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Hi, I'm Sparky!

February 4th 2010 6:52 pm
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Hi evfurryone, my name is Sparky. I just got taken from my home at the shelter for the past 3 years and moved into a house with a nice couple. They used to have a cat named Ivan, but now they have me! They said I look a lot like him but I actually do stuff, MOL.

If you want to be my furriend please send me a request. If you'r a furriend of Ivan please furriend me when you get a chance.



Birds and squirrels everywhere!

February 6th 2010 7:02 am
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I can't stop sitting in front of all the windows - there are birds and squirrels everywhere! I'm hunting them through the glass.

The humans let me out from my room into the rest of the biiiig house. At the shelter I had my own room so I'm used to being in a room. They let me out of the room and I was really scared cause I thought there would be other animals like at the shelter. Plus I smell another cat but I haven't seen it, so that's good.

The humans say I have ADD and they want to know when I sleep. Not sure what all that means but I've got a lot to do here! I've been playing and carrying my toys around because I like them all in one place. I'm an organized guy, what can I say.

Thanks fur all the furriend requests, I feel so welcome here on Catster!



It's all new

February 8th 2010 4:13 am
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Everything's so new and exciting to me. I walk around constantly checking things out, and hunting squirrels. The humans found out about Duckie. I growled at them when they were touching Duckie too much. Duckie's my baby and I walk around with him sometimes. They just didn't get it at first but after I growled they understood. My other toys are to be played with... but not Duckie.

Thanks fur all the warm welcomes.



Thank you!

February 9th 2010 7:10 pm
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I'm overwhelmed by the welcome and all the presents - thank you! I will log into my groups once the humans show me how to work this computer thing better. Right now I'm snuggling them trying to bribe them for information.

So I have a weird one for you, the lady human was doing stretching and I think it was called yoga or something. I was sitting there staring at her the whole time thinking "What are you doing? You're just doing that because you want to? I don't get it!" It was strange. I mean why not just take a nap or play with toys instead? Hmmph. I'm stumped.



I'm a tough guy

February 13th 2010 6:45 am
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I'm a tough guy... that's a fact. I was at the shelter over 3 years and I don't take any crrrap. If someone pets me and I don't like it, I claw and growl and bite.

But there are a couple things I like. Duckie is one of those things. My Duckie does not get thrown - he's my baby. I bring him to bed with me and carry him downstairs in the morning. I put him in bed with us too if I want to. When the humans throw Duckie (how disrespecful!) I growl. I don't do that with other toys, they tried.

I also like to decorate with my blankets. I pull them with my teeth until they're the
way I want them. I also follow the humans around non-stop. I even go to bed with them - I sleep under the covers with them. You can't even see me because I'm all the way under. It keeps me nice and warm all night long.

All this is evidence that I'm a rough and tumble guy.



We had a fight

February 16th 2010 5:01 pm
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Papa and I had a fight. He touched me two times too many and I let him have it. He walked away and I launched after him and grabbed his arm sweatshirt. He's 6 foot 2. He kept walking and I went after him again....

Momcat came upstairs after the commotion and asked what happened. She says it's dadcat's fault for not reading my body language. So now I'm kissing momcat's butt by sitting on her lap while I type.

It's not my fault, I swear. There was snow today so the humans got home early and I got less sleep. Problem is, I can't sleep when they're around. Haven't learned how to do that yet because I was so used to peace and quiet at the shelter during the day. If you have a idea of how to sleep during noise in the house, let me know.



When is it Duck abuse?

February 18th 2010 3:34 pm
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Oh my cats! I was in such a tizzy yesterday I wrote in Angel Ivan's diary instead of mine! Luckily the big guy was sleeping on a cloud so he didn''t notice, MOL.

My ducky has been upstairs for 3 straight days. I have not brought him down, looked at him, placed him as a prize for the humans or carried him around like usual. The humans are furry concerned. They're wondering if they should call DCF because I'm abusing Duckie and not taking care of him. So I'll throw it out there... when is it duck abuse? Momcat thinks he was my security object at the shelter and now I'm not anxious anymore.



Pawtastic furriends

February 19th 2010 4:03 pm
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Concatulations to our furriend Miz Rose who is the main diary of the day today! That little Ninja deserves her honor.

Chef Rooster reminded me of a furry important article in the Cat's Meow about a Humane Society that isn't quite humane. I know my Catster furriends are pawtastic about animal issues. I'm going to e-mail the shelter nicely and tell them they should either be legit or give the animals over to real caregivers. Thanks so much to Chef Rooster for helping his Meowmy bring this to our attention. nd-kitten-blog/humane-society-it%e2%80%99s-not-always-a-paws ative-place-part-1/2010/02/16/

I had some....errrr, let's say medical issues today around the house. Let's just say the Diary Gal would be furry proud of my handiwork - MOL!!!


I've got trouble tattooed on my forehead

February 20th 2010 7:10 am
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That's according to momcat. I slept with the humans the entire night and now I'm lookng for trouble. I've been sitting under the kitchen cabinet since yesterday trying to get it open. That's my latest project. And then I got on the stove and ate the leftover turkey bacon grease that dadcat left out. Mmmm, mmmm, mmm boy was it good! And the humans think that's why I was "sick" yesterday.

I brought Duckie up to bed yesterday and then back down but at least I did talk to him. Now he's downstairs in the middle of the floor to be in the middle of everything.

Muppett just wrote about this: we are asking all of our Catster friends to please write a letter to our District Attorney, Bob Beckett, letting him know how outraged every animal lover is that his office failed to properly see that there was justice for Flock. Although he has filed an appeal, we want Bob Beckett to know just how many eyes are upon him and how he better not let his office mess it up this time! Meomy was told that this case was ‘purposely hidden so the outcome would be a dismissal.’ And in today’s paper it states, “Beckett’s notice of appeal was filed yesterday. Gibson (General Council for FLOCK) said that surprised him because he and Beckett had struck a deal that the case would go no further.” Struck a deal? Humph!!

If everyone who cares about this case could please write a 'snail mail' letter to Bob Beckett, it could really help this case a lot. We need a flood of mail to come in. And thank you to everyone who already have sent letters! *grateful hugs*

Mr. Robert Beckett
District Attorney, Nye County
1520 E Basin Ave
Pahrump, NV 89060

To get an overview of the case go here: g/nevada. The e-mail address is there too.

See ya around!


Hunting for squirrels

February 21st 2010 12:33 pm
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I've been hunting for squirrels all day long. Momcat's getting upset because I'm not paying attention to her. But I told her, hey, it's only going to be light for a few more hours and then I'll be back to snuggle with you.

If you read my or Muppet's diary the other day, please write a snail mail letter to the DA in Nevada. E-mails are too easy to ignore and they're asking that we send snail mail en-masse to get their point across. If you don't know what I'm purring about, read my or Muppet's previous diary entry. Thanks Catsters!!!

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