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The Oldest heart is the Sweetest

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I have traveled and now I feel I travel no more.

April 9th 2010 10:32 pm
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About 8 months ago, my first family had to leave their home. They asked my new family if they could care for me. Of course without question they did. After a few months my old family said they couldn't care for me anymore and asked if my new family wanted me... well.. the answer was quickly yes. I am not a young kitty and I don't chase after toys much, but I do love to cuddle up on my new mommy's lap. I am spoiled here, getting to have my favorit thing once a week, a can of tuna. I also get extra love and forgiveness as I am old and need it. It is nice to know that the last days of my life will be spent in a warm and loving home and not some shelter, where most people will frown and say how sad if only he were younger.... Some of us get lucky... and funny enough I did and it's my name....



Oh no Poor Mango!

April 29th 2010 2:50 am
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We logged on today to see the story about Mango the kitty that was burned. How sad was the story when we heard that the Police officer sent out said that he saw no crime. How can you say that a poor little kitty that was burned over 70% of her body wasn't a crime. That's terriable!!! Well mom hopped on it and sent an e-mail over to that Police dept. They need to taken a closer look at crimes like this and keep them reported. Here is the e-mail mom sent.


My name is Serenity Davis and I live in Michigan. I read the story about Mango the calico cat who was badly burned due to cruelty ,from the website Catster. I also read in the story that an officer was sent out to take a report and told her owner, Kiil ,that is wasn't a crime. I am sadden by this and upset. Hurting animals is a crime and should be reported and kept on file for future needs. If a person is found that has cause such pain to animals, then kept reports is important to punishing this person later on. Animal have feelings and can feel pain and hate and only want to give love. When an animal is mistreated it is like a child or baby being mistreated. They don't understand why or what they could have done and most the time they don't do anything wrong to be treated so cruelly. Try for a second to imagine what it must be like. One minute your happy and caring and being kind to someone without a worry in the world. You have always known these people to be loving back, and then the next minute for no reason other then being sick in the head they put lighter fluid all over you while holding you down and light you on fire. As you are running around in pain and all you can think of is why, I was so nice and kind, this person or people are watching .. maybe even laughing at you. At you for being in pain and doing nothing wrong at all!!!! To tell you the truth it makes me want to throw up! I am sure you are a fine police force with a lot on your hands, but if you go through the effort of sending out an officer then the least that can be done is a report taken and kept on file. Many people get off to easily for these crimes because reports were not taken or kept. In many case these people would have had harder punishment if reports had been kept. Also with kept reports a history can be made and this person might even get the right help. I am writing to you out of kindness and care for animals and because we were asked to share how we felt about this story. Please do all animals and their owners kindness and justice by taking reports and keeping them, so when a person can be found, they will have to answer fully for what they have done.

Thank you for taking time to read my e-mail,

With much respect,
Serenity Davis
Taylor, Mi

We hope that with all the out crys from animal lovers everywhere that this Police dept. gets smart and starts handling things right! Mom Couldn't imgaine one us of getting hurt like that. We think that Mom would go crazy and find the person that did it to us and drag them into the Police dept. herself. Mom doesn't let any of the kids even tap us hard on the head for anything. A water bottle is all it is. We get sprayed with water and nothing more. Mom couldn't ever watch someone tap us on the head, let alone burn us Etc.... Our hearts go out to Mango and her family..

Sadden purrs,



Need more members

April 30th 2010 8:43 pm
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Hi everyone,

We would be honnored if you would Join our group For Meowing Out Loud. We have only 41 members and would love to add more to the group. More members means more fun. We have a Cat of the month which we pick from our own members. We put your pic up on the page and send you a nice gift. We also send a message to all the other group members to let them know that you are in the spot light. So come on over join the group, start some topics, share some fun facts, or add to one already there. WE will be waiting to see those new faces :)



All the new changes!

June 11th 2010 11:40 pm
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With all the new changes on catster, mom has done a good job of getting around and being able to be active. The only things that bugs us and mom is we use to be able to take a stroll through the cats and rate their pages. We loved to do that it, now we can't fine it anywhere. It was called rate the cats and you could find it under see the cats. Desipte all our effort, we can't seem to find it anywhere. Maybe they took it away but this is sad for us. WE loved giving out the paws and getting them. It let us know how good our mom was doing on updating our page. If they did take it away, we hope that one day they bring it back. I know alot of people have had issues with all kinds of things since the new changes, we hope that everything works out for everyone soon. We do like the new lay out, we just wish we could find things easier MOL...

Kitty kisses,


OH YA .... OH YA... OH YA.... I am a DDP today!

