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An Angel's Notes for the Day

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Thank mew all so much!

April 15th 2011 3:32 pm
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My goodness! My momma said today that she really doesn't think that we've ever had such nice friends in all of our lives. Catsters rally like nobody else we know. I want to thank everyone so much for giving me a wonderful DDP day (that was a surprise actually). Also for so much love, purrs and POTP sent our way and to our cousin Midnight. She's had a good day today so far, knock on wood. She ate a full small can of FF this morning, then 3 small jars of baby food! So far so good, no pukes! Every day is different though and it's so hard to get her to eat grain free cat food. She ate it like a champ for 2 years since she first came here but now that she's not doing so well, she doesn't want it at all anymore. And we can't afford for her not to eat so we give her the yucky stuff. Then of course, she pukes, so we can't win. We're putting her on a low dose of pred starting tomorrow for a little while and hopefully that will help! Her blood work is all normal and okay. The only thing is that she has very inflamed large intestine, vomiting and diarrhea. So she'll be on antibiotics and pred for a bit and because she's older and getting harder to give her medicine to, she'll need continued purrs and POTP. She really went downhill after Mouffey died in December. She HATED him, he was always after her and he drove her nuts. When he first died, she was happy as a clam. Then about a month later, she realized he wasn't coming back and went downhill. They were together their whole lives with my sister. You've all seen this happen with your babies and it's simply heart wrenching. Mom says she hopes it a very, very long time before she has to deal with anything like that with Finney and Lacey. They are so in love and inseparable it would be devastating to either one if something happened.

Now I would like to get to all the thank yous and say how grateful we are for each and every one of you. SOOOO many of you commented and sent purrs, POTP, hugs, love, etc. in my diary from last night. Mom says she's going to start printing out certain diary entries to save in a file so we'll always have them, because they're so special (and some are just too funny to ever lose).

Thank you also for the pawmails from Charley Bleau Eyes, Monida, Tink, Big Harry (who made my DDP picture, he's so amazing to everyone), Milo, Buddie always loved. Thank you for the POTPs from: Athena & family, Colette & family, Chiefy & family and that anonymous kitty! He/she gets around!

Thank you to Nadia & Gumpy for the heart, Charley Bleau Eyes & family for the tulips, Tully & family for the bunny, Greystone & family for the tulips & Tink for the beautiful dove.

You all are more than wonderful and we cherish each and everyday since we have known you all. Thank you for bringing love and joy to my mommy's heart, your pawful healing powers are AMAZING!

Luv, hugs, purrs, headbonks and sandpaper kisses
Alex, Finney, Lacey and mommy Lisa


This is one of those days

April 19th 2011 11:09 am
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This is one of those awful days where momma wishes she didn't turn the computer on. So many kitties went to the bridge this morning! Gosh we hate those full moons. They do strange things, comings and goings. Arrivals and departures. We had stopped doing this for a little bit, but because some of these parents are so distraught and so badly in need of comfort, we feel we need to send some new friends over to them. Well one of them isn't on Catster so we can't do that, so it just goes to show it's not just happening here, sigh!

Poor Hops is DOTD and we just read his diary entry. It's so incredibly sad mom could hardly bare to read it. Please visit his page and PLEASE send friend requests and comfort. She's tormented by this horrible accident. Why does that always happen here? I've seen this alot when a kitty gets an honor and their diary is of them going to the bridge. Anyways, his mom is very scared and I'm not comfortable with her level of grieving, it's concerning to me so please go and offer support like I know only Catsters can! I just left a long comment in his diary but it's not showing up. I thought it was Catster fleas at first but it looks like all comments need approval first so be patient!

Also, Bobcat has crossed the bridge after suffering heart failure last night. He had been fighting CRF for a long time but last night his mom noticed something bad happening to him and rushed him to the ER. He went into heart failure and he had to be helped to the bridge. Please visit his page and offer support to them also.

Also, our wonderful new friend Simba recently went to the bridge and he doesn't have a lot of friends. His mom is having trouble with people outside of Catster telling her to MOVE ON and GET BACK TO NORMAL! Again I growl. She's very happy we've been writing to tell her that Catster is the one place that will NEVER EVER tell her anything like that. So I know she'd really appreciate others going to friend her and doing the same. It will give her a lot of comfort, she's such a nice lady.

And I don't even want to talk about Vern. He had an appointment with a neurologist yesterday. I don't like the sounds of this. Please purr for him, we'll have to pull together for him again and big time! My little sweetheart, I've fallen so in love with him.

On a couple of GOOD notes...Monster's mom saw us talking about looking for an extra carrier for Lacey and she's sending us one!!!!! Can you believe it!? Catsters are the BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST!!! She's got an extra one in her basement so she's shipping it to my mommy! Mom is just constantly surprised at how wonderful and lovely all the kitties and parents are here. Mom had a very rough life and has never met such a nice bunch of humans that do so many terrific things for each other. Honestly, it's all given her hope again and like so many others here, she doesn't feel alone anymore. Thank you Monster and Monster's mommy!!!

