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Minko's Mewsings

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Time To Miaow My Thank-Mews!!

February 16th 2013 6:35 pm
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If kitties could talk with other than mews and purrs, I would be speechless!
My gift box is so big its taken over my page, sort of, MOL!
Thanks to all my furry pals who sent me Candy Boxes, which they made sure had tuna and catnip flavored Carob kitty treats in them...and fur all the the other wonderfur purrsents that now also grace my page!
All because it was a Day of Love...and my Gotcha Day as well! OMC! A Double Doozie! MOL!
How shall I thank thee all??
..."Meowmy can you do that fur paws have no thumbs?"
Well, she says she would love to, but...since there are at least 47 of them, she would have to take time off work...she says why don't I just mew to you I will:
"Thanks so furry much evfurryone!

I hope you all had a fun time with the giving and receiving of those candy boxes!

I also had some fun with my date, the lovely Minnie, my Valentine, my sweet little Minnie!
We exchanged purrsents, and loving words, too...I whispered and purred sweet nothings to her, MOL!!

And it was my Gotcha Day, too...8 years ago! Where does the time go?!

In case there are pals who may not know this tail too well, here is a rehash of an earlier diary about when I was gotted:

From 2012...
This is my Gotcha Day...and Valentine's day...but, I was not a purrsent from pawppy, nor was Pipo...we just claimed our love onto meowmy that day...MOL! She actually paid $$ to bring us here, even though I was sort of rescued from that nasty ladies house, yuck! It was so dirty and stinky there...I was all wet, too...that lady had no sense about kitties at all...and meowmy said she would call the authorities if she tried to advertise any more kitties...
She told my older unfurbro to go and get the big towel in the van, so that she could dry me off, and I mewed so piteously that she just took me right out of that house as quick as she could and into the warm van...and then to my new den...where it was clean, dry, the food was easy to get, and my nest was soft and warm. And there was this other kitten there, too..who hissed at me! The nerve! MOL! Pipo is that way, he likes to vent his feelings...
And there was this dog-guy, too...but that is a whole 'nother story!
When the vet saw me, he was appalled, too. He told meowmy that he thought I was going to be a kitty loaded with sicknesses and other bad things...but no way was I going to let that happen and I proved him wrong! I am just a wee bit small...but only in size!

So now you all know my kitty-story of how I was gotted! to Minnie's...


Irish...Yes Or No...That Is The Question

March 3rd 2013 1:50 pm
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My main pic asks if I am really Irish...purrhaps I am, purrhaps I am not...but I have heard it said that on March 17th, evfurryone IS 100% Irish, MOL! So...I guess I am,though only my furdresser knows fur sure, tee-hee!
Due to circumstances at our den, meowmy didn't make new St Patricks pics...not that I am complaining, mind you, MOL!
So...recycling some older ones. We hope you don't mind too much.
Recycling is good though, right??

I have also decided to become furry picky about my victuals. Turning my snoot up at almost all. Even most Fancy Feast, though I do seem to enjoy the beefy ones, or the liver ones.
I really do not need to shrink, and not eating is even worse, so meowmy keeps trying to find what I like...or horror of horrors, a trip to that dreaded (vet) pawlace. Today I ate 1.5 cans already, so there seems to be nothing wrong with my appetite. What bugs her, though is the food I gobble up today, is the food I try to cover up the next, MOL!
Meowmy just shrugs and tries another one. Whatevfur...



March 26th 2013 9:28 pm
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Around here, it is mostly dog-guy who likes to do what is politely known as when meowmy heard a strange sound after I came out of the litter box, she thought Dog-guy was over there...not scooting, but stealing croquettes...
It was I!
And she saw a nice trail stinky...and dog-guy was there, but he was sniffing the floor in bewilderment, because how was he supposed to steal that kind of offering??

And then meowmy realized that I had had a caboose trying to follow me out of said box...and I didn't like it at all, so I left it on the floor. So there!
But I couldn't even try to blame it on Dog-guy, because meowmy saw me finishing my scootie-patooting...sigh...

Can't blame it on chocolate eggs either, because Easter Bunny hasn't visited here just yet!

So I shall have to admit it...I did a scootie-patootie!


Spring Taggings!

April 3rd 2013 8:53 pm
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Both Xena and Charlie have tagged me, so here goes:
I am supposed to relate 5 things that I like about Spring:

1) Bugs and bugs and more bugs. Yeah, Bugs! Did I say bugs?? MOL!

2) Birdies, big and small, chirpy and honky or even those gobblers,
we have them all!

3) Flowers! So purrty and they smell nice too!

4) Catnip! Meowmy has some small patches of it growing wild in the backwoods of our yard...and she brings it in fur us if she has been working out there.

5) Blue skies, white clouds and raindrops on the windowpanes...all beautiful in their own way...when the sky is furry blue and the wind pushes the white clouds to scud across the sky, we can watch them from our picture window...and my furbling will chatter at them, MOL!
We can try to capture the raindrops and their squiggly trails, too...

Spring is FUN!
Happy Spring!

Now the hardest part is tagging other furs...but since it s late and meowmy is oh so tired...we will let you tag yourself...its the honor system...if you are 'untagged' and read this then you are offurcially tagged by Moi! MOL!


DDP...And I Was Home Alone...

