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The Mythology of Purr-C-Us

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COTD! And Purrseus's First Mouse!!!

May 21st 2011 5:28 pm
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I'm Cat of the Day?! WOW! Thank yous HQ! And thank you to my friends! I gotta go read and thank you guys for the rosies and presents... You cats are great.

And here's my OTHER big news Mom was logging on to help me write:

I caught my first mouse!!!! Dad says the good news is that I'm a mouser; and the bad news is that it was a baby mouse. I didn't know what they meant by "Baby Mouse," so I asked the guys. Moose said it was a specific breed of Mouse, like hamsters and Mickey. Sparkman said it means that I'm a bad mouser and can only catch the little guys... Then Captain Morgan piped in and explained that one baby mouse is actually good news for us cats: means there will be a whole bunch of baby mice to pounce on! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!

I caught it in the basement. Dad was downstairs with us when I saw it behind the paint can shelf. I pounced and dragged it out to show Dad. Moose and Captain came over to investigate, so I started growling. That's when Dad turned around and saw all that was going on. He made me drop it in a used coffee bucket so he could bring it upstairs to show Mom. She was so excited anf happy for me! I gotta go catch another... That was sooooo fun!


Attack Lick Rumble!!

May 26th 2011 4:58 pm
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It's sure rough being the big mouser around here. I've spent most of every day this week in the basement, hunting. Sparkman says I caught the only one down there and to give it up... What is he, nuts?!

When I'm not hunting, I've been getting in my daily fiber. And by fiber, I mean I've been gnawing on the kindling by the fireplace. Yum! I sure love the roughage!

Other than that I just had a big Attack-Lick-Rumble with Sparkman in the hallway. We run at each other, do flips and bunny kicks... Then when one of us is pinned down we both start licking each other like crazy. It's a way more fun way to get clean than just sitting and licking my fur myself. And it gets some of Sparkman's angst out. Gee that guy gets grumpy when the neighbor cat is out! I get growled at a lot when that happens. And I've learned that when he growls, he means it. When Moose growls, he doesn't always mean it. I can still attack lick the Moose when he growls; but NOT Sparkman... Mom's so proud of me for learning my brothers' boundaries! It's only taken me a whole year!

Oh, and as for Captain Morgan; I can lick him but I can't rumble at all. Apparently he's a peace loving pirate.


Box Convention!

May 30th 2011 1:00 pm
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I think the best part of being Cat of the Day; and then a Daily Diary Pick on Sunday was that I made so many new friends!!! And even joined a few groups. Sorry I can't join all of them; Mom says I'm not allowed to be on the computer playing ALL day long!

Right now we're having a box convention on the living room area rug (aka my carpet troll domain). You should try it! It's fun... Mom and Dad keep letting us keep boxes that come in the house and right now there's enough on the carpet for me, Moose & Captain Morgan to each have our own... Captain of course is sitting in one too small for any grown feline, but purring in it. Moose is napping. And I'm up and watching Mom type, and telepathically commanding her to write this. Sparkman's still campaigning for potatoes from Mom and sitting on her so she doesn't leave us on a stay-cation while another of us gets a daily diary pic! Good work, Sparkman. Keep Mom sitting! Purrrrs!


I'm Just FLUFFY!

June 10th 2011 8:08 am
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Dad took me to the Vet for a trim in a weird place. Trust me friends, you don't want more information than that! Anyhoo, while I was there the Vet took my weight and gave me an exam for the pet insurance people. And according to the Vet I'm fat and bordering on obese! What?! Mom says I'm not fat; I'm just FLUFFY! And my Mom wouldn't lie to me. What do you think? Does all this fluff make me look fat?!

Dad said he asked her if it wasn't just part of me being a Maine Coon/possible Norwegian Forest cat breed. She said no, that she was basing her assessment on my profile. That I'm missing some nice trim shape tuck thing near my hind quarters... Whaaaa?! The only cat I know with a trim tuck is Captain Morgan. And he's obsessed with food.

The Vet told Mom & Dad to stop just putting out bins of food for us and start regulating us to half a cup of dry food a day... GROAN! That's no fun! I'll starve!!! Mom says she's trying exercise first and researching this a little. She says I keep "pudging out and then getting taller." And since Maine Coons take 3 years to get to full size; she thinks I might just be preparing for a growth spurt.

What do you think?!


I Have a Home!

June 10th 2011 8:10 am
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Oh wow! I've been in this house with my brothers for a whole year?! Thanks friends! Mom and Dad totally hadn't realized that yesterday was my Gotcha Day! Purrrrrs... I have a HOME! A real forever home!!!


