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The Floof Report

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Cat of the Day!

May 15th 2010 8:41 am
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Woweeeeee! I woke up this morning to find I'm cat of the day! How did that happen? Lacey is going to be so jealous, hee hee hee! I can't believe it! I'm so happy I'm running around the house playing and yelling. This is a great honor, thank you sooooo much! Mommy really appreciates it too. She tries her darndest to take such great care of us even though we don't make it easy for her most times. We're little trouble makers of the biggest kinds. Sorry mommy, we try. She loves us big time though and last night she didn't feel good so we both got on the bed with her and cuddled her as hard as we could. I think it helped her cause she feels a little better today. We're just starting to get cuddly with her because we're both 2 years old now and a little bit more in the mood for lovin'. I am getting to love all the kisses mommy gives me, I'm sucking it all up! Angel Alex tells us that if we let mommy, she'll kiss us so much we'll purr loud enough for her to hear us in heaven. We're going to try that, it sounds nice! Thank you again for making me cat of the day, it's very exciting and it made mommy extremely happy!
Luv to everyone!


We love A/C

June 24th 2010 2:58 pm
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Thank goodness mommy put on the air conditioner first thing today! PHEW! I'm a big boy with A LOOOOTTTTT of fur. She brushes me every single day and even uses a furminator gadget thingy. I like that too! But it's 90 degrees and vewy wet and stickery. Even mom is uncomfortable and it takes a lot for her to get hot. We are supposed to get some big thunder boomers but they keep going around us. Me and Lacey actually LIKE those! We're kinda cooky that way. We go bazerky when storms come and we like to run from window to window. But nothing is happening here, not a bad cloud in the sky. We want it to cool down just a little so we can open the windows and I can smack my lips at the birdies right outside eating at their feeders. This is vewy boring!

I chewed on Lacey again this morning, HEE HEE HEE. I know I'm not supposed to do that but gosh darn it, I just love to! She let me have it though and mom didn't even try and stop her. Hmmmm, will have to be more sneaky about it. Mom says she keeps telling me and I don't listen so she's gonna let Lacey punch me a good one in the nose! We'll see about that momma! I have to show you girls who's the man of the house!


Catnip, big paws and toe kisses

August 14th 2010 6:59 pm
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We've had a lot of these little buggies in the house this week. They're driving momma crazy! She tried hard to go without spraying anything gross around the house but there are literally hundreds of them outside and they keep getting in by the dozens! No exaggeration either. Anyways, Lacey and I are having fun killing them but mom isn't seeing the humor in it. Although she's always impressed with our quick eyes and my big paws. I see that bug and take my giant paw and POWEEE! He's a goner. POWEE, there's another one! Don't worry momma, we'll get them. She won't let us kill ladybugs though, she says those are good bugs that help outside. A bug is a bug is a bug, I always say. YUM! Slurp! I like to eat little moths a lot. They flutter when they go down. YUCK mommy says, LOL!

I have started something with momma that she thinks is cute and funny. I come over to her feet, lick her toes one by one and then give each toe a little nibble after that. Tee hee, momma says "Finney, that tickles." Then she says "OW, not so hard Finney!". Whoops, sorry momma. I get carried away. Then she kisses my toes and I wuv that! My purrees gets going when she does that. Mommy sings us these songs she made up. She sings "I'm just a love machine, and I don't purr for nobody but you!" And "Little pink noses, for you and me". Seems to me I've heard songs like that before on the radio! Hmmmm.

Anyways, we just got new catnip baggies so we're going to go and get drunk now. LOL! I'm a nippyholic. Lucky for me I don't drive!


Uproar and backlash and appreciation

August 20th 2010 12:43 pm
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Well momma knew this was going to happen. Seems it's impossible for her to express concerns over what people feed to their babies without a backlash. She feels now like she should have kept her mouth shut even though most people have thanked her and said she was doing them a good service. She said she should be used to this by now, being controversial and then getting heck for it. But it still bothers her and now she's upset and feels like she did the wrong thing. Momma feels like crying, I can tell. She needs me to go and give her some luvies. We're sorry if we upset anyone, she was just trying to help.


I'm a baadddd boy!

August 22nd 2010 7:58 pm
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Maaaannnnn! Momma was mad at me this morning! I pooped in the bathtub last night. She says it's not pleasant to wake up to my exceptionally stinky poo smelling all over the house. I haven't done that in a long time and she JUST finished telling someone on Catster I didn't do that anymore, heh heh heh.

In my defense momma has been spending way too much time on this stupid compuper! We know she's helping other kitties but come onnnnn! Play with us darn it! So I got her attention now, didn't I! She says a little kissin' and nuzzling would have done the same thing. Well, I'm a guy and I am a fickle one at that so this is what I chose to do instead.

