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The Mythology of Purr-C-Us

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Purrseus Still Naughty.

February 7th 2012 7:50 am
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I can't help it. When I feel the urge to pee lately; I just find something to sit on, or hide behind and go! Mom and Dad are not too excited about this. But you know; they have had to unpack more pee-ed on boxes and wash more floors than since I don't remember when! They should really be thanking me for getting them rolling on the unpacking and cleaning realm. Why aren't they happy?! They keep putting me in the basement when they get mad at me... That's great! I LOVE the basement! Except around 2 a.m.. They locked me up all night last night and in the early morning hours; I was quite vocal about not wanting to be down there any more. 2 a.m. is play time with Sparkman! This sucks. The humans just need to accept that I'm not wanting to use the litter box no matter how clean it is... I'm still on pills and shots! I'm still sick. Right?!


Purrseus and his Re-Decorated Litter Box Room!

February 9th 2012 6:42 am
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I've been showing Mom & Dad all the great advice you cats have been giving me & Sparkman. THANK YOU! Mom was chatting over how I'm doing with a friend last night and she suggested that my dislike of the litter box might totally be what the Tabbies suggested; something bad I'm associating with the litter box. But that's where Mom and I were stumped. I mean, nothing horrible really ever happens to me! My brothers pounce on me to wrestle, and I purr. Even when I first moved in and Moose was wrestling me out of anger; Mom says I still purred at him and thought it was a game. (Wait, Mom... You're saying it WASN'T happy play?!) Anyhow, Friend pointed out what the horrible thing was; the bladder infection! Oh, duh! It hurt like heck to go in there and to be a good kitty I pretty much was living in there. So now Mom and Dad are trying to make my litter box new and fun. They laid down a new shiny vinyl flooring for me to try and make it to the litter box. (Smells so different!) And they've started giving me treats and hugs for going in the right place. (That's just weird.) And and and you know that great kitty air freshener the vet prescribed?! It's in the main litter box room! Oh I just want to go in there and sniff the lovely air, makes me so happy! Purrrrrs!

We are working on it!

And in other news; today's the last day of my pills! Whoo hooo!


PurrC Happy!

February 15th 2012 7:30 pm
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That redecorating of my litter room (though not nearly as fabulous as the Tabbies O Trout Towne suggested) seems to be doing the trick! Mom's so happy and Dad's so proud of me. They even told a friend who came over the other day that "He's acting like our baby Purrseus again!" I guess in all this illness, I must have been kinda grumpy and rude to the humans... But now everything's back to normal! I get hugs and play time, treats, sleeping on the bed, playing with my brothers, and only going in the basement to hangout when I want to! Today Mom and I cuddled, and then I let her cut some of the knoted dreadlocks out of my fur... So nice to have loving human servants again! And so nice for them to have me with them again. Purrrrrs!


Purrseus Back at Vet.

February 17th 2012 5:37 pm
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Bad news on my health front: I'm back at the Vet place again today and tonight. I woke up this morning and made a tiny tiny puddle on the floor. Then another on Mom's yoga mat. She went to touch my belly and see if my bladder was hard (Why does she DO that!?!) and I hissed at her. That's all it took, she called the Vet and had me in there this morning. At first I was just happy to see my Vet human buddies again... But then I realized they were poking and prodding in places I did not find comfortable. That was NOT pleasant or fun. I tried to purr through the whole thing. But after a while, a guy just has to howl and hiss and fuss.

They told Mom that I have another blockage and infection. They are putting me on more medications and for longer this time. (Maybe it's the same infection that wasn't totally cleared up by the meds?!) This afternoon they were all excited that I peed on my own. Huh? I thought peeing on my own is what got me back here!?! Whatever. I am one happy little medicated guy tonight. I only wish I was home with my family.



February 17th 2012 6:16 pm
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On a totally different topic than my health lately; Samoa's named me a Dreamboat! I share the boat with my brothers Sparkman and Moose! Which is pretty much amazingly wonderful and happy happy news. Since I'm spending the night at the Vet, and Mom needed some cheering up... THANK YOU, SAMOA! Click here to read Samoa's wonderful thoughts on my loveliness!

But she asked a question: Where did I get all my fun nic-names?! Here you go, Samoa!

Toki- The name my first humans gave me! I was named by consensus of my "birth" Mom's roomies. I think it comes from an anime character?

New Guy- The name my Mom and Dad called me when they couldn't decide on my forever name.

Fuzz Bucket- A.K.A. Bucket of Fuzz... Mom thinks they started calling me this when making up silly songs about me. For some reason they liked singing a blues song called "Rust bucket" to me, and changing the main chorus to "Whoa whoa whoa; Fuzz BUCKET!"

Flufferpants- All of us here have "pants" names. I think Mom has a fetish or something. I'm Fluffer pants, because of my fuzzy hind legs make me look like I'm wearing fluffy pantaloons. Captain Morgan is Captain Cutie Pants. Moose is Goofy Pants. Sparkman is Crabby-pants. As in "Sparkman, don't be a Crabby Pants!" He gets cranky. It's funny.

Porcupine, wolverine- Both of these names were briefly considered for my forever name. And both were due to my physique! (And habit of growing spiny line of back dreadlocks.) They live on as nic names. I think Moose would have like having another woodland creature in the pack... too bad!

Carpet Troll- I like area rugs. I like sitting on them and attacking anyone that tries to pass. Human, cat, wolverine... Doesn't matter. You shall not cross my carpet! Rawr!

