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A day in the Life of Milo

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It's not just about the Prezziez! But hey, they r so good!- MOL!

December 22nd 2010 5:57 pm
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Hi all, an' Merry Christmas!! Togetherness iz wat it's ALL 'bout!!! I know ur all gettin' so antsey in ur pantsey's now! MOL! I am so happy coz my Paw will be here tomorrow nite! My mommy's b/f iz sooo good to me! Ya know my kitty condo? He gotted dat fur me! Mommy jus' can't stop takin' pishure'z uv me! No more room on me'z page! MOL! Isn't it so furry funny how SOON our pagez get to 100? An' if ur like my mom, her neber wantz ta delete any uv my pix! I know, we haz 'em on da puter, but one day, her iz gonna add doze new onez to my slide show. Tsk Tsk, mommy!! U neber haz time to do stuff fur me! MOL! Yeah her really doez. Her werks too hard though, sumtimez! I miss her so mush wen her leavez each mornin'! Diz mornin' wuz really funny! Her gotted outta bed, but first her alwayz cuddlez 'n snuggles wif me more, 'n den kisses me! I not LIKE bein' kissed too mush, but lately I tolerate it! Den her said to me, time to get up! An' I looked at, well NO!! It isn't fur me! MOL! I jus' cuddled back unner da coverz an' went back to sleep! Her really hatez it wen I doez dat! MOL! I think it'z so funny! MOL! But now, we gotted THREE dayz to snuggle up in da mornin'z 'n my Paw will be here too! I snuggle up wif dem RIGHT IN DA MIDDLE! Iz so warm dare, an' my Paw iz da bestest!Shhh, don't tell mommy, but I doez hope dey get married one day! Shhhh! Maybe by next Christmas at least? I think dat we wud make sush a nice furmily togever! But still shhhh, not tell, ok? Mommy talks about it but only to me. So time will tell. Him retires in two yearz, so jus' maybe. So all u grand furiendz, haz a happy 'n purrific Christmas an' dream sweet dreamz uv Santa an' he be'z here very soon! Jingle Bells, jingle Bells, Jingle all the Way!!! Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh! I dreamin' uv a white Christmas, so if ya haz one already, pawlease send it my way!!? Here in Texas iz not likely we will haz one, but I can dream!!! MANY BLESSIN'Z OF LOVE 'N MANY PROSPEROUS DAYZ AHEAD!!! Hugz to all, an' to all a Good Nite!!!

Purrz, love 'n many head nudgez,



My FIRST CHRISTMAS gettin' toyz 'n Cardz in da Mail!!! Thank- u so Much!!!!

December 27th 2010 6:47 pm
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Meowloohooowhooo!!! OMC! I so hope 'n wish u all had a Merry Christmas!!! Mine was pawsome 'n excellent! My paw brought me the purple knit toy on a stick (in my pishure)!!! An' I so love it coz wif da halp from hiz daughter, him made it fur me! Also I gotted a cushon rainbow color kitty comforter her made fur me! An' I gotted so many wonnerfur toyz frum SPICE BUGSY REX 'n furmily! An' also frum my grand furiend, PIGEON!!! Den today another package came in da mail! I sniffed it, an' I clawed through it to get it open an' guess wat? It was 4 kewl Catnip toyz dat SIMONE 'n RIVER's mommy made just fur me!!! Well after I inspect dem really good, I get to share sum uv 'em wif Angel, Timmy 'n Ziggy...MAYBE!!! MOL! Coz I jus' lubbz 'em so much! I goez crazy kitty, kitty crazy!! MOL!! I am habin' SOOO mush fun wif all my purrific toyz! Thank u all sooo very mush!! Oh an' I gotted sum so furrtastic Christmas cards frum Simon, Patsy Marie 'n furmily; Spice, Rex, Bugsy 'n furmily; Tabby Little, Annie 'n furmily; Gump 'n Nadia; Pigeon; Julius 'n furmily, 'n also one frum Simone 'n River too!!! Oh diz iz da greatest Christmas efur!!! My FIRST to efur get toy'z 'n Christmas cards in da mail!!
I wish 'n hope ALL my wonnerfur Catster furiendz had a blast an' lotza fun fur Christmas wif furmily 'n furiendz comin' together sharin' da love 'n mush foodgage! MOL! An' I hope Santy Pawz wuz very good to u, so TELL me WHAT u gotted? I really want to know!!! Iz so mush fun to share, so..
HAPPY HOLIDAYZ 'N HAPPY NEW YEAR CATSTER!!! 'N Thank u fur bringin' all uv us together to share our Happy memory makin' momentz! I lubbz u all so mush!
*Milo happilee dancez roun' an' gibz hugz to all hiz grand furiendz*
May u all haz a Most Prosperous 'n Happy New Year!!!

