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An Angel's Notes for the Day

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New friend who's cat of the day

December 9th 2011 9:22 am
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Hi everyone, short diary but the kitty who's cat of the day, Tiger, he's got mouth cancer and his remaining days are very short. Please friend him and his family. His mom needs all the comfort and support she can get. This is a very difficult time for them.

Thanks everyone! Midnight is still eating well and feeling better and yes, Finney is still being a poopyhead. MOL.

Luv Alex


This new little one needs friends and massive purrs

December 11th 2011 9:16 am
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Hey there, another new little kitty is in rough shape. They're new here and this family is looking for support. I know you will all rally for them.

Mango Was rescued from a high kill pound and has survived panleukopenia, and glaucoma. She has a severe mid-brain infection, loss of appetite, very hard to walk. The vet thinks there is no cure and will likely only get worse. This family is looking for support, options and a neurologist.

Please visit them and do what Catsters do best!!!


Thank you all Catster angels for purrs from the heavens and- from the earth

January 25th 2012 3:22 pm
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Thank you to all the Catster angels helping me to look out for my family this past week and weekend. And thank you all the living kitties for your purrs and POTP! As you know we had some serious fumes leaking into our house from our oil tank and furnace. Well the repairman had to come back today to put a new starter on the furnace (that furnace needs a lot of new parts), and he told my mom that when he came on Friday to see what was going on, the readings he got on his meter were a 0 for CO2 where it's supposed to be a -250. They were right on the cusp of getting CO2 poisoning.

Mom has CO2 detectors on every floor including the basement and she puts new batteries in them every six months so they should work but that doesn't mean you still can't succumb to it. Grammy was so mad at mom for opening all the doors and windows when it was only 15 degrees outside but now that she knows how serious it was, she's glad mom did it. That's always the case, it's like pulling toofies trying to keep everybody safe and healthy around here but they always admit after that she was right. They'd save so much time and energy if they'd just listen to her right from the beginning! Sheesh! Mom notices that her asthma isn't so good since all of this happened. Breathing that stuff in is sooooo bad for you! Burning petroleum is very, very toxic.

Mommy called her doctor, today she's gonna need another shot in the back. It's really starting to hurt again and she said no way is she going to wait until she can't walk and she's screaming in pain again. She's waiting to hear when she can get an appointment.

So that's about it! I gotta run cause we're working on some stuff for the website and mom needs to eat something before she hits the floor! MOL. Don't worry, I'm on it. I'm giving her an angel kick in the rear.

Chow from the clouds! Tee hee!


Midnight is missing!!!!

February 1st 2012 12:06 pm
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OMG! Alex's mom here. I am freaking out! I went to the store to get some cat food. Came back and I'm trying to find Midnight and cannot find her. She doesn't go out at all, she's a tiny little thing. We've torn the house apart! Looked under every single piece of furniture, opened every single cabinet and closet, I am losing it. I can't imagine how she got out, I left the house really fast and I know she's quick sometimes but not that quick. She's an old lady now. Omg I am so freaking out! She's got heath issues and she's just a little tiny thing of 7 or less lbs.

Please purr hard! I hope she didn't crawl off somewhere to die and if she did, why can't I find her? She's not coming out or answering any of us. We can't imagine where she is. Oh god I'll never forgive myself if she got out somehow because of me.


Support feline breast cancer awareness in honor of Queen- Tallulah

March 8th 2012 5:49 pm
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Hey everybody! We got some news! My mommy and Queen T's mommy have gotten together to find a way to support feline breast cancer research and to honor Queen Tallulah at the same time. My mom is in contact with a Dr. in the Oncology Dept at UC Davis who is doing a clinic trial and we have an opportunity to not only support the research but to help defer the costs to the parents of all the kitties in these trials. They've got a huge amount of vet bills with a diagnosis like this and with what we're doing, it could help make all the difference to many pet parents. Here's the info:

At UC Davis, they are currently investigating the role of Gemcitabine in feline mammary carcinoma. This drug is good in the human breast clinic but has had a dismal track record in veterinary medicine. But they believe that they’ve found the optimal (non-toxic but useful) dose in cats and have a clinical trial investigating the identified dose in feline mammary cancer. Donations would help defer the owner's costs of therapy for their kitties along with furthering research and development of this drug treatment.

