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An Angel's Notes for the Day

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Angels hard at work

December 26th 2010 1:45 pm
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Boy oh boy! What a busy day I had yesterday. My momma's grand-niece and grand-nephew were traveling with their other grampa in Massachusetts and their parents were in the car in front of them when some jerk who was texting while he was driving, was coming straight for the car with the kids in it! Their grampa kept honking and honking and the idiot didn't even look up. So he had to swerve the car to avoid getting hit and he hit a telephone pole instead! The car is totaled and luckily the airbags went off but there was glass all over Nolan (mom's grand-nephew) and Rayna was freaking out! The grampa was so upset he almost had a heart attack. But me, Moufasa and my mom's late brother-in-law (which is the kid's grampa on this side of the family) were all there and we stopped that car as fast as we could from completely mangling around that pole! It was sure hard work and it took a lot of us angels. Even the kid's GREAT grandma was there! There sure was a lot of us but we had to hurry up and get there before it was a family tragedy. Everyone is okay but the kids were scared to death to ride in the ambulance. Their mom & dad didn't even know what happened because they were already 5 minutes ahead. The guy that caused it, took off. There's no way to find him either unless there was a witness we don't know about because he had no damage to his car and the grampa was too upset and stuck in the wrecked card to get the license number. Everyone pray that this guy is caught! He needs to be held accountable for almost killing some of our family. Very upsetting but we feel very fortunate! Things could have been much worse and momma thinks that her mom & dad would never have been able to handle such a loss as these kids. It would have been too much for them. Phew, life is full of curve balls so always keep your eyes open and know that you have angels around you all the time protecting you. I was very happy to be there.

I need a rest tonight, that's for sure!
Angel Alex over and out

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!! I love you always!


2 year anniversary

December 29th 2010 7:06 pm
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Hi everyone! This is Alex's momma. Hope you had a great Christmas and got your furbabies lots of cool prezzies. Its hard to believe it but IBD Kitties is 2 years old! (Frankly it feels like I’ve been doing this forever). Two years ago I began my journey to not only help kitties with IBD and other GI disorders, but to educate and get the help I need to keep going on this path. I sincerely thank all of you for your hard work, dedication to this and many other causes affecting kitties, and for holding me up and pushing me on when I need it. I no longer walk this road alone. I’d like some of our New Year’s resolutions to be that we keep going with our tasks at hand and get some positive changes made regarding the care of our babies. We’ve accomplished quite a lot in a short time and we are getting our voices heard. Happy New Year to all of you. We wish you all peace, happiness, health, riches both on the inside & out and a year full of love.

Alex’s precious life meant the world to me. But now she is a symbol for change and will continue to be a beacon of hope…her voice will never be silenced.

Luv, purrs & headbonks
Lisa, Finnegan, Lacey and angel Alex


Sweet Molly

January 25th 2011 5:55 pm
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This will be short but we feel so bad for this family and what happened to their Molly we wanted to mention it so others could go and comfort them. Their beautiful Molly was viciously malled by a dog and had to go to the rainbow bridge today. It's just so sad and horrible my momma is in tears. We're so sorry for you Molly, no kitty deserves to die like this. We'll take good care of you at the bridge. Rest assured we will sweet angel.

Please visit Molly's page and comfort her momma. She's in shock.


Such an honor!

January 27th 2011 9:14 am
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Well, we cannot get over what a wonderful week we're having here on Catster. Actually it's all been wonderful but Lacey was COTD on Jan 1st, now Finney is COTW and I'm right underneath him as DOTD. Mom is bubbling with joy and we all feel so loved and appreciated. We can't thank you all enough for the incredible love and support we've gotten since we've been here on Catster. All the new and terrific friends we've made, all the fun we're having, all the hugs and kisses we get. It's all just the best thing we've had in a very long time. It's funny we can feel so close to kitties and their parents that we've never met in person. But we can actually FEEL the love coming across the miles. It's a euphoric feeling that we want to keep giving back and sending out like a giant, warm breeze.

We really believe in the Power of the Paw and the purrs for getting well, etc. And we feel blessed to be a part of that and want you all to know we're here for any of you that need us. It makes us feel good to know we can be of service in this life. Because that's what it's SUPPOSED to be about. Isn't it? Serving each other a big platter of love! We've been talking and we think we might do a monthly purring for peace thing. We really liked that. So many of you joined in and we think we can make a difference. We're sick of all the violence, hate and prejudice in this world. Coming here and experiencing love from all over the world in one place, just proves that we have a chance to change things.

