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Pawsitively Meow-Worthy

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Mommy gots a shot!

August 22nd 2012 5:33 pm
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Ha Ha momma!!! How does it feel to go to da docfur and gets a shot? Not fun is it! Mommy went for her physical the other day and gots herself a shot she didn't know she was gonna get. Something about a tennis shot because she works in the garden. I didn't know you needed to get a shot to play tennis! Although I can't say I can ever remember seeing momma play. She says she hasn't played tennis in a lot of years. But because she works in da dirt she needed one. WOW! That doesn't sound fun.

Mom didn't do her veggie garden this year like she wanted to because of da stupid-head neighbors that kept throwing their basketball in our yard CONSTANTLY. Da ball would have crushed her plants and she said she would have gotten way too mad about that and had more anxiety than she does now even. We don't like those stupid-heads next door. They don't care bout no one else around here. Just them! But mom says her veggies probably wouldn't have turned out well anyway cause we didn't have rain all summer until this month. Then it was all at once like a river! Her veggies probly woulda died. So maybe it worked out. Plus it was SOOOOOOO hot! HOT HOT HOT! It's been nice this week though. Low 80s and no humidity, whheeeeee. We have started to feel like playing again!

Mommy has to go back to the docfur in the fall to get another shot for the flu! I don't like shots, I don't know how she stands it. Plus they took blood like big vampire leeches from her too! Sheesh! My mommy is brave! So that's my story about how my momma got shot. MOL. But she's okay now, thank goodness.


This house is jinxed!

August 29th 2012 9:09 am
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Mommy is furry upset right now. Everything has been going wrong with everything in this house for so long and now it's her refrigerator! The repairman is coming over in an hour to look at it but jeez! What else!? First it was mom's car. After putting almost a thousand dollars of repairs to get it to pass inspection, the head gasket started leaking and mom had to stop driving it. She cannot afford that kind of repairs. So after all that money down the tubes the car has been sitting in the garage since late winter. Then it was the oil tank, the water heater, the furnace, the plumbing leak, the bees, grampy's car, the new terrible neighbors, now the fridge and grammy is not doing well. She has some rash all over her body they can't figure it out. She's got to go for more blood work tomorrow but it's been going on for over a year and getting worse. Why does everything go wrong here? Mommmy don't cry, we're here for you! Mom is so sick of it. We know things go wrong all the time for everyone but this has been a rotten year and it's not stopping. We know there are a lot of sick kitties and sick parents that need purrs and we feel bad for asking but can we have some purrs too? Mom is exhausted and can't take anymore of this. Sigh, I thought kitties had it rough but a human's life is full of poop too.

Thanks everyfur, we love you
A concerned and sad Lacey


Gumpy needs purrs big time

September 12th 2012 9:53 am
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Please get together and do what you do best! Our sweet and handsome Gumpy is not doing well at all folks. He doesn't show interest in food, has trouble going to the litterbox (both literally weak legs, and doing anything once she puts him in there). Oh sweet Gumpy Goo! We're purring so hard for you sweetheart. Please purr, send POTP, do what you can everyone. We all love him so much. This is distressing to hear and I know you all love him as much as we do. This is that hard time of year again. My mom wrote about this in her blog last week. We have to purr extra hard for a miracle. PURRRR PURRRRR PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!



Thank you Annabelle!!!!

September 18th 2012 4:13 pm
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Thank you to Annabelle and her family for surprising us with a Plus subscription. We were all set and fine to live with the non plus, we really were. But to be honest, mom had a problem last night with her computer and lost all kinds of recent pictures she didn't back up yet. OMC was she upset!! Then this morning...tada! Our Plus is back along with all of our pictures so guess what? We were able to transfer some of the pictures mom lost back onto our computer. So Annabelle's mommy saved the day! We have the bestest friends, we really do. And just so everyone knows, she had planned on doing this in secret even before our Plus ran out as a prezzie to us. So even though we could have lived without it, it's not that big of a actually turned out to be a big deal because we got our pictures back that we lost on our computer. Ssssseeeeeee? MOL. She's our hero!!!

