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My first diary entry!

May 31st 2010 8:24 pm
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Well, I've been bugging my mom to start a diary, and since my birthday is tomorrow I thought we would start one...Life is like a box of chocolates -- a cute line from my buddy Forrest Gump.

I'm going to be sixteen tomorrow and I've had diabetes for over 3 and 1/2 years. But, over the last year I have really gotten better, and I am now at the point of basically not needing any insulin. Mom poked my ear for a drop of blood a couple of times today and used that little machine which gave a number, and my numbers were really good - yippee! Occasionally I may need a drop of insulin here and there, but at this point mom thinks Mr. P (a.k.a. my pancreas) has healed and is producing most of the insulin I need now!

It's pretty amazing because when I got sick over three years ago, mom thought I might die. When I was diagnosed I had gotten really sick and the vet told mom several times that I might not make it. I was very sick and not eating, and I probably had DKA (a very serious condition which can occur with high BG levels). I should have had 24-hour vet care, but Mom didn't know better at the time and the vet we had at the time didn't push it hard. So for a couple of days we went back and forth to the vet getting fluids. Mom would sleep next to me at night (one night on the floor with me) to make sure I was still alive. After a couple of days I started eating again, and eventually I pulled through. But I still had high glucose and Mr. P wasn't working. So I was diabetic and needed insulin.

Mom feels bad because she made some mistakes early in my diabetes, like trying only diet change for a while...At this point she didn't think it would happen, but over the last year my insulin needs have really decreased and I started going days without insulin and it just kept increasing. So now I'm pretty much "OFF THE JUICE"! So this birthday is significant because I'm 16, healthy and OTJ. Go Mr. P !!

Having said all that, mom still is aware that relapses can happen, and at my age there can be other kitty problems; but as of today I'm healthy! And also having gone through all of this with me has really gotten mom inspired about cat nutrition and health. That's why she is kind of nutty about cat food and health. Sometimes she can be a little mouthy about feline diet, but she knows what it can mean to us cats.

This has been an interesting week. Changes with Catster, having fun with the picnic and free goodies, birthdays, and don't furget Memorial Day....Life really is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get! Thanks for reading my diary, we've really enjoyed being on Catster and meeting some great friends, sharing information and more. It took some time to figure out everything that was available here, but we're hooked....

Love and purrs,


I'm 16 now! Thank you furiends!

June 11th 2010 8:09 pm
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Hey efurrybuddy!
This is a little delayed, but my Mom and I just wanted to say thanks again to my pals for making my birthday special. I had a very nice birthday. Mom got me lots of yummy things to eat and I felt a lot of love from my family and furriends. Mom is so grateful that I'm 16 and healthy :) She is ordering a stroller for my sis and me for our birthdays :)

Thank you for the thoughtful gifts with nice messages from some sweet friends:

My best buddy Tully for sending me the Forever Diamond and for the kind message (he is a jewel to me).
Leo and family for the cupcake and sweet message.
Wyatt for the cupcake and for singing happy birthday to me!
Julius for the fun birthday hat and for the songs in Catstertown!
Napolean & Colorado for the cupcake (they are such good bakers).
Scooter and family, my Mac pals, for the cupcake and sweet message.
Big Harry, Patches & Royce for the cupcake and for having my pic on the AFS logo.
Scratch, who shares the same sweet 16 birthday, for the cupcake.
Pigeon for the lemon drink and for the birthday photos, which was so thoughtful.
TT and family for the ladybug.
Nala Sue for the lemon drink.
Adam Dylan and family for all the picnic goodies - yum.
Milo for the brussell ball.
Thanks to whoever left me those little treats, too!

I also had another very nice surprise a couple days after my birthday. I was picked to be Cat of the Week in the '4 the Love of Cats' group by sweet Fluff. What a fun surprise and wonderful way to cap off my sweet 16! Thanks again, Fluff!

I also wanted to thank all the furriends who sent me and my sis picnic goodies! We had a blast with the all the free food and goodies! That was so much fun and did help alleviate some negativity with all the Catster site changes. I even got to paw wrestle with my buds Tully and Luke for some goodies--yeaah! heehee! I hope Catster HQ will do that again!

