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Hellew Hellew Hellew

September 22nd 2010 1:58 pm
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Well Y'all I must say!
Here's I be on the Catster for a day-er-tree and already I gots me some good frens!

Thanks to all yew:

Dat Bobbi Boi givin me a Diamond Wow!
Pigeon, Dante, Crystal, and Lucy Thank yew so much few My Hearts!
My new freinds Thanks for takin time Karma Kitty, Charlie Clarence, Punkin Pooh, Bobbi Boi, Pigeon, Nadia, Gump(Always a head bump fer da Gump),Shelly Sue, Lucy, Dante, and Crystal(Shes a pretty Angel)!

Dat Timmy been tellin me it gets hard sometimes to remember all your friends when you get over, say, a hundert! Wow! Thatz mazin!
So Anyhow!Since I am new I want to mention my first friends special!

I am tail in the air.... No, well, I am walking in circles happy!

Big-Motor-Purrs from this good ol'boy!
Rumpy Stumpnots (Did Pops change mah name agin? Dat Pops)


Here I am all Official Like

September 26th 2010 9:14 am
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OK! I am now one of Da Boyz!

This was kind of funny as Pops was all worried about the introductions. We cats knew all about each other from the smells he has been carrying back and forth to the kitten room.

Dat Pops. He means well but he cannot really tell all we can with just a sniff. I knew about how old my brofurs were. Whether they are healthy(they are). And, most importantly, I can tell if there is a lot of anxiety or stress in the home. Since there is none the transition is, well, no problem.

I an so thankful for my welcome and will abide by the rules of the cat-road and respect my brofurs rights and property.
*Buddy Bud yells out "Treats... Thems My Treats"*

*Tim gives Rumpy a wink*

So a thanks to this wonderful bunch of cats, Pops too as he puts the food on the plate!

Looking forward to having lots of fun here and to meet all the Catsters my brofurs have as fureinds!

Purrs to All!
Rumpu Stumpnots
*The Boyz all walk around him and meow and purr. Then right back to business as usual*


I'm Late! I'm Late For a Very Important Date! I'm Late!

September 27th 2010 5:50 am
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We were running this weekend.
Pops was on Adoption duty with Shadow, Orange Paw, and, Tiger.
We may have found homes for all the kits!

Then comes the surprise!

Pops was ready to let us have the puter for the trip and... He got a call from someone from his work about a LOST KITTEN!
OMC. So he rushes out and... He locked the puter so we could not go on the Alaska tour with KCK!!!!

We tried all the catpasswords we knew!


No Luck!

Well Pops comes home! The Kitten is safe. She is staying in the basement with the friend till we can accatmadate her. We were happy about that but sad about our missed trip.

So Pops told us he would rent a heli-cat-copter to fly us over the poles as a make up present!! Yay Pops!

Our Helicopter to Alaska

That Pops!


Hi and Happy Almost Halloween!

October 3rd 2010 2:02 pm
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Well, dat dere Buddy Bud, he bin-a callin me Bumpy Bump!

So I guess I am onna da Boyz now!

Been a quiet week as Tim-boy and Tobers gotta cat-colds. Dey blaming me fer bringing it inta da houz but Buddy-Bud OK!
Dey not really blaming. More like "Hey Dood". MOL. We be budz now.

I try to make up to dem by getting inta da routine.
I gotta spot inna treat line!
I gotta spot onna Couch!
I gotta spot onna bed nexta Pops!

I help Timmers pick da decorations! We gettin more too Pops say!

I'm fittin raght in! I wanta be in dis crew big time. Dey goin places. Well not goin places, but goin places, awww, you know whad I mean.

Rumpy-BUMP *MOL*


I am settled in... Kinda...

October 10th 2010 8:31 am
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Well I be one 'O' Da Boyz!

I got my own spot when we get treats so no fur gets ruffled.

I have my spot on the bed!(I no longer try and take Tim's spot. Even if he ain't there but I don't know why?)

My new House-Dooty is to let Pops know to fill the breakfast dish AND the dinner dish. Now Buddy still does the off schedule rush in whenever Pops goes in the bedroom(our food is by the door) to make double sure he knows we need to eat On-Time.

