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Bella's Bemusings

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O Hai !

August 8th 2010 4:01 pm
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*Bounce bounce bounce* Hai to all! My name is BELLA! I am a small Orange and White Tabby "Tiger in Training" I bites all I sees. I loves to play. Not likes to sleeps. I am 9 weeks old today. I has fun all day, but a night I likes to play with meowmie's face. I not wants her to sleeps. I run all over da house in da dark. Is fun. I write later. Is boring. Wants to play!




August 20th 2010 12:26 pm
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I just met my uncle Scott. His is a big human with big feets. I got scared. Meowmie picked me up and said "its ok Bella, he loves kitties" He not pet me cuz he knew i had a scared. He said I was cute. mew mew


Leave me alone, Meowmie!

September 12th 2010 5:13 am
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Meowmie always wants to wash my face. Is fine. I wash it myself all the time. Meowmie says my little paws keep missing spots. So? I not fashion model. I is baby. Meowmie said fur on face must be clean. I should be happy her not cleans my feets too? Meowmie is obsessed wif my face. Is fine. Leave alone Meowmie. You on my last little kitten nerve. I bites you next time.



September 16th 2010 4:44 am
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Meowmie was cleaning the sinkie. I helps her sometimes. Tonite, when hers was cleaning, I was sitting in da sinkie wif my back to her. Meowmie looked at my tail, and I was going pee down da drain. Is bad? Meowmie laff a little, but den hers take me out of room, and put yukky bleach in drain. Could smell wif door closed. Not like. Meowmie said, is your fault Bella. I still not has a bad. I had to go pee and I was already in sinkie. Should be ok. Will check rulebook. Mew.


I has a sad.

September 17th 2010 2:48 am
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Meowmie can't find Molly. Eben da neighbors help hers look for Molly. Meowmie look again a little while ago. I call Molly from screen but not sees her. Meowmie said Molly was hurt last night but she could not catch her. Hers not come eat dis morning. Dats when meowmie told neighbors. Molly always come home ebery nite. I sees her. Meowmie is worried and sad. Hers waiting for daylight to go look again for Molly. I keeping my small tiger paws crossed. I lubs Molly. Hers has to come home.


Molly came home!

September 18th 2010 4:57 am
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I has a big happy! Molly came home early dis morning. Hers eats. Meowmie pick her up and cries. Molly went to vet. Hers got hit by mean car. Hers will be ok but hers needs rest. Hers is gonna be in da house for a while. I has a happy she is home.



September 19th 2010 3:13 am
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I not cause trouble! I has fun. So what if I gets in da trash. I finds good stuff in dere. Meowmie says I have a bad. I cant be a good kitty, or listen. And I run all over da house at nites. Sometimes, when no one plays wif me, I go bites Meowmie on the feets when hers is sleeps. She can say Stop IT Bella in her sleeps now. Is fun. I also make sure when Meowmie cleans litterboxes that I try dem all out first. I runs all over da house and climbs stuff. Is fun to wake up big cats. I not has a worry. Dems not chase me cuz I runs fast.


Goodbye Keiko. You will always be my baby brofur. I lubs you- forever.

November 3rd 2010 12:02 am
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When Keiko came to stay wif us, I had a mad. I was baby! Now he gets all dis attention. Not like. Den, I see dat hims was sickie. I had a sad. I watched him all da time. Meowmie would not let me play wif hims, she said Keiko too small Bella. But, I take nappies wif hims. Him liked Paisan best. Hims was always wif Paisan. Hims was funny. Hims was so little but hims could run fast. Meowmie fed me, Keiko, and Paisan in bafroom. We had speshul food. I gived him lots of bafs. Meowmie said careful Bella, he is small baby. Den, one day hims moves slow. Meowmie said Bella! You play too much with Keiko. She put Keiko in hims carrier so hims could rest. Hims went to bridge in hims sleeps. Meowmie took me to see hims. I smelled him. Den I got mad and ran away. Why hims go away to bridge. Hims just baby. *Stomps paw* Not fair. (wipes away kitten tears). I miss hims alot. I knew hims was going to leave someday, but not to bridge. Hims already had a new meowmie and furrever home waiting for hims to be big enuf to travel. Hims is ok now. Hims fly free and hims has Chasie to take care of hims. But, sometimes I still has a sad when I thinks of hims. I lubed hims alot. Is not fair. I not understand why. Meowmie said that Keiko was an angel we only got to keep for a little while. Not like. I looks outside to see dis bridge, but not see. Meowmie said I will see Keiko and Chasie again, but not for a long time. Not like. But Keiko not want me sad. Chasie not want me sad. So, I will see dems again someday, and Keiko and I can play all the time. Is all I can say nao. Wants to cry. I going over to kennel nao and lie down. Purring for Keiko and Chasie.
I lubs you forever.


Just another day in my life!

February 9th 2011 10:48 pm
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Wake up, bug meowmie, run and jump, run and jump, wake up Paisan. Bounce, bounce, bounce....Wake up Whiskers! Follow meowmie to the bafroom, pull down towel, run, hide, attack meowmies feet. Run, bounce, run, bounce, Hi Paisan! Are you awake yet? Meowmie! Play wif me!!!! I has a bored!!! Bounce, bounce, open the door so I can watch the birdies fly.


Meowmie said I must be part Pointer ?????

February 15th 2011 4:06 pm
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Dis morning, I helped meowmie get ready. When hers take shower, I was on other side of curtain and poking her thru the curtain. Hers said OW! lots of times. Den, I helped her wif da water in da sinkie. Hers said NO BELLA! Thats HOT!! So I held my paw over hot water and was thinking if I should put my paw in da water. But, then I was distracted by the hair dryer. I likes!!!! I likes it when meowmie uses the cold air on my fur. I was using my front paws to point at stuffs and look at meowmie to see if it was ok to touch. Den, I was looking at my face in da mirror. I had a bored and went to find Paisan.

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