on a diet no it was just cause people called his fluff, fat, and that's just wrong. Be nice to the full figure and fluffy kitties. No if you see the tinister (tiny) it's ok to call it like you see it.


Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

April 9th 2011 11:59 pm
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The week-end of my mom's walk is fast approching some of us kitties mentioned that she is walkking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness walk and she 's been traing. The date is April 16th and 17. The walkers will walk 39 miles that week-end 26 on the first day and 13 on the next day. If anyone human or cat in your family has been touched by this disease and you want her to walk for a cure for them or walk in memory of them, then pawmail me and I will make sure she knows. If you wanna visit her page you can go to and then click on "donate to a walker" and you will see her page. Mom and my aunt ( her sister) are walking in it together. WE are not asking for donations she has met her minimum required donation of $1800.00 to participate in the walk but you don't have to donate to visit her page that's just the way to get to it. However if this is something you just want to donate too then that's the place to do it.
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