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An Angel's Notes for the Day

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new blog

July 6th 2012 7:45 pm
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Hey everyone! How are ya? We miss you all. Mom started a blog and right now it's about me and our website. I'm sure it'll grow with time and if she can figure out what else to write about. MOL. Check it out if you can, we'd love to see you there! IBDKitties blog


These darned memories

July 10th 2012 8:54 am
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Someone who also lost a kitty almost a year ago at this time told me yesterday that she still has to push the bad memories out of her head and hang on to the good ones. She still gets haunted by some of the things that happened when her kitty passed. That's how I feel also, though it doesn't happen nearly as much as it used to. But for some reason this year is hitting me a little harder. Maybe because the last 3 years were all about helping IBD Kitties and I was too busy to think about anything. I liked it that way. Not so right now, I am dealing with some things and IBD Kitties is pretty established right now. So I don't get the constant emails asking for help anymore. Which means the site is doing it's job. Also this anniversary falls on the same day of the week it happened.

Four years already! Amazing how time plays tricks on our minds. In the beginning it feels like the pain will never end and it'll eat you up like a lion, ripping you to shreds. But before you know it, it's been a year and you think, "wow, a year already! how did I get through that?" Time flies by now and after four years you'd think I would have forgotten some of this awful day, but I haven't. Unfortunately I still remember every second of it. I woke up and fed her like any other day, she seemed fine. She really did. And then BAM! Everything changed in a heartbeat. I still wonder if I did something to make it happen. I just don't know what could have changed and why. She was doing so well. I know it's not my fault but we all feel this way I'm sure.

Anyway, I know we haven't been very good friends lately and have been staying away from here. I have my reasons, some people have hurt my feelings yet again. Catster and their stupid fleas are just sickening, can't even get notifications at all, nothing is working here. Fix it already! Why can other techs on other sites fix their bugs and not here? I don't get it. Midnight is losing some of her kidney function so I have been stressed and worried. Neighbors are still really horrible and basically all of this is affecting me emotionally and I am just tired. I'm very sorry to not have been here for everyone else. It's just too sad around here sometimes with all the losses, Bob passing away and then Big Harry right after just killed us. Other sites don't affect me like this one does. I get sad, sure. But not like here, because I am so close to all of our friends here. It hurts us all deeply to lose one of our own. And both Bob and Big Harry's mom have been SO SO SO very good to me. Such wonderful friends. I feel so much for them and their losses.

Well, that's it in a nutshell! We are still here though and we love our friends dearly. Thank you for remembering us on this day of all days. I'm going to try and stay busy and enjoy the beautiful day outside. Big snoozles and whisker kisses to every fur!

Alex and mom Lisa

P.S. Please purr for Gumpy as he has not been doing well lately and also for Blizzard's sisfur Sweetie who isn't feeling well. And if you can spare some for cousin Midnight that would be nice too, thank you.


Thank mew!!

July 12th 2012 4:57 pm
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Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for hanging with us on Tuesday, my rainbow bridge day. It was a tough day for mom but she got through it just fine with the help of all of our friends. Thank you all who gave me prezzies but especially for the LOVELY and TOUCHING notes that came with them. Those notes mean more than any presents ever could. Mom is tired and can't think of anything else to write, MOL. Talk about a writer's block, jeez! Anyway, we just wanted to say thanks and we love you all.
Luv Alex and meowmy


New blog entry

July 23rd 2012 7:31 pm
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Hey everyone I have a new blog entry!
Disruptions In A Kitty's Life

How's that for a short diary! MOL! Hope you like it, let us know!
Luv Alex and mommy



August 1st 2012 4:10 pm
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I don't know if it's the full moon or what but suddenly tonight the crazies are out. Because we have Google Analytics we can go on there at any point and see who is on our website, what referral site they came from and what search words got them there. A short time ago, we saw something upsetting. We have a toxic and dangerous foods section to our site to help people avoid those things! Not to hurt a cat! OMG I cannot believe someone is doing this and went to use our site for it. Someone Googled "how to slowly poison a cat" and ended up on our page! There's nothing we can do about it! We are so mad right now, so furry, furry mad. What is wrong with people? How can someone be thinking of doing this? There are tons and tons and tons of websites with a page like mine that are meant to be helpful to AVOID hurting our pets and this person came to my site to try and figure out how to kill one! sigh.

I know this diary is going to do nothing but make everyone else as mad as I am but I had to talk about it. I can't do anything else! Thanks for listening. Now I need to go and find a big tree here at the bridge to drag my large claws down, so I can fly down and find this person and use them! MEEEYYYOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!


New blog entry

August 5th 2012 9:56 pm
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New Blog entry!
Stressful Times s.html

Thought this entry was fitting and how a lot of kitty parents feel.


Pawty like it's your birfday! Wait! It' MY BIRFDAY!

August 8th 2012 7:46 am
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Birfdays here at the bridge are fun. We can eat whatever we want, as much as we want and never get sick. No tummy aches, no poopies, no puking, no nothing. It's pawsome! Wow mommy woke up to find all kinds of lovely prezzies for me in our inbox. You're all so great, we love you. Hope you can all celebrate with us today. I know yesterday was very sad with the passing of Blizz's brofur Squeaker but let me assure you he is resting right now because he wants to have some birfday cake and do some dancing with us later. It usually takes a little longer to get settled in but he's determined to do it. Strong little guy. He's going to make a great angel. He promises to visit Blizz and his family after the pawty tonight. So look for signs that he was there Squeaker's daddy!

Anyway, mommy has errands to run so she has to go but thank you all again! And Finney says thank you for the DDP today too. He's not going to do a diary because mommy said he's being a brat and he's trying to steal my thunder as it is right now. MOL. Poor Finney, he can't control himself. I knew he'd keep mommy busy when I sent him to her. Little did I know just how much he and Lacey both would keep her on her toes. MOL.

Luv you all! Happy birfday to me because I have so many wonderful furriends to share it with.


Thank you from both me and Finney

August 11th 2012 12:28 pm
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We were each going to do a diary to thank everyone individually for all the prezzies the other day and for coming to my pawty. But this website is SO SO SO SO SO slow we cannot take it anymore. So this will be the thank you to everyone, so sorry. There's no way at this rate we could check each prezzie to thank everyone by themselves or write their names here. There's always something here on this site, some kind of flea.

Anyway!!! Thank you all for coming to my pawty it was so much fun. We had a great time and Finney wants to thank you for the DDP prezzies and well wishes. THANKS EVERYONE! It was GREAT! I had a wonderful birthday both here at the bridge and flying down to be with you all. I'm so happy I could celebrate with all of you. I'm a lucky angel girl.

Luv you guys!


Thank mew and new page on website!

August 15th 2012 5:37 pm
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Hey everyone! Thank you all for the DDP prezzies and well wishes! I am hardly ever a DDP or anything fur that matter so it was pawsome. Hey, you guys know Timmy Tomcat here on Catster right? Well his daddy wrote a page on our website: Homemade cooking for cats. Check it out!

Thank you Timmy's daddy! It was so pawsome of you!


New blog entry

August 19th 2012 12:27 pm
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Hey everyone! Check out today's new blog entry!
House of Horrors

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