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Minko's Mewsings

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DDP Mewsings From The Laundry Basket

June 9th 2010 6:03 pm
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Well, yesterday, I was a DDP...and today the Dog-Guy had a turn at it! OK! Way to go, my furmouse dog furbling; my earwashing puppy and my buddy, yes you are my buddy, even though Pipo would disagree with that! MOL!
OK! That is 2 out of 3, does that mean that Pipo will have a turn really soon? Time will tell.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to get at some paper that was at the bottom of the laundry basket, I put my paw in the basket holes and tried to fish it out by snagging it, nope! I tried to get it by jumping in and picking it up with my teeth...nope! So I gave up and went to sleep on it. To guard it! MOL! But them meowmy walked past and shook a can of something that rattled, so I had to get out of there really fast, she spooked me...and she laughed at me,too! I guess it was a payback fur when I spooked her from the box!
OK, Bye now...I see meowmy is getting the toothbrushes out, so I need to vamoose!


Cat and Mouse

June 10th 2010 5:44 pm
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Well, Pipo didn't get a DDP, today. Does that mean that I should feel sorry fur him? Nah...Life just goes on!

Meowmy did manage to corral me yesterday, for that wicked toothbrush encounter! Bah! How I hate that, even though I know its because of that, that I didn't need an extra vet trip...

Today I was rather naughty and had a big fight with Pipo...about...I don't even remember. All the peeps who were home stopped what they were doing and had to see what all the fuss was about! My tail was huge, and if one could call them hackles, like a dog...Mine were standing straight up. I was not spooked, but I was angry! I think it started when Pipo wanted the same hunk of old mouse fur toy that I was throwing around...No way was I going to let him have MY mouse...go find your own, there sure are enough of them, a whole box full...
Eventually peace reigned again as part of the order of things, and I went on with my life. This time I took the hunk of mouse fur up the stairs...threw it down and chased it...right into the dog-guy! OMC! Now that was the end of my game for the timebeing...


My Furbling Did It!

June 11th 2010 9:29 pm
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Well, I needn't have worried...Pipo got his DDP today! OMC! Meowmy has spent hours at the 'puter, instead of with me...and Pipo of course.
I think I like it better when we can just be ordinary not famouse kitties! Although I do like it when meowmy tells me that I am in the spotfur, whatevfur that means...

Today while meowmy was on the phone, I discovered her purse...had been left open. An invitation fur my exploratory paws! So I snagged a few things and dumped them on the floor. The better to get the attention I want from Meowmy!! MOL!
Well, Its night-night tme fur all us creatures at the den!



Flag Day!

June 13th 2010 9:46 pm
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Well, meowmy was OUT all day...13 hours!, so now its already Monday fur us, in the Eastern time zone...and it is Flag Day!
Fly your Flags proudly!



June 14th 2010 8:17 pm
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I’ve been tagged Jezebel to play a game of get to know you better!

1. What time do you go to bed?
Any time that I feel the urge to study the backs of my eyeballs, and when the dryer is on, or the 'puter, because then I have warm spots to lie on...

2. What is your favorite gift you have received and why?
A big furry mouse, with a long tail, all made of real fur. I ripped it to shreds pretty quickly! MOL!Now I play with the leftovers...

3. Whats your favourite way to wake up and whats the first thing you do?
My favorite way to get up, is to see meowmy coming downstairs first, followed by pawppy, They rub my furs and talk to me.Meowmy is best, though, because then I can use her sandals, (which she wears like slippers), for my morning scratching post exercise.

4.What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name?
I think I will stick with Minko. Its so much better than my original name which was Stinky-Minky...I do not stink! even if I did when I was a kitten, that wasn't my fault...

5. What was the last thing you ate that you really shouldnt of .
Let me think...Paper napkins esp the ones that have some yummy touches on them like gravey...Paper bag and cardboard box flaps, too. So many things bear my catnature on them...
6.What are you afraid of?
That thing that says Hoover Wind Tunnel on it...I don't want to get sucked into that, and it is SO loud!

7.Do you have brothers and sisters?
I have a Dog-Guy brofur, and a kitty brofur. Long time ago there was also a kitty sisfur, more like an aunty or even a grandmakitty... I have 2 unfurbros.

8.What is your motto in life?
Where you are I want to be, and what you are doing, I need to do too.(Regarding Pipo)Bully cat...That is Me! MOL!

9. Would you like to be famous? Why or why not?
Famouse only if no one tries to get me dressed up fur occasions!If Famouse means getting more treats and yummier food, yes, then bring it on! Just be nice and quiet, though...Pawlease!

10. What cartoon or comic book character best describes you?
One of Beatrice Potter's kitties, but not Tom Kitten, that was who one of my furbears was named after!

11. What super-power would you most like to have, and why?
The ability to go through walls and closed doors, so that I could get to meowmy or pawppy during the night, when I am shut out of the bedrooms...

12. If you could play sports, what you you play and why?
High Jump! I can chase my fishing pole and laser light to very high places...Perhaps foosball, because I am always moving my mouse toys around, and trying to score goals with them under the furniture, or appliances...

