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An Angel's Notes for the Day

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Blame it on Irene!!! And DDP

September 21st 2011 1:37 pm
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Well, momma figured it out. Like a flash of lightning, a light bulb going off over a dim head! She remembered that during that nasty Irene storm, she lifted some sandbags to put around the back door in the driveway so it didn't get flooded. Sigh. Mom knew she strained herself. There was no doubt about that. But she thought she was okay. Apparently not!

But her mattress DID in fact carry on the pain and make it worse. Matter of fact, it's making it harder for her to heal. So she's going to try like heck when she gets paid to just buy lots of pasta, pizzas & raman noodles for awhile and cave in to buy that mattress. She can't take it anymore, this was the last straw.

She is GAAARRRRROOUUUCCHYYYYY! Whhoeey! MOL. Course if Finney and Lacey would stop bothering her when she's trying to sleep, that might help things. Now BOTH of them are always pounding on her bedroom door, or meowling super loud (Lacey big mouth), or whatever it takes. Jeez these two can be a handful!

So that's the scoop with the poop. Errr, back. MOL. Hey! Thanks everyone for celebrating my DDP with me. Please, no gifties okay? We really don't need them. We're hardly able to keep up with everyone else's DDPs so just pop in and say hi here in my diary and that will be more than enough.

Still no word about that kitty Ebony. I promise to keep you all posted and let you know when I hear something. Many kitties coming to the bridge again lately and now we have another case on our website, Bumbly, that is beyond saving. She's got lymphoma and her WBC is up to 70,000. She lost 7 ounces in 4 days. This will hurt mom just as much as when our friend Maggie passed because Bumbly is our very good friend Dr. Barb's kitty.

Dr. Barb is like a godsend to us. She's a human doc but has 8 kitties all with bad health problems. She's well versed in vet medicine as well but has VERY good vet docs for her kitties. She helps mom more than we could ever tell you in so many ways. She helps with our website big time as a consultant and writing certain medical stuff. But she is always there for mom as a friend and always so giving. This pains mom so much to know this about sweet little Bumbly, Barb is a mess.

And no, she is not on Catster either. But she's on my site in the Living with IBD section; for now. Please purr for her if you can. She really needs it. That's what I want for today, for being a DDP. I wish for everyone to purr for my beautiful jet black velvet friend Bumbly.

Thanks everyone!
Luv you!
Angel Alex


Another original poem by my mom. This is for you Eva.

September 28th 2011 11:45 am
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Mom wrote this originally when her brother-in-law of almost 40 years passed away. But this poem belongs to everyone who still feels the endless pit of grief and despair at the passing of our little furry bodies. Mom doesn't pretend to have the answers or even feel peace about it. But she tries hard to remember we are souls with bodies and not the other way around.

So I'm posting this for Alfie's mom Eva. Because Alfie's anniversary is coming up and she's hurting and she's a WONDERFUL and loving friend to all of us here. Especially my family.

I Am Alive

I am alive
In More ways than one
I am bright and glorious
Just like the sun

I am so alive
In every way
I’m in the bird’s song
At the start of the day

I’m alive in your heart
Can you feel me there?
I live in the flowers,
The water, the air

I’m alive in your mind
In memories abound
Don’t think of me lost
Remember I’m found

I’m forever alive
My precious soul
Knows not of death
Only the eternal bond that we hold

There is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning, and under every deep a lower deep opens.

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Ingen's guardian angel putting out a call to all angels

September 30th 2011 9:00 am
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I am Ingen's official guardian angel and today I am busy, busy, busy looking for this little one who decided to take a stroll out of the motel room in Madison, Wisconsin last night! Her mom is traveling with her, Novi & Lil Bear and they are moving to Washington State. This is a call to every and all angels! We need to guide Ingen back to her momma right away! We love them deeply and cannot fathom anything but Ingen being back in her momma's arms! Please purr hard, rev them up, come with me to every cloud and start scouring the earth for her!

If anyone is on Facebook, please feel free to post this info: Ingen's missing.


Everyone join in!



October 2nd 2011 8:25 am
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INGEN IS FOUND!!!!!!!! SHE'S FOUND!!!!! Jenny just called me. Even though they tore that room apart, she was found wedged in between the mattress and boxspring!!! Jenny will need our help getting her to Washington so the funds will go to that. But she's found! I will call her back and get details and let you know. spread the word! |$|

Thank god she was not outside where she could get hurt. Just thank you St. Francis and thank you Catsters for that darned POTP!!!


Update on Ingen

October 3rd 2011 6:12 pm
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Hello all, this will be short. Please go to my good friend Spooky's diary to read about how Spooky's momma went to see Ingen at the shelter today! She has pictures and everything! Thank you so much Spooky & Raven. She looks wonderful, we love her so much. This was the sweetest thing you could have done for her. You are a pawsome friend.

And thanks again to Bella's mommy who will pick her up tomorrow to stay at her house until she can go home to her momma! You're all so special.

Luv Alex


Thank you Catster!

October 5th 2011 1:17 pm
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Hi everyone, Jen is working on some options for transportation for Ingen. Since we've raised $600 already she's able to see which ones are the best.

In the meantime, Catster's blogger Jane Kelley has written about us!!! Catsters come together

So happy to be a part of this community. We love you all and this has been a complete TEAM effort!

Thank you Jane and Catster and thank you my friends
Kitty nuzzles


Heaven's newest angel

October 8th 2011 5:27 am
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Today will be a tough one for many of us on Catster and here at the bridge. This afternoon we'll be welcoming our beautiful friend Sally Mariahere after a very lengthy set of illnesses. Sally Maria has IBD, HCM, Mitral valve regurgitation, lymphoma and kidney disease. She's lived much longer than the docs or her pawents ever thought she would. Her pawents have not been sure for awhile now when it would be her time. But her quality of life has gone down significantly as of late and her mom and dad feel it's time to let her go with dignity and let her have the rest she so badly deserves.

