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Pawsitively Meow-Worthy

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April 2nd 2012 3:18 pm
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What is that thing and why does it smell like CAT! Yesterday mommy's sister and nephew came upstairs and they brought this really big red thing. Mom calls it a chaise lounge but I call it a big red cat!!! I recognize one smell on it, Midnight. She's mommy's sister's kitty who lives downstairs. I smell that on mommy everyday, no biggy. But this thing is big and it smells like another kitty. Part of me recognizes it but I'm not quite sure! I was huffin' and puffin' and walking over to it and waving my head around in a weird way. Mom thought it was pretty funny actually, I don't see the humor in this invasion.

Mom says it's Moufasa, he's been gone to the bridge now for over a year. She said he used to live here downstairs too and that we knew he was here, we had no choice he was loud! He was a meezer!!! Funny thing is that Finney couldn't care less, he's adopted that chair for his own. Now he can spread out like the big poofy orange ball of cotton that he is. He's getting fur all over it and it's sticking too, MOL. Not like our other furniture that's something called microfiber. That stuff is my mom's favorite, nothing sticks to that.

I've been a brat mom says. Geez! First I have some new smells invading my house and now I am a brat too!? Just because I suddenly won't shut up. Maybe Moufasa is possessing me and I can't help myself. YEAH! that's it!!! That's what is happening. I don't know when it'll stop either, so deal wiff it mommy! ppppfffftttt!


Thank mew!!! that was EGGSCELLENT! MOL

April 9th 2012 5:36 pm
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Thanks to everyone for filling up all 3 of our pages with awesome pawsome colorful big eggies. They are beautiful and OMC look how many furriends we have. Again, thank you to Miss Mittens for splainin' to us how to do the gifties all at once. Next time I think we'll do a diary right before the free prezzies and repeat her instructions for everyone so you all can do it that way. Hope you don't mind Miss M! It'll be a great time saver and of course you'll get the credit.

If you haven't bought a Queen Tallulah feline breast cancer awareness bracelet don't forget that 100% of the proceeds go directly to research at UC Davis. Here's the link to our website again with the info:

Short but sweet diary tonight. Mommy says her brains are rolling down the driveway (gross mom) and she said she's too tired and can't focus to write a long or funny one. What a jip! I need to keep on her like flies on a poop ball.

Hey next special day is Earth Day, April 22nd. So we're putting up Earth Day decorations on our pages! Hope you all do the same, Mother Nature wants our attention so we better start kissing planet butt!



Update on grampy, neighbors and us

April 23rd 2012 10:04 am
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Hi everyone! Our grampy is doing better. His blood pressure is stabilized and normal and he's getting plenty of rest, trying not to fly off the handle at every little thing (which is asking A LOT!) and Midnight is still keeping a watchful eye on him (she's a great little nurse). We just wanted to say thanks for all the purrs and prayers for him. To let everyone know, we've been through this before a couple of times so mom is pretty versed in the arteries (he already had a blockage removed before), the BP (he's had Bell's Palsey, 2 mild strokes, other stuff (broken a femur, shattered his leg in 17 places, had prostate cancer, skin cancer, thyroid, etc etc etc.) So we're pretty caught up on all this stuff and what to look for. And even though he wasn't in a room until 8 hours later (HISSSSSS), the ER doc was very, very thorough and checked for allllll these things (well, pertaining to his last stroke and arteries and all that). Mom said the ER doc was really cute, MOL. He's too young though. We've probably left out something he's had just cause we can't remember but that's just him! We didn't even talk about everything grammy has had. sheesh! But thank you again, we furry much appurciate it.

So our bad neighbors are doing furry bad things out of their house. Nottttt nice things at allllll. Our other neighbors are calling a cop friend of theirs to see what they can do and they are calling the number on our neighborhood watch sign. We want them gone but mom is afraid because these days people like them carry weapons so we have to be careful. In the meantime, since mom moved her desk out of our playroom we are NOT HAPPY AT ALL. She says she can get more work done though but I don't like it one bit. We are bored not being able to bug her constantly and usually we sleep on our towers with her right there working. Now our towers are in the playroom on the other side of the house. We can come and sleep in the living room but it's not the same. I don't like it. Finney & I are furry bored big time and she's trying everything to get us to play and even though we are bored, we are like "meh".