And... Ohhh... Who is... Hey Phantom! Whats up girl? What are you doing up here out of the kitty room!




Don't you want to...

Phantom: "HSSSSS! MROOOOWWWWWWWRRRRRRR!" *Phantom runs up, lays on her side, and whacks Rumpy on the head*

Girls? Who knows what they are thinking?
*They start playing*


Kitties and contention!

October 11th 2010 9:09 am
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Oh My the contention around here!

Pops let the puter on today cause he forgets that he had to see the hooman vet. He fergets a lot. He just better not ferget that I am the New Kitty! I came to be the new fer-ever cat wit Da-Boyz! Not MARS!

*Buddy Butts in*
Buddy: "So'es! Youngin! Youz gittin tire 'O' det kits Mars a-ready?"

No! No, no, no! It is just that they are supposed to be in the foster room!

Buddy:"You'es frum Dat fosters rooms!"

No! No, no, no! All kitties have to get-used-to the smells of the furmaly! I was down there for my medical check too! I was going to come here all the time. And...

Buddy:"Les gets to da bone 'O' da troot! Youz being run-roun like crazy by Phantom and, MOL, Dat Marz-dood. He IN-TIM-A-DATEZ YOUZ!!
He chargin at youz cuz he members how youz be chargin at himz! Oh bout couple-three weekz ago'es he Re-member da BUMP! Pay-em backers is a girl-doggie!"

No! No, no, no it is not that! Its... its... Oh My Cat! He is a tough little dood! He jumps in the air, he grabs the mousies, He can CATCH THE LAZER(I think??). He runs up and BITES! Well not hard! But he nips when he plays. And, worst of all! He chases ME!

Buddy: "Maybe'es NOW youz learnin dat No! Meanz No!"

Ok! Ok, I hear ya Buddy Bud!

Man its tough growing up! I guess I am getting to be:
Mr Rumpy Bump Stumpnots


Check Once Check Twice Check Again!

October 28th 2010 4:15 am
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Hi Furs
My Pops has me on medicine. Clindamycin. When I came he took me to the vet and I was given my checkup. I was just fine.

In the next month Pops told Tim: "He has awful breath!". Well Pops was checking my teeth and gums as that is where cat-stink-breath comes from, most times anyhow.

Check check.My gums were fine. My gums were fine. 2 weeks passed.

Sunday I had Swollen glands. Zoom to the vet. Don't cha know my gums were all red with gingivitis! Pops was like "I checked" and the vet gave him "The look".

Ah well. I take my medicine just fine cause I get a treat when I do! The second day I ATE SO MUCH Pop thought I would bust! MOL! Maybe I was not feeling all that great but it is so hard to tell as I am so energetic.

So the lesson is.

Check! Check! Check again! Then maybe once or twice more!

We are just glad it is not something serious!




Death By Bath or...

October 30th 2010 6:16 am
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Happy Halloween!
Great Party at KCK last night!
Those hosts can herd some cats! MOL

So friends I was checking one of my furiends, Tigger, a hard thing to do with the changes, and, anyhow, we was talking bout dat awful thing: Getting Wet or Getting a Bath!
Yeah It is Scary stuff.
But like a lot of things in life the anticipation is worse than the
Here is the Story:

When I first came I was a little tiny kitty and...

**Buddy Yells: “No! Youz was a Teen Jus Like NOW!”**

OK OK Buddy
I was a 'bit' younger.
Now my breed, Bob-tails, sometimes have a little, hmm, well control issues at the back end.
Due to our physical construction some of use do not develop our nerves in our spine all the way to where they should go. That was NOT MY ISSUE! Thank Goodness.
I just was not used to using a regular pan. I was brought up in a crate.
So... I would, well, get some poopers on my nice white fur.
Not much but a little and...

