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An Angel's Notes for the Day

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I'm a DDP!

November 8th 2010 7:54 am
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Oh my goodness! First time ever that I get picked for something. This is soooooo cool! Thank you so much Catster and furriends, what a great honor. I'm happy to share this with my bestest fwiend Kaci Sunshine. Love her to pieces!

This is great because Finney has decided now just because momma wrote in his diary that he was being a love bug, that he's going to be a poophead and ignore her. Soooo fickle. I would've never done that. I always wanted to be near my momma. The closer the better. She always said that if I could, I would have just ridden around in her pants all day! LOL! True. Very true. I used to lay on her lap and sprawl out until she lost all circulation in her legs and had to kick me off. She'd wait a long time because she hated to move me. Sigh. I miss those times, I know my momma does too.

Oh well, she had Lacey walking all over her on the bed yesterday. Up and down and up and down massage for 30 minutes at a time. She loved it! That's cause I TOLD Miss Lacey to do it! It doesn't take much coaxing, she's a luv bug too.

Thanks again Catster friends!
Luv you all



November 11th 2010 7:15 am
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Oh my Catness! I cannot believe this! I'm so happy I'm flying all over the bridge city and flapping may wings so hard it's windy here, LOL! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I didn't even get a chance yet to thank everyone for my DDP gifts and concats. Please don't think I forgot everyone. Momma's been having computer issues and is going today to get a new one (hopefully).

This is the most wonderful honor and I'm thrilled beyond the stars! Thank you all so much, thank you Catster. This is very special and makes me and my family so very happy. I'm happy to be a Catster kitty and am so glad I'm able to help some of my furriends in times of need. That's what my job is here now so never forget that!

Okay, momma's going to buy a new puper and I'm gonna start pawtying up here with the others. She has to take gramps with her because he keeps busting his pupers, UGH! Wish us luck! LOL! This is gonna be a terrific day!

Luv you all very, very, very much!
Alex and family


Thank you and what the heck?

November 12th 2010 8:51 am
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First we quickly want to say a big giant thank you to everyone who gave us those wonderful gifts and wished us a happy COTD yesterday. We especially love the beautiful comments that came on the gifts, they were so heartfelt and really put a smile on our faces. My momma just got a new compuper and is using Windows 7 now and she's having a really difficult time of it. So we're not going to be able to thank everyone individually today because is in the middle of a nervous breakdown. LOL. So please accept our apology on that and know that we read every single comment, looked at every single gift and loved every single minute of all of it.

We appreciate you all so much and we are so happy to have found this new family of ours here on Catster. We've made the bestest friends and just as importantly there are so many new kitty momma's helping my momma with our website now. Which is a big deal to me because before she was doing everything by herself. Now she's got so many great pawents emailing her with ideas, additions, resources, all kinds of stuff she wouldn't otherwise be able to get. So thank you team Catster!

Now, onto the what the heck section!? What's going on here now on Catster? More issues? Sheesh! We're not seeing all the comments on people's pages again but a lot of others are. What we're seeing is old diary entries popping up where it should only be new ones. My momma says "whatever". We're too busy freaking out over our compuper stuff today so we'll leave this one to you guys for now.

Anyways, I had a fantastic day yesterday even though momma's day was hectic and stressed. I am having so much fun lately it's a constant pawty up here! Lots and lots of nippy if you know what I mean, heh heh heh. Okay, back to the grindstone for us! Thank you all again, we luv luv luv you all!

Luv Alex and crazy momma


Stella & her momma need help badly

November 16th 2010 5:49 pm
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Could you all go to this thread and offer some support and maybe some advice for Stella and her momma? Stella is extremely sick with IBD and will not eat. Her momma is disabled and having a hard time trying to help her and her vet is threatening to have her PTS (although I don't know how she can legally do that!) But this is very serious and she's having a lot of difficulties and she's understandably very upset: g/thread/692523

Thanks everyone, we need to rally and try to help!

Luv Alex


My new friend Buddha

November 20th 2010 7:34 pm
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My brand new friend, Buddha, is already coming to join me at the bridge. He's either coming on Monday or sooner, we're not sure yet. We've only just met him but he's a special and beautiful boy. He's suffering so much and his momma has made the heart wrenching decision to let him come with me and be happy and healthy again.

