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Kitten Tales

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I Get My Catster Page

December 31st 2009 6:56 am
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Wow! Mama made me a catster page. Now I can pursue my dream of becoming a kitty writer. I have been begging for a chance to put my thoughts down on paper (or a computer screen) ever since I came to live here and found out mama is a "word" person.


My Early Daze...

December 31st 2009 7:21 am
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I was a kitten without a home. The lady who was taking care of my fur mama did not want us. She told some nice people she would take us to the shelter (shudder) if they did not take us. My fur mama and two brothers and I went to a wonderful foster home. The lady had lots of other foster kitties of different ages and two big dogs. She also had a little boy and girl. The boy and girl loved us and played really nice with us. We had lots of playmates with the other kitties, though I growled at them a lot when they had a toy I wanted. The dogs made sure we stayed clean. I grew fast. They called me Truck because I was so much bigger than my brothers.

One day my fur mama was gone, and I was put up for adoption. My mama now saw my picture on the rescue website. I was big and bold and beautiful, and mama filled out an adoption request. She came to see me and my brothers. She played with us and wanted me AND my brothers, but she could ony bring one of us home. She held and played with all of us, but in the end she chose me. :)

I had to do something called "neuter" (what the heck is that?) and get a bunch of shots (ouch!). Then one night I came home from the vet's office with my new mama. I was having a bad day. I cried and cried until my new mama cried with me.

When we went to bed, a strange thing happened. As soon as mama turned out the lights I snuggled right next to her neck and fell asleep. I never cried at all. See, I was used to sleeping with the little boy, so that part was the same for me. It was warm and quiet, and I slept all night.

The next morning I learned how to do something called "work" with my new mama. Every morning we get up and have some breakfast. Then we come into the place she calls an "office." She puts on some funny looking things that stick into her ears and starts banging on what she calls a "keyboard." I think it's kind of strange they pay her for this, but it buys my kitten chow, so I guess it's OK.

I have discovered the bay window in the dining room. I can sit there for hours and watch the wind blow things around. There are birdies and the neighbor's dog and sometimes people walking by on the road. I keep track of everything so I can protect mama from anything bad that might happen.

I have lots and lots of toys. I have mousies, little foam balls, some sort of rat things made of bunny fur, kitty teasers, and, of course, anything mama doesn't want me to play with looks like a toy too. I even have a little rubber chicken thing with feathers that makes strange squeaky noises. My daddy plays really cool games with me. I think he is part cat.

Mostly I am good while we're working, but sometimes mama calls me the "kitten from HELL." One day I leaped on the printer, leaped up on the hutch and threw stuff off the top, tried to climb on the keyboard shelf, slinked behind the computer monitor and peeked out, and generally wreaked havoc on mama's morning.

Sometimes if I'm TOO terrible, mama gives me a time-out. That means I have to take all my kitten stuff and spend time alone in the bathroom. After about a half hour I get to come out and try it again. It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes I am just too terrible.

I have been teething, and mama calls me "Rodent" when I start gnawing on things. So far I have gnawed on the barrier to keep me in the office, table legs, my water dish, and even mama's Celtic harp. Mama and daddy bought me little rawhide chew sticks, but I don't like them. I like wood better.

My best trick is dumping my water dish. Because I am so little, I have to have all my things; food, water, potty, and toys in the office with mama. The other day I got the water dish in my teeth. It is very heavy, but I worked and worked to get a good grip. Then I pulled and tipped the water. Mama already didn't trust me, so the water and food dishes were on a plastic tray. Mama decided to see how much water the tray would hold and make sure there was less water in my dish. Mama thinks I stayed awake all night figuring out how to get around that one.

Yesterday I hatched the perfect plan. While mama was typing away on the keyboard thing, I got the edge of my water dish in my teeth. Then I pulled real hard until the dish came up over the side of the tray and onto the carpet. Then I flipped it upside down so every single drop of water went right on the carpet. That was when mama yelled GUNNNNNAAAARRRRRR NOOOOOOO!

Mama called me something bad; I think the word she used was "unrepentant" because I just ran to a different part of the room and started playing with a mousie while she blotted up the water.

It was pretty much the perfect ending to an almost perfect day. Anytime I get the best of mama, it is a good day... ;)


Weekend Fun

January 4th 2010 6:47 am
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Boy did I have fun over the New Year's weekend. Mama and daddy were doing something they call "projects," and I was real sure they needed my help. I wanted to help set up the wireless router for mama and daddy's computer network. I did help some before they locked me in my room. Mama said I would be in the way. I couldn't imagine they could do this technical stuff without my help, but when they let me out, everything was hooked up and it even worked!

I tried to help mama and daddy win games they were playing on the laptop, but mama kept scooping me up and putting me on the floor. Now how could I see which moves they should make from way down there?

