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Minko's Mewsings

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May 16th 2010 6:32 pm
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Today I had a major attack of the zoomies.
Meowmy didn't even see me start with a toy as I usually do. Just a streak of kitty flying by, and away again. Up the stairs, down the stairs. A good meyowl along the way, helped, too!
Meowmy didn't even know which one of us was doing the zoom-zoom!
So when it was quiet, she went searching...and she found me...all fluffed up! I had spooked myself! Then meowmy saw that my eyes were watering a bit...maybe I had bumped my self when I tried to hide from my zoomie imaginary chaser. She couldn't see anything, though. Later this evening, my eyes look fine. Good!
Zoomies are kind of fun, but not zoom-booms! MOL!


Cheated Out Of My Warm Sleeping Nest!

May 18th 2010 7:41 pm
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The dryer is a favorite place for me when it is on. So warm on top. Meowmy put together a couple of boxes for me to hide in up there. I am glad that this dryer cat warmer is in the kitchen so I can make use of the free heat. Meowmy is glad that it is there, because we have a dungeon for a basement. with bare rocks, ugly floors and tons of other horrors.Odd that neither me or Pipo are trying to go down there, usually kitties want to explore those types of places...
Anyways, when meowmy opened the dryer, of course the free heat stops, too. So I almost scored a nice warm spot inside the dryer...complete with warm and cozy soft bedding! Hey!
Busted! I am always getting busted! Not fair! But meowmy said that it was a very unsafe place for me. Imagine if it got started with me inside?! Or if I got locked inside it, even if it wasn't on?
Well, OK, Meowmy, you won that argument!
I'm off to find some other place to sleep, probably the pile of clean and folded laundry! MOL!


Scary Mewsings About The Cat Carrier

May 19th 2010 7:42 pm
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What is going on around here?!
Meowmy moved our cat carriers from their regular place, put the doors on, and then just left them in the middle of the room. Not back as an apartment complex for me and Pipo to hide in.
Well, thinking back on past experience...those carriers almost always mean a trip to the ...shh...(vet)...shh. OMC! Not again. Didn't we just go there about a year ago?! Why so soon again. I am not sickly or doing odd things...maybe meowmy wants to show me off to the nice ladies who work in that place. They didn't get all mad at me when I pooed in there, once when I was scared. And they didn't get mad when I tried to bite them another time when they gave me one of those nasty pokes, in the skin behind my ears...What does she need to show me off for, anyways. Those ladies already know all about me. They always have to pry my mouth open to see if I have teeth in there. Sheesh! Don't they already know that from when I tried the bite trick?!
Well, maybe meowmy wants them to admire my teeth, now that she does that awful brushing of them, almost every day! Then I want to go back home, as soon as possible, OK? Remember that, meowmy. No long gossip sessions with anybody there...Just get me in and out! I prefer my den here much better!


Utter Humiliation!

May 20th 2010 10:52 am
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Well, today Meowmy made me get in the cat carrier. That is not my idea of fun...esp getting a car ride...can't even get out and walk around to explore the vehicle...
Well, I let meowmy know that I am a very good yowler, and have a wide variety of songs to carry on with. 20 minutes worth at least! MOL!
When we got to the vet office, Meowmy could hardly see me...I had gotten the cat cushion/mat all scratched up, and bunched up under myself, and a big corner of it was covering my face. (Trying to hide, just like Hazel Lucy...) And I had also ripped a lot of it to shreds, I was in a panic in that carrier, I think. Then, Oh the shame of it, Meowmy saw that the cushion wasn't only ripped up, it was wet...OMC! Wet with cat-pee. I just couldn't help myself, I was so scared. And there wasn't even any cat litter in there...So meowmy took the carrier apart, and lifted me out. All of my paws and bottom furs were sopping wet! How humiliating!
Well, then the vet lady took me into the back room and gave me a bath! OMC! That was the end! I shall never be able to look Pipo in the eye again. So embarrassing.
The cat cushion/mat, had to go in the trash! Later when meowmy looked at the bill, she saw that there was a fee for the disposal of biologically hazardous material! MOL! That will teach meowmy to take me in the car...

