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August 25th 2010 1:33 pm
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Wow my first diary! Things are so crazy these past few days. All I know is that I was so very hungry, and now I am not. I was so scared and now I feel better. I was lonely, and now I know what it feels like to be petted & loved. I have been living in a screen porch that is attached to this big thing called a house. I keep looking in through the door to the house, and I am so excited that in a few days it will be my house too! And I can play with Tigger! I get to explore in there! I have seen Maizy look at me a few times through the door, but Mom says she may not too nice to me. That is ok, all I know is that I don't have to worry about something outside hurting me, and I will get to go for walks outside, and be safe. I think I will like being a pet kitty. They can keep this wild stuff no thanks!


in the spotlight

August 27th 2010 10:15 am
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Wow - Mom has told me about all the fuss! I cannot believe that me, a little homeless kitty has become a part of a family & a DDP and all the gifts & friends! mew! (I don't have a big meow yet) So I say a big thank you to everyone that has sent me nice thoughts, and are my new friends, and for the gift on my page! Felix, Sassy, Fluff (we sure DO look alike!) Casey/Grace/Leo/Frankie, and Trooper & Dakota and Sarge,LEna & Pepi - thank you for the nice gifts. Everyone sure knows how to make a kitty feel welcome! No name yet, but Mom says that is because it is a serious business for her, and she wants to make sure that my name fits me just right. But she promises that I will have one in a few days so I can learn it like Tigger & Maizy know thier names. She has taken a few more pics of me, and she is gonna take a pic of the garden where I was hiding so we can show everyone. She says the new pics should be up in a day or so, cause she is still running to her aunties house. But she comes out on the porch to see me & pet me lots. Already my spine & hips are not so bony, and my fur looks better too! Mom could not believe how much wet food I ate last nite! About 2.5 ounces at one time! Boy my tummy used to hurt from being hungry, now it is sooo full! I even started to play yesterday. Mom says that is prob because I got rid of all the wormies that were making my tummy hurt too. mew to all!



September 1st 2010 9:15 am
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The last few days, Mom has been bringing me in at night, and I got to sleep in the bathroom. There is a comfy rug, and my potty & food & water. She said that something knocked down a very large flower pot too close to the screened porch, and she did not want me to be scared and out there all alone at night or whatever it was to try & come through the screen to get me. But yesterday, I got a bath & got to stay inside! The bath wasn't very fun, but I didn't make a peep, and now my white feet & tummy are so clean & I am nice & soft. Then I got to go exploring around. I found some toys to play with, and already found a good hidey spot or two. I ran around with Tigger for a while, and we had so much fun. Maizy sniffed me after my bath, but she pretty much crept after me, and then hissed at me when I looked at her. I was so tired out I had to take a nap on the rug by the rocking chair. My first whole day inside a real home of my own! I am one happy kitty! I was even meowing to Mom a little. I am still a little scared, but I am getting much better.


A name for Tigger's kitty

September 5th 2010 7:20 pm
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Finally I have a name! Boy Mom & The Dad have been brainstorming for days trying to select the right one. They both really enjoy Irish Pubs, and dream to go to Ireland one day, so I was named after a favorite pub beverage. It is actually pronounced Smittick, so that is why I am Smitty for short. Mom says my fur is the same color as the beer, and the beige & white part is like the foam, so there you have it! It fits too I think. I have been really enjoying the life of a house kitty. Mom took Tigger out on his leash, and my human sister put one on me, but maybe it was too windy out, but I was scared! I crouched down by a bush that I used to hide under, and started to shake! So she picked me up & huggged me and took me onto the porch. I like it out there, but the outside is too big! I have even started to meow at Mom for breakfast & dinner time, and I can be held for a little bit. I am just not used to all the attention, but I am really trying hard to be a good boy. I have been playing lots with Tigger, and my favorite thing is to bite his tail! Mom has a bunch of pictures, but she has been so tired, so hopefully she can get them up this week. Well, Mom is tired from a long day helping to care for auntie (I never met her, but she is very sick), so I think it may be crunchie time, and Tigger showed me what that means....2 crunchy treats as a bed time snack! MEW!



September 7th 2010 11:48 am
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Life is going great! I do not have to worry about anything except being a kitten. Food! Water! Toys! Scritches! Mom finally had a chance to put up some pictures of me. There are also 2 that show the pepper plants & the backyard where I was hiding and living until I found home! I am eating like a horse Mom says, and I even come & ask for my wet food. Mom laughs cause I don't really meow, it kind of sounds like meh meh. I have been keeping busy playing alot now that I feel better. I even snuck up onto Mom's bed for a nap! Yesterday for Labor Day my human brother who is a chef, cooked some sockeye salmon and he gave me a teeny bite. MEOW did I snarf that up! Is this heaven or what? The Dad even got to brush me a little bit, and I really didn't mind too much. I think I have to go to the vet again for another shot, but I don't care cause that just means that I belong to somebody! Well it is a beautiful day, so I am off to go nap on the screen porch with my pal Tigger.


