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Minko's Mewsings

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Munchies and Crumb Patrol

May 30th 2010 8:33 pm
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I need to take care of some business...the thanks business!
Thanks to all my wonderfur kitty pals who know that I am always a hungry kitty, who needs yums by the truckload...MOL!

I am munching on everything, and leaving a trail of crumbs...the dog-guy takes quick care of those! His job is Crumb Patrol! MOL!

Wishing everyfur a nice holiday, tomorrow.


Minko's Memorial Day Memories

May 31st 2010 9:26 pm
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Well, we had an memorable Memorial Day! A very wet one! and noisy with the thunder! Not the drum thunder that you would expect from parades. They were mostly rained out!Even the President's!!
Unfurbro had to cancel his plans to go to a pool pawrty...
And the rains came tumbling down!
And made floods, and washed out roads and made others into rivers, and put lots in the dark!
2" and more came down in a short time.
No sun puddles for us!
Oh well, nothing can stop us from remembering why we have this day. Not even bad weather.
No BBQs either! Good thing the kitty pantry was full of all the burgers and weiners and treats...
Thanks again to all those who have sent us these gifts.
I needed to go off my CPU perch to go and eat or something...but somehow I wasn't getting there very fast. My back leg kept missing the pawhold and so I was going up and down in my attempts to get going...meowmy had the gall to giggle! I looked like when a film gets put back and forth from forward to reverse, very quickly...jerky and all that. Eventually meowmy took pity on me because she was worried that I might get caught in something and get hurt...but when she put me on the floor so I could move better, I glared at her and stalked off. Doesn't she know that kitties mean to do evfurry thing that they do?! Even the oopsies! MOL!


Bookworm Kitty!

June 1st 2010 9:19 pm
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I am a bookworm cat...B and N to be exact...Meowmy got out something from the pantry, and it was in a nice big B and N bag...from the bookstore.So all of a sudden she hears this rustling noise...and there I am chewing on the bag handles. She shooed me out to use the bag...but before she could pick it up...I went back to my bookworm task! MOL! It was just so cozy in there, and she had left some paper in the bag, which made it that much more kitty furendly...
Bags and boxes...I can never seem to get enough of them! MOL!


Telephone Kitty

June 2nd 2010 12:59 pm
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Well, when I am bored...and there are no sun puddles to bask in, and the toys have been cleaned up, and Pipo is not around to pester, because he is sleeping...then I need to find new entertainments...Well I was up on the dryer, where I often sleep in a box...a nice warm place...well meowmy had to use the phone. (The phone is above the washer and dryer, in the kitchen.) And she was on that ringing buzzy thing fur sooo long, so I climbed out of the box and gave her some head bonks, and some rubs on the papers she was trying to read...they sounded so rustly when she was moving them around to find the info she wanted...I do like to play with paper...And then I discovered the cord! Like a wiggly worm or snake! MOL! I had a good chew in try and add my two cents worth into meowmy's conversation...well, she had to keep picking me up to move me out of the way and out of her face...MOL! What a great way to get some kitty attention and meowmy time! She has noticed that before...we won't be around but when she gets on the phone, esp the land line, we come out of the woodwork to be with her. How dare she spend time talking to someone we can't see or we have to remind her that WE are live and active...and needing HER attention, undivided! MOL!!


Stinky Minky - NOT!

June 3rd 2010 8:07 pm
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Stinky Minky is one of my nick names...but tonight that was reserved fur my dog-guy furbling. He had to have a bath, and while he was still damp.he just was a stinky-minky! Wet dog doesn't smell too delish!
Imagine. he needed a bath...but meowmy said he wasn't dirty! He didn't need soap...just lots of cool water...he was overheated. From one of his dogventures. Glad he didn't shake his wet furs off on me! MOL!
Earlier tonight, I had fun with the laser light. Meowmy shone it into a bookcase, and I was figuring out is I should jump in there.So while I was watching the little red dot, I sat up on my hind legs, just like when the dog-guy is begging!Meowmy wishes she had a video camera to make recordings of the things that me and my furblings do. Would she always have it ready to use?! MOL!
I also had fun, lurking around Pipo when he didn't want to eat his heartworm chew medicine...I would love a 2nd helping! But meowmy didn't think that would be such a good idea! At least meowmy doesn't have to force me to eat mine! I am a good kitty!