Mush love 'n purrz uv Thankz,



Yee Haw, I've been Tagged!

January 27th 2011 4:31 pm
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Whoo Hooo, wat fun, I've been tagged by da purrty 'n lovely Miss Karma Kitty to play dis game! Ok here goes!

List 5 of the most annoying things your humans can do, then tag 5 friends to do the same and put it in their diaries.

1. Ah yes I agree wif Karma: Closin' the bathroom door.
2. Leavin' me alone all day while her werks!
3. Mommy playin' on da computer 'n ignorin' me!
4. Not gettin' attenshon when I wants!
5. Puttin' my spawcial toys back in da box! Ok, now wat's DAT all about?? MOL!

Not mush annoys me, BUT I not like bein' IGNORED~! Dat's wen I begin 'n learn how to be a BAD boy! MOL! Ooooh, wat does I do? MOL! I go crazy 'n RUN VERY FAST 'n bounce up jus' ta get rite in mom's FACE! MOL! Problem solved.

I gonna go now 'n tag some furiends:
Sweet ie


OK!!! Tagged Again by a Pawsome Furiend!

February 4th 2011 2:58 pm
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Howdy furiends! Da wonnerfur hansome man cat, Blue II (Here's his link)
Tagged me again, so I gonna play again, since I've come up wif MORE stuff's dat annoy me 'bout me's meowmy!!! MOL! Him tagged me to name the five most annoying things my hooman does, den tag five ofurs to keep it goin'.

Here are five MORE things dat completely annoy me bout me's Meowma:

1.) Oh boy, her did it agin! While I wuz sleepin', her gotted dat camera out 'n started click click clickin' away! Well, dis time, I got up 'n ran off! MOL! So take dat, Meowmy!

2.) Dis mornin', I wuz up afore daylite, 'n I wuz so very hungry, I stopped 'n pawed at meowmy's face, neck 'n eyeballs. Guess wat? Her wud NOT wake up! Ok, so I tried agin, I nuzzed unner da covers, Wake up meowmy! Her not. OK, I am now annoyed big time! Sheesh!

3.) Another thing that really get's me iz wen her on da stoopid computer! Her won't let me type, coz I get in front 'n lay down at da monitor! I purrs 'n all. But her goes rite on typin'. Hey I iz here! Wat's up wif dat?!

4.) Den, her not pay me attenshon wen I mowz, 'n her asked me, Wat's wrong, Milo? I sez, look at me! I want U to cuddle me! Her not listen, goes rite on watchin' dat tube! Huh?

5.) My food bowl. Iz dare fur a purpose! To keep me happy 'n fed. It get's low way to often, keep it filled up, Meowmy!! Yikes! I might starve!!!

Ok, so I made list 5 more rude 'n annoyin' stuff's Meowmy does, an' so I am off to Tag more furiends who might wanna play 'n hazn't been tagged yet. If u been tagged, den u might wanna play agin, like I did?
I iz goin' to tag sum more spawcial furiends:

Ralph Bowers
Mz Murphey

If'n u read dis, consider urself TAGGED! Is fun, let's do it!!!

Thank u Blue II fur Taggin' me! Iz fun to play agin' 'n agin!

Purrs 'n love 'n hugs 'n head bonks,



Oh Oh Oh!! I have a Sweet Valentine!!

February 10th 2011 5:43 pm
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Hallo all my precious furiends!!!!

I jus' haz to tell u all, coz I iz jus' about to bust a gut here! MOL! I gotted da sweetest girlie to be my Valentine! I been long time furiends wif her spawcial furmily 'n her haz been by my side 'n been so kind to me 'n my mommy! ASHLEY iz her name! Her sisfur, Ree Ree, haz been like my big sisfur 'n I haz always been able to come to her wif all my girlie issues! MOL! Ashley is Ree Ree's lil sisfur 'n she's a delight in my world now! I jus' can't tell u how her makes me feel! I iz dancin' so MANY Happy River dances 'n gotta tell u, Dat River dude, my great furiend gots a Sweetheart too! Him wuz a secwet admirer fur a while, but now we ALL know his Valentine is da lovely Keisha! I iz so happy fur dem!! I iz dancin' So many Happy River dances 'n my Paws r in da AIR!! I kickin' 'em up! Oh 'n haz u seen da sweet prezzie's Ashley gave to me? Iz on my page now! Her gave me sweethearts chocolates! OH I lubbs Chocolates' specially if dey come frum my Sweetheart! 'N her gave me a charm, isn't it beautifur?! Oh oh oh! 'N da cubie dat floats me 'n Ashley's pishures together! Lubbs iz in da AIR! 'N now I iz floatin'! Thank u sweet Ashley, u haz made me so happy! Concats to River 'n Keisha too on their lovely Sweetheartness!!! It's sush a Happy 'n love filled month! I take dis time to wish all my grand furiends a Happy Valentine's no matter whofur or how u spend it! Life is grand. Tis sweet 'n I haz butterflies too! MOL!

