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Happy Gotcha Day, Zack!

February 20th 2011 10:24 am
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We have been with Mommy and Daddy a whole year today. It is our Gotcha Day! I am Daddy's Girl and Zack is Mommy's Boy. Zack and I are brother & sister but also best friends. We get along so well and have too much fun together, if cats can have too much fun. Mommy and Daddy also have too much fun. MOL! They are so so happy that they adopted us a year ago.

Last night Mommy and Daddy watched 2 episodes of the cute show Must Love Cats. How can anyone not luv cats??

Thanks Catster for celebrating our Gotcha Day with us. We hope to be celebrating many many more with you.

Zachery, Zoey & Family for the Brussel Ball
Violet for the Pink Rosette
Zoe for the Pink Rosette
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne for the Pink Rosette
Unkie Bellzy for the Pink Rosette
Tate for the Heart
Tasha for the Heart
Teebo, Callie & Rose for the Heart
Beepers & Ashlynne for the Heart
Pixie for the Furever Emerald
Siggy for the Pink Rosette
Kovo for the Heart
Hunter, Munky & Ozzy for the Gotcha Day Party Hat
Nikko & Scooter for the Pink Rosette
The Gang of Furs for the Heart
Annie, Alex & Bugsy for the Pink Rosette
Nikki for the Heart
Angel Sam, Kiki & Em for the Heart
Xena Princess Warrior & Family for the Heart
Ashley, Tony, & Angel Callie for the Gotcha Day Party Hat
Tabby, Carbon & Family for the Heart
Ginger for the Pink Rosette

We luv you!


The Birds

March 9th 2011 1:45 pm
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I luv birdies. I luv watching them out the window. AND I luv playing with catnip birdies.

My Favorite Catnip Birds

We first heard about these birdies on and we placed an order. Then we placed another order. So now we have lots of colorful, soft birdies to play with. They are so cute and I luv them so much. It is neat to be able to hold a birdy in my paws.

Lots of things surround our Kitty Hollow Tree to play with: apples, bananas, lemons, frogs, lizards and birdies!



March 15th 2011 1:35 pm
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The only time we get treats is when Eric and Paul came over to visit and when it is time to weigh ourselves on our scales. Now we are getting treats for another purpose.

Mommy yells out "TREAT!" and we both run upstairs to our carriers. We don't know this yet but our carriers are all ready for our annual Vet appointment on Saturday. First our carriers were put out with no door and comfy sherpa beds inside. Mommy throws a piece of Wellness CORE dry food in each carrier and we go in there and eat it. Later the doors were added on (but left open) and then fleece blankets were put inside.

So far the daily practicing of getting in our carriers has been going really well. We sometimes will even take a little nap in there. On Saturday Mommy's plan is to close the doors to the carriers while we are having our treats. She is hoping this will go smoothly. She is thinking Zack and I will be really good at the Vet's. Unlike somecat that was nicknamed Clarice!

Zack and I have been trying different flavors of the Nature's Variety Instinct canned food. So far we love the chicken, the rabbit and the duck. The cans of lamb are coming today.

Wish us luck on Saturday!



March 19th 2011 9:24 am
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Zack and I are sitting in our carriers in the livingroom watching Sesame Street right now. We haven't been in our carriers for almost a year.

We were both suspicious when Mommy closed the door to the bedroom and so we hid. But Zack came out of hiding for a treat and Mommy was able to get him in there easily. Me not so easy. Daddy had to come in to help. They ended up following me back and forth thru the room to try to get me. And I had a little high cry which made them so sad. I decided to hide in the mancave. Not a smart idea. Daddy just took the whole mancave and took it over to my carrier that Mommy was holding and before I knew it, I was locked in the carrier. My pawrents high fived on that one. Zack is very calm but I am trying to dig my way out. Hopefully I will be very tired by the time our 10:00 appointment comes around.

Thanks again T & T for all your help with flavors of different cat food. We are looking forward to trying some more new ones!


Z & Z's Excellent Vet Adventure

March 19th 2011 11:38 am
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We were such good kitties!

