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I'm Game!

March 15th 2012 12:11 pm
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I have been tagged by my CBox Boy, Purrince Tao, to play the Kittens-R-Us Tag Game! This game was started by our friends Fearless and Griswold. The game is simple!! answer this question: What are three of your fondest kitten memories? When you’ve written your three, then tag one or two other kitties to take a turn. Anyone else who wants to play, feel free to jump in!

My first favorite kitten memory was when I was in the cage with my brother Zack at Petsmart and my future Mommy and Daddy came in to see us and they luved us at first sight. That was such a warm feeling in my little heart. And they not only took me home, but my brother Zack too! We were so happy to stay together where ever we were going.

My second favorite memory is when I figured out that I was going to have a furever maid! All I had to do was sleep, nap, pee, poop, eat and everything else was going to be taken care of by my new Mommy. All I had to do was enjoy life!

My third favorite memory was the first time I was brushed with a kitten brush. OMC! Ever since then I luv being brushed. Daddy is the best brusher in the world!!

I tag my little leprechaun Kovo to play this game!


Some Bunnies Luv Us!

March 18th 2012 11:26 am
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I got the cutest gurlie Easter basket in the mail with my name on it! And a feminine brown bunny rabbit. And some pretty colored wool eggs. Zack got a really cute boyish Easter basket with his name on it, a boyish black bunny rabbit and some cool colored wool eggs. Thank you to Easter bunnies Enzo, Melody, Huey Cottontail & Furfamily for sending us all these Easter goodies! So much fun! Mommy is going to put our pictures up on our pages.



March 22nd 2012 9:30 pm
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I am Kovo's Pretty Little Chickie and Kovo is my Handsome Honey Bunny.

Hoppy Spring!!


Two Postagrams!

March 24th 2012 6:01 am
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Zack and I got 2 super cute Postagrams in the mail yesterday! They were sent to us by our best friends in Germany, Hazel B. and Farrah J. Each Postagram had an adorable picture of them and a very sweet Happy Easter message. We LUV Postagrams, they are so cute. Thank you so much Hazel Basil and Farrah Jaqua!!

Zack and I each sent a Postagram to our Grandmaw in Wisconsin for her Birthday and she luved them too. So now we have sent Postagrams to AZ, WI, CA, Canada, Germany and Bangladesh!


pEi Pod Revisited

April 4th 2012 5:19 pm
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Last time we bought a pEi Pod (Ei:Egg - German) or two we weren't eggzackly impressed and had this Review. That was back in December. We actually gave our Green pEi Pod to charity as we never used it. Now comes this week and Mommy thinks about trying it again since it is almost Easter. Also she did like the pink colored egg better and one of our rooms is now mostly pink and brown. So she ordered from which has free shipping over $49 and we actually received it the next day. They also have a great return policy.

This time the box was received in good condition. The Egg was all wrapped inside with bubble wrap. The pink pEi Pod is a beautiful color if you like pink. Mom is back to luving that color again because it is gurlie like me. There were no visible injection molding sites. The plastic was nice and smooth. It was all very clean inside. You can see where the 2 egg sides come together in the back and the tiny hole must suppose to be there but looked fine. There was one tiny gray smudge on the back of the egg that she couldn't remove but it isn't really noticeable so she is fine with it. The best thing....Zack and I have been going in it to sleep! Zack was first one in it. He loves pink too, his black fur looks very handsome with it. Then I went and took a good nap in it. Last night I was sleeping in it and then Zack joined me inside, not my idea of a good sleep! Mommy saw that FAB has the pink one for sale and it is now only $58 plus shipping. (Wag had it for $99) so she ordered another pink one for us so today that we each can have our own Pod. Sale ends Thursday. (4/05)

I guess sometimes us cats are just very fussy about things, maybe we got rotten eggs before or maybe Mommy found the exact right spot for it. But now we are luving the pEi Pod!

Here is what the pEi Pods look like for those not on Mommy will try to take some pictures of us in ours too.

Pei Pod Eggs


Pink Princess Bowls

April 6th 2012 1:16 pm
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My gurls in Germany sent me a package today. Beautiful pink princess bowls personalized with my name on it - Miss Zoey! One is for my water and one is for my foods. I luv how feminine they are. My life is becoming pinker and pinker which is purrfect! I think these should go right next to my Egg but I think Mommy is going to keep them in the kitchen. Zack wrote all about his new cool bowls in his diary.

Thank you Hazel B. and Farrah J!


My Fur Brusher Is Back Home!

April 25th 2012 4:39 pm
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Daddy got back home late last night!! He had been in Costa Rica for the past week on vacation with his Mom, Aunt and 2 brothers. I heard the garage door open last night and heard him pull in. I was so excited and went to the top of the stairs to wait for him. I had no idea where he had gone but I was so glad he was back. Daddy gives me the best fur brushes many times a day and I really missed them. This morning we were back to our brushing routine and I was very happy. Mom took good care of my fur while Daddy was gone, but it just wasn't the same.

Canadian Hunk Kovo asked me to be his señorita for Cinco De Mayo and I said si!

A big CATGRATULATIONS to my CBox Boy, Purrince Tao, for being honored as Cat of the Day!