Purrseus- When I first got here, all my humans really had to go on in naming me was that I was a purr-a-holic. THey took the word "Purr" and tried fitting it into any name they could think of. Nothing seemed to fit my amazing-ness, though... Then one night they were at something called a "Planetarium" listening to a star talk about constellations. They both got wide eyed and looked at each other saying "PURRseus!"


Purrseus Comes Home! AND He's Diary Pic of the Day!!!!

February 18th 2012 8:47 am
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I've come home! I've come home!!! This morning, the Vet Humans opened my cage to get me out for exams, and I was rolling around, showing them my belly and purring. When they opened the door; I ran out and started head butting and nose kissing everyone in the room! I just love all the Vet Humans. They gave me fluids, rechecked various things. And I heard them tell Mom that for the first time in literally half a dozen urine checks, they found a few crystals! So I am officially off my normal food and onto c/d food for a while at least. And I have a small grocery bag full of meds... Amazing, Finney just this morning warned my Mom that my food included a few not so good for me ingredients, which could give me crystals and worse. Yikes! Thanks, Finney!

I got home and Captain Morgan came running over, pawing at my new food bag. He agrees with me that that stuff is GREAT! Moose came chirping over to greet me too, but I haven't seen Sparkman yet. He must be laying down for nap time... I should go join him!

Oh, but I forgot the most exiting part of today: I'm on the main page!!! I'm the diary pic! There's me right below the Tabbies O'Trout Towne!!! I'm so excited. I'm going to have Mom print it out and hang it on the fridge... Thank you friends for stopping by to read my diary and celebrate with me. Pull up a bowl and have some c/d food! Num nums for all!!! Purrrrs! I'm home!!!


DDP Again! And At Vet's for a Follow Up.

February 23rd 2012 8:20 am
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I'm a DDP again?! Whoa! Thanks every kitty! It's sure great to be in Diary Central, again!

So here's my day so far: Mom woke me up and gave me meds & breakfast. (I'm spending my nights in the basement, because I'm on a special food diet. That and I LOVE THE BASEMENT!) Then she let me run around the house a bit. Mom put the bottom drainage plate thing of a flower pot beside the litterbox and put some litter in it. Since she did that, I haven't peed on the floor as much. We're still working on that whole me not being scared of the box thing... So I'm a purry happy guy running around, chasing my brothers, and hoping to find another moth (I found & ate one last night!)... Then Mom grabbed me and crammed me in that carrier again! WHY?! I've been good!

She said it was time for a re-test at the Vet. Yeesh! These Vet humans just missed me I think. Mom was trying to hug me good bye for the day, when I saw the vet tech open the door to the back room... THE BACK ROOM!!! I wiggled out of Mom's grasp and dashed through the open door. The Vet tech giggled and we both said "Okay! Bye! See ya later, alligator!" Yup. I love hanging out there thaaaaat much! Purrrrs!


Purrseus Had a Staycation at the Vet's!

March 6th 2012 11:50 am
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Whoa! That one day I thought I was going to the Vet's turned into well over a week! Apparently my humans weren't able to speak cat and explain to me that I was going in for a check up AND a staycation while they were off galavanting. At least they finally came and picked me up today!

First things first; my test went great. The Vet says that they can't find anything physically wrong; like crystals of kidney stones. (Apparently they rechecked stuffs and decided the one possible crystal that showed up in a previous check was not actually there... Imaginary scariness?!) So I am still on the Interstitial Sistitus diagnosis (Wow that's a lot of big words). And my humans got a recommendation that they keep me less stressed out.

That said, I had a BLAST at the Vet place. Those humans are puddy in my hand. First off, they got confused and were giving me a whole can of wet food at pill time! Yuummm! Then they were letting me run around the clinic in the mornings; I had a vet room with a window for play time; a BIG dog running kennel for my other play time; my own suite to nap and eat in; and the ladies at the desk let me sit on their laps to do work. They told Mom that I even had doggie friends I was playing with. When my humans came in to get me, I heard the desk ladies try and tell them "You're late fro pick up! You'll just have to come next week to pick him up... Yes, we are keeping him."

Apparently I had no blood in my urine and didn't pee outside the box once there... Mom and Dad are now worried that maybe I'm just trying to move out. But so far, they're guessing my at home "stress" might be Sparkman... I LOVE that cat! But I guess he does get moody some times.


Purrseus Asks For Advice... From YOU!

March 7th 2012 7:31 am
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Hey... Do any of you wonderful brilliant kitties have recommendations for what food we should be eating?! Right now I'm on C/D for a few more weeks & my brothers are on Natural Balance Ultra Mix Reduced Calorie (We're a little on the pudgy side)... Mom think maybe we should switch onto something gentler on our stomachs, but can't really afford for us all to eat C/D food all the time.

Any ideas?!


Purrseus Loses a Few Whiskers... Oops.

March 9th 2012 8:59 am
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I am CRAZY today! You know why?! Firstly I'm feeling a whole lot better. But secondly its because Dad cut off my whiskers! He didn't mean to. But I had a big knotted dreadlock growing on my cheek. And Dad's insistent I not grow dreads. So strange, I thought I was just being cool when I grew those! So Dad went to cut off my dread and I was wiggly or something. And somehow my whiskers ended up in the scissors at the wrong moment and snip! Now I have four cut off whiskers and no dreadlock... And the disorientation of being lopsided is making me hypurr crazy. I gotta go bunny kick the carpeted staircase again. Bye!

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