OK. Now I have to think about who I should go and put a tag on...


Wrapped Up Kitty!

June 15th 2010 8:25 pm
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A couple of days ago, it was my pawppy's birthday. Of course I came to investigate the rustlings of wrapping paper...from the birthday gifts. OMC! There was a delicious pile of tissue paper on the table. I pounced right into it! And then after rearranging it to my liking, I took a nap on it. Of course by now, there were some big rips in the stuff. Meowmy saw it, and tried to get a bit of it over my head, like a collar...she even got a couple of (not so great she said) pictures...Well, of course that was the end of my repose on the wrapping paper. I did not want to be wrapped up...Nesting material is great, as long as I don't get stuck in it...unless of course I do the 'sticking'! ...because I do like to get in and under stuff, just not when meowmy wants me to...MOL!


Scary things!

June 18th 2010 7:57 pm
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I have discovered that there are even worse things than vacuum cleaners...
Yesterday was a beautiful not too hot and not humid day. There was a nice breeze. So meowmy turned off the AC and opened all the windows! Ahhh! Sun puddles with fresh air! What more could a kitty want!?
Well, bwecause it wasn't hat, etc, my unfurbros were also outside. Meowmy gave them yard work chores...
So thwere I was on my cat condo perch and here comes this long thing with a noise maker on the end of it. It would be just humming loudly which was bad enough...but then it would make a huge burst of noise! And then it would go back to humming mode...meowmy said my unfurbro was 'whacking' the weeds! Shouldn't we just get a cow or a goat to do that? It would be so much more interesting to watch and no scary noises...except perhaps when they bleat or moo...MOL!
Well Anyways, I just had to get out of my nice sunpuddle. Humpf!
A while later, I had returned to my rightful place...but then along came another noisy machine,,,being pushed over the green grass. It did make the air smell interesting...but the NOISE! Unbearable! So I had to get away a 2nd time. After that noisy lawnmower I am convinced that a cow would be so much more preferable. Perhaps I could even get to be furends with it! MOL!

Good thing that the lawn was done yesterday. Today in the evening we had some more severe weather. Boom! And the wind...close to 70 mph! That's like a hurricane! Nearby towns showed pics in the news of pushed over trees. This was not a tornado, though. Meowmy had read about all the bad tornadoes in Minnesota, last night and those reports made her feel sad.

Night! Sleep well with no bad and loud noisy disturbances!


Pawppy's Day

June 20th 2010 9:09 pm
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Today was my Pawppy's Day. Just fur all Pawppys, and grand pawppys, and all those who have kids, be they furred or skinned...4 legged or bipeds...
Of course there was a present. And it was in a bag with tissue. I hardly let pawppy get it out of the bag before I was trying to possess it! MOL! But then I saw what was in that bag...ooh-la-la! A big soft fleece! To keep pawppy warm...ha-ha...not right ice sheet may have been better...The fleece has the logo of his college on it...Purdue. So pawppy is a Boilermaker! Well soon enough we will help him make good use of it, and of course we will try to stake our own claim on it...with lots of our furs...
Not much else happening here...meowmy has been busy with my unfurbro's graduation things, maybe now we can get back to normal, whatevfur that is...MOL!
So when I have mews to miaow about catsterland will be sure to hear the yowlings about them!


My Sad Meowmy

June 23rd 2010 11:59 am
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Well, it happened again. The 3rd time in a few weeks. Another dead kitty. Meowmy just gets so upset when she sees that. Wild animals are bad enough, but pets, that is just not right.
She wrote a little poem for this kitten, yes a very young and pretty kitty, and you can read it in Pipo's diary. She didn't want to put the same thing in two places ...

Another thing happened, too. She used all that stuff in the props box...and that flashy clicky thing...she points it at me and then clicks it...

AND another thing happened that was kind of scary...the earth moved! Yup! It did!
Meowmy suddenly felt her chair swaying from side to side...and that was strange because no one was touching it. The chains on our 2 pendulum clocks were jiggling, and some other things were moving like a strong breeze was moving them...
This was confirmed as an earthquake! Magnitude 5 on the Richter the region of the Ontario/Quebec Border. At 141pm, EDST.
WOW! If we felt that way over here in southwest Michigan, imagine what the peeps in Toronto or Montreal felt! Is this some kind of omen for this G20 thing that is in Toronto later...




June 25th 2010 8:19 am
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Well, that diary gal, aka random computer selector has gotten me out of the big pile of furs that live here in Catsterland. I must have been eager to get out in the spotfurlight! MOL!!
Soon, too Meowmy will try and get some of the newest pics catebrate Canada Day! I shall have to help her make a Maple Leaf Flag cake...then maybe I will get a lick of the whipped cream topping on it...MMM...Yummy!
The first good thing today was that Meowmy opened all the windows, because after some hot and humid days, it is now nicely cool and pleasant. The 1st thing I did, was to take a deep breath of the cool, fresh air, then I went on a big zoomies adventure, complete with loud meowlings and fluffed up tail!
Hope efurryone has a pawsome day!

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