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An Angel's Notes for the Day

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Purrs needed for new kitten on Catster!

February 17th 2011 2:25 pm
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Hi everyone, please purr for this sweet little girl Miranda. Visit her page if you can and give her and her wonderful new parents lots of hugs and support. This little one was rescued by these furtastic people after she was shot with buckshot and left on the side of the road! GRRRRR that makes me so mad. They are taking her to a specialist and seeing what can be done for her front legs. She may need them amputated but they don't know yet. Either way, she's got a great new home now and lots of love. We've already made friends with her, we know you'll all do the same. She's such a sweet little thing!

Makes me so mad. A few days ago a doggy here in NH was shot with a pellet gun while sleeping in his dog house! It cleaned off the bone and darned near tore his leg off. He had to have it amputated after he almost died. Turns out it was the neighbor! Can't tell you how mad my mommy was. She was looking at the TV saying all kinds words I can't repeat here. But we were right there with her. When will this stop?

Anyways, thanks for going to support our new little friend Miranda. She and her pawents will greatly appreciate it.

Luv Alex


Auction for Vern! Please help if you can

February 21st 2011 2:31 pm
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Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know about an auction that’s being held in order to get enough funds to help this little guy, Vern, get some testing done to see what’s going on with him. Vern is just the cutest thing, he’s got some kind of neuropathy going on with his back legs. He needs to see the vet and get some tests done to see what exactly is going on and what else can be done for him, so he doesn’t backslide and hopefully improves. Like everyone else these days the family has their own health issues and cannot afford it at the moment. He has a real shot at a long and happy life so they’re holding an auction on Facebook to raise money for his tests. The auction will run until 5:00pm next Sunday 2/27, and we expect that it will raise enough money to cover the cost of Vern's blood test and at least some treatment. You do need to have a Facebook, account in order to view it and participate but those of you who aren’t on Facebook (like me), please contact Vern's momma Nancy on his page if you’d like to help out in any way.!/pages/Verns-Auction-House/1 55453441176630

Thanks everyone! If you can't help out because you're in your own tough situation, please don't feel bad. You can always go to Vern's page and offer support which is JUST as important! It really is, so don't hesitate to do that.

Luv Alex


Handmade bed in auction

February 23rd 2011 11:01 am
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Hi guys! I wanted to let you know that our good friend Maggie's momma Kelli made one of those really great beds for Vern's auction. You know the one that she just gave to Finney & Lacey that they love so much! I'm putting up a picture on my page of Maggie in the same bed she'll be auctioning off. When you go to Facebook, Scroll down to Kelli Dupree!

The bed in Vern's Auction!

And thanks again for being the wonderful furriends you all are! And thank you Leo's momma for helping me with the code for the link!

Luv Alex


Calling all angels at the bridge, we have some major work to- do!

March 11th 2011 6:48 pm
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WOW! What a week! There is so much to do and so many to purr for it's a full case load. So we need lots of help. First off, we obviously need to purr hard for all the people and furbabies in Japan. Just awful what's happened there! We're so sad about this and it's going to be awhile that they'll need these purrs so I hope we all have plenty! We're calling a special meeting for this one.

Then there is a brand new friend of ours, I don't know what happened but he went to the bridge today. Could you please visit this kitty and send some condolences to his family? They JUST joined Catster and friended us yesterday! Purr for Miloand his family if you can.

Also our wonderful and loving friend Kally Kat who has a lump on her booby and will have it surgically removed on St. Patty's day. I am convinced that is a lucky sign for her and her mom just said the labs all came back normal! So purr hard for her, we all love her dearly here on Catster. She's one of the most pawsome friends we know.

Monida's little friend Henry was hit by a car yesterday and didn't make it. His family is crushed! Please visit them and offer them hugs.

Our cousin Midnight is honestly having a very difficult time and yesterday we thought we were going to lose her. And in typical kitty fashion she decided at 6:30 pm to come out of her starvation trance and start eating! This is the roller coaster that mom was on with me and it's tearing her up to see Middy going through this. Clearly she's not ready to leave yet but she sure scared everyone and she made herself very weak in the process. Ugh. I'm trying to help mom! I promise I am! I hate seeing my mommy go through this again. She went through it with Midnight's brofur Moufasa and lost him in December and now her.

And now for some wonderful news! Little Miranda just wrote in her diary that she got her splints off! She's back to walking and using her legs again and no more splints! Bless her family for saving her life. They are her saviors and I'm sure she loves them more than anything in this world.