Lazer Pointer!

June 23rd 2011 9:58 am
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I get to exercise every morning with the Sparkman! I LOVE hanging out with that guy. He plays fetch each morning with Mom while she drinks that coffee stuff. (YUCK!) And when he starts slowing down, she pulls out the lazer pointer! And then that red dot invades the house for a while. Battle stations, cats! Down with the red dot!!!

At first she said that I had to do five wall hops before I could give up. But she's since decided that I am actually in better shape than that. So now I have to do ten wall hop/belly bops on the wall! That means when the red dot is up the side of the wall, I have to jump up pounce at it so fiercely that my little chubby belly kinda bounces me off the wall; belly bop! She's also calling what Sparkman does for the red dot "Wall hop/belly bop/4 up/2 ft high!" meaning that he's not only hopping against the wall to get the dot, he's also bouncing his belly, getting all four feet off the ground to do it, AND he's bounced his back feet a foot or two off the ground! Wow that cat's an athlete. I'm learning from the best, I tell you.

Just between you and me, I love Mom but I think her funny terms for what we do in exercise time are just a little too alley-oop-fakey-fakey-360-double-McTwisty. That said, Sparkman must be the feline Flying Tomato cause not only does he have red hair and totally lead the competition to a new level; he likes veggies. That weirdo!

Okay, I gotta go get back to my important activities fo the day like foot washing and window watching... Or was that foot watching and window washing? Hrmmm... I better lick both just to be on the safe side. And pounce on my Moose friend.


PurrC Is Melting!

July 5th 2011 7:50 pm
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It's too hot here. First I was complaining about cold last week and this week it's just too hot. I'm spending my days zonked out under the ceiling fan on my carpet and just looking like a big dust bunny fluffer pile. Mom says my brains may have melted. Dad says I just need more cuddles... What do you think?!

Mom put ice cubes in our water dish. We all took turns drinking COLD water and batting at the cubes. But now it's back to hot hot melt time. I'm gunna go see if it's cooler on the porch... melt melt...


Am I No Longer a Car Cat?!

August 2nd 2011 8:01 pm
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I think my humans are crazy. Today they took me for a drive. A DRIVE! When I first arrived here over a year ago, they used to take me on road trips and everything. I actually loved being in the car with them back then. But lately they hardly take me in the car for anything other than the Vet visits. And that Sparkman guy's been telling me all about the Vet. Sounds like a place I don't want to go! So today in the car I didn't just sit on Mom and purr like I used to; I squirmed and cried and silent meowed and panted and then I sat there and purred. Mom and Dad were a little confused as to why I wasn't just chillaxin' and purring by the air conditioner like I usually do. Oh, well. My days as the Car Cat might just be over. That or maybe I just am out of practice! Purrrrs


Purrseus's Secret Is Out!

August 22nd 2011 8:53 pm
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Uh-oh! Mom's figured me out! She said that the house has just been smelling like cat pee everywhere lately. Dad thought it was just wafting smell from the liter boxes... But she's figured out that I'm peeing in naughty places! Oh, noes!!! I had a accident on the bathroom carpet, TWICE! And on her soft velvety chair Moose sleeps on. Don't tell her I also pee-ed in that secret location in the basement & that other one on the front porch! She might not like that... It's a good thing I've been here long enough that they call me their kitten & part of the family. Because I overheard Mom and Dad talking, and all they plan on doing is taking me to the Vet to get checked out... Checked out?! I don't understand what that means. But I'm just glad I didn't hear her say "back to the shelter!" or "You are now our outside cat." Phew! It's good to be loved so much... Especially when I'm being naughty!


Purrseus is TWO!

October 9th 2011 5:02 pm
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It's my birthday! It's my birthday!!! I'm 2 whole years old now. Is that much older than 1 year old? I'm so confused. But I'm having a blast. The humans moved us to a new house & there's so much more room for me to lounge and chase my brothers. There's even a huge carpet for me and Moose to do our morning wrestling match on!

I asked Mom what we were going to do about my birthday, and she said we're going to go bake a cake & open a can of kipper snacks when Dad comes home from work. She says I'll love kipper snacks cause they're fish. And apparently I love fish... Really?! I'm so excited!

I'm going to go purr/chirp at the window again and wait for Dad. Did I mention I adore Dad? Me and Moose know who's the coolest human in the house. Or maybe even the whole world. I just can't stop giving him nose kisses and licking his beard. He's the coolest! Dad dad dad dad dad dad. DAD! Purrrrrs!

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