Buddha's momma, if you read this...please know that I visit my momma all the time and she KNOWS it. She feels me, she can see me sometimes. I even play with Finney and Lacey! It's not the same as when she was able to hold me in her arms and kiss my head and make me forget the pain I was in. But it's all we've got and we'll never give it up. So rest assured that when Buddha has had a little while to recuperate, I'll teach him how to visit you if you'd like that. It's not hard at all and I know that it's helped my momma a lot when I do that.

My momma went through a horrible depression after losing me. She made herself physically sick and had to be on antibiotics for 4 months! Her doctor finally told her she had to start living again and that he understood the love between a pet and their parent. After that she started taking care of herself again and knew I wouldn't want her to suffer like me. So please take good care of yourself and let people love you and comfort you okay?

These folks and kitties here on Catster are the best at it that my momma's ever met. We wish we'd known all these wonderful people when I was sick and passed away. Maybe she wouldn't have gone through all of that. But she's here now and wants to help you! She's got big shoulders and an even bigger heart so remember that if you ever need her.

All my furriends please visit Buddha's diary and help him and his momma get through this. You're all so good at wrapping your paws and wings around kitties and their families. This family can use as many of you as possible. Please purr and say purayers for them.

Thanks everyone! We luv you always and forever
Alex and her mom


thank yous for DDP, gotcha day and COTD - FINALLY!

November 22nd 2010 5:55 pm
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Hi everyfur! Momma is sitting here looking through my gifts and wants to make sure to thank everybody for when I was DDP and COTD AND my gotcha day. Boy I had a lot going on huh? So here goes!

Stella & family - Emerald, rainbow
Kaci & Miss Mittens - crown, heart
Nadia & Gumpy - rainbow star, heart, pilgrim hat,
The Texas Wild Bunch - another crown
Lucy - forever diamond
The dynacats - diamond
Tully, Luke, Sammy & Natasha - rainbow, pie
Kitty Pryde, Indiana and family - pumpkin, pie
Hunter - pink ribbon
DA TABBIES O TROUT TOWNE - 2 pink ribbons
Misty, Annabelle & angel whispers - pink ribbon, mouse
River & Simone - rainbow, pie
BK & angel Teddy - 2 hearts, pink ribbon
Purrcy - rainbow, blue ribbon
Tate - turkey
Annabelle - turkey
Aryeh - acorn
Tabitha - pie
Monida - pink ribbon
Sam - pink ribbon
Smudge, Shade & Chaucer - turkey
Tigger, Maizy & Smithwick - pink ribbon
Gimli - pink ribbon
Casey - turkey
The family of Tutti - LAF, Junior Fluffkins, Tethys Fluffkins, Jake and more! - pie
The family of In Memory of: Spot Kat, Pepper, SQuishie, Scrappie (Graystripe) and more! - heart
Sweetie & Hearts - rainbow and a really cute congratulations graphic!
Misty sweet angel - rainbow
The family of Redford , Cooper , Tundra , Manytoes and more! - 2 giant paws!
Sally Maria and family - trophy
And Hunter - cool balloons!

WOWZA! I'm pretty sure I got everyone but if I didn't, I apologize. What a great month I had huh? I'm so appreciative of all the wonderful gifts but during this coming holiday I'm most thankful for all the wonderful friends who gave them to me, and the ones who came to my page to congratulate me as well. You're all so special and made this a wonderful celebration time for me and my family. Thank you so much everyone! We love you all LOTS!
Luv Alex and Family


Momma feels bad

November 27th 2010 10:52 am
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Well,momma still doesn't have any internet, probably not until Monday or Monday night! She's so mad and upset right now because she's at her neighbor's house and checked her email. One of her members and good friends from our website came home yesterday to find her kitty (who was very sick) had passed away while she was at the store. She really needed comfort and to talk to my mom and mom couldn't be there for her. Course we wrote her right away but this is what momma and I do! We help kitties but we comfort the pawents when they lose a kitty! This kitty isn't on Catster so it's nobody anyone here knows (don't worry, we'd tell you guys if it was). But jeez. We know it's not our fault but we still feel really bad. Timing is rotten, you know? Mom knows what it's like to feel that horrible grief and just need that helping hand, even through cyberspace. She feels so helpless right now. Sigh. We really are hooked on technology.

