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Life with the Boyz

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May 9th 2010 4:36 am
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Well I was setting up this daily and Toby wanted attention. The new trick was to shut everything off using the power strip under the desk. His sidekick, Tim, did the shutting off while Toby was butting his head against my hand vying for full attention. The thing is when it all went black and I am sitting here perplexed, Tim charges away and Toby follows? As if it is all planned. Hmmm...
This is after last night when Buddy was attacking the container I hid the cat crack.(Whiskas Temptations) I have no idea what they put in those little treats but I just wish they made the same for we two legged. Well maybe not. I have enough trouble with junk food. So happy mothers day all you Mom's out there from the Boyz.


Back to work

May 11th 2010 4:01 am
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Ah it is Tuesday so that means all day play time with catnip and treats comes to an end for this week. Buddy has been single minded about breaking into the treats so I put the can on the floor for a bit. All extra packets are safely in storage. Sharp claws marks cannot be checked like fingerprints but we know the guilty party here. I would like Buddy to return to the bed at night but he seems to prefer owning the rest of the house through the dark hours. Tim and Toby do venture out and spend half the time during the night out and about but if I move or make a sound they are next to me demanding a fast pat. I do say pat as during my repose all they get is a pat, a "good boyz", and I return to my rest. Very cold the past 2 nights and Toby lays on top. Of me of course. Finished the The Wild Road last night on my quest of a cat library. Recommended reading although it is a bit tough in spots as the dark one does do awful things to cats and if you are not of steel hart maybe stick to something a bit lighter. The Golden Cat is here.


Wed with the Boyz

May 12th 2010 4:32 am
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Ah the joys of having a cat, or several for that matter, own you. Coming home to the loud raucous welcome interspersed with demands for dinner after a hard days work. Moving tons of litter up the stair and into storage when the one they like happens to be on sale. Being reminded of your dwindling mental capacity when choosing which flavor wet food they like, or even eat at all. But not withstanding all these wonders the best! The very best of all servitude to several cats is... Drum Roll... Having a 19 pounder, with a little plaintive voice, mewling at 3am, 3:30am, 4am, etc., etc., until you relent at 6:15 to get up. Open the new bag. Fill the bowl. Yes when they crowd around the newly filled bowl, sniff at it, see it is full, and then follow you into the kitchen to watch while you start the coffee you realize the horrible truth. It has nothing to do with hunger. It has nothing to do with want. They control their world with absolute dominance like any good predator. Then again. It could also be you are owed, down to the fibers of your soul, by the Three Stooges! Hey Moe Larry Curly! Hey Tim Toby Buddy! I am simply a foil for their newest game. I Would not have it any other way.


Buddy Bud

May 20th 2010 4:17 am
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That Buddy bud was up nudging at 4am again. Pop forgot to fill the overnight snack dish so we all listened to little mwrowr's and up and down and back and forth. Finally at 6am Budster got his wish. He even got his little morning treat.


Off the grind

May 21st 2010 11:16 am
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Well Father took two mental health days from the grind and spent all morning today putting up those ones who have passed the rainbow bridge. He has no cat ability to he cannot see the into the spirit realm as we can. Poor poor father. We will be extra nice today. We will lay on the keys so he knows we are his pals. Buddy first. Then Toby. Of course I always lay over his arm. I am his favorite. Don't tell. OK its play time and he is closing out for today. Treats too I bet! Can't wait. Purrs



May 27th 2010 4:21 am
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Well I was a good, very good I may add, cat this morning. I did not get all worked up and let Pop sleep until after 6am even though I really like a little lick snack in the morning and both bowls were empty. I waited patiently purring in my spot. Pop rolled over and Toby and Buddy really told him to get up. Ah well it puts the food in the bowl. We all got our 3 treats. And off to another exciting day. I am going to play with that neat toy we got yesterday in that big box of raw food. Wow.


Caturday Horay!

May 29th 2010 12:20 pm
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My my it is a nice day! We all slept in. Treats and Father got his hot drink. Very relaxed and then he watched the moving window. Those little pointy mice that scream a funny squeak as they move. There is talking about it all from the window and they say: "F1"? I think that is what Pop does when he goes away. He is watching the pointy mice so he can catch them. He must then trade them for our treats. He is a good hunter and we are happy. I wonder how many he eats as he is still hungry some days when he comes home?
Important Meow
He reminded us all that we need to give thanks to all who protect us. Many have given much, or all, in this endeavor!
Purrs and pets to all protectors and their families and loved!


Sunday is Funday!

June 13th 2010 6:22 am
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I have a new picture of me helping Pop! I look pretty good!

We are planning a lot of play when Pops gets back from his chores. Bud is a big mope since Pop found his stolen bag of food. I do not know why? Since he found out about Buddy's ability to slice bags open Pop puts a little bit of treat in the empty bags and leaves them for him to play with. Oh no not enough! He takes the NEW bag and spills it all over under our tree. Of course Pop finds it! Buddy Bud! What did you think? Pop was not mad. He thinks we are a funny bunch. Oh Play time! Bye!


Treats and Toms

June 15th 2010 4:58 am
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My my that Buddy Bud... He tried to get me in on the game to get more treats by knocking down the container. I splained dat it was cat-pruf wid a screw lid. I also told him I do not thief. I have moral integritude of mighty stature. He was not happy with that, but, he unnerstan. Well Pops went out all like neat and shiny happy person keen this mornin. Whaddup Pops? He's toll me he's a trying and a lookin to get a differnt work. Whaddat I say? He say dat where he goes dem days he's not home. He say dat why he sit onna couch bein "Crispy". He say he wan time to rescuse's. He says dat iffu do watcha like to do da mony will come. Whadeva. Well ifn he wan it I wan it too... Pops hooman kin come by las night widda "friend". I hid like always as I am smart. Buddy come out an watch. Dat Buddy Bud. Toby gotta petted and they he smell likka furs that not purr. They not as good as purr peeple. Meow for now!


It was fun

June 25th 2010 5:34 am
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That Buddy Bud went and got the Treats open. I dont know how but he did. I got a few but he ate almost the whole bottle. Toby got some too. I asked Buddy how he was going to get the bottle back up to the counter. I asked how he was going to get the top on.
We were thinking and thinking. We tried and tried. Oh Oh I hear Pops. Quick! Down to the door so we can be like always.

Hi Pops. Nothing new here. Purrs...

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