Please know momma Kristi that me and my family love you and Sally SO VERY MUCH. You have been the most wonderful and supportive friend to use since we met you only a little over a year ago. You asked that I join the other angels to be there for Sally Maria and I would not be any other place right now. You also said you'd need my momma's support and the support of all of your loving friends here on Catster, you have it. You will ALWAYS have it, 100%! We just adore you and your very kind heart. This will be so hard for your family. But you are a wonderful mom that has taken amazing care of your girl. She couldn't have had better.

So please purr today for Sally Maria as she joins us here at the bridge. Please purr for her family and offer as much support as you can. It will be needed. If you'd like to read Sally's full medical history and story of her illness you can do so at my website: The angels will be singing loudly, enough to be heard throughout the heavens.

We love you Sally Maria and momma Kristi
Luv and whisker kisses
Angel Alex, Finney, Lacey and mommy Lisa


Hello and goodbye

October 12th 2011 4:54 pm
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Don't worry, it's not us! MOL. Ingen is home as most of you know! Thank catness that turned out so well because there is always so much sadness and so many passings. Which unfortunately brings me to this. Norman's sisfur Fay, passed away. She was in respiratory distress and her loving meowmy couldn't stand to let her suffer anymore. Please go and give them support as I know only a true Catster can. She's heartbroken.

My mommy went to physical therapy today and is hurtin' pretty bad tonight. She'll live but she's feeling tired and her stupid doctor called in some dumb pills that were SUPPOSED to be her pain meds and they weren't. So tonight she had to call the on call doc to get the regular ones. Then tomorrow she gets to call her doctor and do this all over again. She says she feels like she's living at the drug store!

Full moon tonight and it's been messing with the computer all day too. Although right now Finney is back in his warm bed that he hasn't been in all summer. And he's doing that super duper cute kneading stuff. He's so funny, he gets into it big time! His back legs stick up while he's doing it and he's all purring loud and stuff, MOL. Mom's getting a kick out of watching him, makes her smile! She thanks me every day for sending Finney and Lacey to her to help with all these day to day things that can be trying.

It's cold and raw at mom's corner of the earth today so she's gonna take a hot shower and cuddle with her babes in the warm bed and watch tv. Cannot say enough how happy we are that Ingen is home! We love you guys! Poor little Novi wants to play with her and she's so confused right now. Don't worry sweetie, she's had a rough couple of weeks. She'll be okay, I promise.

I need some rest too now. Even angels get pooped with all this work! MOL. Night night little furballs!


Emergency purrs for a peaceful crossing

October 15th 2011 6:53 am
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Mom and I were shocked this morning to receive an email from our good friend Purrcy's momma. We've become friends over this last year because of Purrcy's health conditions. We've shared the emotional roller coaster ride of it all. The relief when things were looking up, the tears when things were looking grim. Now we are about to share something I wish we never would.

Purrcy has developed lymphoma and will be crossing over to join me here at the bridge today. He's been through ENORMOUS amounts of problems with his health. He had been doing well for awhile though. As a matter of fact he went camping with his family this summer. They were supposed to stop to see my mom on their way up north to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Things were busy and for whatever reason it didn't happen. Mom wishes now it had so she could have given Purrcy a hug and some kisses. Now it's up to me to do that.

There's always some painful times here on Catster and this summer certainly has seen it's share. I have to say that if it hadn't worked out so well with Ingen I think we'd all have gone nuts with grief. Thank goodness for that because without that balance of at least having some hope and happiness, it would just be too much.

Momma doesn't know the exact details yet as Purrcy's momma is just too distraught to talk about it. But we do know that she and Purrcy have gone above and beyond to fight his illnesses so this must be pretty bad for her to say it's time. She has always said that if he was suffering too much, she would let put her own feelings aside and let him go. That's what we do as parents, we put our feelings of heartbreak aside.

I love that boy. When we first joined here he was one of my first friends. He wrote such funny diaries, we laughed so hard all the time, it was a joy to read them. That hasn't happened in a long time now.

Please purr for my handsome, polydactyl, Maine Coon friend. Purr he has a peaceful journey here and purr his mom is surrounded by warmth, comfort and peace. If you'd like to read Purrcy's story on my website, here's his page: Purrcy.

I'll be waiting for you Purrcy, the angels are getting ready for you. Luv you


Purrs needed for our friend Hunter

October 16th 2011 5:44 pm
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We need some big time purrs for Hunter. He ate some Lucky Bamboo and his mom is on the way to the ER with him. Lucky Bamboo is NOT a true bamboo but a member of the lily family called (Dracaena) which is extremely toxic. It can cause salivation, kidney failure, dilated pupils, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

Our moms live about 25-30 minutes away from each other. They were supposed to go to lunch and meet soon but mom hurt her back and all of that. My mom left Hunter's mom our phone # but she might have left before seeing it. Please purr he's okay and if anyone is ever unsure about plants just don't have them in your house!!! Please!! It's not worth it!

Update: since I can't even comment in my own diary and no one else can either, I'll let you all know that Hunter is home and the ER wasn't much help to his mom. They basically said because he's not showing any symptoms to watch him closely and if he starts to throw up or have diarrhea bring him in ASAP. They did try to make him vomit and he wouldn't. I was going to delete this diary but I think the subject matter is too important so I'm leaving it up in hopes it helps someone avoid anything like this.

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