Sometimes momma gets so discouraged but she comes here and she feels a thousand times better. She feels like we're making a difference and we feel needed. So thank you all again for showing us that there is still so much kindness and pure love in the world! We appreciate and love you all MORE than any words can ever say.

Luv Alex, Finney, Lacey and momma Lisa


Thanks for my DOTD prezzies!

January 30th 2011 11:53 am
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Hi everyone, we're gonna do our thank yous for my diary of the day prezzies and stuff today. Then Momma will do Finney's tomorrow when there's a new kitty of the week.

The family of Nellie & Alexis - a dozen rosies
Felix - Rose
Nadia & Gumpy - Rose
Milo & his family - rainbow
Family of Frankie, Grace, Casey & Leo - heart
River & Simone & family - big red lips!
anonymous - rainbow (thank you whoever gave it to me)
Da Tabbies o trout towne - shrimp
Tilly - rose
Tabby Little - blue ribbon
Luke, Tully, Sammy & Natasha - rose
Annabelle, Misty & angel Wispers - rose
Hunter - rose
and Gordy gave me a heart before this just for my page being cute so I want to thank him for that if I didn't already. I forgot! MOL
Family of Wally & Alfie - crown

And thank you everyone for writing concats in my diary and stuff and all the warm sentiments. We love you all and can't thank you enough for my special day and all the special days in between!

Luv you all
Alex and family


Diary of the Day just came to the bridge

February 1st 2011 12:37 pm
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Oh this is so very sad and I think that this kitty and his momma could use a lot of support and hugs right now. The diary of the day on the homepage today, Tom, just came to the bridge a few days ago. So the diary entry that got him to win is his goodbye to his momma. Such leaky eyes we have. Please go and visit Tom and give him and his mom lots of love and hugs. It would mean so much to them.

Thanks everyone, we can always count on you to help other kitties and their pawents feel better and know they are loved.


Lots of purring for kitties today!

February 5th 2011 1:29 pm
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Criminy! It's a good thing that Lacey did the diary entry for Gump because I need this one for our friend Chloe. Chloe died very suddenly and painfully from pneumonia yesterday and her family just lost her brofur Smokey Doodle very recently! Oh the pain of losing a fur baby is harsh but to lose them close together is so painful. Please go and offer some support to Chloe's family if you get a chance. Sigh. Looks like one of those busy weekends here on Catster where a lot of purrs and purrayers are needed! Glad you're all here to help!

Luv you


Please purr for Vern

February 9th 2011 2:03 pm
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Hi everyone, I haven't heard from him today but please purr for our new little friend Vern. He's the sweetest little boy and his pawents are hoping for a miracle.

He's only 7 months old and has a systemic arterial embolism, along with severe anemia. He began dragging his back legs and lost control of his bowels and bladder and he is not expected to make it. We had his mom order some Methyl B12 for his neurological issues hoping it helps and she had it express mailed to her house. It was due today but we haven't heard anything. Yesterday his pupils were already dilated so we don't know what's going on and are hoping he's still there with them.

He did say that when he's ready to go that he'd like me to escort him to the bridge and since I haven't heard anything, I'm hoping that's good news. Please purr hard for him, he's just a baby! This is one of those kitties that's tugged on our heartstrings super hard.

Thanks everyone. We love you and your powers of purrs and paws.


Vern, Midnight, Valentine and Newsletter

February 13th 2011 11:34 am
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Hello all you furry beautiful kitties! We have some good news all the way around fur a change! Little Vern is doing GREAT. My momma really thinks he doesn't have an embolism at all. That test was never done and it was a complete guess by the vet. He has every sign of having diabetic neuropathy and is currently responding to the high doses of Methyl B12. Mom told Vern's mom about Methyl B12 being used for that condition in kitties and that it's a drastic change in a short time. Of course he needs to get his glucose tested but in just a few short days, he's up and walking around. His legs are still weak and wobbly but on Thursday he couldn't stand at all, couldn't get to his litter box and was very weak. The first day on the B12 he ate by himself and went for a poop. Later the second night, he pawmailed Finney to tell him that he actually RAN to his mom! He was still very wobbly in the legs but his mom was crying tears of joy. So we're hoping to keep up the B12 treatments for him, add some sardine oil for his heart and joints and everything, he's already changed his litter to Sweat Scoop and we're advising about a possible diet change. Keep purring hard and keep your paws crossed because this could be a miracle in the making! If it is in fact diabetic neuropathy, that's very easily treated and reversible with insulin, proper diet, B12 therapy, etc. Of course my momma is not a vet and this is also a guess but the alternative was poor Vern just losing his fight. So an educated guess is better than nothing and it seems to be working. Whoo hoo!

