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The Mythology of Purr-C-Us

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Purrseus increases fiber in his diet.

January 27th 2011 6:13 am
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I am working on increasing the fiber in my diet: chewing on sticks, firewood, and bark. Yum! I sure love roughage. Almost as fun to chew on as cardboard boxes and my brother Moose. But Moose and Sparkman are taking a break from rumble time right now. So I'm helping Dad start a fire in the fire place. Oh! He's picking up the log carrier?! I'm gunna go jump in and get a log ride! Purrs and love every kitty!



February 2nd 2011 7:04 pm
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Mom held me down and cut my fur off! Again! She keeps trying to cut off these things she calls "burrs" or "dreadlocs." They're my fur! I need that. Especially in this time of year called "winter." She and Dad even tried to shave/buzz cut my knotty fur a few days ago. I had the last laugh, their little robotic de-furred lost battery power in the middle of it's attempt to torture me.

Dad found me my own stick from the fireplace to gnaw on in retaliation for the torture. Mom says I can mail the knots to my brother/cousin in Wisconsin! (Biologically he's my big brother; but adopted human family wise, he's my cousin.) Oh, boy!

I gotta get back to pouncing on Sparkman. Purrs and love everykitty!

ps from Mom-- Any ideas on how to control knots in long haired kittens?! Brushing is my usual method, but this guy's just too into gnawing on the brush and bunny kicking... argh.


Purrseus Conquers the Red Dot.

February 7th 2011 1:50 pm
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Oh we have the bestest pet sitter ever!!! She came over and we played "Find the Sparkman." Captain of course won, cause he keeps a close eye on his crew. Even the mid-shipman. (Under the bed) Then we had dinner. Then we had this great game of lazer pointer! I'm telling you, Captain and me were ALL OVER the house; climbing walls, running on the ceiling, flipping all ninja like through the air... Moose watched. He's not sure why we chase that weird red dot. Neither am I really. My solution was to climb the pet sitter and attack the pointer its self. There! I finally conquered the red dot.


Purrseus makes a new friend.

February 20th 2011 10:01 am
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I had a new BUDDY! Her name is Abi and she loves me. CLEARLY! She came to visit and even let me spend the night in the guest room with her. I followed her around a lot, and did a lot of climbing up her leg and purring at her. She even helped me get to the big red boa (Mom hangs it over a door so I can't completely kill it.). She smells like a birder. I told her I'm a birder, and showed her my MouseBird. I also rolled around on the floor a lot to show her my mad kitten gnawing and playing skills. I've pretty much decided that the area rug in the living room is my carpet. I pounce on other kitties who lounge on it and human feet that linger too long. It's great being a kitten. And even greater having a buddy! Thanks Buddy O Human Pal!!!


Sparkman Vs. Purrseus

March 2nd 2011 12:12 pm
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Sparkman and I are having lick fights! Here's how it works: I sit on the carpet, he comes running to jump on me, knocks me over, and then we just go to town licking each other. It's a nice clean fight. And we switch off who sits on the carpet and who pounces. Mom says she really likes this new form of play-fighting. I think I do too. Sure beats licking my own head! Purrs!


Purrseus decides that Mom is MEAN!

March 10th 2011 6:18 am
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Wow, Mom's MEAN! She woke up, declared that I was stinky and gave me a bath (I just got a bath last week! I had the whole shampoo and conditioner thing. Crazy lady.). It was embarrassing, and I had to hiss at her for wiping my under tail. That's private! I was gunna clean up later, honest!

Then she grabbed Moose and took him away! She put him in a cat carrier, shoved in one of Dad's t-shirts for him to cuddle with, and off they went in the car. And here's the scary part: she came back WITHOUT THE MOOSE! I think she left him somewhere. And judging from the things he was yelling at her when they left, it was no where good. Mom says he's at the Vet getting his teeth cleaned. Moose calls them the Vampire Vets cause they always draw his blood. I don't personally know what the fuss is about if that's where he went. I love the Vet! They give hugs there. And I just can't get enough hugs.

