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November 1st 2009 7:29 am
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Home has many different meanings and many different looks. I have little memory of my first home. But I was taken in by Noah's Ark Companion Animal Hospital in NC and found it was full of love and care. They fixed me up took care of me and searched for a permanent home for me. But see, I am blind so finding a forever home was not to be an easy task...I was at my home with my furriends at Noah's for a long time...but then thru a link with Catster and Blind Cat Rescue my new mom found me. I now have a furever home. I have a big bathroom and my own bedroom. I get to sleep with my new mom and pops (I love to lay on top of them, mol)...and I am learning about the rest of the furamily that live on the other side of the door...I am not sure what to think of them since I cannot see them, so I hiss but then I am very curious and want to meet them and then I hiss again it won't be long and I am sure we will be playing together. I love to curl up in the middle of my new big bed! and I know how to play on the dresser and I have found lots of toys to play with too and a cool turbo scratcher...

Thank you effurryone who helped me find my new home! and hugs to Auntie Terry! who showed my link to my new mom.


something smells different

December 23rd 2009 11:33 am
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The crew is telling me it is almost Christmas and that is why I smell so many different wonderful smells...I follow mom around in the kitchen and sniff the air....she even gives me these lil tidbits that taste wonderful...sometimes I get confused about which room I am in because of the smells...but I call out and mom answers so I can follow her voice...
I am still working on meeting all the purrs and woofs at my home...most effurryone likes me...Ras gets hissy, but they say he is old and set in his ways...I hope to win him over soon..

well, let me play with that paper I hear said something about wrapping things...I bet she could use some help...


Happy Valentines Day

February 14th 2010 7:41 am
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Sending out Valentines purrrrrrrrs to all my wonderpurr friends on Catster! I have figured out the whole house now and love to sleep on mom's lap with the others when she is watching a moving or playing on catster in the evenings. Ras and I have a truce...We only growl and chase each other if he comes in the bedroom so he pretty much stays out of the bedroom unless I am sleeping and we tolerate each other in the rest of the house..
I love to play with the turbo scratcher and the mylar balls...and I curl up with and watch over over Shiloh and Dusty.

Happy Purrrrrrrrrrs,


trying to raise money for Blind Cat Rescue

February 15th 2011 7:14 pm
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Blind Cat Rescue is the reason I have my new home, they let my mom know I needed a home. They are trying to build a new building and we are trying to help them raise money by winning the Bissel contest. If you could please vote for me over the next week (16 Feb to 22 Feb) I would be most appreciative and if I win and go to the finals I have a chance to win the grand prize and it goes to Blind Cat Rescue...

Here is my link.. ?id=71850

Again thank you for your help in supporting such a wonderful rescue!

Blind kitty purrrrs,

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