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Earl Grey's Diary

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First Day Home

May 10th 2010 10:45 am
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I was picked up in the early afternoon by my new pet mommy, Cree. She adopted me and my step-brother Warren, but Warren had to stay with our foster mom Susan for a few more days to get over a cold. I was a little nervous to explore my new home at first, but soon I got over my nerves and walked around like I owned the place.

I slept a lot my first day home, so I was up late at night meowing to get Cree to play with me. I played with the laser pointer. It makes me run around like mad! Then I snuggled with Cree, and we both fell asleep.


Day 2

May 10th 2010 11:25 am
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I was sad when Cree had to leave for work, but she left me with enough food and water to last me through the day. I hope she will get me some toys and a scratching post soon. The walls are just not cutting it.


Happy Times

May 17th 2010 4:15 pm
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Cree brought my step-brother, Warren, home on Saturday. I was so happy to have my buddy back. He's almost over his cold, so hopefully I won't catch it. We've been chasing each other around and cuddling each other to sleep. Just like the old times.

I've been missing my litterbox some. Not sure why. Maybe it's the change. My stool has been a little lose too. Hopefully it's a passing thing.


New Day

May 20th 2010 1:21 pm
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I'm doing great now. No more missing the litter box, 'cause Cree has been keeping it extra clean, the way I like it. Warren and I have a new kitty mansion, and I'm a bit intimidated by how high it is.


New Sofa

May 24th 2010 10:41 am
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Cree got a sofa, and Warren and I have been exploring underneath it. I've conquered the kitty mansion, by the way! I got to the very top all on my own, and I played with all the hanging rattle balls. :D Meow!


Happy Day

May 29th 2010 6:54 am
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My diary is the Catster Daily Diary pick! Oh happy day!


Trip to PETCO

June 2nd 2010 1:16 pm
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Last weekend, Cree took Warren and me to get our next shots from the Cats at the Studios' adoption center, PETCO, Woodland Hills. We behaved really well inside the crate. Warren still had a cold, so he couldn't get a shot, but I did! It was a 3-in-one shot and made me sleepy.

My mom Greycie was being adopted that day. What a coincidence that I was there too! I'm glad she is going to a nice new home with another cat her age.


Home away from Home

June 23rd 2010 7:25 pm
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Cree is on a business trip in Toronto, so Warren and I are staying with Susan. I almost lost my manhood yesterday, but the vet couldn't do it, because one of my parts hadn't descended. Aw, I was starved for nothing!



July 1st 2010 11:15 am
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Warren and I went to FixNation to get fixed on Monday. We were so sleepy afterwards, and we rested when we got home. We had missed Cree so much! It was nice to be a complete family again. We had fun at Susan's with the other cats though. Someone donated a cheese chase toy, which we love. We hope mommy will buy us one!

Yesterday, when Cree left the apartment to do the laundry, Warren ran after her and gave her a scare! I almost went outside too, but she stopped me. Luckily, Warren slowed down enough for her to pick him up and bring him back home. Phew! Wouldn't want to lose my younger brother.


Oh Happy Day!

July 6th 2010 8:10 am
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I'm the cat of the day on Catster! What an honor. Purr!

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