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Minko's Mewsings

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Busy Digger Kitty!

April 14th 2010 7:01 pm
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Meowmy needed some reminding that I was needing some quality I came up beside her with my little chirp greeting. Preep-preup!! Anyone might think that there was a bird in our house...(OMC! Then I would be in crazy mode!)
Then I gave her a big head bonk on her she has to stop doing the 'puter stuff...then instead of my usual bread making activity on her lap...I started to dig with both paws - under her arm! She HAD to stop being on the 'puter then! And rub my head, and pet my furs and tickle under my chin...Purr, Purr! Finally! It sure took a while to get my message through!
Then I got to jump up on the frontdoor where meowmy shines and wiggles the laser light. Such fun! And I chased Pipo all around the house, and we wrestled, too for a while...Whew! I'm all tuckered out! I need to take a long catnap in my nest.


Minko - Mopster?

April 15th 2010 7:01 pm
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Meowmy was washing the floor.
So I peered at her,
from behind the door.
Rags on a stick;
Wiggly and wet.
Now that's a neat trick!
Those rags are giving the floor a lick!
Meowmy said, 'Stay away.'
'I can't use your help.'
But I wanted to play
With the wiggly mop...
OMC! My feet are now wet!
So away I did hop...
I shall have to catch
Mr Mop some other time.
So now I will just watch,
wait and plan my game...
I need to pounce and bite,
Give mophead a fight...
That's why right now,
Mopster's my name!




April 16th 2010 8:41 pm
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I have a warm bed,
On which to rest-
My weary head.
Not a regular bed!
Not plushy soft,
Its hard instead.
Like I said,
I like this bed.
After I am fed,
I will walk on over,
With my soft kitty tread.
Meowmy has said:
'Your bed is hot'
But I cannot make bread,
On this, my bed!
When I lay on my bed,
I can look on ahead.
My perch is also my bed...
I can see birds out the window,
Some of them are red.
When it is winter,
I see kids on their sled.
I can feel dread,
When from here,
I see strangers be lead
Through my den, near my bed.
Sometimes, Pipo,
Who thinks he is well-bred,
Will try to sit here
On top of my bed.
Meowmy sits near me,
And sees my furs shed
All over this bed.
Well, by now since you've read,
About my most special bed;
Use the brains in your head
To guess what I use for a bed!

It is black and hard and quite warm, and Meowmy sits beside it a lot...esp when she does that Catster stuff. It stands about 18'' high, and can roll like a cart...
I wish meowmy would put a cushion on it...but she told me no-way...

Purrs to all!


Busted: Snitching Dog Stuff!

April 18th 2010 6:37 pm
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I was so happy today...Meowmy put new batteries in the laser light! OMC! That makes the spot so much brighter and more fun to chase! I almost hit my head on the doorknob when I jumped up on the door to try and catch that moving target...Then it went to the edge of the mat at the front door...and then I couldn't see it I pulled the mat up and looked under it...not there either...hey, I think meowmy just tricked me into doing something silly!
After a rest I was ready to get playing again...but the laser was gone. My furmily was eating I had to make my own games...
Dog-guy had a couple of chewy sticks lying hid myself under meowmy's long skirt. She felt this strange sensation and I was pawing at the fabric, to find an exit for my paw...I was going to steal and hide the dog-guy's chew stick! I had it under the skirt, but dog-guy saw the movements, and since he is about as curious and nosy as any kitty, his torpedo snoot came under the skirt, too...and he took back his chew stick! Busted! Meowmy was getting worried that perhaps her skirt was going to get ripped by all the kitty and doggy gaming going on underneath her.
I shall have to try this game of stealing the dog chew sticks again. I wonder why he is so eager to get them...maybe when I get to snitch one I should try to chew it, too. Would it help to keep my teeth clean?! MOL!
So then I had to just play good old peek-a-boo under the skirt!
No wonder meowmy says there is never a dull moment when you have kitties!


Invasion in the Dungeon!

April 20th 2010 8:24 pm
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Today I heard meowmy talking with a stranger! OMC! I thought you weren't supposed to talk with strangers. Well I am a good behaved kitty son, so I went and hid, under the couch. I do NOT like strangers!
Well, then this dude went in and out of the house, to confuse me, I thought he was I came out...but then I had to run away, again. Several times...He was trying to confuse me! Bad stranger!
Then he took a bunch of noisy clumping steps into our dungeon. Oh how I cowered under the couch!
He banged and clanged with tools and such, went up and down the stairs some more, yacked with my meowmy - Hey, meowmy! That's a stranger! - and then he left. PHEW! I was scared of that dude, stomping around in my den and in the dungeon. I do not ever try to go down there is dark and dank! We had to go down there once in a tornado warning, and when I got out, I was so fluffed up in fear! Don't want to get stuck in there! Pipo tries to lurk around the door if it is open ,but not me...
Then I heard meowmy say at supper that there have to be more invasive dudes coming to do more noisy things in the dungeon. For 3 hours! Oh, I had better get a comfy spot ready under the couch. It will be a long morning!
All this fuss, just so as we can have some sweet and crystal clear 'Earth Ale'...! MOL!


Earth Ale on Earth Day!

