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A day in the Life of Milo

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May 30th 2010 8:14 pm
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Furiends to da right, Furiends to da left! So many fureinds I love so mush!! I pawtyed on yesterday Caterday at the GreaT Hernandos Hideaway! What great kitfurs dare! Thanks Claw Aggie Maggie and Thai and Misu and Ralphie and Midnight Simon amongst many odder gweat and wonerfur furiends! How purrific cud it be? Purrific! Thanks you's vewy vewy mush for the pawresents and love and foodgages! I had the time of my 9 lives! Smokey Joe even got to sing his song "Lean on Me' which brought tears to our eyes. He is such an excellent angel singer! And den today I had anover pawty in FMN! What a trip at the pool! And da barbeque was so GUD! Smoke was great! And Penny, Eclipse wuz dare! AND my BESTEST FURIEND IN da whole world was dare, my Sweet LUNA!!! Tankies Luna for playig with me in da pool! I will learn how to dive with you soon!!! I promise!! Sowwy I had to leave abruptly just when we wuz going to have more fun in da pool! Momcat had to entertain guests and dinner was ready. Ya know how it goes wit dem hooomans busy all da time! Oh and my buddies, Bugsy, Rex, Simba, Max and their sisfurs Tutti and Spice were dare playing in da pool wit wittle Cool dude Tabby Little! SPICE got to celebrate too, her's birfday is JUNE 1st, so don't forget!!!And Moma was dare too! Dis has been a weekend to memmer here on CATSTER! I've met so many GWEAT and kind, considerate, lovely kitfurs! I am rich and I am gifted! This life is so gud to me because..."I get by with a little help from my friends"~! I can sings! ANd I does. Purrlesant dreams, wearm thoughts and purrs for a safe and happy Memorial Day Monday! I'z be going to sleep late, don't know about you!!! Purrs galore! Milo



May 31st 2010 4:28 pm
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Meowsers! MOL Mom got's a new camera an' her's experimentin' wit it! MOL Her's so funny! Now her's got me on America's Funniest Home Video's! MOL Gosh and her's taking vid's of me playin' wit me's toys and singing Happy Birfday to me's! Ain't dat just so hilarious?! Now I always drink's from da faucet! I learned dat from my furbro Smokey Joe whisperin' in me ear's how ta get's da freshest water! Mom lubbs her new camera and of course her's takin' lot's of pix of me! But her's puter is still being really SICK! Still shutting down and I have's ta listen to her's go "GGGGGGGRRRRRR", well dat's not exactly wat her's really sez, but u git da jest of it! MOL Sigh! So today was a really really HOT day here in Texas! I am so glad I have da coolest spot in town! I played a widdle and I slept a LOT! Mom's friend wit dat dogguy cam by ta visit! Dat Emo! He tinks he owns MY bed! Well I dun't care, I haz me chair I love wit me pink (oh did I sez pink?!MOL) blanket on here. It's comfy anyfur! Dun't care the colors, ya know? Dat Emo he be's scared uv me anyfur! MOL I jus want ta smell of him! But he run's!!! MOL MOL MOL!!! OH well, iz been a gud day!!! Even tho mom is bein' a 'stage mom' agin! I jus go on 'bout my day! Nice day! Da weekend iz almost over! Gosh it went by fast, didn't it? Meowsers! Werk again?! At least iz a four day week and we git's anodder weekend! Yah! Yah! Yah! As fur videos, mom is really new at dis so pardon her be's all excited!!! He he hee! Happy Monday and Purrs to all my furiends, ya'll are GWEAT!!!

Spawcial Purrs and Thanks, Milo


OMC! I'm Honorary Engineer of da Month June-MEEZER- JUNCTION!!!!

