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The Prince's Purrs

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Finally Home

September 4th 2010 4:48 am
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After such long time I finally went home with Mom. All my stuff was ready when I got home, including my huge tree with all its fun sisal posts. The only downside is I have to wait to have Mom all to myself because I have a foster brother who's not my favorite cat, but he's going to Petsmart to be adopted soon. Even then I still might not get Mom all to myself, I've heard that I have a new sister that's a dog. I haven't met her yet but I'll let you how it goes.


Getting settled

September 5th 2010 10:04 pm
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Being home with Mom is great. I get soft and treats and a bunch of catnip. I really enjoy my tree and all my toys too. My favorite part is Moms bed which I get to lay on whenever I want. Of course the best time to lay on it is when Mom is, I cuddle right up next her and purr. I've even decided my foster brother isn't so bad.


Vet Visit

September 8th 2010 4:17 pm
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Yesterday Mom took me to the vet for a check-up. None of it was fun; first I had to get in my carrying bag, then ride in the car, after we got there I got handled( very rudely) by strangers, and finally back in the carrier and home. While it wasn't fun the vet did say I was pretty healthy other than being under weight. Mom already knows I'm to skinny and is already trying to fatten me up, so I don't see how the vet was that helpful. I didn't write about this yesterday because I was pouting about the whole thing. I have to admit it wasn't all bad because they did take my picture, that's one of my favorite things, so at least I know they have some sense.


Full Name

September 9th 2010 8:15 am
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Mom told me my full name and I love it. It's very dignified and of course I have a title. My new full name is Prince Hartley J.(Jabir) Edmund Leon W. The Dominator, isn't it great!?



October 15th 2010 7:41 pm
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Mom gave me a bath today and it was horrible. I hate baths and Mom knows it, but she did it anyway. Did you know baths involve getting WET!?! I screamed, cried and tried to get away ,but Mom didn't listen or take the hint that I was done. That dummy Rascal got a bath too, but he didn't even care. I pouted about my bath for a long time, I forgave Mom after she brushed me though.


Alone At Last

October 28th 2010 5:01 am
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That loudmouth Rascal finally left so now Mom is all mine except for her dumb dog that's supposedly my sister.I don't have to deal with her though so I'm not going to worry about it, even though she has already barked at me. Mom says eventually we're gonna have to learn how to get along, but I ignore her when she says it. I really am very happy to have everything all to my self and Mom's happy too because I'm eating more and seem happier.


My Big Bungee Ordeal

November 21st 2010 12:28 pm
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It all started last Sat.(11/13/10) when Mom took me to get a shot at the low cost spay/neuter clinic where her friend works. Mom's friend made the vet check me out, they don't normally do that, because Mom adopted me from her and I'm so skinny. The vet felt a mass in my stomach. So then on Mon. Mom took me to the regular vet who thought it was a tumor and recommended an exploratory surgery. It was really expensive there, so Mom took to a family friend who's a vet. It was a 2 hour drive and Mom stressed the whole time for reason. After sitting in the waiting room forever, the vet shaved off some of my beautiful hair and stuck me with a needle twice. The next thing I remember is waking up in bed feeling really wobbly. Mom kept trying to make me lay down in bed but I didn't want to. Then the next day Mom put me in my carrier forever and when I got out she put this thing around my neck and won't take it off. She's starving me too even though I cry at her to tell her I'm hungry. Also she keeps opening my mouth and squirting this yucky stuff in it. All the same I still love Mom.

*Mom's Side of the Story*
I was stressed because we thought it might be cancer or inoperable and he would have to be put to sleep. The needles were for a blood draw and the pre-anesthetic. I kept trying to make him lay down so he would first of all not fall and second of all not tear open his stitches. He had to get his carrier when I left because he was licking the incision that's also why he got the E-collar. He's not be starved he just can't pig out like he wants to, he's getting small meals of baby food mixed with canned food every couple of hours so we don't bust the stitches on his stomach. The yucky stuff being squirted in his mouth is a liquid antibiotic. All of this because he ate a small bungee cord before we got him, it was taking up a good part of his stomach and that's probably why he wasn't eating enough to gain weight.


Big and Healthy

February 13th 2011 1:57 am
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I'm feeling much better now, see Big Bungee Ordeal for details, Now I'm a really big boy weighing in at almost 13lbs. My fur is longer and softer too. Mom is happy because I'm more playful, alert, and active, well she's pretty happy about the fluffy soft fur too. But Mom and I are most happy that I just feel better all around.



February 13th 2011 2:00 am
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I still don't like the dogs. Mom gets mad room because I hunt them, so I stay in Mom's room. Even though I'm just in Mom's room I'm still happy cause I get to cuddle Mom every night. Plus I have everything I could ever want; a big tree, toys, food, Mom's bed with my special blanket, and most of all Mom.



July 15th 2011 1:13 am
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Hey everybody guess what! I got a new brother! His name is Little Man. He is very nice, but can be annoying sometimes. He is kind of skinny, Mom is working on putting some weight on him. He is also scruffy, he doesn't have have a soft fluffy coat like me, so I give him lots of baths. He doesn't always cooperate so sometimes I have to hold him down. He likes to cuddle with me a lot which is okay I guess, but I wish he wouldn't stand and knead on my belly so much. He sometimes tries push me out of the way when Mom is petting, and I don't like that either. Overall I like so him, so as the prince I decreed he could stay, and it's nice to have some company when Mom isn't around. Please add him as a friend.

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