Purrs 'n many hugs,
*Spreadin' da kisses 'n lubbs 'round to all Furrs*

Goodnite, 'n God Bless.


Ugh, Does anyfur Else got's ALLERGIES like me?

February 23rd 2011 5:11 pm
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Meows 'n purrs all my fine feline furiends!!!

WOW, I jus' realized sumthin' IZ in da air! Whew! 'N it's not good! Welpers, I knew mommy had allergies 'n all..her always sneezin' 'n haz to take yukky med's fur her itchy ikky eyes 'n runny nose 'n coughs. But since we had a Furniture movin' contest venture over da weekend 'n mom CLEANED, it has been sumthin' awfur in me's eyes! I gotted red eyeballs 'n I itch 'em 'n bury my nose in stuff! Mom told me my eyes looked like I spend WAY to mush time on da computer! MOL! Mom laughed at first, but now I can barely keep my right eye even open! It's not runnin' or anythin' (course if it wuz I'd be chasin' it! MOL!). Mom called dis mornin' 'n talked to my furry nice Dr Kussmaul 'n he told her to get sum saline solushon to put in me's eyes. Welpers, her got home frum werk today 'n I jumped on da vanity as usual to get my brush..welpers, Her putted dat stuff in me eyes! Whooooa, I NOT like it at all! I jumped down 'n went to hide so I could clean meself up! Nasty! Mom sez it will help me til her can get me in to see me's Doc. Well looks like mom went an' done it! Her made me an appt fur Caturday mornin'. Sheez, now MOM whyfur did u go 'n does dat? I mean he IZ nice 'n all, but dat place smells funny! And it does furrcinate me! I always been a good kitty when goin' to da Vet. 'N dey gives me treats too! I not know's whats in store fur me come Caturday, but mommy will be wif me 'n her not let anyfur bad happen to me! I does know dat! Ok, so wish me luck coz I feel I jus' might need it!

Purrs ' lotza love,


Dust Bunnies

February 25th 2011 7:56 pm
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Hi my fine feline furiends! I wanna thank u so mush fur carin' 'n sharin' ur troublez wif allergies! WOW, I gotta admit I wuz a bit skeered! Mom been flushin' me's eyes regularly 'n I feel mush better! I not got red eyes nor does I squint anymore! Iz it a miracle or jus' da dust bunnies settled down? I not know's, but mom sez fur shur her not bring anymore's furniture in here wif DUST BUNNIES on 'em! Her gotted a new air filter too 'n dat must have halped too. Ya know, it will also halp when da weather gets nicer 'n ol' man winter goes far away..well, maybe, but den mom tells me sumthin' called Spring comes which brings pollen 'n other nasty air floatie things! Ha, guess I can't escape da AIR I breath!! Or da dust mites, 'n dis thing called pollen too? Mom fights it efurday, but her won't efur admit she's allergic to me! Efen if she is! Her sez dat sum guy named Ben-A-DRIL is here to halp her stop sneezin' 'n halps her nose frum runnin' away! Oh goodness, mom, I halps u chase it down! MOL! Her is good to me 'n I so happy her canceled dat VET appt fur tomorrow too! Her sez I gonna get treats anyhow 'n a new toy is comin' too but her won't tell me yet what it is! It be's a surprise!! YIPEEE!!

Many purrs 'n love,


I'm am so Talented so I got the ARC Treatment!~ Whoo hoo!

