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It's all about the stache

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Uh oh a naughty list? Oh dear....

December 24th 2010 4:09 pm
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Well hi everybody!
I thought it's about time I start a diary! I have pretty wonderful thoughts, that must be shared with world. I would hate to deprive anybody. Well let me start off with syaing Iam PUMPED for Christmas! My very first one ever! I like my first thanksgiving a lot, I was suprised that peeps actually had a holiday dedicated to turkey but they did! One of my peeps says it's really about being thankful and all that but I know the truth. I almost thought this christmas thing was to good to be true! First the peeps put up a tree in the house (yes in the house! Can you believe that??) and then to my suprise they decorate it with fun cat toys! I like it. We even have a little one with twinkly white lights in the dinning room, I enjoy long naps under it and many hours chewing on the branches. The peeps don't aprove. The peeps & Clemy were also telling me about this santa dude, I wasn't sure about a strange man coming into my casa & eating some tasty treats but then they told me the dude leaves presents! How cool is that! But then they I learned about the naughty list. Oh dear. That could hurt me. I may be a sweet little boy but uhhh they call me trouble for a reason. So Iam very worried about the naughty list. I hope the big man understands! Oh my, oh my.....

Headbonks & loud Charlie purrrs


A good christmas for Mr. Trouble

December 27th 2010 3:57 pm
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Oh yeah! Iam one happy little fur ball, Christmas was paaaaawsome! I guess pals were right, and Santa paws doesn't always keep up with the whole naughty list thing. Clemy and I hit it big, here is what we got: A fluffy mouse thing on a string (I love love it!), a itty bitty catnip mouse for each of us & the work cat, a can of wellness cat food, a fun cat tunnel, and a squeaking mouse! My favorite is the fluffy thing on a string! Oh my it is amazing, yesterday morning I even brought it all the way up stairs so one of the peeps could play with me!. The tunnel, & itty bitty mouses are so much fun, but Clemy won't let me play with her chirpy mouse! That party pooper. I have been a good boy too, well up to this morning. You see A was sitting on the couch watching Modern Family & messing with her new camera when I decided to jump on the side table & hace a paw lick of her OJ. Of course after 30seconds I got bored & A looked over just in time to see me knock over the glass. OJ went everywhere! A was not a happy camper, especially when she was on the floor cleaning it up & I wanted to "help" by batting around the ice. Hmmmm I hope santa doesn't take presents back.....


Going bananas!

January 29th 2011 7:31 pm
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Oh it has been a good day! Furless is getting back into her normal schedule of volunteering at the animal shelter once a week and while she was there she decided to walk a dog. They walked to the little pet store that is next door to the shelter, A got the pup a yummy dog treat & something special Clem & me. A Yeowww catnip banana!! And oh boy is it good. I went nuts when the furless showed me! I was bunny kicking within in seconds! I just love chewing it, I mean we haven't had it a day & A says I have already made it "gross" there is Charlie fur all over it and it is soaking wet because well....I drool when I play rough (don't tell the ladies!).

Clemy likes it too, but she is quite a hog.Whenever she gets it she will not let me get close to her at all, that itty bitty 12 pounder chased all 17lbs of me back into the basement! Can you believe that? Furless also gave me my new baby today that she bought last week. You see my original broke a while back & I was heartbroken! I loved that thing, & would carry itr around the house for hours.

Well I gotta go pals I have bananas to drool on, Clementines to chase & babies to carry around.



Swollen lips and big escapes

January 31st 2011 4:05 pm
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Oh what a day! I went on quite the adventure. I somehow escaped into the garage, and then in a quick moment when the garage door was open I got outside! I was outside for a little before the magic garage door opened just a bit & I ran back in there! One of the peeps thought they saw me out there but weren't sure, but looked for me anyway. They found me later hiding in the garage under the garage, I was super duper scared & oh so dirty! I had mud & guck all of over me! I was so happy to see my peeps, well until they gave me a bath. Yup you heard it, after that dramatic they bathe me! Crazy.

My luck gets worse pals, I have forgotten to tell you that my bottom lip is extremely swollen. It started several days ago & slowly started swelling but now it is growing rapidly & is huge and bright pink. The humans are very concerned and don't know what it could be, allergies maybe? Just in case it is yesterday they switched my plastic dishes to medal & banned me from the back porch (can you believe it?!) but that darn lip just gets worse. So the peeps have been throwing around the "V" word a lot, but we are suposed to get a monster snow storm starting tonight so they don't know if we can make it out to see the vetman. So can you guys keep me in your purrrrs? I would apreciate it so much!

Purrrrs & Headbonks


Snow day! (DDP)

February 1st 2011 6:43 pm
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Well I woke up this morning and got one pawsome suprise! The diary lady picked me as a Daily Diary Pick! Woohoo, thanks HQ and thanks to all of my pals who have sent pawsome gifts & comments. Love you guys!

Since then my day has gone pretty well, yesterday after my big adventure I stayed hidden & was not acting much like myself but I felt a lot better today. My lip's swelling went down, but only just a little bit. The snow storm also hit full force today, so the vets office closed and I didn't get to meet up with Dr.Vetman. Instead I hung snuggled with peeps & hung out on the back porch (the humans let me as long as I didn't chew on the plants) all day. I really loved chirping at the birds & watching all the snow fall! And was a good boy all day, well until about an hour ago when I randomly decided to jump on A's leg & sink my big chompers into her.Oh and I tried to jump into the fire place while it had a fire going, no biggie.
Other then those two things Iam pretty happy about my good boy behavior today.

