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Tatti's Tattle Tales

My Furrst Diary

March 29th 2010 1:58 pm
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Hi Every buddy!
My name is Tattiana and I have a new family today. I have been adopted by the most loving group of kitties and human's you can imagine.

My big brothers, Mikey, Bubby, and Simon are not only the most handsome boys in the world, but they are very sweet and playful too. I have so much fun romping around the house with Mikey, jumping at teaser toys with Simon, and taking naps with Bubby. My beautiful sissies, Aria and Bitta are the best. They have taken me under their paws and are teaching me all of the girly things that I need to know.

I am so happy and so lucky to have been chosen by this family. I am very excited to have my very own page on Catster too! I hope to make lots of new furrends here.

All my purrs,


Thank you for making me feel so special!

April 2nd 2010 8:23 am
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I really love being a member of Catster! What a fun place to be!
There are so many wonderful kitty furrends here to welcome me and make me feel special by sending me notes and rosies. I really appreciate all of the attention I have received. What a lucky girl I am!

I look forward to many, many happy times here. I would like to send special huggies and kisses to the following fur helping me celebrate being chosen by my new family and joining Catster:

Riley & Skippy (star), Bubby, Aria, Bitta, Mikey, and Simon (star), Cannoli and family (diamond), Cole and family (diamond), Cater Cat (star), Missy (Easter egg), Tony (heart), Newman (Easter egg), Henry (bunny), Jack, Bobby, & Teddy (Easter egg), Bliss, Cole, & St. Nick (Happy Easter Bunny Egg), and Catster HQ (Easter basket).

All meow purrs,


My Furrst Birthday

October 7th 2010 9:00 am
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I am one year old now! I had such a wonderful day of celebration yesterday! I spent the first half of the day hanging out with my 18 year old sister, *Katie*. Since I'm getting older now, I figured this would be a good time to ask an expert for some advice about longevity. Katie told me that avoiding stress, eating right, getting plenty of exercise, and taking lots of naps were the key to living a long and healthy life. I think I can handle that.. thanks Katie!

In the evening, Auntie came over for a visit and brought a special fluffy rabbit fur toy present to me. I love it because it has some cat nip in it and it feels really wonderful to roll around on. Momma and Paw Paw gave me some new toys too along with a birthday card, treats, and a special chocolate cake. I let the humans enjoy the cake though since I have to follow Katie's longevity advice about eating right. It was a wonderful day and a pawsome birthday celebration. I want to send a special thanks to the following Catster pals for sending me gifties and greetings and helping to make my day so special: Tate (We are One kitty), Jack, Bobby, and Teddy (Rainbow), Keisha, Sylvester, and Merlin (party hat), and my lovely family, Mikey, Simon, Bubby, Aria, Bitta, Charm, and Katie for not one but two yummy in the tummy layer cakes!

Sadly, we found out that our dear friend *Aryeh* went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Our hearts are broken and we will miss him so much. We are sending all of our loving support to his Momma. RIP dear furrend. Fly free. You are a beautiful angel now.

All my purrs,


You are the best Purrr-ensent of all!

December 24th 2010 8:36 am
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This diary entry is from our Meowmy, written straight from her heart as a special tribute to me and my kitty brofurs and sisfurs.

MIKEY, you are MY-KEY to true happiness. Your loving spirit and gentle ways enrich my days and fill my heart with joy.

ARIA,, you ARE (eeee-aaahhh) the reason there is always a song in my heart. Your beauty and sweetness are treasured more than any gift that money can buy.

BITTA, you far surpass a little BITTA love in my life. You are my floppy, funny, face-licking little lady-buddy and you bring smiles to my face every time I look at you!

BUBBY, my little soft, sweet, and cuddly BUBBY Boy! You are a constant source of joy and love. I can get lost in your gorgeous sky blue eyes and in your loving purrensense I feel blessed beyond measure!

SIMON, You bring abount a SIGH (mon) of contentment to my heart when you lay your sweet head against me and our hearts purr as one. Your handsome face and glorious coat and tail are a constant reminder of how fortunate I am to have you in my heart and family

TATTIANA, You are my baby, my TATTI tah tah, who I can still hold in my arms and feel our mutual affection for one another flowing through our bodies. You are truly beautiful inside and out - a pure spirit, a gift of love.

CHARM, You are my CHARM-ing treasure of love and affection. You are my dear little darling, treasured and loved more than you will ever know!

KATIE, Your purrensence in my life has always made everything Oh-KATIE with the world. We have shared our lives with you for many years and our love for you overflows our heart's capacity!

My dear, darling babies... Meowmy and Paw Paw love you more than we can ever express. You fill our lives and our hearts with joy and love. You are the best PURRENCES in the world and we will love you furrever and ever.

Meowy Christmas, my darlings!
Meowmy and Paw Paw


Thunder Boomies!

