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An Angel's Notes for the Day

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Maggie update

August 14th 2011 4:09 pm
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Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that little Maggie who has been in the hospital now for 2 weeks didn’t make it. She passed away this morning on her own at around 9 am, I just found out. Maggie was the very first kitty to be added to my website in the Living with IBD section. She was only 3 and half, still a baby. Her IBD has always been very well under control so all of this has been quite a shock. They now believe it was indeed FIP because there was just nothing they could do to help her. It’s odd that when they drained her stomach the fluid wasn’t consistent with FIP but I guess that can happen. But the truth is they’ll never know. This has been a horrible roller coaster ride of ups and downs for Maggie’s mom Kelli and those of us that love her and Maggie so much. I have no words right now for how sad I am. I know some of you have been praying hard for Maggie so I wanted to let you know it’s over. She’s not suffering any longer.

Rest in peace little angel. My Alex will take excellent care of you now. Funny, I took a nap this afternoon and had such a vivid dream that Alex was still with me and she was fine! Not sick at all. How strange.

Kelli is one of my dearest friends and I'm hurting badly for her. Thank you all so much for purring so hard for little Maggie. I appreciate it and so does Kelli.


Inspiration of the day

August 19th 2011 2:06 pm
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We're gonna try something new and do a few inspirational things every day. You never know what that might be. Could be a really wonderful and pawsitive story, could be a quote, a song, whatever. Our cup runneth over with love now from our friends here so we're going to share it.

SO! Without further adieu the quote for today:

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. -- Anais Nin

One Love ated


Reasons to stay

August 21st 2011 2:50 pm
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We have a ton of reasons to stay. TONS! We have not made any final decisions yet, still letting things simmer down. But the outpouring we have received since Finney wrote his diary was just amazing. And the clincher? Our friend Casey, who passed away yesterday. We realized on Wednesday when Casey's mommy pawmailed us telling us that Casey was nearing her end, that if we'd have left and deleted our pages, she wouldn't have found us as she didn't yet have our email address (she does now).

She would not have known what happened to us or anything and it saddened us to think we wouldn't have been there for her in these final days. Her mom is a special lady who has been a good friend and has done everything she can to help her baby through this. She had an extra 10 months with Case since we met her here and thinking we may not have been there for her or for our other friends if they needed us really hit home.

So far we have MANY reasons to stay and are leaning that way (very hard leaning). We just want to be very sure. We still wish Catster would fix these gosh darned fleas!!!! Pffftt. Hisssss. But anyways, please go to my friend Casey's diary and offer some support in the wonderful Catster way I know you all do. en_neither_am_i/733848.

Luv you guys!!


Daily inspirations and timely quotes

August 25th 2011 6:28 pm
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It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know of wonder and humility.

-- Rachel Carson

When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty.

-- John Muir

It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery, but what a savage and beautiful country lies in between.

-- Diane Ackerman

We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.

-- Albert Einstein

Bleed my soul, take my breath, hit me from every direction. Just leave me intact enough to begin again after this storm breaks.

-- Alex's mommy, Lisa


Elderly woman & her 17 cats in path of hurricane (a friend- of ours), need suggestions

August 25th 2011 8:05 pm
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Hi everyone, don't want to panic you. I just need to know if anyone lives anywhere near Tom Rivers NJ. This is right in the path of Irene and a friend of mine is in her late 70's almost 80 and she lives alone with her 17 cats. She is not a hoarder she takes excellent care of them. She's alone and I was wondering if anyone lives close to there so they could check on her at all before or after the storm to make sure they are all okay. She's got plenty of food, batteries, emergency stuff. Even rented a large van to put all the carriers in case she needs to get out. BUT she has nowhere to go if she needs to and won't leave her kitties. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or know anyone near there. Thank you!


Thanks for my DDPsssssssss

August 29th 2011 12:04 pm
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Hey everyone! Finally getting a chance to thank everybody for my DDP day! Thank you to Felix Honey Angel, Biggles & family, Norman & Tink. And thank you all for the lovely pawmails and well wishes my diary. I hope I didn't forget anyone, please forgive me if I did.

Also, I wanted to let you all know that my momma's friend Barb who has the 17 cats and we were very worried about her and if she evacuated, she's FINE!!! All the kitties are great and she's also very good. Thank you all for your purrs. She ended up staying at her house, not happy about that, but still...she's okay. No flooding or anything! She's a special lady and has been super sweet to mom. Thanks again for purring for her, it worked!

My mommy and family are very, very lucky. There is SO much damage all over the eastern U.S. from that terrible Irene but they didn't have any. Thanks for all your purrs for them to stay safe as well. Those worked too! Not surprised though. POTP, powerful stuff.

We're hoping out friend Biggles is still improving today and oh we're furry worried about Monida! Please continue purring for them and also for Norman and Sally Maria. Sally M, is hanging in there, she's about as tough as they come that girl. We love you guys!!!! Continued purrs for all of you!