March 5th 2011 6:28 pm
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Mews 'n Meow's 'n all dat Howdy stuff!~ Well u gotta guess what? Several things, I am an ARC cat breed..well it's not really a breed, but I iz an "Absolutley Rotten Cat" fur shur! MOL! Now I have been learnin' all kinds of new tricks 'n gettin' purrty good at some! Dis mornin' I said to mom, "Mreebz" 'n she know's dat means I want attenshon 'n I want it NOW! So her picked me up, I like ta be helded like a baby, den I let her kiss me paws 'n I purred really loud! Well dis is a new one on mommy coz I not normally like me paws kissed. 'N Den ya know, her kissed me's neck 'n I purred LOUDER! MOL! Yeps I did. Well another thing I does 'n gettin' better at it is I likes to sit on da puter table in watch her online. Her said "Lover Boy" (yeah her likes to call me dat! MOL!) let's shake, 'n I did! I pawed her 'n shook her paws. Well is dat not really smart fur a kitty? I come on command now when her sez "Lover Boy" 'n I run to her! Mom also likes to dance, shhh, her likes to do it by herself when nofur is lookin'!! MOL! I pawed up to her 'n I gotted on her shoulders 'n her danced wif me up dare! I be's like Smokey Joe!An' him wuz a furry SMART kitty! WOW! I can dance wif mommy now! Her danced 'n danced 'n I watched me hansome self in da mirror! Mom cudn't believe it when I started purrin' so loud agin atop her shoulders! I lubbed it up dare! Spawcially since I lubbs mommy to sing to me 'n do her groove thing! MOL! 'N u know what else I can does? We played 'paper bag shuffle' dis mornin' 'n it wuz a tiny bag dat I pounced on inside 'n mommy caught me 'n turned it up 'n I figured out how to turn 'round in dat tiny bag! Haz u efur done dat before? I like tiny small spaces, hummmm, must mean we can make ourselves really small! Now dat is a great trick I learned too! Furtastic! What an eggsitin' day it wuz! Mom sez I am so smart 'n I learn really fast! Wishin' all of u a wonnerfur, fun 'n advenshurous day 'n keep ur mind 'n body active! Iz da best way to become a genious 'n I am one in progess! How many of u r ARC's? I bet I ain't da only one!!

Thank u fur readin' me's diary 'n habs a glorious Weekend!

Love 'n many ARC Hugs,


PAWTIES 'n Happy 1st Annifurrsary to me~on CATSTER! U ROCK!!

March 12th 2011 2:41 pm
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Oh Hai all my WONNERFUR CASTER FURIENDS whom I love 'n adore!! Yes that's u all! U, my furiends 'n Catster make my mommy so happy 'n her can't remember when her's had so mush fun wif me in pawties 'n forums 'n clubs 'n events 'n pawmails 'n comments 'n diaries! WOW!! Dat's a mouthful! MOL! I jus' can't 'splain how much I LUBBS Catster! Ok, let me calm down now, I gets rather ofurly eggsited sumtimes! MOL! Ok, so yesterday marked my ONE YEAR Annifurrsary with CATSTER! 'n it STILL ROCKS ON! I wuz havin' so mush fun 'n dancin' 'n kickin' up my heals last night at da Kit Kat dat I really forgots all bout my Annifurrsary Catebrashon, coz I really wanted to haz a pawty! But we ALWAYS havin' pawties, ain't it FURTSTICAL~? MEOWS 'n ROWS 'n LOTSA MPZBRRMEWS! MOL! Is dat how U sound sumtimes when u is happy lots?? MOL! I want to thank my many WONNERFUR CATSTER FURIENDS, coz u makes me happy each 'n efury day! Yeps, I does lubbs ta pawty n ya know what? We also had a fun Mardi Grass Pawty in Zachary's dairy on Fat Tuesday night! IT ROCKED OUT! I had to scamper to find a mask to wear 'n Teddy Bearz 'n PIPO bof came to my rescue! I lubbs my masks, dude pals! THANK U SO MUSH!!
Ok did I mention dat u all r so WONNERFUR?? MOL! Thank u fur makin' CATSTER a really fun 'n magical place to share our love, laughter, thoughts, feelin's, tears 'n fears..Ur moms 'n dads rock 'n r super spawcial! Can't sez it enuff, I LOVE U!

Thanks fur takin' da time to read my diary,
Purrs 'n enjoy ur weekend,


We Gotta Pawty Goin' On~!! St Paddy's Day at Finn's Place~!

March 15th 2011 5:41 pm
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Oh oh oh! I iz so eggsited to announce dat there will be's a Super Dooper Furtastic St Paddy's Day Pawty at
An' U ALL r invited!~ WHOO HOOO! It will be's a blast!!!

WHERE: FINN's Diary; here is hiz page url:

WHEN: Thursday, March 17th

TIME: All Day 'n ALL nite!! WHOO HOOO!!

WHAT TO BRING: Oh urself 'n furiends 'n more furiends!! All da GREEN u can think of! MOL! We will haz jokes, foodage, massive posts 'n irish rockin' dancin' 'n LOTZ of HAPPYNESS!!


ADDITIONAL STUFFS: We catebratin' 'n pawtyin' coz lots of mommy's haz been so sad lately!! We wanna enjoy dis day 'n night so bring ur sisfurs, brofurs, cousins, aunts, uncles 'n all ur furmily 'n furiends! We will be funny 'n laughin' all da while too! So bring ur happy face 'n jokes 'n anythin' u can think of to raise da roof here at Catster!!! Whoo hooo!

RSVP: If u can!!!

Yipppeee! See U there~!

Many hugs 'n lotza love,


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