And our cousin Midnight is doing better. She's now on prednisone and Flagyl (antibiotic) and doing a whole lot better just in a couple of days! Thank you all so much for those purrs, there is NOTHING that works better than a ton of kitties purring at the same time. It's magic! My mommy loves her so much and she loves mommy too. Pilling her is an adventure though that's for sure. She's got SUPER long nails that have never been cut. Let's just say that Midnight's mom, (mom's sister), is NOT a good mommy. This is why my momma cares for her kitties. But all of these Catster purrs are being heard and once again we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Okay, gotta go. It's a busy day unfortunately but I think Finney is going to lighten things up this afternoon sometime with a good, funny diary! So look for that. Thanks everyone. We love you.

Angel Alex


BIG purrs and help needed for Vern right away please!

April 21st 2011 10:34 am
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Hello everyone, Little Vern is not doing so well. That poor little boy has taken a turn for the worse. Vern can hardly walk at all now. His mom took him back to the chiropractor for one more adjustment yesterday afternoon to see if that would help. The chiropractor determined that three vertebrae had gone out of place in Vern's spine since his last adjustment, but he said that if the problem is neurological and not due to an injury, there's only so much he can do. He only gets up from his bed to eat and drink water, and then he falls down a lot so Nancy has been bringing food and water to him. Also, he's not purring nearly as much as he was and he's getting depressed. Today is Day #3 of the Prednisone so there's still a possibility that could kick in and start helping him. His mom is going to call the neurologist back and let him know how Vern is doing and if he's responding at all to the Prednisone. She's also going to ask him if any of the conditions that the expensive tests are supposed to diagnose are treatable or curable.

We have a new auction going for Vern now. Please participate in any way you can, send this link to everyone and anyone you know! We didn't come this far with this little guy to see him give up now! This is breaking his and my mommy's hearts. And I know many of you here have fallen just as much in love with him as we have. It's odd, last week he was camping with his family, doing really well, seemed happy and everyone at the campground fell in love with him (big surprise there). Now he's obviously in pain and needs more help. We gotta see what we can do and rally everyone we can. Here's his new auction link:

Vern's Facebook auction page. If you're not on Facebook but would still like to help, please pawmail me and I'll give you her paypal address to make a donation. Or you can even donate something for the auction. Contact Nancy with the pictures and info and she'll put it up for bids! Someone else even thought of donating straight to the vet's practice in Vern's name. that may very well be an option when it gets closer to his appointment in June. There's lots of ways to do this. We can get this done. There's a will and there's a way!

Please purr hard for this little guy. He's beaten the odds so far and we love him so much. He's an inspiration to everyone!

Thank you my dear friends
Luv Alex and family


Godspeed Boxie Brown!

April 27th 2011 11:52 am
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Mom is trying not to cry right now because she knows that later on, when our good friend Boxie Brown has made his journey to the bridge, she'll need a whole box of tissues. Boxie is so important here on Catster, he took over the get well purr list for Hazel Lucy.

He has worked tirelessly to make sure it's always up to date and cares for all the kitties here deeply. He's been suffering a lot for awhile now with a heart condition, kidneys, you name it. Now he's in a great deal of pain and can't take anymore of this body so it's time for him to join myself, Hazel Lucy, Apollo, and so many, many more that love him.

Please wish Boxie a peaceful journey and purr for him as loud as you can. He deserves it!

Also purr hard for our friend Norman who was just diagnosed with IBD and quite a few other things that are wrecking havoc on him as well. Mom is talking with his meowmy and we're doing all we can to help him and not give up! Purr hard for him okay? Thank you all so much!

Must go and prepare for the coming of Boxie. There will be a celebration here and lots of paws to welcome him.


Please check in and let us know you're okay!

April 28th 2011 9:44 am
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After yesterday's horrible tornado devastation please go to this thread that Lacey started and check in to let everyone know you're okay! We're all very worried.
Tornado check in

We're purring hard for everyone's safety and for all the lives lost and torn apart!


Extra loud purrs needed for Vern this weekend!

April 29th 2011 8:57 pm
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Hi everyone. Been talking with Vern's mom and we just have no idea what's going on with him. It's so bizarre, one day he's not walking, hardly eating, not pooping and the next day it's like someone flips a switch on and he surprises his mom by climbing off the bed, going downstairs by himself and sneaking up behind her purring! Then also scarfing his food down! We're both baffled.

She's already made the appointment with the neurologist and since it's a 4 hour drive, she and a good friend of hers will be going on Sunday and staying at a pet friendly motel that's literally 4 minutes from the specialist. Vern is an EXCELLENT traveler so there's no worries about that, he loves the car! Strange little dood, I used to puke my brains out in the car every single time.

Anyways, Monday will be a very long day for them as he has to be put under anesthesia for two hours, then monitored for another couple of hours afterwards to make sure he's fit to go home. Then it's a 4 hour drive back! Yikes! Nancy sure is a wonderful mom to do all of this for him.

I told her I would ask everyone to do some collectively massive, loud purring all this weekend and ESPECIALLY on Monday! The auction has raised almost $1,000 so far and counting for another 11 days so please keep it up! If there's any chance at all that surgery will help him, we need to help him get it. He's such a fighter and he does not want to give up. A spirit like that deserves a chance at life.