June 6th 2010 11:14 am
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Ok after momcat stops cryin' I can carry on my diary fur today, Sunday, June 6th, 2010. Dis is da most selective honor fur me's group MEEZER JUNCTION!! Dis group is SO mush fun! We goe's on trips and we went's to a Safari in Africa (dat was sooo kewl!!!) and we went's to da Rock 'n Roll Hall of fame! (and dat really ROCKED! Mom and I lubbs rock 'n roll music!!!). Tankies to OSHII fur when momcat looked at her email and found a big GIANT CROWN on my page, her reads dat to me, lil ol' me was chosen as Engineer of da Month-June!!!! OMC! Can ya believe dat!?! I iz so happy, I iz now dancin' 'round da room WITH my momma! And her's really luks funny coz her can really shake dat booty uv her's! MOL!!! Shhh don't tell her's I said her's got's a big booty! MOL! Shake it mom, shake it!! I am so delighted and thrilled dat I met all my lovable furiends in da group! Dey's been so nice to me! Purrs of woner still fill my eyes with tears of gratitude! PAWPRECIATION!

Mush loud purrs roaring here at me's house! Time to pawty...again!!!! Dancin' paws! Dancin' Paws! And mom's still shakin' her big ol' butt!!! MOL...Ahh, Mom! I still love's u vewy vewy mush!!! Milo


PAWTOMOBILE shopping on Caturday!!!

June 12th 2010 5:14 pm
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Meowdy furiends! Wat a gweat dayz it wuz fur me! OMC! Mom took me to da most wonerfur car lot! We's been luking fur me a pawtomobile!! My's own! We've added three new pix of me's and YOU get to choose which one I luks the best in!! Coz my spawcial fureinds r da one's dat count! I know, I know, I'z luk gud in ALL of dem!!MOL MOL But mom's gonna spend a lot of money so her's want's me ta really luk vewy vewy gud! Dese purrvicles r so kewl! Da nice guys at da lot sez I really luked gud in all uv dem, but mom can only git's me one. I got keys to ALL of dem now, so maybe I can talk's her into getting me ALL of dem?! MOL MOL MOL Welpers we'll see. I got's my own carrying case fur all my goodies, my's spawcial kitty fud, my thongie (fur dose spawcial pawcasions!!), my kitty toys (espawcially my rat dat squeeks, an' my mustang racoon!!), all my flavored water's (espawcially my mousie flavors!), and my roundabout bed. So I be's set. Ready to travel! Oh an' mom decorated my page a bit more, espawcially wit dem dancin' kitfurs! Aren't dey gweat?! Ok so it's nappy time, now where did I put my car keys?! Uhm, MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!!!!!

Haz a gweat weekend Efuryfur!

Lubbs, Milo da Magnifipurr


Always in our Hearts-Da gweatest gwoup AOH

June 20th 2010 6:07 pm
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Meows efuryfur! Haz a gweat weeken on my part, AFTER hooman company finally went back home! Sigh now I can git's some rest!
There is a really kewl group that is small but oh so awesome! Da woof and kitfur's r so wonerfur! We habs new games and well, ur just gonna habs to check it out urself! Really dey r so AWESOME, Kenna, Koby, Angel and Nakota r da best an' make u feel so welcome! Iz gwowing each and efury day! Come on in, it will be a bast!!!!

Here's da url: 4

Ok see ya dare soon!!! Join join join! Let's habs a ball!!!

Love, Milo da magnificat

PS oh and PAWLEASE dun't furget to tell 'em I refered you dare, he he he, dare iz a contest going on and many more activities. ALso fur da month of June's Honorary Pet I came in runner up (second Place), so dat automatically puts me in da running fur July's Honorary Pet uv da month! WE also r lukin' fer 2 more dogfurs and 1 kitfur memmer to be included in June's Nomination election. Come an join us!!!! *Happy dancin' paws*



June 24th 2010 6:38 pm
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Meowhello! My most purrfect furiends! When I tinks about my kitfur furiends on Catster I think uv dat song “ I get by with a little help from my friends”! Gweat song! An’ I lubbs ta sing! Welpers, here is some news. I wuz running for election in da furtastic gwoup “Always in our Hearts” for June’s Honorary Pet of da Month, but I came in second place (which is gweat by the way) So I got a guaranteed spot in da election for July’s Honorary Pet of da month. Now da heat iz on! Voting haz began. And we haz two kitty’s and two doggies running. Dat Wriggles is so saweet! And den da two doggies r Peaches and Monty, two really gweat handsome dogfurs!
Dare is a Survey Monkey Site you can go to to vote! I does hopes u vote’s fur me! Dat wud be so cool, an’ besides the last two month the honor haz gone to da doggies, don’t ya tinks it’s time fur a kitty ta win??!! You can vote here eben if ur not a memmer!
Here is da url at Survey Monkey to vote:

Da gwoup “ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS” iz a wonerfur gwoup! An’ da Admin’s r just super duper!! IF ur not a memmer of da group, consider joinin’ and tell’s em I refered ya!
Here is dare link:

J us no dat Kenna, Jaz, Angel and Koby r da best!! I lubbs it here! So come and see me Soon!