June 18th 2010 8:39 pm
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Meow wow.. we are so excited to be one of catster's DDP... Thank you so much and thank you everyone for our Congrats, comments and gifts.... We feel so loved :)I have to say though, we messed up on Lucky's stats.. we had him down as a girl when he really was a boy.. Mom didn't notice till we got our lovly gifts and saw people saying what a pretty girl he was MOL... So mom fixed this over sight and hopfuly no one eles has issues with their stats :)

Kitty kisses,



July 29th 2010 11:22 pm
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Well, I don't know if it's my age, or if I just am feeling down but latly I have been hidding behind the T.V. stand alot. Mom is use to me sitting on her lap and when I don't come running when she sits down, she gets worried and starts looking for me. Most the time she finds me behind the T.V. stand and sits down on the floor next to it, so she can pet me. I just give her a sad look. I think my problem is Kelly, I like to be left alone but he always wants to start things with me and that makes me sad.

So mom comes and finds me and loves me until I feel good enough to come out again. She has been taking me to bed alot cause I have been feeling down. It comforts me that I sleep next to her on the bed and I think it makes her feel better too. She doesn't like to see any of us kitties upset. It is nice to have someone love me like mom does. What would we do without our moms?




Kelly and chewy went home.

August 8th 2010 10:41 pm
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Ahhh.. I can relax now. Kelly and chewy went home the other day and I can breath now cause kelly will not be picking on me any more. Mom seems to miss them a little but I am glad they are gone. Chewy was ok, he never really picked on me or anyone for that matter but kelly was mean to me all the time and I was sad alot because of it. Now I am happy. I don't hide behind the T.V. stand anymore and I come and sit with mom now. I even talk more now. It is different now having all 5 cats around, but I think it's better because it's not so crazy. Mom said it was really weird the first day getting up and only counting three. Mom did that all the time. With the kids running in and out of the house she wanted to make sure none of us kitties got out. Now she doesn't have to walk around and count cause with just us three we are easy to keep an eye on. Most the time we all just lay in the front window.

Also the human kids are going to school soon. Which will be very different. Mom says that it's going to feel odd, with the other kitties gone and then the kids off to school soon. Mom thinks she'll have to much time to herself and I think it will be just right. With me being older,I like it a bit more quiet. I'm just not into all the loud noises and craziness. I will be able to nap without any kids or kitties bugging me and that will feel good.

Kitty hugs,


Getting sick from a grass blade!

August 30th 2010 9:15 pm
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HI everyone,

Well mom hasn't been on much cause I have been sick.. well.. I am better now but I was really sick for a while. It started about two weeks ago. I start sneezing alot and mom keep an eye on me.. She though maybe I just had a cold or something was bugging me cause fall is right around the conner. Well for a week after the first day I kept sneezing off and on.. and mom got a little worried but wanted to wait a few more days... then about 4 days ago I started having a little bit of blood leave my nosie when I would sneeze and I wasn't acting right. Mom called the vet and set up an appoiment, but it would be a few days till I could get in.. the day before I was to go into the vet's I started acting like I might make the trip to the bridge and mom got really sad. She called the vet and they said if I was still with us the next day to come into the appointment like setup untill then keep me warm and watch me.

So that is what mom, did. she held me all day and kept a blanket on me, then in the evening I had a really bad sneezing fit and something was sticking out of my nosie. Mom rushed over with a paper towel to remove it and when she did, she pulled out a 4 inch grass blade. Right away I felt better and started eating and purring. My nosie stopped running and I didn't have any more nosie bleeds. The next day mom called the vet and they said if I didn't have a temp. and my nosie was better and I was feeling better to just watch me and see.. it might have been just the grass that was bothering me.. thankkfuly that's all it was.. I am 100% now..

Wow, how crazy is that? The vet and mom think that some how I ate a piece of grass and got it stuck up in my sinuses and it was what caused my nosie to act up.. but my sneezing moved it down far enough that mom could take it out and amazingly I don't have an infection. All is good!! Wow who would have thought that a grass blade could cause so many prolems...



Hurt again???