The vet lady said I hadn't changed my weight, so that was good.
She put 2 very sharp pointy things under my skin...OW! 1st a bath and then 2 pokes! The nerve!
Then she told meowmy that my teeth were nice and clean. OK, meowmy, Thanks at least for that part of my more trips to the vet for now!
I dropped off a lot of my furs, there, too. all over the floor and meowmy. Vet lady said it was from stress! Well I was under stress, wasn't I?! MOL!

Then when I got home I had to explain to Pipo why there was a newspaper in the carrier, instead of the nice soft mat...More humiliation. And the dog-guy just wouldn't leave me alone with his big sniffer-snoot!

OK! Now I have to go and hide in some warm place until my furs are dry and my sanity is restored!



Home Is The Best Place To Be!

May 21st 2010 7:54 pm
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Today was so much better than yesterday!
No being stuffed in a cat carrier, let alone going to the vet, and all of the bad stuff that happened yesterday. I shall try to just erase that from my memory bank!
Today was nice and quiet, just the way I like it.
Meowmy did catch me off guard with that noisy fur sucking machine...but she does that a lot, so I just deal with it by hiding...
Part of the cleaning up today included putting the cat carriers away...which means, taking the doors off, putting soft bedding in them, and making a 2 story kitty apartment-hideout out of them. A much better use than using them for scary stuff like car rides to vets...
And meowmy had some new treats for us...which we devoured...and one of us barfed up, later...since neither one of us confessed about the perpetrator, I guess those treats will no longer be on our menu! MOL! But they were yummy! Meowmy actually thinks that it was me...because I seem to be the most sensitive to things...and do the most barfies here. Whatever!
There was a big thunderstorm here, this afternoon, but I was already in a hidey hole, asleep, so it didn't bother me too much.
I had some interesting views of a contorted meowmy, as she tried to get the bolt undone prior to putting on a new toilet seat...the one side of the toilet is very tight to the bathtub...and of course that was the one that was stuck! That bathroom, there always seems to be something or other going on in there. All of the humans here go in and out of there so much...And often I have to remind them to let me in with them...because I like to be a nosey parker and watch all that goes on...even in there...afterall, that is where meowmy brushes my furs, and I don't want to miss a chance to have my furs groomed!
I had some yummy catnip, too, but I had to remind meowmy to get it off the shelf...
Home is truly my most favorite place to be!


Flags and Holidays

May 22nd 2010 7:59 pm
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Well, Meowmy is at it again...picture torture that is...I gave her a good piece of my mind as well as my teeth! MOL! But since she only put a bandana on me it wasn't all that bad, and she used toys to get my attention. It was Pipo who was not going to have anything to do with it. I think he will get his own spawsial session, tomorrow!
Meowmy needs to get out our Maple Leaf flag, and hang it outside. Monday, May 24 is Victoria Day. In honour of Queen Victoria's birthday, many years ago. Since Canada is having many ties and links to the British, they celebrate a lot of the same major holidays. Meowmy misses this day. She has to wait a whole 'nother week for the US holiday, which is Memorial Day. That day is very much more solemn than the Canadian day coming up! So I guess that meowmy will get all camera happy again...

Meowmy sees that the gift shop has an American flag but there isn't a Canadian one. Our national Birthday is July 1st, Canada Day. So please gift shop managers, could you get one for us Canadian members?! Pawlease!...and Thank You!


Hidey Holes!