It's been such a good week+, but we're all still dealing with some of the changes here. We still love Catster, but it is somewhat different. This thank you entry was a little delayed partly because mom still feels a bit disconnected to the new site (but she'll adjust). She is planning on sending an email to the Top Cats.

Thanks again, buddies! More meows to come...

Lots of love,


WW hot dog buns - nom nom!

July 3rd 2010 11:38 am
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I hope everyfur, everypaw and everyone is having a good summer! As summer began it had gotten pretty hot and humid where we live (unusual), but the last week or so has been beautiful with low humidity -- nice!

So, now onto the ww hot dog buns...Mom doesn't buy hot dogs that often, but she picked up some turkey dogs and whole wheat buns from Trader Joe's for a nice all-American treat (a healthier version). She then left the package of buns out on the counter, and I have a trick to get up there (hehe)...So I got up on the counter (not as easily as little acrobatic sisfur, though), got into the package and ate half of a plump whole wheat hot dog bun. Boy was Mom upset about that! She was saying all this stuff about carbs, BGs, insulin, my pancreas - you know, Mr.P...Well, sheesh, Mom knows I have a broad palate and I'll eat anything I can get into my mouth, so she better be careful to not leave anything out for me!

So my blood glucose did go up a little, and I had to get a little needle poke and a bit of insulin. But, phew, now I'm back to the good BGs I had on my own (thanks, Mr. P). Mom is going to be more careful because she knows how I enjoy eating (anything). She did want me to remind all the pawrents out there to be careful leaving stuff out because us cats are curious and enjoy getting into things, some of which may not be good for us - and some can be toxic. Does anyone else get into stuff? Oh by the way, my sisfur pops up onto the counter like it's nothing...Just a little effortless jump and she's up there. I can't quite do that; I'm not as athletic, but I have other skills :)

Maybe we'll write something later about the 4th of July. We have some neighbors that have already started their little explosions and booms to celebrate. Man, that freaks me out! Why do they do that...? But it is pawsome to celebrate Independence Day.




July 15th 2010 9:36 pm
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Hello furiends,

We know it’s summer around here in Michigan because there are some little creatures flying around with little lightbulbs or lights inside them. Mom calls them “fireflies” so I guess they’re bugs. I’m not sure if everyone has fireflies around in the summer, but we see them where we live at night. I might enjoy catching one (I’ve been known to catch and eat a bug or two), but actually these firefly bugs are kind of magical. They glow with a beautiful soft luminosity. It’s amazing - bugs that glow. It’s pawsome to see a group of them softly glowing on and off. But....they’re bugs! Who would think that a bug could be magical?? Mom says they must be one of those little gifts that are given to remind us of the magic in life. Maybe to remind people that we all have those little lights within us -- and not to furget that. Even us cats have those little lights. Fireflies are magical bugs, so are butterflies. Mom likes to look for symbols, signs and those kind of things - it makes her happy. And these bugs have even inspired songs and other artistic things. Bugs that glow with an inner light - pretty amazing!

Sweet summer purrs,


Cat of the Day!

August 1st 2010 7:46 am
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Hi kitties!

Wow, Mom checked her email this morning and there were a bunch of messages, and then she saw that I am the Cat of the Day! Wow, this is purrty cool! This is the first time we've gotten a Catster pick! It's going to be a fun Sunday! I really appurrciate all the gifts, pawmails and furiends requests! Catster is a purrty pawsome place...We'll be getting our purrsonal thanks out soon!

Hey, by the way, there is a new group called the Kewlest Catster Kitties! My pal Pigeon and his Mom started it, and we are an admin there. It's going to be a really fun and friendly group with lots of activities. It's still getting started and there'll be a lot more added, but I just wanted to let you know. Stop by, check it out and join if you'd like!

Thank you again my furiends, and thank you Catster for the COTD honor and for creating this wonderful site!


P.S. Too bad my Ray-Bans (my shades) are cut off in the COTD photo -- oh well! Life is still good!


COTD was great! Thank you!