Zack and I did not make a peep on the drive over to the Vet. We didn't make a poo or a pee either. We were both great patients. Zack went first, then me. We were very quiet and let Dr. Tom check us all over. One good thing is that he doesn't put anything up our butts during the annual checkups. He put us on the scale and we weigh exactly the same as we did at home so we know our scales are spot on. Zack weighs 8lbs 13oz and I weigh 6lbs 5oz. He said we were both the purrfect weight for our bodies. One thing is that Mommy has to start brushing our teeth because I have a little tartar already. So she will start practicing doing that with us this weekend.

Dr. Tom could hear my purr machine going. I was so comfortable that I just layed there listening to them talk and was looking at everything in the room. I was in no hurry to get back in the carrier.

When we drove back into the garage and our pawrents were carrying us into the house, we were all excited because we knew we were back home.

Now we knead to EAT!


New Favorite Nap Place

March 28th 2011 10:38 am
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Yesterday my pawrents couldn't find me. They looked all over the house. They finally found me. I was napping ... in the stroller! They didn't think to look down there as I never went in the stroller. Zack sometimes likes to nap in there. But now it is my new favorite nap place. In fact I am sound asleep in there right now. ZZzzzzzzzz

Mommy has it all comfy cozy in there with gray fleece blankies and it is very quiet in that little area of the house. Purrfect for napping. It is down all the stairs to our bottom floor and is next to the door going to our tiny back yard (the door is never used). So I can be looking outside from the stroller. It is almost like real strolling but I'm not moving and I'm inside. MOL! I love strolling!

I look so cute but Mommy doesn't want to take a picture and wake me up. She can peek in on my from the top of the stairs. Zack has been a real nice brother and left me alone to nap. He seems to be maturing and not trying to always take my nap places away from me.

Gotta finish my nap, it is almost lunch time.


Tink commented in my diary that I coined a new term - Napstrolling, the kitty form of Sleepwalking! Thanks Tink :)


Cat Of The Day!!

April 2nd 2011 12:44 am
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I luv it. I am Cat of the Day today! Thank you Catster HQ for the honor.

Right now it is 12:30am and Zack & I just fell asleep in the livingroom in our leopard Hollywood Kitty Bowls. We love to curl up in them, so comfy. I will be served my COTD breakfast at 3am and then Zack & I will run wildly around the house to celebrate. Can't wait!

I want to thank Angel Hazel Lucy for being the first to concatulate me with beautiful Tulips. I hope you and Angel RA are having lots of fun at the Rainbow Bridge together!

Funny, I just looked and I was honored as Diary of the Day exactly one year ago on 4/03/10!


GOOD MORNING! WoW, thank you to my friends for all the comments and pmails. You cats are so sweet. Like Siggy meowed, this is a great follow up to Angel RA's 5th Catsterversary!

Special thanks go out to:
Sigmond for the pretty pink Flower
Tate Cottontail for the pretty pink Flower
Angel Tonka for the cute Ladybug
DOTD Angel JoJo McCormick for the loving Heart
Murray, Willie, Pearl & Cindy Lou for the colorful Tulips
KiKi, Em & Angel Sam for the cute Ladybug
Gilmore & Family for the pretty pink Flower
Rufus for the blue Rosette
COTW Kibbles, Francis, Yoda & The Crew for the colorful Tulips
Timmy Tomcat & FurFamily for the yummy Shrimp
Hunter for the chocolate frosted Cupcake
Kaci & Miss Mittens for the colorful Tulips
Ko, Taz & Family for the colorful Tulips
PJ, Velvet, Katrina & her kittens for the chocolate frosted Cupcake
Kovo for the Forever Yellow Star
Tobey for the shiny Trophy
Teebo, Callie & Rose for the pretty pink Flower
Beepers & Ashlynne for the Forever Royal Crown
Kovo for the framed COTD Keepsake
Isis & Family for the colorful Tulips
Henry for the colorful Tulips
Milo, Smokey Joe, Sam, Timmy 'n Ziggy for the cool Pawty Hat
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne for the pink Rosette
Auntie Angel Mercy & Family for the Forever Lucky Emerald
Mercy, Oly & Family for the pretty pink Flower
Betsy Boo for the big bouquet of beautiful Flowers
Bobbie for the shiny Trophy
Brucey for the chocolate frosted Cupcake
Edwina (Eddy) & Family for the cute Ladybug
Kally Kat for the the cute Ladybug
Adam Dylan & The Gang of Furs for the colorful Tulips
Zeeke, Romeo & Family for the Queen for a Day Forever Crown
Tundra, Rory, Manytoes & Lynzee for the beautiful framed COTD photo
Uncle Bellz & Family for the Forever sparkling Diamond
Vita & Jack's Pack for the colorful Tulips
Ashley, Tony, & Angel Callie for the colorful festive Balloons
Hunter, Munky & Ozzy for the fancy Champagne Glasses
Hershey Bear, Brooke, Maus & Family for the Forever Royal Crown
Ginger for the lucky Ladybug
Annie, Alex & Bugsy for the pink Rosette
Annabelle, Misty & Angel Whispers for the colorful Tulips
River & Simone for the cute Ladybug
Riley & Skippy for the loving Heart
Uncle Bellzy for the post COTD Furever Diamond

