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Dalmatian Cat Conquests


November 21st 2010 5:14 pm
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Hello! My name is Avery! Mommy FINALLY got a page for me! She was having trouble with figuring out how to download from her new camera....yeah, the one she got back in June.....Which isn't so new anymore!

I am a purring machine with lots of confidence....not scared of anyone! I actually gave Mommy a hard time the first week I was integrated, (my 2nd week here) because I was terrorizing the others, especially Andy...the so called boss cat! Mommy had worried that the residents might give me a hard time, but she was wrong! Anyway, I have finally stopped trying to pick fights....well, most of the time....and things are going ok. Basically, I would probably be an Alpha cat if the opportunity presented itself! However, I love, love, love my Mommy and can't get close enough to her! I like to sleep right on her and put my face in hers, especially when she's watching TV or trying to read, or best yet, trying to sleep....!

I can't wait to make new friends....! Mommy tells me that a lot of Catster friends of hers adopted new kitties in October just like her! Now, she can finally send out friend requests since I now have my very own page!

Purrs from the Engine Room, Avery!


Spottin' new friends!

November 26th 2010 10:07 pm
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I am so happy to have all of these new friends! Mommy says THANK YOU to all of you for the nice gifts on all of our pages....We've been out of the "loop" for a while and it feels good to see you all still here having fun!

Now that Mommy has me, she's been looking around and suddenly noticing that there are a lot of Dalmatian cats around! Maybe we're the new "trend"???? Anyway, I am sending out friend requests to all of them when I "spot" them.....get it..."SPOT" them...!!!! Have a great rest of Friday night....catch you all tomorrow! Love, Avery!


My very first DOTD!

November 29th 2010 3:17 pm
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Wow! I am officially a Catster! I got my first DOTD! Mommy is so proud of me! She will help me write thank yous later....ya see...she's outside putting up the Christmas lights! Daddy's helping the neighbors with a leak, and she's mad because she can't reach half of her stuff that's up in the attic....Right now, we are all climbing the boxes that contain the indoor decorations. We are trying to tell her that if she lets us in the garage, we'll climb and get her stuff...but she's not taking the hint! Guess we'll just keep sitting on top of these boxes till she figures it out!

Thanks everyone! Hope to get back on this evening, but it's 5:30 here so I doubt she'll be done for a couple of hours...then it's dinner time and bed time! So, I may have to wait till tomorrow to thank you! So, have a good night and I'll speak with ya soon! Love, Avery!


She's singing AGAIN!

May 25th 2011 4:51 pm
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Happy Birthday to you....
It's your first Birthday, It's true...
I really love you, I do...
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy #1 my Avery Monster!
Love, Mommy


One year Gotcha Day!

October 9th 2011 9:47 am
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Today I have been in my new home for one year! I am so happy! Mommy loves me, but she calls me her little "Brat Cat"! Guess I am a handful! She's so glad she brought me home...partly because she loves me so much...and partly because I am such a terrorist that she finally feels content with the family and can finally stop adopting for awhile!

I love to chew cords, open and eat cakes and cookies, climb on the counters, pull dirty plates from the sink, roll around in the litter box, roll around on laundry, harass the other kitties...Minka and Arli in particular!, take apart the water fountain and run off with the filter, I make the biggest mess when I eat, I steal everyone elses food and treats, and I have stinky bombs I leave in the boxes, making Mommy scoop twice as often as she did with only four cats. Adding me was like adding a whole litter of kitties!

However, I give the best hugs and kisses...Mommy just loves how I wake her up an hour or two before her alarm goes off. I purr and get in her face to say good morning...and refuse to leave. I know she just loves being awakened extra early so she can see my sweet face! Right???

Today is is sunny and warm...almost 80. Last year it was sunny and warm as well...because I am a boy with a sunny disposition! That's what Mommy says...! The sun shines today for me because I am her little brat cat/ terrorist/ Sunshine Boy! Purrs and Hugs! Love, Avery

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