big kitty

September 13th 2010 3:41 pm
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I went for my shots today, and I am now 4.95lbs. Wow I doubled my weight in only a couple weeks! The vet said I am healthy and I do not have to go back until I am due for shots again. Mom will take me to the spay & neuter clinic in a couple weeks. They are cheaper, and it helps to support them. I will get my microchip too. I love my home so much. I have several favorite nap spots, and I already know where to stand for my bowl of food. I even know where I can and cannot scratch. In addition to the scratch rug & wicker basket Maizy likes in the house, she has a piece of log on the screen porch with bark on it, so we can really get our claws into that! The past few days I have been getting face washes from Tigger. He grabs me around my neck & makes sure my face and ears are all clean. Mom always makes the "awwww" sound when she sees us. The Dad teases Mom and says that Tigger is just "tasting" me for a snack later. Silly Dad. I even got to meet aunty today. Mom said she won't be with us much longer, so she brought me over to her house after my vet visit. I know she is very very sick, so I did my best cute face, and did not even squirm to get down. She got to pet me a little bit and she smiled. Mom told me that I did a good job being a sweet kitten! The three of us kits have been trying to do funny things to make Mom smile, because she is so sad about her aunty. We all wish we could scratch out cancer both in people & us furries. Maybe someday they will be able to stop it for good. have a good evening my friends! SmittyKitty



October 1st 2010 5:06 pm
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A big thank you to Alex,Finnegan & Lacey's Mommy for the ribbon, and for all the help! Also thanks to Hunter for your advice too.
Thanks PC, BooBoo, Ollie, Delyte, BK, Princess Serafina & Daisy. You all were so supportive with my bad tummy ache, and Mom's mini freakout. I am feeling so much better today!



October 6th 2010 11:13 am
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Thanks Finney,Lacey & Alex for all the gifties,help, info & support with my belly trouble. I feel lots better and you made momma feel better too.

Thanks BK for the well wishes

Thanks Pepi, Sarge, Lena for the info - Mom indeed thinks it is something in that Wellness food that made me sick. We are checking out your vet referreal too

Thanks Hunter for the giftie and the help with my tummy trouble too

Boy do I feel better! My tummy doesn't hurt, and I am not causing the paint to peel off the walls after I go potty! I started the Eagle Pack probiotics that Alex & Hunter's mommies suggested, and I think it is already helping. I sleep in Mom's bed almost every night now, and I know my name & come running when I hear "Smitty Kitty!" I even sat fairly well to have my nails trimmed. OK I sat for 2 of them, and then had to be wrapped in a towel, but hey it was 2!

Off to be a busy little kitty!



October 22nd 2010 12:18 pm
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I was minding my own business waiting for breakfast yesterday, when I was stuffed into my carrier, and hauled to this place that is not the vet, but smells like one! It was time for me to be.......NEUTERED...... It is a spay/neuter place run by the shelter. The vet Mom likes and had for years works there now, so she felt totally safe for me to go there. I was really scared, my eyes were like saucers, and I cried for my Mom. I had to stay there overnite. She was crying too. She totally forgot to bring me some of my food, so they fed me the kibbles that the shelter gets. I ate, but it was not my dry food, and now Mom is worried that I will get a tummy ache again. She was so upset with herself that she forgot my food. But I got a nice bowl of some wet food when I got home, and I napped in a room by myself for a while. I wanted out though to see my Tigger! He sniffed me & hissed at me! Mom says it is becasue I smell like the vet, and she will rub me with the blaket from the box we all take turn to nap in. But I am pretty sleepy today. I got microshipped too, so I am really officially Mommy's Smitterkitters! I grabbed her hand and licked it and purred when she petted me. She is really the only one that can pet me much right now, but I am getting used to the family, and I even meow at everyone else. Well, I am off to take a nap, so I can get some extra lovies & treats later.


Sneezy Mc Smitters

November 4th 2010 10:48 am
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Well I must have caught something when I went to the spay/neuter clinic, cause exactly 1 week later, I started to sneeze. And sneeze. And sneeze. Mom says I look so pitiful cause I have watery eyes, and my nose is running. I wish I knew how to blow it into a tissue! I seem to feel ok - I am playing with Tigger, which of course means that I gave it to him, and I am eating. I just have been very snuffy. Mom called the vet today to make sure that there is nothing else she should do, and because Tigger has other problems, she is concerned about that. Other than that, I am getting bigger and really starting to get more confident. I will actually stand still and wait to be petted sometimes, and I like it when Mom scrathes by the side of my neck & face. I almost fall over cause I lean on her hand. I also got to go out on the leash & started to dig in the dirt a little just like Tigger. Momma says that she wishes there was the equivalent of chicken soup for kitties, cause she would make us some! mmmm I do like plain chicken though!

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