As for Midnight, you may know that last week she had to be brought to the vet quite suddenly because she was bleeding when she peed and was in a lot of pain. This was more than just a little blood too so it was quite scary. She'd been to the vet almost 2 months ago and had Clavamox but it only made her more sick. So they did x-rays and said her large intestines are swollen 3 times their normal size! They did blood work and it all came back normal except for a high WBC count and signs of infection. So now she's had her food changed to Natural Balance and she's on Amoxicillan. Yesterday she was bugging everyone for their food, she had big black eyes, a pink nose and was feeling very hungry. Which is good because she lost a whole pound in less than 2 months!!!! Ugh, speaking from someone who knows how dangerous that is, we were quite scared. We're hoping it's just an infection because this can also signify cancer but for now we're hoping for the best and will deal with what comes next when it comes. She's 2 years older than Moufasa so anything is possible. She's about 16 I think. I just put up a picture of her and of Mouffey on my page if you'd like to see.

AND, since Finney and Lacey got themselves valentines I had to see if my favorite friend here at the bridge would be mind. I asked him and he said yes but only if I'd share him with his long time valentine Sky. I hope she doesn't mind sharing at all and is okay with it! But Aryeh said Sky will be his earthbound valentine and he'll be going to the Valentine's Day ball with me here at the bridge. I'm so excited I don't know what to wear! I think I'll have some pink glitter hearts decorated on my wings. What do you think? I think it's going to be a glorious night and it's also Aryeh's birthday that day! So it will be doubly special.

Last but not least, occasionally we'll ask if anyone would like to get our newsletter from our website. We don't like to seem pushy or bug anyone so we just ask once in awhile. It's a great newsletter. Mommy gives all kinds of research links and news on feline health, preventative stuff, new products we think are safe for kitties. We also send out immediate recall notices for not just food but medications and medical supplies, share information with each other and all kinds of stuff. Your email stays completely private and is never, ever given out to anyone. It doesn't even show up in the mailing, it's blocked so nobody sees your name or anything. COMPLETELY your choice, we just like to offer it. Lots of people are on it and seem to like it. If you do decide you'd like it, you can either email us at and give your parent's full name and regular email address and say "subscribe". OR you can pawmail us that info as well. We do need your full name for the address book though so don't leave that out. Like we said, nobody sees it but us.

Okay everyone! Have a furtastic day and don't forget to stop by and wish Gumpy a happy DOTD! Wow, that's so great. He's having a wonderful week and thank goodness. We think it's doing wonders to help him heal. He's such a special guy and we love his whole family furry much! Concats Gumpy!!!!

Luv Alex, sending Valentines kissies from the bridge


Valentine and angel dust

February 16th 2011 11:53 am
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Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good Valentine's day. I never used to care about that day at all but this year I had the best time ever. Me and Aryeh spent the night dancing and pawtying at the Rainbow Bridge annual Valentine's Day ball. We danced and mingled with all of our furriends. Then we came down here and visited his momma, brofurs and his adorable little sis, Tiger Lilly Blossom. It was Aryeh's birfday on valentine's day so his momma was a little sad. But we did our best to make her feel better, my momma talked with her too and hopefully it helped.

Then we came and said hi to Finney and Lacey and my momma. I wish momma could have seen me in my beautiful wings all decorated in pink glitter and hearts. I felt like a princess. But she can picture it in her mind and she's got it right so she didn't need to see me anyways. She knows I was there. Then we left the ball and came down here and sprinkled angel and fairy dust all over the sick kitties that needed it and even some of you that didn't! Tee hee (we're not telling).

It was so much fun, we felt like Santa paws! Aryeh spent the daytime with his family and with his valentine Sky. She's been his valentine every year for awhile and she was nice enough to share him with me and let me go to the ball with him. THANK YOU SKY!

I wanted to say thank you Aryeh for a very, very special night and for being such a good friend to all of us. He and his family are so pawsome! We just love them. Happy birfday again Aryeh! We love you!

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