Sparkman was sure spooked after the bath time and Moose-napping. He spent all of fetch time giving Mom loves rather than playing. I think he was trying to calm her down so she wouldn't pick on him next... Good luck with that one Sparkman! She is just a mean mean human. You can't reason with humans, they don't sleep enough. That's why they're so crabby and rude and insist on leaving the house so much... I wish they could understand cat so we could talk about these things.

For Potato Time, (Sparkman gets potatoes, the rest of us get treats.) she opened up the same old bag of treats and they were disgusting! She and Dad have been so slow at doling out this bag that the last quarter of the bag is just stale. Captain Morgan still loves them, but Moose and I are used to the finer things. If he'd been here he would have boycotted treat time with me. Instead I was alone in my snobbery and soggery.

Anybody want a human? If she doesn't bring back the Moose soon, I'll be giving mine away for real cheap: FREE! Mean cruel lady. Just wait till Dad comes home from work, he'll be on my side.


Purrseus's New Buddy!

March 30th 2011 11:00 am
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The big grey squirrel bird that visits our bird feeder comes almost every day now. He's my buddy. He has a big fluffy grey tail just like me, he eats a lot of food just like me, and he seems a little padded at the midsection just like me. So I sit and watch him all day. He's my new buddy... I want to eat my new buddy.


Purrseus Vs. the Stick!

April 12th 2011 1:13 pm
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Holy Bastet! I had no idea THAT could happen! I was outside with my brothers and humans, helping to clean up the garden. My self-assigned job was to trim the dead stickie things. So I was out there gnawing on the roughage, when something felt funny. I started gagging and pawing at my mouth, but the weirdness persisted. Mom tried to grab me and I assume kiss me, so I growled at her. Then she kept following me around with that whimpery voice and trying to grab my face. I was all "NOOOOoooo, Maw! Hiss!"

I seemed to calm down after we went inside. So Mom and Dad went off to do errands. That weirdness persisted. I kept drooling, gagging and pawing at my mouth the whole 10 million minutes they were gone. But I was also rolling around on the floor purring, so it must have looked really weird to Sparkman and Moose. When the humans came back I walked up to Moose and Mom pawing at each other through the mail slot, and did my pawing/gagging/spitting thing again.

That's it! Mom said something about calling the vet and Dad said "I'll take a look at him." Dad pick me up and look in my mouth? Okay! I just LOVE Dad! But just then I saw a chipmunk out the window so Mom and Dad were cradling me like a doll and trying to pry open my mouth while not disrupting my purr-drooling over the chipmunk.

After quite the struggle, I finally let Mom peak in my mouth. She gasped and gestured to Dad that there was something wedged up in the roof of my mouth. It was a sticky thing that was broken off and fitted in my mouth like something Mom called a dentist's bridge device or retainer (Huh?). I didn't quite understand what the humans were up to, it mostly seemed like Dad was sticking his fingers in the sides of my mouth to chew on. So I just purred and gnawed as that weirdness finally stopped!

They let me close my mouth, and there were Mom and Dad examining a wet slimey stickie thing from the garden that they claimed had been in my mouth... Nooooo! I'm not THAT weird! Oh, wait... Where'd that chipmunk go?! Ooooo! Greenies for me? Thanks Mom!


I'm a TANK!

May 2nd 2011 8:35 am
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Mom's been calling me a TANK! The only Tank I know's the big glass thing the fish live in... Is she suggesting that the fish move into my stomach?! I think so! I'll go lick my way through their glass. I'm sure one of these times, I'll make it! Lick lick lick... Purrs, tastes like fishy!... Lick lick lick...


Sub-Woofer is SCARY!

May 13th 2011 6:15 pm
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Dad hooked up something called a Sub-Woofer. I was scared at first that it would bark at me, but it didn't. Mostly it seems to makes boomy loud noises that shake the carpet I live on and scare Moose and me. Captain and Sparkman just look over at the TV, see it's on and ignore the noises. But me and Moose get startled and creep around looking for the scary noisy monsters. When I find Sparkman sleeping through it, I figure it out sometimes. Sparkman's such a smart kitty. And that Captain is even smarter. I sure hope I'm as smart as those guys when I grow up. Sparkman's right; it's hard being the baby!

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