Thanks for making my page so pretty and keeping my gift box birdies flying!

Miss Cat of the Day (thanks PJ!)


Three Times A Crown

April 5th 2011 8:22 pm
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The Day I was a DDP, my sweet Uncle Bellzy sent me a Furever Diamond. He was suppose to be shipped in an Amazon box to our house to enjoy warmer weather and to see Zack & I but he got in the wrong box and it was shipped back to his house! Then the next day he sent me another Furever Diamond for my DDP Honor because he thought he didn't send the one the day before (but he did!). He said that he had been stuck in the Amazon box. He explained that tape and cat paws do not go well together. I sent him a Forever Crown explaining that I received both Furever Diamonds and that I expected another one the next day. MOL! (really I didn't!) Yesterday I didn't get one but today Uncle Bellzy sent me a Furever Crown! He said "I am sorry I was late with your crown. It is the day after the day you said you where hoping for tomorrow." MOL! Uncle Bellzy sounds like he is in a really good mood. I wonder how much nip he has gotten into!

Thank you Uncle Bellz!!


COTW in Calico & Tortie Darlings!!

August 12th 2011 10:33 am
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I got a pmail from Callie Jane telling me that I am the COTW in the Calico & Tortie Darlings Group!! I am so excited. Zack is so proud of me. Callie Jane also sent me a beautiful framed photo to put on my page. Thank you to Callie Jane and all the Calico & Tortie Darlings!

Zack and I are having a very fun summer. I hope all you kitties are too!


LaZy Day

October 5th 2011 2:38 pm
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It has been pouring out most of the day which makes for a good lazy day.  But when  we are lazy it doesn't mean that we aren't still running and chasing each other around because we have been doing that plenty.   Today is just lazy compared to yesterday.  Yesterday was a busy day.

Yesterday Mommy decided to do some...  I am going to borrow  Ashlynne's word... reconfiguring of our cat furniture.  We luv it when Mommy does that. We find it very exciting and we get really wild.  Daddy and Mommy decided to cancel cable for awhile again.    Every so often they like to go tv free even though they don't watch much tv.  They pay for all the extra channels and usually there is nothing good to watch anyways. Mommy has always wanted to put a cat house in the high bay area that is for the tv cabinet.  She thought it would be very cozy there so that is what she did.  She moved one of our Molly trees from the cat room to the living room.  She actually got the tv cabinet downstairs by herself and our kitty bowls are now  on that.  She emptied out a closet to store the tv. And later daddy helped her move the Molly tree  from downstairs to the cat room and he helped carry the tv downstairs.  Daddy is pretty  use to all the reconfiguring Mommy, Zack and I like to do.    Now when they sit on the couch and read or be on their iPads, (R.I.P. Steve Jobs) they can watch US instead of the tv! We are much better entertainment.  We put another piece of furniture, a square cat habitat end table, in Daddy's office too.  We didn't even buy anything new this time, but just moved our stuff around.

On this lazy rainy day we did vacuum.   Mommy turned around and not only was Zack helping her but I was too!  Did Zack think I didn't read his diary? Now that  I know he gets a treat after vacuuming, I am in on the fun too!

Gotta run, Zack is chasing me!

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