August 8th 2010 8:40 pm
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Hi everyone,

Last Sunday Mom woke up and found out I was picked as Cat of the Day! We wanted to say thanks for all the kindness and for making me feel special. Days like this allow you to feel a lot of love and kindness, and it's also a great opportunity meet new friends. Mom was actually overwhelmed with the kind gestures that some kitties and their pawrents showed us that day...(Mom's internet service was messed up for several days last week which is why this is a bit late. She also may have missed commenting on some things last week - we're sorry if we missed anything!)

Thank you again for the gifts, messages, pawmails and friend requests...

I was really overwhelmed when my new friend, Alfie the Lovebug Angel, made me a beautiful COTD photo and sent me a Forever Crown. We didn't know each other, but my best pal, Tully, asked his Mom to make me a photo that day...That was so kind to do that since we didn't know each other...We've now become friends and he even asked to be my guardian angel! What a sweet angel.

Thank you also to:
Tully and family for the Forever Star and for the sweet message. You and your family are wonderful friends that I cherish.

TT and Tasha, my good friends, for the Forever Diamond and sweet message. They have always been good friends since I came here and have been very kind and generous.

Muppet for the Forever Crown and sweet message. I haven't purrsonally known Muppet (though I've know her story!). How kind and thoughtful to send that to me!

The family of Sarge, Lena and Pepi also sent me a Forever Emerald, and they were kitties I didn't know purrsonally. Thank you for your kindness!

Pretty Tessa, a special lady furiend sent me a beautiful trophy! Mwah!

Hooch also sent me a pawsome trophy and a sweet message - and it was HIS birthday that day! And we didn't really know each other. Another kind and thoughful gift.

My good friend, Wyatt, sent me a yummy cupcake. He is always very kind, thoughtful and fun!

My good pals the Tomcat bros - Buddy, Timmy, and Toby - sent me a pawsome trophy and a sweet message! Thanks dudes!

Sweet Sassy sent me a pawsome trophy. What a sweet and generous girl she is!

Adorable Milo sent me a catpagne toast and a sweet message! How kewl to get a catpagne toast! Thanks, cutie!

My new, olde furtie friend, Jasper, also sent me a trophy and a sweet message! We didn't know each other too well and this was very kind of him!

My good pal, Pigeon, sent me a blue ribbon. He and his Mom also made me another great COTD photo! Thanks again, pal!

Adam Dylan sent me a yummy shrimp and a sweet message! That was furry sweet since he has some health issues to deal with.

River and Simone were so kind to send me a little beach ball, even though their Mom is on vacation in France. How sweet and pawsome to take the time to do that!

Scooter sent me a blue ribbon and a sweet message. Her mom is very helpful in the Pawsome Pages group!

Casey and family sent me a blue ribbon and a sweet message. It was Casey's birthday that day, so this was sweet of him. His family is so kind and generous and are always sending gifts!

Misha Angel, an fellow olde furtie sent me a blue ribbon and a sweet message!

Reanan sent me a beautiful rainbow and sweet message. We also just became friends - yay!

The wonderful Bush family of furs sent me a blue ribbon with a really fun image inside. It's always fun to get those little extras images!

My pals, Colorado and Napolean, sent me a blue ribbon and sweet message!

Bugsy and family, my kewl new friends, sent me a blue ribbon and a nice message!

Adorable Tabby Little sent me a yummy shrimpie and nice message!

Big Harry and family and the AFS made me a beautiful COTD photo - thank you!

Lovely Miss Minerva Lucille sent me a yummy ice cream cone! That was very sweet (and delicious)!

Nigel and family sent me a another yummy shrimp. I got lots of yummy treats that day!

Also thank you to everyone that sent me pawmails or comments or friend requests. I appreciate all of those very much! It was a great day, it's fun to have that experience. We are also grateful to Catster for creating this wonderful community.

Much love and gratitude,


The intercat access is down...again!

August 21st 2010 7:00 pm
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Dang it! Mom's internet service is down again; it went down earlier today...
We have a different acronym for AT&T!!...Well, we've been here at Barnes & Noble for a little while to get online and check email. They may be able to come out and fix it tomorrow, but it may be later. This also happened to us a couple of weeks ago. So I wanted to let you all know we might not be around as much in the next few days...We'll be on when we can! Not a very exciting diary entry!

