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A day in the Life of Milo

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A Pretty Good Sunday 2-14-10

February 14th 2010 6:29 pm
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Oh it was a great morning as I woke up Mommy like I always do after we've snuggled together all night and kept each other warm. I really like sleeping and I purr a lot when I lay beside her under her arm with my long paws reaching across her chest. But it was daylight out, for heavens sake, time for everyone to get up! Birds were out there, yep, I could hear and see them. I sit in my bedroom window and watch, make my 'hunting' sounds, mommy thinks it's so cool. No sun came out today and it got much colder as the day went on, so mommy was turning on the heat off and on all day. Weather has been really confusing here in Texas this year. And then Mommy's boyfriend was up here for the weekend, I think he lives somewhere in another city down south of us. I like him but when him and mom get together she is much crazier than normal!!!I still sleep right next to her even when he is here all night, which isn't my favorite thing-to share my mommy! All goes well and he went back home, so it's just me and my mom now. It's bedtime now and time to snuggle and keep my mommy warm. I did promise her boyfriend I would do that much. High Five and take care all. OH and Happy Valentines Day everyone~! Hope that Cupid did his job or whatever it is he does.


Another weekend for MILO

February 19th 2010 5:12 pm
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As if I even have to say why I LOVE my weekends! Mommy is home and doesn't have to go back to work until Monday! I greet her at the door and I am loved instantly. I spend long days by myself awaiting her return. I get a nice long brush as soon as she walks in the door. Oh how my mommy loves her little man. She tells me each and everyday. So this weekend her boyfriend is coming and will be here tonight. He comes from far a way about 250 miles to stay just the w/e and has to go back on Sunday afternoon. I really like him and he treats me really good. Also on the weekends mommy gives me special treats. I really love the lunch meat, she lets me have some also when she's eating. I don't have to beg much. She just sorta reads my eyes. We have our play session lots during the day on weekends and I am the very best soccer player she says. I can dig anything out from under the couch, or doors or anything! I have a special mouse that I really love to play with and mommy put some catnip on it and it kinda drives me crazy! MEOWROW! I roll and tumble just like in my pictures. I love to have my tummy brushed and mommy just puts the brush up to my neck and I 'brush' myself most of the time. Well it's time for a nap before another session of play time. Then supper and bedtime. My weekends are great and fun. I really love my mommy!


WEEKEND is HERE: Hiho Milo

February 27th 2010 10:50 am
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Yes another purrfect weekend is upon us. OH meowrow look outside, as I sit in my favorite window uttering the 'eh eh's' of feline power, I notice how all the humans are having a great time and laughing. Seems like the sun brings out the best in most humans as well as us felines. I feel really fiesty today as I look out and notice my friend from across the apartment comes wandering by. It's Emo my little doggy friend who is somewhat terrified of ME! Oh purr on, give me a break, he's bigger than me. But meowmy will let him inside and he jumps up on MY love seat where MY fancy towel is layed out for ME. Oh purrfect, I just learned he really loves my meowmy. He licks her and his human is like a father to my meowmy. He won't let me get very close as his human daddy protects him from ME swatting at him. I just want to be friends and give him a once over smelling. YOWZERS he smells like dog! MOL Must be a dog thing. I don't smell like that! Purrs think I need to lick myself while the Emo does his doggy goodness and purr-up to my meowmy. Well can't blame her, she is just a lover of all fur-kind. But when she gives Emo MY lunch meat, he begs and sits and jousts all about making a fool out of himself. Would I ever do that? Nah, but sometimes I will sit and look all cute and stare a lot. That gets meowmy's attention, then she says, HiHo Milo look at them beautiful peepers. Just in case you wondered, she does give me that lunch meat also, especially if she is offering it to neighboring fur friends. Mowrow what a lovely day, oh look, there are more fur friends about! And the birds, mow I think I could reach that one up there, look it's a blue birdie. Too purrty to eat. Meowmy likes the fact that I stick to my main meal plan of Purina Plus Pro. I'm not really big on human food, wow she just ate two peices of fish and three shrimp from Long John Silvers, and did I even hover or mew or bat an eye? Nope am in my favorite spot in the window taking my afternoon nap. Besides fish is not very appealing to me. I'd rather stick to chicken, or beef or a big slab of ribs any style. Its a purrfect day in the world of Milo and my universe is Grand. Many wishes for a Purrfect weekend to all my gorgeous furiends. Peace and love be with you. Purrs deep and long.