Oh and Colorado is eating again and feeling a smidge better so his meowmy is going to wait to bring him in for his appointment this Thursday for an ultrasound. It's only one more day and since he's eating right now, she figures why stress him out. Yayyyy Colorado! We really hope they figure this out. He still needs to get diagnosed and treated.

Oh and Gentleman Jack needs purrs. He may have a tumor in his lung, they don't know yet. He's all congested and needs medicine. He's not being very good about it though. He's also got diabetes now too.


Discount code for Halloweeny gifts!

October 5th 2012 8:53 pm
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Hey everyfur, you know River & Simone right? You know their shop where they make cool catnip toys? Well, we got together with them and for the month of October, use the code IBDSCARYKITTIES for 15% off at Happy River Dances Catnip Company

They have the bestest toys! Have fun everyone! Anyone for a River Niptini? MOL


This Week's Blog Entry!

October 10th 2012 3:44 pm
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Hey everyone! This week's blog entry!
Visits from the Fur Side

Please be respectful in all views of things.
Lacey Wacey Bug



October 16th 2012 4:25 pm
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Did any of you furs here in New England feel that? 7:10 pm eastern time we just had an earthquake. Jeez that scared the bajeez out of us!!! That kept going and going and going! We had it strong here in southern NH. Phew! Hope there are no aftershocks. I know, know. We are wimps here compared to California. Hey! We are not used to this, it's scary. It actually gave my mommy a headache and now she's all loopy and rocky, feels like she's moving around when she's not. WEIRD!!! that was one of the strongest ones we've ever had over here. Least while I've been alive. WOWZERS!



October 23rd 2012 5:42 pm
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Come on and zoom zoom zooma zoom! Anybody remember that show? Mom is dating herself, MOL. The last two days I have had the major zoomy cuckoos!!! Zooming around the house, dancing with mommy, clunking my head on my tower and just being a nut! Mom loves it. Me too, I don't know why I feel like this but I am ZOOOOOOOOMMMMIINNNNGGGG everywhere!

MOL, that was a peelout.


storm check in

October 28th 2012 10:54 am
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You can either check in here and let us know you're okay or if you can, check into the plus forum. The thread is for this storm to check in and let everyone know you are okay. Please do so if possible through this storm for the next few days. We're worried about all of our friends. Stay safe!!!
Luv Lacey


Cats Rule, Humans Drool

November 5th 2012 4:41 pm
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Rules by Lacey

1) I will always puke on a rug or piece of furniture instead of the floor. I don’t know why, it’s just the perfect spot.

2) I reserve the right to drag cat litter all over the house at any and all times, especially right after you’ve vacuumed or when you’re barefoot.

3) I will eat every last drop of food in my bowl, but only if I feel like it. Otherwise, I’ll leave half of it there and demand more anyway. I will sit there and burn a hole through your head with my glare until I get more food. I’ll eat a little of it and then walk away.

4) I will cry and bother you until you play with me then proceed to play only a very short time but revel in watching you chase my toy over and over.

5) I will come and cuddle with you on your bed and proceed to keep stretching until I have most of it and you’re lying off of it or have fallen off.

6) I will walk all over your computer keyboard and sit in front of you meowing until you stop working and pay full attention to me.

7) I will drop a little present on the floor every now and then and even though it looks and smells like poop, it’s really very valuable and you will appreciate it.

8) I will chew on my toenails like crazy but in no way does that mean you’re to get the clippers out and try to cut them yourself. You will not deprive me of my tasty toes.

9) I will climb the curtains, try to eat things I’m not supposed to and get into terrible trouble wrecking the house. But you will love and adore me anyway.

10) We will have the most wonderful and loving relationship for as long as we can together and when I’m old, way before you are, you will take care of me, pick up after my accidents and love me enough to let me go when I’m ready. Until then you will enjoy each and every moment of my stupendous and spectacular personality.

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