My friend lost ANOTHER kitty today, please purr for her

September 1st 2011 2:11 pm
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Please if you can everyone, please purr for my friend Kelli. The one who just lost her beautiful Maggie to FIP. She JUST lost her other kitty today as well, Aussie. She had CRF but was doing very well until now. She went downhill yesterday and was in the hospital today when they called to tell Kelli she passed away. Ugh, I have no words for how sad I am and how distraught she is. 2 babies in less than 3 weeks! No one should have to go through this pain. Thank you everyone. :((

It's so hard to know what to say to comfort her. I wish I could come up with better words than, "I'm so sorry and I can't believe this happened, and I'm here for you." I know those are good words, they just don't seem enough to me. I'm more than sad for her, this just isn't fair.

thanks friends
Love Alex and mommy Lisa


My friend Max has a message

September 7th 2011 2:58 pm
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I made a new friend yesterday and he needs some purrs. His name is Max and he's in the hospital and not feeling very well. How I met him was through one of threads about feeding kitties spinach. What's kinda funny is that I'd forgotten that spinach is NOT good for kitties until I looked at my own website! Hey, Mom can't remember what she did yesterday, never mind everything we have written on there.

But indeed spinach, although not toxic, is VERY troublesome. Max's mom has given me permission to use her posts and her pawmails because she wants everyone to know what is happening with Max. This was her posts in the thread:

"Don't give spinach--it contains oxalates which can put the cat into renal failure--which i am now battling with my dear cat's life in jeopardy. if i had only known--i always thought it was so funny how much he loved it, i bought it just for him. it wasn't on any of the poison lists and now i find that i may have cut short his life. i pray he lives through this--never another bit of human food for any of them."

This is heartbreaking and she's doing all she can for him. Her pawmails to me read:

"it's just becoming more known that spinach is a problem. it causes oxalate deposition and right now it looks like that is the most likely cause of his problem. he got IV and subcutaneous fluids yesterday evening and it was a rough night--he wouldn't eat, didn't pee, just drooled. I forced a little oral water and at least he didn't vomit. This morning we had to use a needle to get urine from the bladder to test and after that. So, more fluid and tests today and tomorrow I may have to take him to the state vet college for dialysis if he's unimproved."

My answer to that original poster after I looked it up was: "Spinach can cause crystal formation in the urinary tract and should be avoided completely in cats with urinary problems. But on the whole I'd say don't feed kitties any raw veggies! Or any veggies at all frankly. Cats are obligate carnivores and there's no reason for them to eat so many vegetables. They do have it in their foods already so I wouldn't do it. Even cooked veggies can cause gas, diarrhea, digestion problems. Their bodies aren't designed like a humans that need it."

So #1, if you could please go to Max's page and offer some support to his mom. She doesn't have time to do a diary so maybe you could send her a pawmail, or just support her here on this diary because she will be checking in on it once I let her know it's up.

And #2, please realize that so many foods that are good for humans are NOT good for kitties. Dogs are slightly different as they are omnivores. Carnivores do not need greens even though for some strange reason they love them. But that doesn't mean they should have them. Carrots & peas are the leading veggies in a lot of their canned foods because they are safe, highly digestible and they offer enough fiber for what they need.

I don't care how much a kitty begs for something, always know that saying "NO" can save your kitty's life. In the short term and the long run.


RIP little Max

September 11th 2011 2:22 pm
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Ugh, I was so hoping this didn't happen. Max didn't make it, he's gone. This just came from his momma:

Max died this morning at 10.22.

"it was unexpected by anyone as he had been doing so well--he had been doing well and had a comfortable night. he arrested this morning but they had gotten him back. as soon as they told me, i raced down there to be with him. i got to hold him and kiss him as he died. i will miss him terribly."

It hurts each and every time we lose a friend, new ones or old ones. Sweet little Max, I'll be there to show you around the bridge and help you heal. You'll make a wonderful angel.

Please send his family lots of purrs and love. You can see some pictures of him here: Pics of Max. It's a public link even though it's on Facebook.


Kitty needs a home asap!

September 15th 2011 1:22 pm
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Hi everyone, just throwing this out there to anyone in the New England area. This kitty is in the Weymouth MA area and desperately needs help. This is the message I received this morning from one of my members of my site:

Two years ago, we gave our friends grandparents an 11 year old cat that someone posted on our cat rescue board. We thought that it was perfect, they were old, and the cat was old. Anyway, fast forward to now and the grandmother doesn't want him anymore - AND - she wants him gone in a week. The grandfather was recently diagnosed with cancer and he doesn't have much time left. Would you happen to know ANYONE that would consider adopting a 13 year old declawed long haired cat? He was recently vet checked and the vet said that he was healthy (just overweight). No no-kill shelters will take him because of his age and if we bring him to the MSPCA then he'd probably be euthanized in a fairly short time. If you can think of anyone that would give him a chance, please ask them. Ebony has lived with clawed cats in the past and I believe that he also used to live with a dog. For the last two years, he's been an only cat.

If any of you know someone who would take this kitty, please let me know asap and I’ll get you the contact information. Here is a picture of him: Ebony

Thanks guys!

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