May 23rd 2010 7:05 pm
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Well, meowmy put up 3 nice pics of me in my Victoria Day attire...She thought that I was a bit more easygoing regarding this getting 'dressed' stuff, but then how come that she put up 5 pics for Pipo! I am jealous! MOL!
Cooper, who is a pal of my dog-guy furbling, helped meowmy put on the falling flag decorations. Thank you! I am tempted to give them chase...
Meowmy changed some of our hidey holes around, at least the ones in boxes...and under the biggest one she put a real sheepskin that used to be in one of the cars. It is nice and warm and soft. I like to maul it, and bite it...One day recently, meowmy heard some strange scratching sounds coming from there. She looked and I was digging myself a nest...under it. I like to be covered, cozy and out of sight! MOL!
Right now I am trying to figure out, how best to get under the tablecloth, MOL!
I was also rather naughty...I was eying some of the 'puter wires...(USB cords, etc...) and contemplating how I could enjoy a chew of them...they look like worms...MOL!
But meowmy pished me, loudly, which scared the dog-guy, who barked and chased me into another of my hidey holes!


Summer Snow Squall?!

May 26th 2010 7:50 pm
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OMC! What a busy bunch of days...Meowmy spent so much time trying to find her way around the new catster, that she didn't have time fur me...Boo - hiss! Well she did, but not to write a diary entry!
Well summer has come. Full blast. Hot and muggy! The AC is going again, after a long winter vacation.
And I saw some really weird stuff happening today.
Guys and gals this is no lie! It is way above 80 degrees, closer to 90, and it was snowing! OMC! SNOW in summer?! I could even see where some of it had gathered into a little 'drift'! I wanted to go outside and try to catch some of these hot weather snowflakes!Not only was it snowing in the summer, It was coming out of a cloudless sky!
Well all those fluffy flakes were playing games with Pipo and was a huge squall of cottonwood fluffs! Maybe now we can do some good bird watching from our condo, because they will want to line their nests with the stuff...MOL!

PS: Meowmy was at the Oncologist, yesterday as part of her busyness...but PTL it was good news. Soon she will reach the 4 year mark of her diagnoses. I am glad she is not needing any treatment...that was not fun! She can stay away from there for another 6 months...Yeah!


Meats, Treats and Honor Tassles

May 28th 2010 7:07 pm
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OMC! Look at all the meats and treats...Pawrty time!
I 1st have to mew a big thanks to all who sent me the yums on my page. My page may be wet from all my drooling...just warning you all, OK?!
Thanks to the HQ peeps fur thinking of us and how hungry we were...kitties are almost always needing to eat, right?!

And thanks, too fur making a start at fixing some of what we thought were fleas and ticks on the new site ...maybe after they get done listening and paying good attention to us, we will find it more catster furendly...Hope so!

Meowmy and pawppy are fixing to have a pawrty fur one of my unfurbros. He just finished High the top of his class! Concats to him!All the burgers and hotdogs will come in handy! As well as the deserts, esp, the icecream. He lOVES that stuff...! MOL!
When he has his graduation affair, I shallhave to resist the great temptation to play with his golden cords...the cords of honor, the symbol to set him apart, (Along with many others), that he was a member of the National Honor Society. Those cords are so long and dangly...They would be a wonderfur kitty toy!

I shall have fun ordering a big refrigerated truck to send off the meats and other treats to my wonderfur pals.

Bye...Off to look up the addresses I need!


Hey, Meowmy, Did You Forget Me?

May 29th 2010 3:13 pm
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Today, meowmy got out the patriotic stuff and her camera. She was doing all kinds of things with Pipo, to get some pics of him, for Memorial day. She didn't have any of him alone, yet...because he hadn't been cooperative last time...just me, Minko-goody-two-paws...MOL! Well I tried to help things along...stealing the flag, getting up on the 'throne' with Pipo, and being a general pesty kitty! That's how we kitty's enrich the lives of those we love...MOL!
But, no, she put all the stuff away and took no pics of me! Hey, you didn't forget me did you? Oh! That's right, you already had some of me...yeah! Spared the torture!
Purrs, that you all will have a nice holiday!

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