April 5th 2011 9:21 am
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Last night the TV told us that we were going to have some scary weather so Momma and Paw Paw took all of my kitty family and me down to the lowest level of our house. I like it down there! There is a big comfy bed and some comfy chairs to hang out on, as well as a TV. Momma even brought our toy basket, litter boxes, food and water so that we would feel right at home.

We are purry thankful that nothing bad happened to our home and we all had a safe night. We heard some big ole thunder boomies, rain, and wind but no tornadoes, thank goodness!

I am glad that Momma never lets us outside to fend for ourselves under any conditions, but most especially when there is scary things going on.

Today the sun is brightly shinning and all is calm.... just the way I like it!

All my purrs,


Momma Love

July 18th 2011 8:22 pm
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I love my Momma and my Momma loves me!
Wherever she goes, I am sure to follow. I lay on her desk when she is typing on the computer. I cuddle up next to her when she sleeps in bed. Whatever room, my Momma is in, her Tatti-shadow is there by her side.

I love my Momma and my Momma loves me!
Even though she's taking care of ALL of our family,
she always has time for ME.

I love my Momma and my Mommas loves me! That is the way it is and that is the way it will always be!

Loving purrs,


I'm Two Years Old Today!

October 6th 2011 6:04 am
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I am celebrating a special day today. I have been alive on this earth and living the good life for two whole years!

Momma and PawPaw gave me lots of love first thing this morning when they got up. Next I got to go out on our newly screened in deck to check out all of the new scents in the air and watch the birds flying around the bird feeder. When I came inside again, Momma gave all of us some special freeze dried chicken treats in honor of my birthday. I was a good girl and shared with every one in my kitty family but I think maybe Momma gave me a few more than my share today. MOL!

Well, I guess I will go see what I can get in to before it is afternoon nap time.

Loving purrs,


Our Christmas Purrs

December 23rd 2011 7:31 am
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We have come together as a family to express our felines in this diary entry. Momma is always telling us that we are gifts from Heaven to her and Paw Paw because we bring so much joy, laughter, and love into their hearts. She tells us we are the best Christmas purresents in the world and she gets to unwrap and enjoy the gifts of "us" every single day of the year. Christmas time is special to all of us because it is the day that we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, who was God's great gift to mankind (and catkind too) but we also know that we can enjoy that blessed Christmas spirit every single day because we are here together as a family. That is a very special gift, indeed.

We want to send a special and loving thank you to all of our Catster furrends for coming into our lives and warming our hearts with your photos, comments, and rosette prezzies throughout the year.

We are honored and thrilled to have received a whole big box of goodies from our dear Auntie Barbi and her darling family. Aria and Bitta were given lovely holiday dresses from their beloved boy-furrends, Jaspurr and Snowmitts. Bubby received a pawsome striped polo shirt from his beloved Kashmere, who is now watching over him from Heaven. The whole family is enjoying a bag of Friskies Party Mix Milled Grill Crunch treats, a tin of White Meat Chicken Fancy Feast Appetizers, candy canes, darling Christmas sox, a gorgeous Swarovski Elements Angel ornament, wonderful sparkly toy balls, and an adorable Christmas card!

We are so blessed to be loved and adored by our parents and to belong to a wonderful and caring cat community like Catster.

Wishing all of our dear furrends a joyous Christmas and the most pawsome New Year imaginable!

All our love and purrs,
Aria, Bitta, Mikey, Charm, Tattiana, Simon, Bubby, & Katie


Thank you CATSTER! Thank you FURRENDS!

December 28th 2011 8:02 am
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MEE-OW-ZER! We have been so thrilled and humbled by all of the special honors that our Christmastime diary entry has received. Our family came together to express our gratitude to our furrends and to Catster for being such a pawsome part of our lives, and to express our appreciation for all of the love and adoration we receive from our pawrents as well.

We cannot thank you enough dear Catster for featuring our diary entry on four different days! Tattiana received a Daily Diary Pick feature on 12/24. Charm received a DIARY of the DAY on 12/25. Bubby received a Daily Diary Pick on 12/26. And now, Tatti has received a DIARY of the DAY on 12/28!

We are all doing the Happy Cat Dance here and feline so special.

We also want to thank the many furrends who helped us celebrate with paw mails, rosettes, stars, and gifties. The family of Manytoes and Tundra even made special tribute pictures for Charm and Tatti to display on their Catster pages.

We are overwhelmed by all of the special attention and love that our family has been given this Christmas season and throughout the year!

Happy Happy New Year to ALL!
Tatti, Charm, Bubby
and the rest of the furry herd


Happy 3rd Birthday to Tattiana!

October 5th 2012 6:18 pm
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You are our special ray of sunshine. You are so lovely and sweet, Momma and Paw Paw can't believe how fortunate we are to have you as a part of our lives each day. We love how you like to cuddle with us at night and sleep on our desks when we use the computer, and how you still like to play like a kitten. We love how you brighten up a room with your purresence. Happy Birthday, darling girl. We love you furrever.
Momma, Paw Paw,
Mikey, Simon, Katie, Taboo,
Aria, Bitta, Charm, Bubby

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