April 23rd 2010 8:33 pm
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Well the repair man came again...and invaded my den-space. At first I was hiding under the couch, like I always do for strangers...then, when he went outside to get supplies, I came out to investigate. So I was sitting on the CPU, beside meowmy when the repairman-dude came back inside...I felt scared but still curious. So I stayed there, but crouched low...Then he was making some strange noises down in the dungeon. (Pulling pipes trough some holes?)
I got really curious, then. But not so that I wanted to amble over to where he was. I just sat up on my back haunches like when a dog begs. That way I was taller, and was able to get a glimpse of his clothes when he was in the kitchen... Meowmy was gawking at me with a big grin on her face; she thought I was being so cute and brave...
But then he started with a noisy drill...oh-oh, I was out of there back to the couchy-cave!
Later, when he was back down in the dungeon, Pipo and I both decided to be brave together, and we sauntered over to the dungeon's entrance. There we were lurking, until meowmy decided that if we got up enough bravery, we would be down there with him! MOL!
Eventually, the repair-dude said he was done. Yes! Now we can have our crystal clear, sweet and fresh Earth Ale! A great way for us to celebrate Earth Day! With the best the earth has to offer! Earth Ale!
Oh yeah, repair-dude also brought in some earth from outside so we could enjoy that on the kitchen floor. We were trying to sniff and sample it before meowmy washed it away...
That's all folks!
Meowmy is tired and wants to go and study the backs of her eyeballs...MOL!


Sweet Tooth Victory!

April 24th 2010 5:45 pm
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Well, today was a good kitty day! I played, I ate, I napped, and I repeated the procedure! Meowmy opened the yogurt container, and Pipo and I both went running to get our lick! Any plastic container being opened is the signal for a yummy lick! Meowmy has discovered that I like to eat potato much so that I stole one out from under Pipo's nose, MOL!
But its too bad that meowmy knows those aren't too good for me...
Well then it got to be toothbrush time! Torture time! Fight meowmy time!
Meowmy got everything ready before she picked me up. Then she put me on her lap and started to brush...and I let her! No struggling, no biting, OMC! Then when she started to brush my furs, (after the teeth were done), I stayed right there and purred. Meowmy thinks this is a sweet tooth victory...sweet to not have a fight, sweet to get the job done and sweet that I purred!


Belly Dancing!...On My Pet Pawrent!

April 25th 2010 7:40 pm
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I love to knead! I have a need to knead...on pillows, on the dog, in my nests, on meowmy's arm or lap.or the side of her leg to get attention...
The softest spot I have yet to find is the jelly bellies of my pawrents...pawppy's being the best! MOL! But pawppy, usually doesn't like off I go to find meowmy! I hope that she will be napping in the recliner or on the couch...then I will quietly sneak up and walk onto that nice soft belly...and do the Minko Belly Dance! Who cares that this sport is usually done by half naked ladies...I want to do it, too...but I keep my furs on, and keep 4 on the floor as it were...the floor being meowmy's belly! MOL! OMC! Since she got sick and had several surgeries...her belly is a bit flabby and soft! And the best part is, that now she actually lets me do this belly dancing...because at first, she wouldn't even let me near her belly...she kept a pillow on it.
I am glad she feels so much better...that was a few years ago...and I am glad that she is still able to be a good meowmy for me and Pipo. (And I hope for a long time...)
Esp, today, because it was Pet Pawrent Day!


Catfish, Anyone?

April 28th 2010 8:03 pm
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Today I had a workout. Fishing! Meowmy got out a pole that used to have a cat toy on the end of it, but us good toy destroyers have removed it... But since it had a thick string on it, meowmy keeps it in the closet for playtime, (and then puts it away for our safety...).
Well, we both got excited and went after the string! I jumped up on the room divider and tried to climb to the highest point for a good grabbing spot! Hey, meowmy moved the string again! So I had to chase it some more, until I managed to grab it. Then I got all tangled up in it! Meowmy said to pawppy: 'Look, I have caught me a Catfish!'
That was so much fun! Then she gave us some catnip...and I ate mine all up and then went on the hunt to see where Pipo and his ration were, so I could steal his! MOL!! He usually leaves most of it, he isn't quite as nuts about it as me...but today, Hey! He was lying on his pile...Busted!


Helping to Get Dog-Guy Ready For His Woofday!

April 29th 2010 9:02 pm
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OMC! When Meowmy looked at her email this morning, there was a notice that I was a DDP, for today OMC! Fame!
Meowmy said to pawppy, OMC! This always seems to happen on my busy days, as she was going to be on a road trip to collect my unfurbro who has finished school for the year. Yeah! Another person to beg to play with!
I have been strutting all around meowmy this evening, purring and mewing and kneading on her leg, then getting in her lap. But then I got too frisky, and I gave her a bit of a hard love nip! Oops! She placed me back on the floor...said something about fame going to my head and being over stimulated!
So I strutted over to the dog-guy and purred at him and head bonked him and washed out his ears a couple of times...MOL! Giving him a grooming, so he will be more handsome as he has his #8 woofday, tomorrow!
I want to purr my thanks to evefur who sent concats, prezzies, etc. All much appawsiated!

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