Okay everyone, please excuse me. I have a lot of work to do. We're holding an emergency meeting here at the bridge and I have to go find Aryeh, Queen Tallulah, Calvin, Scooter and the others so we can start sprinkling some mega angel dust all over the place! We're going to have to get our newcomers ready to go out early because we need all the help we can get with everything going on. Milo and Henry are too new, they need to rest for a little while. But we need our big guns on all this stuff! If any of you are here at the bridge and you're reading this, start gathering the others for our meeting. We have a lot of work to do!

All of you here on earth get your purr machines going! We're gonna need those too!

As Kally Kat would say, lubs lubs lubs to all of you!


No one told me

March 16th 2011 10:33 am
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No one told me she was coming, I had no knowledge of this at all! Maybe it's because I would have been too sad, which I am. I'm not sad for us here at the bridge but I'm sad for her momma and for all of her furriends down there. Way too many kitties coming up here lately, very unexpected too. It's getting too busy and frankly we can't keep up! With all the kitties from Japan that have come and the ones from here on Catster, the escalator is packed every day!

I just don't know what to say except I've been there, leaving unexpectedly. Now she's here and making a grand entrance like the beautiful lady and queen that she is. We are all welcoming her and holding her paws in comfort. She has so many angels around her it's tough to get through but I'll get my turn eventually and I will wait patiently because she's worth it.

Hug each other there on earth, love each other, hold each other, tell each other you love them! Never take one day for granted.


Update on our dear friend Apollo

March 22nd 2011 10:10 am
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I just spoke with Apollo's mommy and the news is quite devastating, much worse than either one of us thought.

Apollo has cancer spots on his pancreas and liver; big, inflamed lesions on his small intestine and where the small and large intestine meet there is a large lesion built up around the opening, making the opening quite small. The vet said he is in a lot of pain and the cancer will be getting worse.

The vet said to find out exactly what type of cancer, a biopsy would have to be done. His mom is not doing that, no more tests. He's not eating enough and is getting weaker. This cancer is obviously aggressive and we don't know how much time Apollo has left.

As you all know it's been a very, very hard couple of weeks and the losses are mounting. We all do the best we can and nature will do as it wishes unfortunately. Please purr for him to not have anymore pain and for his mom to help her deal with all of this. Thanks everyone, lots of love, purrs, headbonks and sandpaper kisses to all of you.

Luv Alex and mommy


Thank you for my DDP! And my new friend

March 28th 2011 9:59 am
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Wow! I don't know if I've ever been a DDP! I don't think so, I can't really remember. But thank you so much Catsters and thank you for all the prezzies and the well wishes. This is so pawsome and what's more pawsome to me is that I have so many wonderful friends here to share my special day with. That's all that's important to us and makes it all worthwhile. What fun would it be to celebrate if I didn't have all of you? It wouldn't be. And you all have made our lives not only feel warm and cherished but brought so much FUN to us, especially in times where things can be so hard. We know we can come here and laugh and talk about silly things like POOP, Newmies, flowjectiles, etc. We've become so educated in poopy terms since knowing all of you, MOL.

Apollo seems to be holding his own and of course it's due to all of you and your POTP purrs! We believe in that power 100% and have seen it work. Our cousin Midnight did some kind of crazy fast turn around about a week and a half ago and we didn't say anything because we didn't want to jinx it. It's like someone turned on a light switch! She just woke up and started eating like a hog and hasn't stopped since. Keep her in your purrs please because we all know things can change on a dime but she's filling out again and eating like a piggy. She's eating junky food but we don't care, it doesn't matter at this point. When a kitty stops eating and starts starving themselves, becomes skin and bones, feed them ANYTHING they want! No matter if it's the cheapest most yucky foods out there, the kitty's life comes first over any nutritional value. And sometimes, like now, that yucky food has some good merit to it. She's eating it like a trooper now and gaining her girlish figure back. She's stretching out again and really feeling good, purring a lot too. So thank you everyfur! See why we love you all so much?

Well, we have something we'd like to ask all of you as well. The kitty that was COTD yesterday, Marta, passed away on Feb. 16th. Her mom wrote me, she has not been able to change her page or say anything, she's just too distraught. Marta went through something very similar to me, only she developed a mass in her stomach and her mom was able to have a mobile vet go to their home. That way Marta could come to the bridge in her momma's arms.