April 13th 2013 10:29 pm
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That is correct...well Pipo was here and that doggy dude...but the peeps were gone most of the day. Meowmy was off from her her and pawppy went hunting, but not fur meeses. They went to find some new lawn fur-nip-ture for our new patio...but why today when I am a DDP, and not only that it is cold, windy and snow flurries abounded all day long. More like winter than spring.

Well, at least when they got home there were two laps to enjoy, and my food dish got full of some yummy noms!

Well, I shall say my brief thanks to all here, and meowmy will try to get real ones out fur me later on...Thank-Mews to all!


Such Indignity

May 28th 2013 10:25 pm
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Hey! Meowmy just came by me and scooped me up from my place and dumped me into the carrier. At midnight, nearly. Sheesh, there are no vets open now are there?
Then she left me in that carrier on the floor, and Dog-Guy was sniffing around it and I couldn't even do anything about it.
Then I got frantic to get out because I heard loud thunder and the TV was blaring about some tornado warning, and the lightening was flashing and the rain was coming down like Niagara Falls. I just wanted to hide, but I had been unceremoniously dumped into this carrier, no explanation, no warning, and I was mad, too...such indignity...
There were sirens too, though they were not nearly as loud as all that thunder.

Meowmy said she needed to have me ready to pick up to go into that furbidden spot - the cellar - if necessary. That would have been the ultimate insult, in this carrier, into the dungeon...oh, sorry meowmy, I meant the cellar, MOL!
Thankfully no one went down there, God put His protection around us, and that storm did not come here, though it was awfully close.
I hope evfurryone else is safe.

And those kitties we know at the R.B. said they are having a pawrty tonight...OMC, they really were living it up!

I gotta go and groom my ruffled furs, now.....



June 6th 2013 10:15 am
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Today I see,
I'm a DDP!!

I shall have a lot of fun,
Lay in puddles of sun;
With my mousies I will play,
It's a purrfect day!

Thanks so much fur the p-mails, comments and gifts!

Tuesday,meowmy was bustling around here like a mad lady...and she washed the floor so we couldn't walk on it to get to our food dishes fur a while...then she made me hide, because she got out that loud monster with that long snakey hose...that can pry into all kinds of teeny spaces...then she used the duster, but wouldn't let me try to catch the fluffy end of it, much less any fluttering lost dust bunnies...and then she sat down...phew!
Well not so fast she said...and she was right...cause soon my dog-guy went nutzo...and that lady who comes to visit us now and then was off to my hidey hole...and good thing, because along with her was this black furry thing on 4 legs...he barked sort of like my dog-guy, but in way!

So it was hours befur I was brave enough to come out of hiding to check this all out, because by then guest-pup was snoozing to recharge his batteries I presume...since he is the same age as my dog-guy (11), it was safe to sniff him and lay down some ground rules, MOL!
Then I saw that Pipo had betrayed me and was on auntie's lap! What! OMC! He nevfur did that befur! And I only evfur did it just befur she went back to her own make sure she might want to come back...cause she sleeps in the livingroom...and that is purrfect fur sleepy times! MOL! I am not telling if I actually did, and meowmy furgot to ask...MOL!

Well, since it was great weather, they were mostly outdoors, so I didn't have too much to worry about...and we have not had storms either...just some rainy days.
Well after all this chatting I am ready fur another cat-nap in a sun puddle!


Minko - Me Bad-o

June 15th 2013 10:55 am
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Yup, I was a bad-o...
I woofed my cookies in a big puddle on the carpet...then later I did another one from off of the cat window seat...into the windowsill and more on the carpet, too...YUCK!

That was a couple of days ago...but no more since...maybe I ate a bug that wanted to come out, but I'm not telling...

On the 13th it was pawppy's birthday. He got a couple of lawn ornaments, they were owls - Hoot!

Well they were standing on the table, and I was up there putting some of my furs on said table...suddenly without warning, I reached out and pushed one of the owls DOWN! Crash! OMC, meowmy was not happy, because it broke:( So she rescued what she could and will try to glue it back together...and she put the other one out of my reach all together. Sheesh, I was only trying to catch me a bird or two...

Meowmy said Minko you are naughty...then she picked me up, snuggled me and put me back on the floor...
I think she furgave me, because really it was her fault fur leaving birds where a kitty or two could catch them...



July 4th 2013 10:02 am
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They are popping and bnging all over Catster and my page, too!

Because they are Free!!!
And America is free!
Here is an interesting thought...that many furs might want to make happen...
The slogan is:
'Let Freedom Ring!'

So...why then don't we all just ring lots of bells and jingly things...instead of all those loud fireworks. So many furs are scared of all that loud banging and booming. Then maybe this holiday wouldn't be called the unsafest for furs anymore...just saying! MOL!

Mewmy says how can you have a birthday and not have loud noises to catabrate?
Imaging the furs who live on the border between USA and Canada...they have to listen to that noise twice in less than a week!

Well, meowmy is a Canadian, but we just put out our Canadian flag on that day, (July First), and leave the noise for today. Thanks meowmy. Good thing we can't hear the great white north noises from here!

Have a great and safe holiday!


I Am Not Truly Hiding...

July 22nd 2013 7:49 am
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Nope, just taking some AWOL time.
Read about it here:
I will mew with you all later...

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