Mystery Blood!

June 4th 2010 7:31 pm
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OMC! There are splatters of somefurs blood on the wall! It is a big mystery as to who may have had a disaster upon their furby or body! Well, meowmy checked me: negative! Good!
Checked Pipo: Negative! Good!
Checked Dog-guy: Negative! I guess that's good...MOL!
Checked all the peeps: Negative! So who then does this blood belong to and why is it there? If DNA testing was easily done and not so expensive...maybe that would have solved this mystery. Well at least no-one is bleeding to death from some owie!
Must have been a 'not-me' visiting our den! MOL!


Stormy Mews!

June 6th 2010 7:01 pm
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OMC! There was such a scary storm last night. Made the dog-guy so very angry. He seems to think thunder is a loudly stomping intruder...I must, too, because I just went to one of my dark hidey holes. Hazel Lucy would have been proud of me, because meowmy didn't even know where I was.
Later on when it was light, the rain gauge had 3.5" of rain...and the field across the street was more of a lake. Didn't see any fish, ducks or whales there, though. No one was boating on it either...MOL!
I bet there will be lots of new-crop skeeters later on. Good thing I just had the heartworm meds.
This evening meowmy watched me bully Pipo off the condo perch...and of course then I had to go and see where he had gone to in case that was a place I needed to be, myself! MOL!!
One good thing about last night...meowmy totally forgot to brush any of our pearly whites...Hee-hee! MOL!


Peek- a-Boo Fun!

June 7th 2010 7:57 pm
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Today was lovely, lots of sunpuddles in open windows, yums in the kitchen, games to play with my furbling and furmily.
I got some more meats and treats from pals, until the freebies went more free lunches!
But the best, was when meowmy took stuff out of a big box, and also a smaller one. She also had to move some other boxes and stuff. (She says she will be glad when my unfurbros go off to school again, because the boxes of stuff are theirs...)
Anyways, this big box was on the floor, and meowmy hears this squeaky chirp, and then she can just see a grey waving flag out the top...must have been my handsome kitty whip!
So I was just having heaps of fun, jumping in and out of this box. The wall of it were about 2.5' tall, so I was well hidden in there, esp with the open flaps.Pipo came to check it out, too, but I let him know that I had staked my claim to this box...
Meowmy want back to her chores, and sort of forgot about me...I can be so quiet, otherwise what good would hiding be?
Then she came back to the room where the box was on the floor, and all of a sudden I jumped out like a Jack in the box...meowmy had bumped into the box, and I was disturbed and had to get out. Well, usually I am the one who gets spooked about stuff, but this time I spooked meowmy. She shrieked and about had a heart attack or something! MOL!! Her fright even made me get all fluffed up! So I guess I still got spooked as usual...Then meowmy had to sit down, she was laughing so hard! She had totally forgotten that I was in that box!
Well at the end of this fun day, I am needing my beauty rest...or I guess I should say, my handsome rest! MOL!!


OMC And Thanks!

June 8th 2010 5:06 am
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OMC! I got to be DDP, today! MIAOW! Thank You Diary peeps!

I'm all ready now to have a great day! The windows are already open and there was a big moth on the screen! Gotta go now..boxes are calling to me...


Helping Meowmy On a Rainy Day

June 8th 2010 9:01 pm
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Meowmy says being a DDP has gone to my head...I went and attacked Pipo...for no other reason than that he was chasing his tail. Since I don't do that, I had to put a stop to it. MOL! I don't think he would teach me this game...though it does look like fun!
I got extra lovings from Meowmy and Pawppy, today,because of my DDP...

Meowmy and I want to thank all who sent messages, comments and presents.
I appawsiated them all so furry much!

Well it was a drizzly day, for the most part. I helped meowmy make some picture boards fur my unfurbro's graduation pawrty, but meowmy said she really did not need the kind of help I was offering! MOL!! I was putting my paw on the board to show her where the pics should go, and also holding some of them down, so she would see how good they looked in the places I had decided fur them...It is always so much fun and so intriguing to watch and help in the Meowmy chores...only I don't care at all for that sucking noisy chore that she does quite regularly...

Good night all you kitties and their peeps in Catsterland! I'll be kneading you, soon!


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