While mama and daddy were watching a movie, I ran and leaped on their laps. When they reached for me, I leaped down and ran across the living room and leaped on the ottoman. I am only supposed to be on the furniture if mama and daddy let me sit with them, so they yelled Gunnnnnnaaaaaaarrrrrrr NO! Then I jumped down and raced through the living room, up the hall, back into the living room, and back onto the ottoman. They yelled at me again, and I raced over to the couch and leaped on their laps. They reached for me, and off I went again at top speed. I don't think they enjoyed the game as much as I did. Mama even threatened me with a time-out. Finally I wore out and came up on their laps and napped through the rest of the movie.

Yesterday I helped take the medicine cabinet down. Daddy's tools were electric, and they were kinda scary. I wasn't sure if I wanted to use the drill or not, especially after daddy turned the screwdriver part on real slow and showed it to me. Nuh-uh; I don't think so. I scampered away. Each time I came back I swatted at some of daddy's tools, but they jumped at me and scared me, so I had to run away. Finally mama closed the door and locked me out.

I think my mama and daddy try really, really hard to make sure I don't have any fun, and I have no clue why they don't want my help.


I am Naughty!

January 4th 2010 3:30 pm
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I got time-out again today. Mama's work computer died, so she had to go get another one. Mama and daddy came home and hooked up the computer, and mama started trying to work. She said something about "configuring" it. I think it would not do what she wanted. She was getting kind of freaky about things, and then I started leaping all over and chewing on stuff. Finally I did my best trick and dumped my water dish upside down on the carpet. Every single drop of water was out of the dish. Mama started yelling, and then I had to go to my room. She said I'm going through the "terrible twos," whatever that is. I was sure glad when mama finished working. Now I get to write in my diary, and I promise to be good...for five whole minutes.


People are SOOOOOO Dirty

January 4th 2010 3:33 pm
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Last night when mama and daddy went to bed I noticed daddy was really dirty. I started washing his hair; then I washed my bottom. I washed daddy's nose; then I washed my paws. I washed daddy's chin; then I washed my face. Finally I washed daddy's ears; then I washed my chest. By the time I got daddy clean, I was too tired to even play my leaping on the bed game. I snuggled down between mama and daddy, and the next thing I knew it was morning.


In The Army Now

January 5th 2010 3:51 pm
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Yayyyyyyyy! I am in Klemy Q-Tip's army now. I will volunteer for every covert mission, and Klemy will train me to be stealthy, cunning, and vicious. Well, maybe not vicious. That would not be nice, especially for a little kitten like me. I will watch and learn from those more experienced.

Thank you, Klemy, for letting me join up and thank you BUNCHES and BUNCHES for the beautiful trophy!


Catster Daily Diary Pick

January 5th 2010 4:00 pm
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THANK YOU, Catster for picking my diary, Kitten Tales, as a daily diary pick. I am new here, and it is very nice to be recognized. Thanks to all the kitties who gave me presents and concatulated me on this wonderful honor. I am humbled...


In the Army Now - My First Assignment

January 6th 2010 3:12 pm
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Hey, everybody. I am in training for Klemy's army. My first assignment is pouncing. Oh, I am SO excited. I can't wait to practice my pouncing. I have been pouncing on everything today; mama's feet, my mousies, my kitty teasers, oh, just everything that moves gets a pounce.

Tonight I will work on my stealth pouncing. Stealth pouncing is really hard because sometimes I get so excited my little behind starts wiggling. I must practice pretending to be a statue. Once my victim has been lulled into a false sense of security, I can pounce. A few days of pouncing practice, and I think I'll be ready for my next assignment. I wonder what it could be...


My Guardian Angel

January 6th 2010 3:27 pm
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Last night Buddie offered to be my angel and watch over me. He looks like a really, really good angel. I said yes, I would like him to be my angel. Maybe he can help me stay out of trouble. Someday I would like to not hear the NO!! word so often. I am still very little, and there are way too many rules around here. Sometimes even if I know the rule, the no-no thing is just too much fun to do, so I do it anyway. I have only lived with my mama and daddy for about six weeks now, but I know mama will never do anything but yell or give me time-outs. Even when I run from mama, she always gives me kisses and snuggles when she finally catches me, so the yelling isn't so bad.

Thanks, Buddie, for offering to be my guardian angel. :)


Angels Here, Angels There, Angels, Angels Everywhere

January 6th 2010 4:52 pm
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Now I have two guardian angels. Dear, sweet, and dare I say BEAUTIFUL, Sweet Angel Sydney Rose&hearts will be watching over me. She was kind enough to put my picture on her page. Thanks!

I don't think I could have too many angels.

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