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Minko's Mewsings

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Warm Days and Strange Things

April 1st 2010 5:31 pm
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It has been so nice and warm and sunny the past few days...even the windows are open! Huraay! This has brought out the bugs big time! Lots of fun for us, but not so much for meowmy! When I looked out into the yard, I saw that the double daffodils have begun blooming at the south side of the house, and the tiny regular shaped ones are starting their show at the north side of the house. Then I know that it really is warm! Everything is green now, but strangely rustly for this time of year. Meowmy says we need rain! In April! I thought this was the month for that...Oh well 29 more days for that...but since March was very dry there is a fire/burn ban and warning. Usually you only hear about that in the hot summer months. But it is also quite windy, so that only makes it worse. Someone in our area had a big problem when she tried to burn some yard made her yard a waste that's for sure, including her neighbours 2 sheds and lots of trees...and sadly 4 rabbits. Sorry, Easter Bunny, they couldn't get out of the smoke... :( I felt sad for their little girl owner.
(It reminded meowmy of the time a few years back when almost at the same time of year and in the same conditions (!), the nieghbours of us had a barn fire which also travelled into out yard, ruining the new fence and 12 trees...)
So be careful all you people, fire is BAD!
But then people are swimming in excess rain and water at other parts of the country...go figure!
Meowmy's schedule was strange today, too. She got out the nasty sucking machine on Thursday! Usually she only uses that big monster on Fridays. She mumbled something about a holiday, tomorrow...Whatever. ( Meowmy cleans with other stuff on days when the big monster gets to stay in hiding)
And a stranger even came in my den, so I had to go into hiding for quite a while. Meowmy even managed to coax me out, but when this fix-it guy walked past to leave I did the vamoose! Meowmy said that fix-it guy had to fix our internet connection. Oh! Goody, now she can talk to all the pet peoples again! Yeah!
Today was April Foo'ls Day, and the radio guy played a nice trick on all his gullible listeners...about stringing a zipline for use of the public along our Linear path...HAW-HAW! Wait till tomorrow when they find out they've been had! MOL!!
Later of all the insults, she nabbed me and gave my teeth a brushing...UGH!
But I do love it when she gives my furs a going over after she finishes with the teeth!
Well, I am going to go and take a big nap, after I groom my furs into perfection...
Purrs and Mews!



April 2nd 2010 8:03 pm
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We have figured out a new way to get an efficient grooming session...the broom!
Whenever meowmy gets out the broom to sweep up kitty litter, we come running to beg her to rub that big brush over our backs and necks...its kind of too big to do other areas, MOL!
If she ignores us or forgets...then we just get in her way, or bite the bristles, MOL!!
Maybe we should get a patent on this article of cat-massage and hair control!


Hot Cross Buns!

April 4th 2010 7:45 pm
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Meowmy was wondering why I don't make her a batch of Hot Cross Buns, since it is Easter! She used to get those , growing up in the Toronto area. Since I am a good kneader and bread maker she wonders why that item isn't on my list of talents!
She wonders even more, why she doesn't even see them in retail bakeries here where we now are living! Maybe there aren't enough humans from the British Isles here, since that is where they originate from, I think...
For those who may wish to know, they are buns with currents and or raisins in them and with a baked on cross design on the top. She can still get them if she goes to Canada at this time of year.
I guess I don't want to make them, because those raisins are bad for kitties...don't know about currants, though! MOL!
Hoppy Easter to efurryone of my kitty pals!
Purrs and Mews!



April 5th 2010 6:04 pm
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Today I got real curious about what meowmy was doing...(She was on the phone...but it has a really interesting wiggly and LONG cord), so I just had to get near her face. You see she was talking to someone/thing but I couldn't see who or what...
Well, she was leaning on the washing machine in the kitchen and the cord was out of my reach to play with, so I decided to join her at the makeshift 'desk'...Oops! When I jumped up I made a boo-boo and only my front paws landed on the top of the washer...the rest of me kind of slid away...into the pail of laundry on the floor! So there I was hanging half in and half out of that pail! OMC! So embarrassing! Well I carefully slid out of that thing and stalked off with my tail straight up in the air...after all I meant to do that!
And, well, I never did find out what was going on with that orange phone thing...
AND MUCH Later I helped meowmy with her .puter stuff by butting up on her arms, getting in her lap and sticking my head up near the keyboard to help dictate this notation...and mewsing!


The Phone, the Worry and the Bunny

April 6th 2010 8:05 pm
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Hooray! The big scowling bunny-dude that was I has been taken out of his misery! So now there is a nice plain little me, staring out into Catsterland! Thank you, Meowmy!

Yesterday I got distracted from trying to get at the phone cord. We still use a land line for security and for long distance to Canada and Europe, because meowmy says that is more economical...whatever! I just like to get at that very long orange springy thing that she calls the cord.And sometimes I can hear voices not of my furmily if I get real close to meowmy's face when she feels the need to remove the hand part from off of the wall...
Well there was an awful lot of holding on to that thing, yesterday and today...and I suspect in the next few days, too.
Meowmy got all mushy and had leaky face windows after that 1st session in which I tried to distract her...MOL!
She told my cat-dad that her sister couldn't make the planned visit to our den. (Secretly I am glad, because she would have brought in another dog-guy...)
My auntie wasn't feeling too good so with a lot of providential forethought she took my dog-cousin to his good neighbour,(which is like being on vacation for him), packed a bag and went to the ER...
The reason she hadn't been feeling too good was that her heart was not beating properly- far too slowly- so after some tests and things, she needs to have a pacemaker. OMC! That is too much! Meowmy is beside herself with worry!
Since there are some 325 miles between them,and the Border,she will stay home for now, and then if needed, go over there to give a hand.
Then unfurbro will have to take care of us 2 kitties...which he knows how to do, but we almost always have to remind know...our box is needing a scoop or two, the food is getting so we can see the bottom of the bowl, and there is a cat hair in our water... I worry that he may not want to help with keeping our toothies nice and sweet smelling...MOL! At least the dog-guy will be with meowmy, she always takes him along when she goes to her sister's place.
Well, I shall have to get more details of this affair so I can mew them to you all.