Thanks for all the purrrs guys, they seem to be working keep them coming!!



Lip update & tagged by a new friend!

February 2nd 2011 4:10 pm
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What a lazy day it's been. The snow blizzard stopped & now we are left with an insane amount of snow! Schools were canceled today & for someone tomorrow as well. The peeps let me chill out on the back porch as long as I was a good boy & didn't chew on the plants. I just napped on my favorite chair for almost the entire day and watched one of the peeps shovel the backyard, it was pretty interesting. My lip is getting a bit better also, the swelling is about the same as yesterday & not as bad as before. The humans are going to wait a few more days to go to the vet man (since it isn't bothering with my eating/drinking habits or over all behavior) but we do plan on going. Thanks for all the purrrs & advice guys! They are helping alot!

I also got tagged by my new friend, Oreo! The rules are too list 5 pet peeves I have about my humans & then tag 5 other kit cats. So here we go:

1)Getting locked away in the basement at night, because they say I will keep everyone up at night. Pssssshhh.
2)Baths. I get a little mud on me & BAM! They put me in the tub and rinse me down. Not fair.
3)Not being allowed to drink out of or put my paw in the human's glass of water.
4)Getting brushed. They tell me it's good for my pretty coat & I tell them stop it. Stop it now.
5)Getting in trouble for attacking their legs/feet.

I tag:

Headbonks & Purrs


Diary of the day?! Me?!?

February 3rd 2011 6:17 pm
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Holy catnip Iam Diary of the day!!! Wooot woot! Thank you so much HQ for choosing me for this honor! I would also like to thank:
Zack Attack for my first star a forever crown! (Concats on COTD buddy!)
Willow & family for my heart rosette!
Xena & family for my heart rosette!
Grace for my yummy shrimp rosette! (Grace also made me a keepsake pic for my day!)
Joy for my trophy!

And all of my pawsome pals for the comments & messages! It sure has been one great week. My lip has gotten a bit better, I was a DDP, DOTD (woot!), I made lots of new furiends, and the peeps got to stay home almost everyday of the week! I also got a lot of extra love & treats for my special honors! Thanks to all everyone for making this day special!

Love you guys!


Stopping In to say burooo!

February 21st 2011 6:44 pm
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Hi pals! Just stopping in for a quick second. Sorry we haven't been around, our internet has not been working so we have not been able to go on catster all week! It's crazy! I do have some good news, my lip is 100% better!! It has been all fixed up for about a week in half now, the peeps are pretty sure it was my gross plastic food dishes which is no problem now because I got my funky fresh new ceramic ones! Oh yeah!

I have been keeping busy though, even without good old catster. You know knocking things over, escaping, pouncing on Clemy, sleeping in the towel closet, and running through the house like a crazy monkey. You know the usual.

Hopefully our internet connection will be back to normal soon because I miss you guys! Plus my big birthday is coming up, and we can't miss that! And I have decided a location....the bathroom! I will explain later.....



One week.

February 25th 2011 8:36 pm
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Furrriends mark your calendars, because a big day is coming up. It's actually only a week away, and it is huge! What is it you may ask? Well it's my birthday! My first one to be exact.

The peeps don't know my exact birthday, since they found me in July at 4 months old. But they did know I was born sometime in March so since I was found on July 3rd the decided to make my bday March 3rd! And boy am I ready for some partying. Food, toys, water, catnip the bathroom....oh I can't wait! I can't wait to see what kind of presents I get, truth be told I would be happy with anything that moves or I can eat!

Now you for a few of you the bathroom may seem like an odd spot for a birthday party but let me tell ya it is one fun place! I have loved the bathroom for a long time. The day my peeps brought me home to "foster" (ha!) I had to stay in the downstairs bathroom for the entire night. The next day I got checked out to make sure I didn't have anything Clemy could get so they let me start to roam & then slowly introduced me to Clemy and then the dogs. I had to spend a lot of nights in that bathroom, but when I was still only allowed downstairs (the pups had to get used to me)whenever one of the humans went into the bathroom,wether it be at night or in the morning, I would join them. I would nap on the carpet, play in the bathtub, find hair ties (my favorite!), watch the water in the sink or just try to figure out why that strange "toilet" makes those funny noises. I know can go anywhere I want but I like my bathroom, the main one being my favorite! I get awfully mad when they close the door & Iam outside. I will scrath like mad until they let me in. Iam also getting more comfortable with water, which is sooo fun! Today the girl filled the tub just a itty bit & I jumped in and waded around. She was shocked! Can you say feline Micheal phelps!?

Well gotta go! I have to go write my birthday list, and boy is it going to be long!


Keeping secrets?

February 26th 2011 7:58 pm
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As you all know my big day is coming up. And I know my girl has to be stocking up on all kinds of goodies. I know for sure now because I saw her come home with a plain brown paper bag, and I know what that means. Since she volunteered at the shelter today she must have stopped at the little pet store where she got my beloved nanner. I got super pumped when I saw the bag on the desk & ran towards it ready to explore. And she snatched it away & hid it! Party pooper!

I wonder what it could be? Hmmmm. My own puppy to play with like Huey?, A million q-tips? 50 catnip nanners? A whole turkey?

What do you guys think it is?

P.s I discovered something fun! My pal Jezi pointed out that her kitty family member Maurice and I have a lot in common! We are both B&W beauties, born a day apart, have westies in our family, and love running water! How pawsome is that?

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