September 3rd 2010 8:42 pm
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OK, so in july I got a bum eye and got that fixed.. then I had these problems with a grass blade and now that is all better. So Last week I got a scrtach on my tail from a tiff with Patches. At first it was nothing, mom looked at it and it looked ok and seemed to be healing. Then tonight when mom pulled me out from behind the couch, she freaked cause my tail had yucky stuff comming out of it. Mom tryed to get me to hold still so she could look at it and maybe clean it some, but I wanted no part in it. My tail hurt to much for mom to mess with to much. She was able to get a quick look at it and put some wound cleaner on it but it looks bad or at least that's what mom says. Tomorrow morning first thing I have to go into the vets. Grrr... I hate the vets and the horriable thing they put me in. Mom calls it a cat carrier but I call it being mean. The last time I was in it in July I freaked out and made my carrier fall and ended up busting my nosie and the vet had to fix that with my eye. This time they have to look at my tail and I don't let anyone touch my tail. Mom said they might have to make me sleep for a while so they can clean it and bandage it and give me a shot to make me feel better. I also hear I might have to take some meds. and I HATE! meds. Mom is going to see if they can give me a liquid or power, something she can mix in my food because I will not take my pills ever! When I first came to live here with everyone they had to give me a deworming pill cause I was an outside cat and mom couldn't get me to take it. She had to bring me back to the vet's and they had to give it to me and it took them a long time, so mom thinks something that can go into my food would be a good idea. Mom is worried because she doesn't want anything bad to happen to my tail and I am worried cause I don't want anyone to touch my tail. This isn't going to be good, I never like going to vets and I also freak out and mom doesn't want me to freak out cause she doesn't want me to hurt my tail anymore then it already is. Mom said that if the vet thinks things are bad enough they might have to do out patient surgery. The vet told mom on the phone that if there is enough bad skin that they will have to take it off, Oh man did mom freak. She asked the vet how can my tail look fine and like it's going to heal one day and then the next it's a big yucky mess. The vet told mom that sometimes germs get under the skin and cause problems you can't see untill the scratch breaks open and that's what the vet thinks happened. Mom got so upset, cause she though my tail was fine and now it's a big mess!

Dad is comming home tonight and he will be comming with us to the vets tomorrow. I will post what the vet said and did tomorrow after I come home. I hope i don't have to stay over the weekend. I hate being there for a moment let alone a weekend. Mom said she wouldn't know what to do knowing I was there all alone and upset. Well I am hoping for the best. I will keep everyone up to date.

Kitty hugs,



September 9th 2010 11:00 pm
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Well I am pleased to tell you I am out of the cage and I don't have to wear my silly thing around my head anymore. My pain patche came off a day ago and I am feeling ok. Mom still has to watch me to make sure I am not messing with my tail and she has to put meds on the boo boo but other then that I am doing good. The vet called a few days ago and told mom my blood work was good and I looked healthy by what they saw, well, other then my tail.

But to fill everyone in on my trip to the vets, to start, I didn't much like getting into the carrier. Mom and dad both had to team up to get me in it and boy was it a fight. I didn't want to go in and I sure show it. In the end they got me in it and I let them know how much I hated it by meowing the whole way out to the car and to the vets. On the way to the vets I got so scared I messed myself in the carrier. Mom said she felt bad for the vet. tech. that had to give me a bath and clean my carrier cause it was bad!

The Vet came in and looked me over, said I looked good despite my tail. He told mom and dad that they would have to open up my boo boo and take out all the bad stuff, that mom and dad had to leave me there for two hours, so they could take care of it. Leave me there! oh no, I hate going for a visit, let alone, staying. So mom gave me a hug and said she would see me after my surgery, she told me not to worry that they would give me lots of pain meds so I wouldn't feel anything and that I would get extra meds so I would feel good at home.

Well, after that the vet tech took me back into the surgery room. All I remember was I was so scared and then I fell asleep. The next thing I know I wake up with this silly plastic thingy around my head and I felt funny. I also saw they shaved my tail and a patche on my back where they put the patche of pain meds! On no they shaved my handsome white furr :(

Soon after mom and dad came into my room, and told me I could go home now. I was SO HAPPY!!!! I was still feeling kinda funny from all the meds they gave me but I was glad to be going home. I went right in my carrier, I didn't even fight with mom! and I was quite all the way home.When we got home I thought I was free! Home at last, then the next thing I know I was put in a cage! whats going on here mom? She said I had to stay in there for the next few days untill my tail healed alittle more, she said she didn't want to lock me up but it was for my own good.

At first I was upset about being in the cage, but once I saw I had my own food,water,litter box and a big fluffy blanket I was soon very happy with being caged. At least this way no one can mess with me :). Mom sat by my cage alot during my say, she said she loved me and was sorry I had to be in there. I purred to show here that I wasn't upset and that I felt alot better now.

After a few days mom let me out of the cage from time to time but I still had to wear that silly plastic thingy. On the 8th my pain patche came off and so did the plastic thingy and I feel so much better now. The vet said there is still a chance I could lose my tail but so far everything looks good. He said Kitty's tails a fragile and can die off from small infections, that mom has to watch to make sure I can move my tail and it's still pink and warm. In about a week I go back and have my check up. If everything is fine then, then I am out of the woods and Will be just fine.

Thank you all for showing me love during this hard time. It means alot to me and my family to know we have such loving and caring friends on here. Mom will update everyone very soon to let everyone know how well I am doing. We all think I will be just fine :)

Kitty hugs,

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