Help spread the word about Feline Breast Cancer awareness and help others at the same time by purchasing a bracelet in honor of Queen Tallulah, who lost her battle with this disease on August 23, 2010. 100% of the proceeds go directly to UC Davis for these purposes. To purchase a bracelet please visit: IBDKitties Gift Shops.

We feel good that we're able to help Queen T and her mom with our site. We get nothing out of this except the knowledge that perhaps we're making the difference that could someday save lives. As with what my mom did in honoring me with our site, we're honoring Queen T's memory in paying it forward. Hope to see you all with your pretty pink Queen T bracelets! Oh and help spread the word too if you can.


My new friends need purrs

March 30th 2012 3:34 pm
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Hi everyone! You know how we had some poopyheaded bad person giving mommy some grief earlier this week. Well all that bad energy got swept away and we got a wonderful and so sweet pawmail from someone this morning. Two of her older kitties both have IBD and pancreatitis, not to mention soooo many more things going on in their poor bodies. His momma sent me the nicest email out of the blue this morning saying how much our website has helped her kitties. We love to hear that and it seems when someone out there is a nasty person and starting trouble for no good reason, we hear from someone else who is so nice it makes up for all of that, 10-fold.

Anyway, my new friends as of today, Siggy and his brofur Dexter could use some purrs and friends. They just joined in January of this year and right now Siggy is not feeling well. He's hiding a lot and we all know that's not good. I don't know about how Dexter is feeling but at 18 and having those health issues, let's throw in some purrs for good measures.

They are both furry handsome kitties and they have a beautiful family! Please friend them and offer some support to his momma who's worried. And as always, thanks to all of our friends here for all the support we got this week and for making us laugh! You should see the card that Linus' mommy sent my mom. It is SOOOOO funny!!!!! Maybe I'll scan the cover and put it up so everyone can see it.

Gotta run now, I'm having some evening nippy wine with my friends here at the bridge. Queen T, Purrcy, Smokey Joe, Tigger, just to name a few!

Thanks everyone!
Love you all


Giving lots of prezzies instructions

April 10th 2012 3:33 pm
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Hey Miss Mittens I hope you don't mind but because I mentioned it, I am getting lots of emails with kitties BEGGING us to give those instructions you gave us. This is how you give lots and lots of prezzies and gifties all at once instead of wearing your fingers out. I don't know why they don't have these instructions somewhere in the forums permanently, sheesh! Would save lots of kitties, lots of time. So here goes:

1) Go to the gift shop, select your gift and which member of your family is sending the gift and type in your message.

2) Add/Edit recipients. Click that green button and you'll be on another page.Select whether you want to send gifts to friends or those in your corral. Click either the *friends* or *corral* link and a field will appear with icon photos and the names of your friends. You'll probably have several pages of them.

3) Whenever you see someone you want to send a gift to, click on their photo and it'll appear in the space below called Lucky Recipient. Keep adding kitties until you're finished, then at the bottom you'll see a green button that says Continue. Click *Continue* and you're back on the gift shop page. Then all you have to do is click on send the gift!

These are The Divine Miss M's exact instructions so copy and paste them so you know how to do it next time. OMC it saved us oodles of time and aggravation!

Btw, did you see our pawsome newly decorated pages? We decorated for upcoming Earth Day on April 22nd.

Mommy has been feeling sad when she thinks about me lately. Just sort of hitting her for some reason these days. She's really missing me because she wants to cuddle big time and Lacey and Finney can't sit still for long. She misses spooning with me and the other night when Lacey got up after only 5 minutes, she had leaky eyes cause she remembered how we just loved and loved and loved on each other all the time. sigh. I miss it too mommy, I really, really do. I know you see me though, at least I'm here, I'm trying to touch you and give you kisses. I think you feel it once in awhile. I love you mommy, with all my furry angel heart I love you.