Mom wrote her friend Tracy last night and she's gonna help mom TRY and put us on a raw food diet. Good luck with that one. I'm more adventurous than Finney with food but still stubborn. He's a regular food snob! He wasn't always like that, only since he growed up. Hey! Did you see Ingen and Novi's new stroller? Mom says she would like to get us something like that but they are expensive and we can't afford it. Plus she'd have to give us heartworm and flea and tick meds if we went outside.

Well, I think that's it. oh! You can now follow me on Twitter!!/IBDKitties. Mom kind of likes it but so far out of the 3 followers we have only one is a cat person!!! It's Tigger and Midge's meowmy. The other two look like they are advertisers just following everyone, that's not cool. We don't want our board to be somewhere that people get bugged.

Well TTFN!!!
Luv Lacey bug


THANK MEW! And concats to everyone on these special days

May 2nd 2012 12:43 pm
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Mom is so busy these days so we cannot wish everyone their respective happy birthdays, happy gotcha days, rainbow bridge days, etc. individually. Please know if we missed you, we didn't mean to but we are wishing you concats and happiness here. We love you all. And thank you for my DDP today!! We had someone make us a lovely picture that she posted on our Facebook page but stupid fleas are preventing us from posting it. Hey, this is our personal Facebook page if anyone isn't already friends with us:

Oh and we learned something so sad right now. As New England Patriots fans we want to say RIP to Junior Seau. Just awful! We hope your soul is finally at peace and you're playing the game you loved so much, wherever you are.

Anyways! Happy everything to everyone, I hope you see this if you have a birfday or celebration already happening! Mom will be in and out for the next couple of days so no time to be on the puper too much.

Kisses and headbonks
Luv Lacey


Lacey's turn! I need help. sigh.

May 19th 2012 10:56 pm
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Since everyone gave me such wonderful advice with Finnegan when he went through his stage of being scared of me, I figured I'd ask for help with Lacey. She's not having the same problem at all and I still have Finney's calming collar. I do put it on her sometimes but jeez!

Okay I'm getting ahead of myself. I don't know if this is normal or not for their age. Both will be 4 in June. They are bored with their toys, bored with each other as far as playing anyway and just plain bored. Finney, he's laid back and couldn't care less. Lacey is restless and a serious pain in the neck! She drives me crazy!!! She claws at the door in the kitchen to go in the hallway and I only open that door for a little while very late at night because they used to play in the hall. Now I don't even know why she wants that door open but it's awful! She used to do it to my bedroom door but I started using the squirt bottle so she stopped. Now she's at the main door and I don't think it's the door in particular, she just doesn't know what to do with herself. I try playing with both of them constantly and they are not interested in anything anymore. I miss when they used to play with each other and when I played with them I wore them out. Now it's the opposite. She's doing it right now. She's at the door meowing and clawing at it. Then when I open the door, she doesn't even stay out there. She ends up coming back in and laying down. Drives me nuts.

And no, they are fine, no vet visit is in order, please let's not get into that. They are both extremely healthy, I've always known she was going to be a handful. I used the Feliway spray near the door, big whoop, does nothing. They don't want the laser pointer, they don't want the string, they don't want anything like Da Bird (they hate things on a stick, so weird), they don't want their kitty sitter videos, they don't want anything but they do want SOMETHING. And I do spend time with them, I just don't know what they want from me to get them playing. So my questions are:

1) how am I supposed to play with them and get them to wear off that restless energy if they getting older and just aren't amused by much?

2) If I got them leashes and took them outside once in awhile, would I have to put flea and tick medication on them and give them heartworm meds and all of that? And will they want to go out all the time after that?

And 3) HELP! LOL. What am I supposed to do? She's making me crazy!


My birthday and stunned and saddened.

June 17th 2012 9:25 am
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I don't know how I am going to celebrate my birthday right now. I am in shock and so sad and stunned to learn that my sweet friend Ollie has suddenly gone to the bridge. This kind of thing frightens mom so much. She just prays and prays that never happens to me or Finney. Mom is trying not to cry but it's very tough, we love them so much.