She says she's going to close that door at night now. She says if she catches me pooping in the kitchen sink I'm grounded! How's she going to do that! I stay inside now anyways? Well, momma is a big mushball and forgives everything we do. Doesn't she?


cuddlebugs and nice days

September 11th 2010 1:47 pm
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We had a beautiful day today and a fun night last night. Mom played with us a lot last night and today I spent the morning really cuddling my heart out with her. That's unusual for me and mostly Lacey always interrupts us because she's jealous. I don't know why!!! She gets in momma's face constantly! Even walks on her compuper and then farts in her face!!! Pew! LOLO. She gets tons of love and wants it more than I do. So mom really enjoyed my luvy dovey mood. She says she has to take it when she can get it! She says I'm a typical guy. Now what does that mean? Hmmmm! I am pretty independent and want momma when I want her! Guess I am quite the guy! She says she loves to watch me give myself a bath because she loves my big paws. She was giving me a massage in bed this morning, oooh la la that felt good! She says she loves my muscular shoulders and my big siberian tiger like stature. Ooooh mommy! You know how to say all the right things. Grrrroowwwwww!


I went for a visit

September 15th 2010 1:38 pm
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Today momma took me downstairs to the first floor to visit my grammy and grampy! That was a lot of fun. I missed doing that. I'm the one who kept climbing on the door and looking at her like, "let's go, I'm bored!" So she said, okay Finney, let's go. So down we went and I had a ball sniffing all over the place. My cousin kitties Moufasa and Midnight spend a lot of time down there because they live on the very lower level with their momma so they go upstairs a lot. So I was sniffing everywhere, wow, so much to smell. My grammy couldn't believe how big I got. She said she could use my tail as a feather duster. No way grams! My tail is too beautiful and fluffery for dirty stuff like that. I was strutting around like a peacock in front of them and they love it when I do that. Lacey used to come down with me but she's gotten to be anti-social about that stuff. Because we don't go down there as much anymore she doesn't want to now. Oh well! More lovin' for meeeee!! Momma calls her the "guard" kitty because she growls at the door whenever she hears someone coming in or walking up the stairs. I wouldn't mess with her if I were them. She's got a mean punch, I should know. I ask for it though, I can't control myself around her. Yesterday I went crazy chasing her around the house so bad she was hissing and growling at me. Momma finally stopped me and said "FINNEY! Do you want me to put your little hoo hoo in the cold water to cool you off or what?!" YIKES! Just try it mom, just you try it.


I'M HOT!!!!

September 24th 2010 12:55 pm
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Last week it was really cool outside and got down to the 40s and even the 30s at night. So my mom took out the air conditioners. Yesterday was warm, 80 degrees. Today it's 88 right now at 4 pm!!!! Me and Lacey are DYING! I don't blame her, she doesn't want to put the a/c back in for just a couple of days but holy moly! She just took a really wet towel and rubbed us down and put some fans on. I'm supposed to like water right? Because I'm a Maine Coon? Not so much anymore. Don't know why. Lacey likes it better than me. We're sure bored lately. Seems like nobody reads our diaries or anything anymore. If they do, nobody writes anything. In the words of Winnie the Pooh, "HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"? Piglet? Roo? Eyor? Owl? Rabbit? Anybody out there? Oooh mommy just took out some ice cubes for us to play with. Time for me to go!!!



September 27th 2010 9:15 am
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Holy moly! Saturday night the house shook and momma was lying on the couch when it was picked up a little and moved. She thought gramps fell out of bed again downstairs because he does that alot. He says it's only 2x but he likes to downplay that stuff. Anyways, mom went down to check on him and everyone was still asleep! She was like "huh"? So she couldn't figure out what happened and just said "okay, whatever". Then we saw on the news last night that New Hampshire had a 3.1 earthquake that was only 2 miles under the surface. Mom says that's really shallow and that's what happened! Whoa! We don't like this stuff. NH is a small state and mom says the last time she felt an earthquake here that strong was when she was a kid and her whole bedroom furniture moved. We're getting all kinds of stuff happening here that we didn't used to. A lot of tornados and microburst the last couple of years and now an earthquake? Yikes! I guess mother nature is really getting ticked off at everyone. Momma says she can't blame her, although we do a lot to help the earth so don't pick on us Mom Nature! LOLO. Anyways, between the heat Friday and then Saturday night the earthquake, it was an eventful weekend. Then yesterday Lacey went completely bazerko! She's still doing it. Because it's cool out she is losing her marbles and running everywhere and even being bad. It's usually me doing something bad so she's getting the blame this time. LOLO. She's nuts! There I was minding my own business licking my bum, and she pounded me!!! Punched me in the eyeball! Right now, she's tearing up our tower. Jeez! Did she have something extra funny in her catnip or what?


Special Day!

October 1st 2010 7:21 am
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I was going to write in my diary today and thank Hunter and his wonderful meowmy for spending HOURS yesterday helping my momma do these wonderful new pages. Thank you SOOO much guys!! We're so grateful and happy.

But now we turn on the compuper and zoinks! I'm a DDP! Whoo hoo!!! What a surprise!! Thank you so furry much everybody, this is great!!! Guess my earthquake news was good stuff. And guess what! It ain't over yet! Hurricane Nicole is over us now and zowie it's crazy windy here and raining hard. Me and Lacey love this weather. We're zooming from window to window and playing like nuts. Momma had to run outside and drag the patio furniture inside and now she's soaking wet. It's never a dull moment around here lately! But we don't care, we're happy and healthy and loved by so many of your great Catsters is makes us all smile big giant smiles! Specially momma!

Luv all of you! Thanks again for making me DDP! It's so pawsome!
Luv Finney

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