If she goes away, she won't be able to mew or bark at any of the Cat/dogster pals, because my auntie doesn't have internet at her house. :~(


Less to Worry About! And Love Bites!

April 7th 2010 2:08 pm
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Well my Auntie is feeling better. Meowmy has gotten on the ring-talker thing a few more times, and again late this pm. Auntie has had a pacemaker put in, and seems to be OK. Not much pain and can tell the difference in heart rate, already!
Meowmy suggested that she go to her after she is discharged in a day or two, but she said No Way!
So I guess, there won't be a substitute kitty care giver for now. Good news for all! Will give updates if needed...

I gave meowmy a love bite when she petted me, I was so happy...MOL! I haven't done that for a long time... I just wanted to let her know that I need her so much...Who would I make bread on if she was gone, and who would wash the dog's ears if he is also gone? BTW: I gave the dog-guy a good grooming, when he came in from being out in the pouring rain! Aren't I a good Kitty?! MOL!


Box Biter

April 8th 2010 6:59 pm
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Hey, I thought it was spring?! OMC! I saw snow, today...and there weren't any sun puddles to warm my furs...What's up with that?!
Oh, well, at least there was a nice new box to get in and claim as mine by biting it.And that was after Meowmy brushed my teeth,I think biting the cardboard is like a human's flossing, only this is better because it gives the whole tooth a polish!
Hey dentists, can I patent this? MOL!


Barfings and Doggy Door Escapdes

April 11th 2010 8:28 pm
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Ah, I love it when I make surpawses for meowmy; first thing she finds in the morning...usually by stepping in some juicy, yucky puddle of hairball barf! Yup, I did it again...I massacre my little mouse toys and eat some of them...(hey isn't that what you are supposed to do with mice, if you are a kitty?), and then I choke on the stuff and whoops! Up comes a big barfie! Present for my beloved Meowmy! MOL!!
Of course whenever I do this barfy stuff, then Meowmy watches my efurry move, but I was eating, drinking and behaving as any properly trained kitty should... OK; Get this Meowmy: I am a cat, I lick my furs and Pipo's too, and sometimes the dog-guy's...and I chews on those little mousie dudes, so then I just gotta have a good barf now and then!

And then while meowmy knew the dog was in the house she heard the flap-slapping noises the doggy door makes...and ...I pranced into the kitchen from the sunporch! I used the doggy doors, if you go and sit in the very huge sunpuddles in that room!
I wish she wouldn't keep that place off limits, so that I and Pipo could go there once in a while! But she says it isn't catproofed in there, and she is worried that we will go through the 2nd door, to the great outdoors! OMC! I want to be like Christopher Columbus and be the great explorer kitty! But of course she didn't know that...Later I went in and out again MOL! I wonder why my brofur, Pipo doesn't come with me...What great adventures we could have!
Purrs to all and to all a good night!


Tortures As Delivered By My Meowmy!

April 12th 2010 5:49 pm
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I came to see what meowmy was doing with the dog-guy. I heard rustling noises so I knew it would be interesting...YES! cheerleader's pom-poms! OMC! I have to play with those...pawlease?! Well when I had a chance to give them a sniff, meowmy caught me and tried to put a headband with stars on it around my ears...OMC! No way! Will she ever stop dreaming up ways to torture me?I even had to contort myself and put my rear legs and feet through the thing to try and prevent its application to my noble kitty head! (MOL!) Well after I convinced her to give up with that silly stuff, she still didn't let me go...NO! She carried me to the torture chamber where that brush thing attacks my teeth! HEY! And then the yucky spray stuff then I was FED-UP! I relented somewhat and let her brush and comb my furs...which I was already covering the floor with...but no , no purrs, this time...HA! I even decided it would be more fun to give that fur brush a licking, too. So I grabbed it and bit it...and then OOPS! I got carried away, and bit meowmy's arm. Sorry, meowmy. I had to let you know that even though I love and crave attention...enough is enough!! At least my mouth was clean when I bit her...and no I didn't bite hard enough to break the skin...I was only giving a warning...which meowmy respected...she picked up Pipo and began cleaning his teeth!! MOL!!


Pleasure Meters

April 13th 2010 8:22 pm
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Meowmy was watching me lashing my tail, when I was perturbed...that does not mean pleasure, let me assure you!
Sometimes it lies on the floor and only the end is twitching. This means I am deep in thought about perhaps giving a good chase.
Sometimes half of my tail is straight up, and the rest of it goes straight a hairpin. Meowmy sees me do this when I am in the zoomies mode!
Sometimes my flag is looking like a bottle brush...OMC! Then I am really angry or scared! I even scare myself once in a while, chasing after my little mousies...
Sometimes my tail is straight up, perhaps with a little bendy in it. It may be still or waving like a flag in a gentle breeze...this is my true pleasure meter...or better said, my measure of pleasure!
Meowmy likes seeing that kind of tail the best. I wonder why, MOL!

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