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Minko's Mewsings

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More sunshine!

February 19th 2010 8:19 pm
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I had lots more sunshine puddles to bask in today, YEAH!
But not on the tablecloth...meowmy removed it to wash all of our hair donations off of it...Then she got out that noisy big blue machine with a big sucking hose...time to hide! later, she let me do lots of high jumps to chase the laser light.That was fun.
I spent some time bullying Pipo off the good sitting/sleeping places today, because I didn't want the DDP honor he had to go to his head...Heh-Heh! MOL,MOL!!
Purrs for now! and plenty of kneads, to last till next time!


Jumping and Agility

February 21st 2010 8:13 pm
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I should join a kitty agility group... I can jump really high especially when I want to catch that laser light or the fuzzy tail on a stick. I run super fast like a zoomer, then jump several feet up on the wall or door to get that light... Meowmy gets worried that one day I may hit the wall...MOL! I have almost hit my little furry head on the door knob when I get too crazy and don't pay enough attention to my whereabouts. But maybe meowmy should be more careful about where she sends that light...MOL,MOL!
Does any one know of a group for us kitty athletes?
Anyways, now I am having a well deserved catnap in my cat/dog bed...


Head Bonks

February 23rd 2010 8:12 pm
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Today I got all lovey - dovey with meowmy. I did the cat scratch on her legs to get her attention, then after I jumped on her lap I purred up a storm and made tons of bread. Too bad she can't sell my bread! MOL!
Then I gave her a head bonk or actually, several, on her head, on her arms on her lap, anywhere I could resach...But after she rubbed my furs and kissed me she put me on the catbed...said she couldn't type with all these bumps going on...Hey! I thought I was far more important and useful than that 'puter thing...?! MOL!
Oh well! Tomorrow I can do it some more. I love my meowmy so much...



February 27th 2010 7:26 pm
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I like to sit or lay on the CPU, because it is a warm place. Never mind that it isn't soft. It is also close to the person at the 'puter, so that i can get attention just by reaching out with my paw.
Today when the dog guy walked past, I stretched out and started that lovey-dovey stuff. Then I roll on my back and knead in the air, and eventually put out my paw to snare the passer by. which was the dog guy. His ears are just at the right height for me to catch with my that I can maybe give them a wash, that time my head was also starting to go off the CPU, and because I was paying more attention to him , rather than how I was on the CPU...I rolled onto the floor. Humpf! I meant to do that!
So off I stalked, tail in the air, to find another place to sit an smooth out my ruffled furs.


Necklaces and Feathers

March 1st 2010 7:25 pm
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Meowmy has lost her mind, I think. MOL! She brought home all these green things, beads, head things, bow ties and something covered with green feathers. I tried my hardest to catch them and bite them...esp after she insulted my heritage of the Orient, by insisting that that Irish stuff go on my neck and head. And I was dumb enough to let her catch me to model that stuff...OMC! Purrlease! I have blue eyes..they don't match green stuff. But it was fun to get bitey with those feathery things...I had more fun when she tried the stuff on my canine furbling. He just sat there like a wuss and let her put everything on him...I guess he has closer ties to that Irish stuff than I ever could lay claim to! MOL!
We shall see if I will let her get any pics of me with that green stuff on my furs...MOL!



March 4th 2010 8:12 pm
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I am very good at interrupting my peoples. Esp.when they are in the bathroom. We are in an old house that has a few issues. The BR door doesn't shut very well, and I know how to use my head to push it open enough to squeeze through! So there is no privacy for my peoples...MOL! All I want is not to be left out of any of their interesting activities... I need attention! MOL!Esp I do this with meowmy,when I get in there, I will do my scratching on her feets, covered with those clog things...she never can figure out why I do this to her. But I do...I love her so much that I have to mark her as mine to prove it to Pipo and any others...Or I will jump up on the counter and bump up on her head, it is so nice and close to my level when she is in there... MIAOW! MOL! Privacy is not allowed when you have cats, everyone knows that, right?!
Purrs and Mews!


I Snore!

March 7th 2010 8:10 pm
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Today meowmy was hearing some strange peeps, at regular intervals...Of course I was not to be found as usual...because I was asleep under the dog guy's nest blanket...MOL! It the best place to nap that I have found in the longest time...I was tuckered out from fly chasing, mouse stalking (and ripping apart),chasing Pipo, and following my peoples into the kitchen (to beg for yums from Sunday dinner...), and bathroom...and of course I had to be extra nice to the dog guy, because today he was DOTD.
Anyways, the peeping was me. It is how I snore! MOL!
Mews and purrs!


About this Green Stuff...

March 11th 2010 6:13 pm
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The other day, my meowmy lost her far as me and Pipo were concerned...
She peaked our interest by bringing in this big bag of stuff, ribbons, necklaces and bows and feathers and things that wiggled...of course we had to come and check it out...
that was a mistake!
First she nabbed me and tried to put some of those bag contents on me...Hey.! I don't wear clothes...not even a collar! I just kept wriggling out of the stuff or biting it...The feathery things were the most fun to try to catch.
Well that was my undoing...
Meowmy put me on one of my favorite perches, and pretended to play catch the feather with me...when I was busy with that, she actually managed to get the big green bow tie around my neck...and with more distractions I even was dumb enough to let her put a small ponytail holder around my leg. she wanted to put on the other one, but I wasn't having it... So then that silvery, buzzy and lightning flash thing came out...and now I am on display for all of Catster land to spy upon...MOL!
If she thinks that she can get some more pics of me with other green garb on I will let her know it isn't allowed...MOL!!
I think I am wiser now for things in crinkly sounding bags. I hope I haven't forgotten that by the time Easter comes on the calendar...MOL!
Purrs and Mews!


Circle Dancer

March 14th 2010 12:08 pm
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If my fur bro, Pipo can dance after bugs, I too can dance...But I dance on the front door...! MOL!!
When I chase the laser light, It travels all around and I go after it, untill it reaches the front door...then I jump up to get it...always I miss it?! Yowl...Then meowmy makes the light go around the door frame, door mat and up the door again...I go in circles to follow it. Like I am spinning...Up and around and down and around again...I don't know why I never tire of this 'laser tag dance'...MOL! Pipo is too dignified to do this tricky stuff, he only does 'the spin' on the floor... MOL!!
Purrs and Mews!



March 15th 2010 8:26 pm
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I have just had an interesting thought.
I am a I can make and sell lots of bread to hungry souls...
I am also a spinner! So I can make lots of yarn to play with or to make into warm blankies for kitties to get cozy on...

You may be thinking, how can a kitty be a spinner?!
Well, that is because I am a purring machine and my engine runs at full speed quite frequently. Meowmy is of Dutch heritage. The word for purring in Dutch is "spinning" .
So I can spin yarn!
How cool is that!
I think that soon meowmy will have to start paying me a wage!! I am so useful to her in so many ways! MOL!

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