BIG TEXAS LOVE, Mustang Milo He he he he


OMC! Wat a wonerfur SUNDAY! An' more...ZIGZAG!

June 27th 2010 2:14 pm
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Haio!Fureinds! Ok now ware does I start? Oh yeah, it wuz a gweat day in Meezer Junction! I wus head uv da train to our trip to da Gweat Land of Egypt! Wat a Blast! I wan ta sez thankies fur all my furiends help in showing me how's ta does pishure in a forum! (Tankies Sou Sou!!!). Dat wuz pawmazing! Now I git's ta tell ya all bout Timmy's lil new furbro, Ziggy! He's a pawsome kitty! He's about 3 months old and he's vewy fiesty! He pawlays really hard! He LUBBS eferyfur an' I mean his motor runs all da time! He's a purring machine! Welpers, he got's ta come ofer my house Friday night and spend da night wit me and momcat Kathy!!! It wuz a blast! Momcat went out and got eben MORE kitty toys and one jus fur him, iz a squeeky mousie dat hangs lower den da one I habs. Iz just fur him and he can jump high and bites it! Iz a squeeky lil thing! MOL After a while momcat cudn't get it to shut up! Iz still squeeking in da drawer her's put it in!! MOL So da night got late and we's bof got's tired, so Ziggy slept on one side of mom and I slept on da oder side. He is so lovable! An' he went right under her's neck and cuddled and den he pawed her eyeball! MOL He's learnin'. But fast! I enjoyed habing him and da next day he stayed and pawlayed wit me while momcat went to lunch wit her furmily. He got's his own bowl and water glass here at me's house. I does tink he likes it here vewy mush! I no's mom weally does lubbs him! I watched her cuddle him an' he is just a big ol HOGSTER! I thought, mom, here I am! So her picks me up too and we bof were in her arms togever! I lubbs dat! I purred too, lots! Den Saturday evening we took him back home. Timmy haz been outside purrlaying as usual! But I does tinks he might have missed him a bit! Timmy licks him like I does. We jus wanta makes sure he's taken care of da proper way. His introduction to be on CATSTER will be soon, when my mom can haz more time but her's jus wanted ta add some of his pishures so eferyfur cud see him, sush a sweetie!!! Weekend haz come and gone, and time fur Mom ta go backs ta werk tomorrow, but her's will be's werking on Ziggy's bio and stuff as time goes on. U no's hooman's, dey haz ta werks and oder stuff's. I am blessed. I habs many gweat fureinds and a fine furmily! Haz a gud week all, and many happy purrin' moments!!!!

Loves bunches, Milo



June 27th 2010 6:43 pm
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Welpers mom u did it again. Trying to rearrange my page and when u added da JukeBox u lost my Guestbook! Now my furiends haz ta start all ofer again. Sowwy furiends@!!
Can u PAWLEASE sigh again when u habs time!? I weally weally wud pawpreciate it! Tankies fur being my vewy spawcial furiends! Gosh, Mom!

Hope's ta see u soon!!!!!