Saturday, Sunshine and a bit about Timmy

March 6th 2010 1:02 pm
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Welp another fast and furreous weekend has come. Last night I had some fun and some irritated moments with my best fur bro Timmy. Not certain what makes him purr just yet. He's really on my pawed list. He still growls a lot at me but when I go to his house I am such a gentleman. I don't believe I've ever uttered a growl, not sure I even know how. But it did take me a few months when mommy first got me to even begin purring. I was a street kitty. Pound kitty. This Timmy has the potential to be a very fun furiend. He's just way too hyperactive. Mommy got some catnip for him and he ate some of it! We think he got a little high but it seemed to calm down the growls for a bit, then he got really sleepy and even more grumpy! I don't like it when he's grumpy. Timmy's mommy is learning how to do stuff on the 'puter now with the help from my mommy. They were intensed, so me and Timmy got to do stuff on our own. It was cool as I chased him and he chased me and we both fell over and on top of each other. I really think we could be good buddies if he would just chill out! I miss him when he's not here. I really hope we can play again tonight, but not if his mommy takes him to visit his daddy. He really loves going to his daddy's house to play outside! Seems he knows his bounderies there and he goes out here also but he didn't want to come inside last night! I go out sometimes but I know where my home is and I love it here. I am a pretty devoted indoor cat (but watch out, I will slip out if I see the chance!!!). I have my own toys and places to romp and I have a really cool tunnel to play in. It has a window on top where I can chase the bally's through. I have boxes and bags and bangles (what's a bangle?MOL). Anypurrs I like mommy's special toys she lets me play with, like her hair stuff. WOWSERS, I can paw them under the door closets and then turn upside down to dig them out with my extra long paw arms. Mowsers, it's way past my nip nap time. Movin' o'er to the bed, lookin' good, nah I want to be in the window! Sunshine here I come!!!


I Love my Sunday's and My Mommy!

March 28th 2010 11:21 am
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Hi Ho Milo, she said as I jumped up on her chest this morning. I gazed at her with my big baby blue eyes in delight. Mrwow, I said, which means Mommy get up, where's my new mousie, you know the one that squeeks when I bite it? Where's my catnip socks, you know the ones I can get myself that were on the shelves in the kitchen? Let's run and play catch and you chase me around and around and I hide so you can bop up and I run to hide. She was smiling from ear to ear, that way I know she loves me and enjoys my company. I nuzzled into her neck and purred my loudest ones. I pawed at her face and licked her mouth, and she kissed me back. Finally after my rounds of stressing the fact that I needed to romp with her, she stretched and yawned and picked me up to take me to the vanity, where I always get brushed first thing in her mornings. She is enchanted with me and I'm so lucky to be here. Just in time, she found my mousie and my catnip socks were just in another drawer, so no problem I can get to those ok. After my brush (I brush myself as well) she went to the kitchen. I smelled wonderful odors coming from top the stove. Meow, mommy was making scrambled eggs and bacon. Oh mow wow, that was sausage too. Do I have the pleasure, mommy? Of course, my darling Milo, she said. You are invited to a breakfast brunch for just you and me, she said. She set the table with me my own special plate and my favorite chicken broth. I yummed up that bacon that she took time to break apart, piece by piece just for me and that sausage! Mowsers, I ate with her and then she even offered me some eggs all cheesey on my own spoon. My mommy is a furbulous cook! After our brunch we went out on the patio, where it was a bit windy, but sunny and felt really good. We watched the hoomans doing their thing coming and going. I have a new collar now and it's handsome, mommy found my tags too so I'm all in tact again. You heard that I 'lost' two collars in the last six months? I don't like them, but I figured out a way to come out of them really easy. And then I put them somewhere she can't find, well I can't really find them either this time. MOL What else did we do today you ask? Oh we played and played and I chased her and hid from her and then..well then..I plopped on her lap and here I am while she is typing my diary antics. I will nap for a while, but then we will play again and hopefully we might see Tim Tim this afternoon. I haven't seen him all w/e. Anyway, I am loved and adored and live the life of a Prince. Prince blue eyes. MOL!~ But what is a Prince without a Princess? Mommy wonders if I might ever have a girlfriend. Because you know what? Smokey Joe has a beautiful girlfriend, her name is Sadie. They are flying all over the world in furtastic motion. Maybe someday I will have some girls that like me too. Don't forget I will be two in May and Timmy will be one in May. So I've grown up and soon to be an adult feline. I will be enjoying my furfriends and living the most wonderful life a kitty can have, because you know what? My mommy is the greatest mommy ever! Just ask Smokey Joe. Purrs with love.


And then..Meomy enters me in a Cat Photo Contest!

March 28th 2010 2:17 pm
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Oh mow wow! Meomy just put my mug on a site for Cutest Pet Contest. Oh great now everyfur will see me. And I'm shy too! Here is the site if you will vote for me, coz this is very new for me. My first actually. But meomy thinks I'm cute and I loves her. So take a look, if you will.