April 18th 2012 6:01 pm
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Alex's mommy here, I need purrs and prayers. My dad is in the hospital tonight. They think it’s another stroke, I just got home. He scared the heck out of me, he passed out while they were taking blood at the hospital. His blood pressure is all over the place and he’s having very blurry vision. He’s got to stay there for now. His bp went up to 219!!! He had this in 2006 so they think it’s another stroke but the blurry vision has the doc worried about something called aortic something or other, I can’t remember. But it can make someone blind. EKG and cat scan are clear, just waiting for the lab work to come back. My sisters are there, I had to come and be with my mom. He's going to turn 85 in June and I know he and I butt heads like there's no tomorrow but sooner or later I'm going to lose him and I would still like it to be later. If you guys can spare some purrs and prayers I'd really appreciate it. Thanks everyone, I have pawsome friends here. Luv you all!!!

Alex's mommy



May 4th 2012 11:34 am
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I just changed my preferences on my photos and my diaries again. If you wonder why anything you write isn't showing up immediately it's because I need to check it first because some jerk just spammed my Alex's picture!!!! I wish Catster would get a grip on this stuff. How come I don't see this on any other forums? I don't understand that at all!!!!!! HHHHIIIISSSSSS.

Whoever thinks they can mess with me via my website as well, I can see where you're located and what page you're on via Google Analytics so don't bother. When I joined Facebook and the other social networks I knew something like this would happen and it might be funny to someone else but to me it's an insult and hurts!!!!! Maybe that's your point right? Get a life then, and leave those of us that are trying to do something good with ours, alone.


Fly free Simba, we love you!!! and other stuff

May 11th 2012 8:29 am
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What a sad day. My dear friend Simba has passed away and is now here at the bridge with us. His family is of course hurting badly. Please go and comfort them. If you don't know what happened, Simba's cancer came back and spread very quickly. He had blood in his lungs and one of his lungs completely stopped working very recently. Finally his little body could not take anymore. I think this is part of the reason we haven't been around much lately. Not because of Simba but because mom is having a hard time losing friends and helping others on other sites at the same time.

We've been dealing with stuff with grampy, he's a complete mean grouch again and back at picking on mom and everyone else too. We don't know how many years he has left so mom is trying to be patient but he's so insulting and mean sometimes. He's been like this to mom her entire life. She's got a lot of unresolved feelings to deal with. And Midnight is having some poopy problems. Vet says nothing obvious is wrong, could be dementia, could be she's mad at grampy because she hasn't wanted to leave him alone, poking him in the lip, doing all kinds of weird things. She must know something we don't. But he's tired of it and doesn't want to be bothered. So maybe she's mad. I don't know. Mom is trying not to be worried but you know my mom!

So we apologize again for missing everyone's important days. Mom has just needed a break she's been REALLY REALLY REALLY busy on another forum helping a ton of sick kitties with IBD and lymphoma. sheesh there's a lot! Very frustrating for us. Seems it's just getting worse and worse with these illnesses. A friend of ours said yesterday that it seems like the more we pet parents express our concerns to pet food companies the more they put junk in the food that doesn't belong there. Like it's a battle of wits or something and they don't care who's the ones getting hurt, THE KITTIES. Makes us so mad.

So anyway that's our story. We miss the old days when we used to have pawties here on Catster and had so much fun. Nobody is around anymore, it seems so blah here. Where did everyone go? We're not leaving or anything, don't worry about that. Just taking a little snooze, MOL. We love you all and Simba's meowmy, please know I've already greeted him and have taken him to see his family here. He's being groomed and getting a great big meal because now he's hungry again. He's resting on a big bed of flowers and will be fine now. Please know we love you and we're sending you huge hugs of comfort from across the pond.

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