Purrs and Love, MILO



July 2nd 2010 7:21 pm
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Hey efurfur! Iz been buzy roun' here lately! Wow so mush going on!
**Tonight we haz a wonerful pool, bbq and dance at da Kit Kat Club! It wuz so kewl! Ziggy got to pway wit his bbf Patsy Marie and dey haz so mush fun!!
**I am shur ur familiar with da gwoup "ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS" wit da gweat admins, Kenna, Koby, Angel, Jaz and Nakota. Wonerfur dey r! Iz anoder weally fun gwoup! I won TOP Honor Pet of da Month fur July 2010; haz ya see my find Ribbon dat Kenna made fur me? Dey ALL are pawmazing~~!
**So here's da contest information an I does hopes ya votes fur me, but dare r several CATagories and DOgagories! MOL

Here's the info and link will follow:
Let's start with the cats first!
The nominees for the
"Best Eyes" category are:
~Bunka~ 36189760.jpg
~Metro~ 0.jpg
~Simone~ 419.jpg

The nominees for the
"Best Smile" category are:
~Milo~ 276049026.jpg
~Gimli~ 1.jpg
~Tom~ 729.jpg

The nominees for the
"Best Coat" category are:
~Victor Gibbs~
~Frog-Gee Girl~ 324.jpg

The nominees for the
"Most Photogenic" category are:
~Luna~ 265330575.jpg
~Queen Uno Bambino~ 294.jpg


The nominees for the
"Best Eyes" category are:
~G inger~ 94 505.jpg
~Nilla~ 2.jpg

The nominees for the
"Best Smile" category are:
~Squirty~ 70215003.jpg
~Bingo~ /118247_1211117174.jpg
~Frankibebe~ /dogs/01/990201/990201_1249413277.jpg

The nominees for the
"Best Coat" category are:
~SiSi~ 4858131.jpg
~Honey~ 9189

The nominees for the
"Most photogenic" category are:
~Rider Blue~
~Peaches~ 389.jpg
~Miss Wiggles~ 7.jpg

Here's the link:

*There are 2 pages...the first page is cats, the second page is dogs, make sure you take both!

**IN MY OPINION: SIMONE has da best eyes!**
**LUNA is most Photogenic!**
But den I be's partial to dem two girls!!! YESH!
Will u vote fur me fur SMILING handsome?! Pawlease!?

Da link DOES indeed werk, mom already tried it! MOL

Happy voting and to each and efury contestant, good luck and may God bless!!

OH, and HAPPY 4th of JULY! Enjoy ur weekend!! *bounces and runs to hug efuryfur, all my 'furmily' furiends here at Catster!!

Love you's, MILO


P.S. Oh an' so u can get's more familiar with da group AOH, check out da site and u will meet many many furbulous kitty's and doggie's. SAWEET!
*****Happy dancin' Paws!!!!!*****


Tankies! Iz da best day Efur! Yay AOH!!!

July 8th 2010 6:30 pm
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Meowsers! Haio! Furriends!

Welpers, we DID IT! I WON in my section of: Best Smile category. An’ SIMONE won Best Eyes In her CATagory an’ LUNA won “Best Photogenic” in her CATagory! Yeah, tankies fur all dat voted fur us! Da doggies had a gweat turnout too, cause momcat sent emails at her’s werk fur voting purposes! Dey all no’s dat mom is CATCrazy ‘bout me! Tankies “Always in our Hearts” fur da privledge to be a nominee in dat contest! Momcat be’s sooooo vewy purroud uv me’s! I’m so happy fur SIMONE & LUNA!!!
Ok be furwarned dare will be anover contest but not sure what it will be yet. We’ll know more from Jaz, Koby, Angel, Kenna, Angel an’ Nakota later on dis month. AOH is da best! An’ so u’ll all no’s, I will be fillin’ in as Admin in dat gwoup fur a week starting da 11th~!! when dare Momcat is on vacation! I’m nervous, but we shud haz so mush fun, cause we haz games beginnin’ and all. My mom’s puter is sumwat lousy now at home, but sumtimes her can come ta Catster at werk. Sumtimes! If’n u dun’t know about AOH, here
Iz da link, so check it out!

Here u can see’s all uv our purrty faces on da front, ME, SIMONE, LUNA, GINGER, BINGO & PEACHES! Da WINNERS! Dare also is ME fur da Honorary Pet uv da Month fur July, BINGO fur da month of June, & Kelly Ann fur da month of May.

Maybe’s ya wants ta join?! Iz a vewy fun gwoup!

An’ I want’s ta say many purrs and lubbs ta all our Rainbow Bridge kitty’s and doggy’s Dare too! Espawcially to my furbro Smokey Joe!

Love an' many warm purrs,


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