So anyways, if anyone needs us and we haven't responded right away, that's why. The internet gremlin has struck our house! On the up side, she's getting a lot of work done and playing more with Finney and Lacey, they're liking it a lot. MOL. Well, hope you all had a great turkey day. I have to run now and try and find little Joey so we can let his momma know he's okay. Take care everybody. We miss you guys already!

Luv Alex


Our friend Boxie Brown needs purrs

December 7th 2010 9:54 am
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Hi everyone, our good friend Boxie Brown needs purrs in a big way! He runs the Get well purr list and does so much for other kitties. He has both heart and kidney failure and is just resting comfortably at this point. His parents are watching over him and they don't know if he'll make it this time. Please go to his page and offer your support and purrs. He could really use them. I'm heading to the bridge gate to wait and see if he needs me. Hopefully not yet but I'll be his escort if he needs to come home. Sigh. What a job I have!

Thank you furriends
Luv Alex and family


Important new information

December 10th 2010 12:05 pm
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Hi everyone, we just wanted to let you all know that my momma has finally finished the page on B12 on our website. This is an important page because B12 helps a lot of different conditions and gets depleted very easily. Please take a few minutes to read up on it and maybe you'll find out something you may need to use in the future!


Alex just took her cousin kitty home to the bridge

December 14th 2010 12:33 pm
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Hi everyone, this is Alex's mom, Lisa. I'm extremely sad right now. I came home from running errands to find my sister's cat Moufasa was dying. He's had a lot of kidney issues over the last couple of years and frankly I never thought he would have lasted this long. He was near death two years ago when my sister came home to live with her two cats, Midnight and Moufasa. I started him on B12 injections immediately and a raw food diet and he bounced back very quickly.

Mouffey was a beautiful flame point siamese who had a really big mouth!!! He was the funniest talker and we swear he could say multiple words. He was a huge pain in the neck, he never left Midnight alone, even just last night. He loved to climb in the bathtub and couldn't stand anyone going to the bathroom and closing the door on him, he had to go too. When he was younger, he was a beautiful, full, muscular, strong boy! I always loved the name Moufasa for him because even though he was a short haired boy, he was commanding but had a soft way about him. He was my sister's constant companion when her husband of 35 years died almost 7 years ago. Mouffey stayed with her non-stop after that. We kept joking that Richard took over part of Mouffey's soul just so he could continue to be with Jackie. That's why he was so loud and obnoxious! LOL

When I went downstairs today to feed them he wasn't coming out from behind the chair. I knew immediately something was wrong and when he did come out, he wobbled, couldn't hold his head up and his pupils were dilated. I knew it wouldn't be long and he couldn't even walk. I called my sister at work and she raced home. We wrapped him in a warm blanket and took him to the nearest vet where the doctor examined him and said he had a mass in his stomach and was too far gone and too weak to bring him back.

So I said goodbye and that I loved him with all of my heart and I'm glad I could give him another wonderful 2 years of life with us. He was so loved here and happy with us. He never had so much love before! In my typical emotional self, I cried my eyes out the entire time and I'm still doing it. I'll be crying all night as I do not take death well. I know we all live on in spirit! I KNOW that. Energy never dies and once we leave an imprint on this world and make our mark, it's there forever. But I feel things extremely deeply and losing someone I love just tears me to shreds. I know this was the right thing to do for him. He was suffering and we made a promise that if this happened we'd help him go peacefully and that's what we did. I prayed to Alex and asked her to come and get him and make sure he was safe, happy and comforted.

My beautiful girl will take especially good care of him (even though she hated him here on earth, LOL). She's a terrific angel and I know he's in good paws with her. Thank you all for listening, I know he's no longer in any pain and in good hands now. But my heart hurts! Here's a video of him on youtube talking for his treat:

Luv Alex, Finney & Lacey's momma, Lisa

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