Many purrs and happy nudges to all! Milo


Cat Contest Number

March 28th 2010 2:21 pm
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I guess you would need my NUMBER right? Ok here it is...

Thank yous so much!


Oh Nom, Nom, What Fun~!

April 11th 2010 10:44 am
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And then meowmy has to add more stuff to my page. Doesn't she know it's handsome with just all my adorable pix on here? And she has to put in all glittery purple kitty on here too. Did ya not know her favorite color is purple!? Ya know what mine is? Well I'll let ya guess; but a hint is the color of my eyes! Yeps, it's blue. Same color as my page. Well it took some real hard convincing to meowmy that my page should be blue and NOT purple! The blue really accents my colors and I was blessed with blue being my essential eye color form! She calls me her little 'red headed boy', I guess that's better than her red headed step child! MOLOL~! Ok I guess I wasn't meant to be the jokster of Catster Land. But in my precious home I am a King indeed. Mom got me another new rat toy! And it's the bomb, let me tell ya! It's kinda like has dis long end and it hooks onto the door thingie. And it hangs down and I get to swat it and ya know what else? It sounds like a real rat, at first I thought it was! I went crazy over dat thingie! It squeeks, efurytime I would pounce on it! And..and, it bounces up and down like a bungie thingie! Oh and ya know how I found out it wasn't real? Welp, I still don't know for sure. Coz I just keep on playin' wit it and it keeps on laughin' at me and squeekin'. But I am sure about one thingie, mom really lubbs me a lot! Hers got me some fine vittles today from the pet supermarket and I jus lubbs me chicken and gravy! And..and I gots some of these fine treats too, all soft and chickeny flav's. Yummy, nom, get the picture..So it's time for ol' Milo boy to get some nappers in, ahh, love this window. My favorite attraction! Be good and sending many lubbs, pats and purrs yor way for an exilerating Sunday an' week full of yummy stuff's.


When they least Expect

April 16th 2010 2:26 pm
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Ok now I am an inside kitty, but there are times when I will do anyfur to get outside in the nice Spring air amoung the trees and grasses and flowers. Well mom did let me play outside last evening and it was great. Timmy followed me everywhere and not shur why. Guessing he wanted to make shur I didn't get into trouble. But I really think he just wanted to make shur I didn't stumble across sumthing he would miss out on~! MOL. So we fumbled through the bushes and the flower gardens and sniffed out bugs and when it got darker a bit, we really had a ball. The bugs fly around the lights and we grabbed one at the same time, mom was watching us. The other hoomans were yakking and laughing and all. So then it was time to come on inside and I came on inside like a good kitty and Timmy' mom took him upstairs to put him inside and then she came back down to eat with my mom dinner. They got some yukky stuff called chinese food. It has all kinds of sauce's that don't smell good. Yuk. Ok so I wasn't really ready to come back inside then. So when Timmy's mommy went to go home I snuck and ran right through their feet toes and was out the door before they knew what hit them!~ Gosh I am super fast~! So then, well I went crusin' and mom couldn't see me. It was late and mom had to get to bed. Well she went to bed but she woke up every hour to look for me and call my name. I was well hidden and had the entire night outside. So you see. But I came home around 615 in the morning to appear outside the patio when mom called me I jumped up and came on inside. Now I had a wild night but I am ok. I was famished and went right to my food dish. Let me tell you I appreciate my home and my mom right now~! I was thirsty and went right to the faucet in the bathroom. Then mom was sick and couldn't go to work, so I got to snuggle in bed with her and climb under the covers and snuggle some more. I purred to show her how much I love her, and showed her a bunch of face nudges and licks. Then she finally got up for a bit and I'm am still on my chair in the bedroom, snoozin' and dreamin' and I've realized that I'm not a born outside kitty. It was nice for ONE night. Mom doesn't have to worry anymore. I think I got my fill of the night air, at least for a few days!~ MOL


Great Mews~ I'm in the Semi-Finals!

April 18th 2010 5:08 pm
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Meowsers~ Hi and happy Sunday to all my Furiends! Mom has been pretty busy this weekend with her boyfriend up here and hasn't been online much. He just left to go back home and she got online to find an email from The Cutest Pet Photo Contest. They said the votes have been pouring in and making the judges stand up and take notice! Of me~! Wowsers~! My photo is going to be published as a 'featured pet' in the coffee table book "Amazing Book of Pets-Top Pets of 2010". They said I qualified and will be one of the 'featured pets' in the book. The book will be a collection of some of the cutest pet photos from around the world and only the best of the best photos are allowed to appear. Printing to begin Summer 2010. Mom has a really good chance to win some pretty amazing prizes.

It's great and I wanted to really Thank all my furiends who voted for me!~ Thanky Thanky Thanky~! Purrs Galore.

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