You know this is happening A LOT! COTD, COTD, DOTD, kitties that have JUST passed. Very strange coincidences! Anyways, her momma believes as we do, that Marta is still with her and can visit her anytime, just not in physical form anymore. That's half the battle for her healing. The good news is that her momma has already opened her heart to a rescue kitty named Mitzi! Mitzi's page is not up yet but she'll do it soon. I'm so proud of her for taking the chance and knowing this is what Marta would want, for her heart to remain open and to continue to give love. I'm so happy we've made friends with her family, I think this is the beginning of a terrific friendship.

So please if you have time, visit Marta's page and drop her momma a message or something to say hi, send friend requests, open your heart to someone who obviously has a very big heart herself. We have no doubt you all will, love is what you're all about!

Thank you for my DDP! I'm so happy! We love you all BIG TIME!

Luv Alex and mom Lisa


April Fool's birfdays and gotcha days!

April 1st 2011 2:27 pm
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Wow! there sure are a lot of kitties celebrating something today! So instead of sending aaaalllll of you separate happy wishes we're gonna do it all here, cause it would take momma a long time. MOL.

Happy Gotcha Day to: Monida, Tink & Girly Girl!

Happy Birfdays to....drum roll pwease: The Canadian Rainbow Crew, Rayna, Olivia, Willow, Kristina, Dona Priscilla, Fishstick, Daisy Lucky Lorenzo, Molly, Macy, Flaca, Nikolai, Milo & Rosita.

I hope I got them all, I had to revise this list because stupid Catster fleas didn't show them all at first. If I've forgotten anyone I'm so sorry!

Happy everything to everyfur!!! We love you!



April 8th 2011 9:22 am
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Well I said we weren't going to do any sad diary entries for awhile but this one I have to make an exception for. Beautiful Apollo has crossed the bridge to be with his family. The tough part is that this is already the rainbow bridge day of his brofur Aragorn. His momma was prepared mentally for this as he's had a couple of extra weeks with her. But emotionally none of us are ever prepared!

Poor Apollo was in so much pain it was his time as his suffering was too great. The love his mother had for him far outweighed any feelings on her part of wanting him to stay with her. That's true and unselfish love. She's a wonderful momma and needs us all very much now. Please visit her thread in the memorial section and offer support: Goodbye Apollo and give her all the hugs, purrs and love you can.

My mom is going to go out in her garden today and make a spot to plant a special flower for him when the weather permits. We love you Apollo and rest assured that with all of the family you already have here at the bridge, you were helped across the bridge peacefully and lovingly. I too was there my handsome friend, I told you I would be and I'll stay with you for awhile. We're all here for you my love.


Purrs & POTP needed for us

April 14th 2011 7:50 pm
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Can we have some purrs for my mommy and for our cousin Midnight please? Midnight was doing so much better and now she's really vomiting a lot. My poor mommy is trying everything she can and even the medicine isn't helping. It's really hard for my mom, watching Middy throw up so much every day is like watching me do it all over again. My mommy is so depressed and has been crying all day remembering about me.

My mom takes care of everyone, grammy and grampy, cousin Moufasa until he passed away in December and cousin Midnight, which who knows how much longer she has. Mom never complains, she loves them all so much. She would do anything for Mouffey and Midnight. It was pretty hard on her when Mouffey died, she still can't look at his youtube video of him talking to her: Moufasa wants his treat.

Mom thanks god every day that Lacey and Finney are healthy and happy and she kisses them, plays with them and takes great care of them every day. Every night they cuddle on the bed with her and she kisses them like crazy and tells them "please don't ever get sick! stay healthy and happy for a long, long time".

It takes an awful lot out of her doing our website and working with sick kitties. She wouldn't ever stop because we help so many and it's so gratifying! She knows this is what she has to do now and has no regrets. But sometimes her soul and heart get so tired. It tears her up to not be able to help each and every one.

Today she squirted some medicine into Middy's mouth and even though it was yucky and gross, Middy came upstairs and meowed at the door. She wanted mommy to go downstairs and sit with her on the porch in the sun. She laid down on mommy and just relaxed while my mom gave her soft and loving belly rubs while kissing her. She loves my mom so much. So did Mouffey. They know she is connected to animals. But that's why it's so painful when they hurt. Mom feels that pain so deeply. My mom is a very empathic human.

Please can you send my mommy and Midnight some POTP? She really needs it and knows it will help her get through this, no matter what happens. We love you all so much and we thank heaven for the day we came here. Only all of you can understand how deep this pain runs in her heart.

Mom's gonna lay down with Finney and Lacey in a little bit and watch the movie "Tangled". She's been wanting to see that and it'll lift her spirits. Thanks all of you wonderful furries! None of us know how we've ever made it without you.

Luv and heavenly angel dust
Angel Alex

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