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Living in a crate, the update

August 20th 2012 7:57 pm
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Friends, you may recall that after a final unacceptable episode of my peeing on the furniture, my humans decided to confine me to a dog crate when they could not personally supervise me. I get out for an hour or so in the morning until the humans go to work, and then Dad lets me out when he gets home from work around 6 or 7, and I'm free (though confined to the kitchen and family room) until the human bedtime around midnight.

Finally, I got what I always wanted. My very own litter box, shared with no other cat. Mom always knows when I need it. I sit outside the cage and meow until she lets me in. And when I'm done, I meow to get back out.

See, all they needed to do all those years was lock up all the other cats. If they had, they'd still have their rugs and stuff.

Anyway, this isn't so bad. I can sleep in the little cubby at the bottom of the cat perch without Vicki bothering me. I get my own food dish and water dish, and I don't have to wolf my treats down because I know they'll still be there later if I want to save them.

I recommend this to other humans who have "litter-box problem" kitties.


Now that I'm 13...

November 19th 2012 8:09 pm
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I intend to get a learner's permit, because it won't be long before I'm bugging the 'rents for the car keys.


I'm so happy today!

December 6th 2012 6:18 am
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I'm Catster's Cat of the Day, and I have a wonderful new pic for my page, thanks to Manytoes and family! And I got a special breakfast of roast chicken! Mom was saving it for her lunch sandwich, but decided I deserved it. Thanks, Catster!


On parole!

March 13th 2013 3:55 pm
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Mom's schedule is all mixed up this week, 'cause she's been rising at 4:30 a.m. to get to the city by 7 a.m. for some software training. Too bad for her. She usually starts work at noon, and her body clock is all haywire. She hasn't been getting enough sleep and now she has a sinus infection.

But it's been great for me!! Mom lets me out of my crate in the dark pre-dawn hours and feeds us all, cleans the litter box and makes Dad's lunch, and then gets ready for work. She leaves me out of my crate because Dad is supposed to put me back in when he leaves for work later.

But Dad hasn't remembered to do that, not even once! So I've been lounging with the fursibs all day long. Happily, there have been no inappropriate peeing episodes so far.

But Mom is not convinced of a cure. Tonight, when she got home, I stood at the door of the crate and meowed to get in. When I did, I went directly to the litter box and was there for so long that she thought that we'd all had a beer party in her absence.


Parole!! And then I messed up. Again.

June 30th 2013 3:46 pm
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Oh, blissful night. I was allowed outside my crate all day yesterday, since the peeps were home all day, and I was even allowed to venture upstairs to sleep on their bed. Heaven!!!

Mom saw that I used the litter box downstairs just before bedtime, so she decided to take a chance and let me stay out overnight. I slept next to her half the night and next to dad the other half. I was SOOOOO happy!!!

But this morning, the throw rug at the hall entrance

Sadly, I'm confined again at night. But Mom decided to get a pet gate for the door between the kitchen and dining room, instead of putting me in the crate all day. I might still pee on stuff, but it's all slipcovered and the cushions underneath are plastic-wrapped. Unfortunately, the pet gate is too high for Bear and Vicki to jump, so during the day when she's not home, they're going to have to share my restricted zone.

On the other hand, they still have more space than the average New York studio apartment cat. At least that's what she tells herself to make herself feel less guilty.


I'm 14 today!

November 19th 2013 7:16 am
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Another year, another birthday. I'm doing very well health-wise, although Mom says I'm getting more white hairs. She should talk!

I have not been confined to the crate since August, and I haven't baptized anything in all that time! Mom put up a pet gate between the kitchen and dining room, and I have to stay in the area with the kitchen, family room and laundry, which have easy-clean surfaces. But it's OK, since that's where the family tends to hang out anyway.

Once I snuck out when Dad came down for a glass of juice in the middle of the night, and Mom woke up to find me snoozing next to her. I didn't piddle anywhere, but she says she's not taking any chances with the new front door and hall rugs. So when she went downstairs, I had to go back behind the pet gate.

She and Dad have to do human doctor stuff this week, so my birthday party will be delayed until this weekend. But it will be good, she promises!


My 15th birthday

November 19th 2014 4:47 am
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Today I am 15 years old in human years, and 82 in cat years.

Mom says she hopes she looks half as good as me when she's that age in human years. My black fur is flecked with white, but it's as lustrous as ever, and when she pets me, it feels like kitten fur.

I am fortunate to be in good health and living with a loving family, and for the most part my fursibs and I get along. Well, one does have to tease one's sister every so often, and get the smacky-paw in return.

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