Thank you all so much for all you've been doing for him right from the get go. Vern and Nancy are awfully special to me and I know also to so many of you. You're all wonderful kitties and parents and whatever happens, just know that you did your very best in so many ways for a wonderful little boy named Vern. Regardless of the outcome, Vern is my hero!

So let's start purring and rumbling the skies (no storms though, just purrs)!

Luv and hugs
Alex and mommy Lisa



May 1st 2011 9:16 pm
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Please, please, please join me in purring hard and loud for Vern. Put your paws high up in the air and send him lots of POTP! Come on Angels, time to sprinkle him like crazy with angel dust! We need to sprinkle him, his momma AND the doctor who will be doing the tests.

God keep this precious little darling safe and sound and bring us news of his healing and bright future with his momma.

Thanks everyone! I know we can do it!



May 5th 2011 9:13 am
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We just wanted to say thank mew to everyone for all of my pawmails, well wishes and prezzies for my DDP earlier this week. Sorry we've been incognito, mom took little Vern's passing pretty hard and needs some time for herself to recharge. Every once in awhile she gets extremely emotionally involved in one of the sick kitties she's helping. Even though we knew there was a strong possibility he wouldn't make it, it was still a shock and mom was sad for him and his family.

Anyways, we're just explaining why we haven't been around. she's been taking care of herself this week, doing errands (groceries today, blech), taking long walks, etc. Plus Finney and Lacey have REALLY been acting out lately so she suspects they feel her stress.

Hope everyone is doing well and thank you again for all our gifts and for your friendship. Sorry we can't thank everyone individually, there's no food in the house, gots to fix that! She needs nom noms to keep up her strength. Allergies are REALLY bad here and she hasn't been feeling well so I do not want her to get sick. When she does, it's hard to get better.

We may not be around that much lately but we're still here if anyone needs help. Just shoot us a pawmail, we're still getting them and we'll be very glad to help our friends out. If you happen to see a kitty in the forum that you think we could help with, feel free to pawmail us because we might not be checking it as much as before. There's so much more work to be done on our website and stuff, mom says it's time to get crackin'!

Thank you everyone, we love you all lots!
Angel Alex and furmily



May 25th 2011 7:40 am
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Mommy turned on her computer just now and got the worst news ever. Our dear, dear, sweet, wonderful furriend Indiana is furry, furry sick. He's at a specialist right now and he's having some tests run but his liver is very, very enlarged, his WBC is THROUGH THE ROOF, and he's not doing well. His mommy Kristin is so scared, they're saying it could be cancer or WORSE, that dreaded FIP again. Gosh there are too many FIP deaths lately! We don't know what's going on!

Oh my mommy is so upset. She's good friends with them and Indy's mommy is the nicest and sweetest person and she loves Indy and Kitty Pryde so much. She's blaming herself and we know that it's not anything she did! Please, please, please purr as loud as you can and go and offer support. This is making my mommy's eyes leak too and we just can't believe this is happening. It just CAN'T BE!

I had planned on writing a funny diary today for once. I guess I won't be doing that now. All my energy is concentrated on poor Indy. Please angels, if you read this, please sprinkle some healing dust on him! He's just a little guy.

Luv, concerned and upset Alex and furmily


Messin' with the furmily

May 28th 2011 8:22 pm
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So I was going to write this the other day but then all that happened with my good friend Indiana coming to the bridge very suddenly and I had to abandon my hijinks for awhile. Usually I'm all about being serious and either helping kitties coming to the bridge or sprinkling healing angel dust on them to keep them from coming to the bridge and stuff like that.

But lately I've been having some REAL fun! Mom has pictures of me here in her office and in the living room. I started seeing if I could get Finney and Lacey's attention through my pictures and low and behold it worked! I have them staring at me so hard nothing can break their concentration. HEH HEH HEH. Mom just looks at them and then at my picture and says "what's Alex telling you? Is she telling you that you better be good? Good luck with that Alex!!!!" MOL.

Well, that's part of what I'm telling them. I'm moving my ghosty self around the picture and making them follow me with their eyes, staring at me, gaze fixed, not knowing what to make of it. MOL. This is fun! I only started out doing it to play around and now it's just EASY! These two are fascinated! I think they're finally old enough to LISTEN to me when I call them. Before they were too involved in each other and themselves to care or even stop for a minute. Now it's PAWTY time!

Oh don't worry, I'm not saying anything bad to them. I wouldn't do that, I'm the one who sent them to mom. But it is pretty comical. They won't even blink the whole time. Mom sits there and waves her hand in front of their face and nothing, completely hypnotized. And they only do this at 2 of my pictures that are in the living room.

Finnegan was being quite the brat there for awhile, chewing cords again and trying to rip mom's curtains down. It's like he started his shenanigans all over again out of the blue. I had to do something! Mom kept asking me to. Now if I could only get them to do tricks for me, I'd have everyone up here at the bridge roaring! MOL!

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