Love and purrs,


Our furiend Pigeon is still missing....

August 31st 2010 7:24 pm
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Hello everyfur,

It's been since last Thursday that our good furriend, Pigeon, has been missing. It's been very sad and upsetting. We keep checking in everyday hoping to hear good news. There was some good news yesterday; we found out that one of Pigeon's neighbors saw a cat which she is almost pawsitive is Pigeon...We will keep purring all the time for sweet Pigeon. It's just not the same at the Kewlest Catster Kitties group - this is the group that Pigeon and his mom started. We all have to keep purring and sending Pigeon lots of protection and help to find his way home.

This has been really sad, and it's more difficult when the fleas show up on Catster. The last several days a lot of techie things aren't quite right on Catster....The 'purr board' doesn't seem to be updating, there are ads again covering images sent through pawmail, today a lot of photos had little ?'s instead of photos, and there are probably other techie problems...Sigh...those flea outbreaks can be really frustrating. I hope everything is taken care of soon.

On a happier note, I seem to be doing well (knock on wood). My blood glucose numbers have gotten even better; my pancreas started producing better numbers that my mom wanted to see. Today she tested me and got a 72, and I have gotten a 64 and 66 on my own. Those numbers probably don't mean much to most kitties, but those are purrfectly healthy numbers that mom is happy about as before I was hanging closer to 100.

We're purring for you, Pigeon! We love you and miss you, buddy! You gotta come home!



I have a new heated bed from Alfie and his Mom...and it's- starting to get chilly!

September 6th 2010 6:35 pm
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I recently met Alfie ~ the Lovebug Angel and his family when I was COTD last month. It has been great to meet and get to know them...And one day Alfie's Mom pawmailed and said she wanted to send me something for my sweet 16 birthday - which was June 1st and we hadn't met then. Well, Alfie and his Mommy offered to send me a heated kitty bed! How generous is that! I have never had one, even though it can get really cold here (check out some of my photos in the snow). Mom had heard about these and was thinking of getting me one.

So I was pretty overwhelmed that they did this for me. I wanted to show some photos of my new heated cat bed . When I opened the box there was a package and bow that the kitty bed was in! How cool is that! Here I am trying out my new cat bed. My sis and I had fun playing in the box that the bed came in! I might even let Nadi use the heated bed once in a while.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing photos of my new bed (and I hope they all work). It was so kind and generous of Alfie and his Mom to send me this! She told me that there is a lot of giving that goes on here on Catster. Thank you again Alfie and Mom. I know I'll love the bed, and it'll be great with the weather we get...And actually, it has started to get a little chilly here - what a relief after all the heat and humidity we've had. My Mom loves the Fall and is looking forward to it, and I'm going to have my heated bed to keep me nice and toasty warm!

Lots of love,


Remembering an angel's birthday...Alfie

October 1st 2010 6:43 am
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Hello my furiends,

I wanted to dedicate my diary today to an angel named Alfie . He has also been known as Alfie the Lovebug and Sir Alfie Kneads Alot, and now Alfie Child. And I'm sure he has other sweet names. Today is Alfie's 5th birthday. But, if you don't know his story, he left for the Bridge unexpectedly last winter. It wasn't illness that caused Alfie to leave, but an accident - he just jumped and fell. Which left his family devastated. Sometimes it's hard to make sense of what happens in life. We are sending our love to Alfie, his mom and family.

I have been very fortunate to get to know Alfie and his mom and family. Like I wrote about before, he even asked to be a guardian angel to me (I feel blessed because I'm the only non-orangie photo badge on his page). That is such a sweet thing that I feel grateful for. Alfie was a beautiful, precious orangie boy with a tux. Just look at the color of his fur. He is special to his Mom just I like I am special to mine...

His mom is really talented and generous with making photos for people. My mom doesn't really know how to do much with that, but she did try to make a a couple photos. She made this photo which is on my page, and a few others.

Happy Birthday to beautiful Alfie the Forever Lovebug...


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