But in Ollie's honor we are going to try hard to be happy that I am here and healthy. It's my 4th birthday today and since mom claims I'm a giant big mouth (not nice, but true, MOL) I'm going to shout it from the rooftops that I am 4 today and I welcome all of our friends to come back over to celebrate with us. Hope you all aren't partied out from Finney's pawty last week! Come and enjoy all the cake, catinis, nip ice tea, shrimpies, and yes, even trout! I had special delivery from the Tabbies via personal email. I will NEVER stop including them in our fun here, even if they're gone. Too darned bad for them! I refuse! MOL.

Thanks everyone, now I need to cheer mom up and do something cute and funny.
Luv you all,
Lacey bug


Thank mew!!

June 21st 2012 9:29 am
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Thank mew to everyone who gave me prezzies and hung out with us at my pawty for my birfday. I really loved seeing you all. It's hot, hot, hot!! MOL. As if you all don't know that already. So here's my thank yous:

Jezebel - bluebird
Grestone and furmily - rose
Tully and furmily - ladybug (or wacybug as I'm known)
Orange Ruffy & furmily - baseball
Hamlet - shrimp
Frankie - rose
BonnieBell - ladybug
Kaci Sunshine & furmily - ladybug
Samoa - bluebird
Kally Kat - pink ribbon
Timo & Mietzi - bunny wabbit
Norman & furmily - heart
Sleeper & furmily - heart
Beepers & Ashlynne - ladybug
Sweet little sick Tilly Mint & furmily for the butterfly
Harley - hat
Tink & Snow - hat
Zoe & furmily - daffodils
Sigmund & furmily - bouquet
Milo & furmily - cuppycake
Hunter & furmily - cuppycake
Skylar & furmily - cuppycake
Smithwick & furmily - butterfly
Monster - hat
Meep & Bibi - hat
Tigger & furmily - hat
Artie & furmily - cuppycake
Keisha & furmily - cuppycake
Sally Maria & furmily - cuppycake
Tilly - hat
Alexander & now his little sisfur Juliette - butterfly
And last but not least my sweet baboo Linus for the butterfly!

PHEW! I'm pooped now. MOL. Thank you everyone for making my birthday great! Love you all
Lacey bug


Please hug and love as many as you can

July 21st 2012 4:09 pm
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Please give as many people as you can a warm and loving hug in memory of those senseless losses this week. Even if it's a cyber hug. Show LOVE not hate. This world is a scary place with so much to be scared of and so much to be depressed about. But it's also a beautiful place with so many loving, giving and wonderful souls with smiles and hugs abound! I'm sending you all hugs of love and warmth today and my heart will not tolerate so much hate in this world! It simply will not! To those that lost their lives this week in such a horrific way, may your souls rest knowing you were loved by complete strangers and you will be missed on this earthly plane. In their honor please spread love any time you have the chance, even if it's just for a second. Even if you hold the door open for someone. If you say thank you to someone, if you flash a smile to someone and if you tell someone they are important and worthy of love. Do what you can, when you can.

Whisker kisses and giant snoozles
Lacey and furmily (and momma too)


PET OF THE WEEK! Somewhere else

July 27th 2012 12:06 pm
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Hi all! I have had an eventful week. As some of you know I was trapped behind my mommy's stove the entire day on Sunday while strange people were coming in and out of our house, making a lot of banging, pounding, scary noises. The plumbing had a leak that was in my mom's bedroom closet going downstairs to grammy and grampy's kitchen. It took 3 days to fix completely! Instead of running behind the couch like I always do, I decided to go behind the kitchen stove and hide. I was there all day and mom didn't know it. By the time she found me it was 8 hours later and I was scared, dehydrated and very nervous. I hadn't peed or pooped all day, I needed water like a camel and I wanted my mommy bad! She felt soooo bad. It wasn't her fault, I never did that before so she had no clue. If Finney hadn't come and put his nosey there so much she wouldn't have known I was there stuck! All is fine now, I'm okay.

In fact I have been pet of the week on another website! Not just cat of the week but PET of the week! Whoo hoo! If you go here and scroll down to the bottom, you'll see my cute face playing peekaboo: PET OF THE WEEK. It's a cute site, we made some nice friends there and are helping a lot of kitties with IBD and other stuff. Anyway, I thought I would show off my picture and award! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Luv Lacey wacey bug


new video

August 13th 2012 1:37 pm
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Hey everyone! We finally put up a new video on our youtube channel.

We also have some new pictures on Shutterfly
Check it out, hope you enjoy it!

It's hot here again today although not as humid as it has been. Hope you're all staying cool!!

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