**Buddy Yells: “No! Itz was all ova YOU! YOU bin stinky BIG TIME!”**

OK OK Buddy
So the point is I needed a BATH!
I was so scared! I had heard the tales from back in the day. “Get wet kitty and you will melt” “If they put you in water it is to wash you before they EAT YOU” “Don't even worry. You will instantly die.”
I thought Pops was going to give me a treat. He picked me up. Put me in the metal pond (It was empty) Then he got a snake that spit water and I FROZE!
It was warm so... He put some stuff on me that made little bubbles... He did keep the water off my head so...
Pops put me in a big towel and rubbed me all over. He put me on the couch on the soft towel and HE GAVE ME A TREAT!
He said: ”Good Boy Rumpy Bump lets keep that little bump of a rump clean from now on!”
So I got 2 more baths.
Now I am real good about the pan and have learned to keep my bump clean.
So the moral of the Bath Story!

You will not die from a bath! You will get a treat! And a Pet! And a warm Towel!
Pretty good stuff! Go for it!
Rumpy Bump


Wowzers NANNERS N More!

November 12th 2010 3:36 am
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The other day I came running in making my "Mrrrooowwwrrr!" noise cause I am playing "wonder cat can do anything" my favorite, and, and...
Well I just about do not know what to say!
There was a WHOLE BOX of really grrreat catnip toys!

Tim told me they are for something him and Pops are cooking up to help the Ferals and Fosters over the cold time, but, and here is the BEST-Part, I can HAVE-ONE!

So it was tough... I got one out... It looked real fat and full of nip... Then the one next to it looked EVEN-FATTER!!! So I grabbed that one too. Then, over in the corner I saw it! The biggest, fattest, nippiest Nanner in the WORLD!

So I am looking and dragging trying to get it out so Pops came over and helped me.(He did not want me toothin everything.) And then! There it was!

Big! Fat! Nippy! Nanner!

Mine! All Mine! The biggest, Nippiest, Bestest, Na...

Then Pops said: "Now remember to share!"

Huh? What? Share?

Then Buddy: "Yuh Dood! I share Da Ceegar! Whut-chu thinkin!"

Uh... I did not realize that... Hey! How come you got to pick first?

And Buddy: "Ah nebber tells... Youz was off runnin and playing supa-catz, Yessir"

So I have to share my Nanner! Mmmmrrr! Mrrrrr! My Nanner! Mine!

So that is my Nanner story and I am sharing with my brofurs...

Rumpy-Bump AKA Bob


I am a Happy Cat Giving Thanks!

November 28th 2010 10:41 am
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I am young so I am not sure about why my brothers are so solomn when talking about having feelings of thanks.

I mean really!

Just yesterday Pops got me and gave me a *Rumpy shudders* Bath!
Goodness! I mean why should I be thankful for a bath?

*Tim yells over "Cause you needed it stinky-bump!"*

Oh... Uhh... Yeah...

Tim: "And he struggled to do it while you wiggled and wormed and tried your best to escape"

Well... No Claws were used!

Tim:"Thank the stars for small favors! I would have bitten you myself if you clawed Pops" *Tim stalks off*

Well... I did have a *Whispers* dirty Bump.

I don't know how it happens. I have been really good and have learned how to use the pan real well. Sometimes, oh I do not know how it happens? I do know I like being clean. Pops is looking out for me, I suppose.

*Toby steps up:"Yes he is looking out for you more than you know!"*


*Buddy jumps in:"Didja know dat he waz onda puter workin and workin to find a wayz to getcha home to here? Member where youz was livin at? You... You... Young Bump You!"*

*Rumpy is surprised and would blush if he could*

Gee Buddy! You even say so. Wow. Now that I think about it. Lets see. I was in a crate for a long time. I only came out now and then and... OH... OH MY... I remember now!

Not good!

I could not run or climb cause I grew up in a crate! That is why it took some time for me to learn about litter and a pan, and, and, I did not even have room to, to, anything.

Why I could not even wipe my bump!

Now look at all the room I have! Lounging! Smiling! Resting! Playing!
I have toys and treats!

You know guys it IS easy to forget! Maybe I was trying to forget a little too hard! But, things were difficult. Now it is so, well, easy!

I can just be a cat. *Buddy says "Humph"*
OK Buddy, KITTEN, I can be a kitten!

Maybe thats why I like to give a little grooming lick to Pops when I am laying next to him? Yeah Life is good! Life is... To give Thanks for! I am a lucky kitty! Now I see!

Even when I am getting a bath of my Bump!

*The Brofurs all nod and then give him a nudge*

Oh yes! Thanks for being a friend here on Catster!


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