Daddy is on his way home from work so I have to go watch for him out the window. I know he missed our brushing sessions as much as me.


Soy un diario elegir! (Y muchas gracias Yous)

April 27th 2012 12:52 am
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My first day as Señorita Zoita and I am selected as a Daily Diary Pick! Thank you Catster HQ.

I am all ready for Cinco de Mayo thanks to Pansita. She got my brother Zacariás and I all dressed in our ponchos and sombreros and took our pictures. Thank you Pansita! I must point out how hunkalicious Kovo looks for Cinco de Mayo. I am so proud to be his Señorita.

Congratulations to all the other lucky gatos who are also honored today! Thank you to Smiley Cassanova for being the first one to concatulate me on my DDP honor and to wish me a furbulous celebration :)

Gracias a

Tate for the cottoncandy Pink Rosette. Margaritas & cuppycakes sound like a grande idea.
Patches for the bonita DDP imagen for my page.
Gomez for the Furever Heart of Gold. Gracias por decir que soy calientes! (He said I was hot!)
MALLEE & MILO for the strawberry Red Rosette. And all the grande comments.
Ollie for the bubblegum Pink Rosette. Muchas gracias por las felicitaciones y el amor! Purrs for your madre!
Angel Sam, KiKi & Em for the Blue Bird Rosette. Let the celebración begin!
Hunk Kovo for the big Heart Rosette. Sorry you can't understand what I am meowing. I think I got carried away! MOL!
Ginger for the Blue Bird Rosette. He sings muy beautiful!

Jezebel, Angel Buddie & Family, Ollie, Patches, MALLEE & MILO, Monster, KiKi, Da Tabbies & Pansita Beautifica for all the grande comments and pmails.

Gracias por la trata! * Thanks for the treats!


Daily Diary Pick Again!

April 29th 2012 12:56 am
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Wow, to be a Daily Diary Pick so soon again. I am a little embarrassed. But thank you Catster HQ for the honor! It is a great way to start out the week.

Zack and I are having a great weekend. We are enjoying Daddy being home and all of us together again. We have been watching lots out the windows. We had new neighbors move in (that was fun to watch!) and they have 2 big dogs. We are surrounded by dogs. A small dog on each side of us and big dogs in the house in front of us and in back of us. So much dog watching to do! Then add in our bird watching and people watching. We keep really busy!

We check up on how the geocaches that were named after us are going. They were hid by Hazel and Farrah's Mom in Germany. There is a Zack Cache, Zoey Cache, Rocky Ann Cache, Rocky Ann Trackable, Hazel Basil Trackable and a Farrah Jaqua Cache that are named after us kitties. People in Germany seem to really love the caches hid by Hazel and Farrah's Mom. She does a great job and makes it so fun. Mom translates their German comments to see what the people who find them say.

Hope every kitty has a relaxing Sunday full of plenty of fun and naps. Please save your zealies. I luv comments so if you have the time, leave one of those instead!

A whole diary entry without any Spanish!

Smiley Cassanova  does it again! He was the first to give me concats for this DDP Honor too. Thanks Smiley :)

The Zoey Geocache

Where Hazel & Farrah's Mom hid me in Germany

Explains Geocaching

Thank you to my Cbox Boy, Purrince Tao and Calie Gurlie for the Beautiful Butterfly Giftee! They missed my other DDP so I will accept this giftee today from them. MOL! Thanks everycat for the comments, pawmails & treats. Much appreciated!

Thank you also to Angel Alfie, Dave, Ollie & Buzz for the yummy pink Shrimp. I luv shrimpies! And thank you to Angel Sam, KiKi & Em for another blue Birdie to watch. I see him out my window right now! And thanks to Tabatha for making the cute DDP picture for my page. So nice of you! Thank you to Skylar, Mrs. Murphy, Rusty & Furfamily for the pretty Pink Rosette. You know how much I luv pink! Thank you to Ginger for the big red Heart. Luvly!

A special thank you to Señor Hunkalito for the beauuuutiful Tulips. Besides being handsome, he is so sweet too!


Pink Envelope From Bangladesh!!

May 7th 2012 4:24 pm
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I got mail today from my CBox Boy, Purrince Tao, all the way from Bangladesh!! He sent a lot of Tao goodness in a big pink envelope as he knows how much I luv pink. And I luved all the stuffs inside. Plenty of Tao goodness fur sure. Never can get too much of that! Pictures Sissy took for me of outside. Thanks Sissy ;) Original artwork by Sissy of me and CBox Boy together to show our CBox Budship. She drew me, the CBox Gurlie, in all my pretty colors, sitting pretty and my crazy CBox Boy, standing with his stripes and tummy spots holding the CBox. MOL! Very cute Sissy. I luv my crazy CBox Boy! In a CBox Budship kind of way :) It was a pink envelope full of friendship all the way from Bangladesh. Thank you so much CBox Boy!!

Now if you would only get the card I mailed to you (March 15th!) and the postagram I mailed to you. Maybe NEXT month! MOL!

Thanks to Minuette for the pretty spring Daffodil giftee! A shout of GET WELL wishes goes out to her Mom.

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