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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Flattered and Honored! Thank you on belf of me and the- little Squirt, CK!

January 4th 2012 9:35 am
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Wow! We both have Diary honors!
I am a humbled Mangoman Kitty!

Thank you,


A story of Inspiration: Dot the Kitten -

January 7th 2012 7:19 am
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Dear everyone,

As you may know, I have a weakness for 'Special' kittens. I guess it's because living with FIV, I know that for some cats, like us, it's harder to find a home. All sorts of rumors and stuff even from vets about FIV+.

For some kittens, and cats, it can be even harder that FIV+ to find a home.

I would like you all to go to Dot's page and say hello. Dot is a wonderful, inspiring little kitten who is 'otherwise-abled'. She's not disabled....look at her wonderful vidio 'Dot Dynamite' and you'll see what I'm talking about. Mommy and I saw and watched it, Mommy's eyes leaking because Dot is an inspiration. She is a normal, healthy, very playful and loving little kitten. She just happens to be a little 'different' with slightly different needs. (she needs a person who can assist her with the box needs). She needs alot of 'hands on' but when you meet her, she'll steal your heart.

I told Mommy she could come here, but as Mommy has to work, and Daddy has to work out of the home...well, this wouldn't be the right place. But we are hoping you will go say 'Hi Dot' and send some purrs and love and POTP her way and any leads you have for finding her a great home like we all have. At the very least, she'll inspire you, and your humans-especially if they are sad...watching Dot, you can't be sad!



Helping myself to chicken wings...and lets send Tiger Power- of the Paw

January 21st 2012 6:21 am
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Hi Furs,

Wanted to let you know something I did this week that made mommy laugh. And I thought it was pretty good myself.

Well, Mommy had a friend over and she made some snacks. One of them was chicken wings. Now mom and dad have a small coffee table that serves as a dining table. So she had put the snacks...including the wings...on the table. And she had the wings fairly close to the edge.

So mommy was talking to her friend and then the friend turned to the table and started laughing.

See I had sat up on my hind legs and very carefully helped myself to a chicken wing and then put in on the floor. I was trying to eat it, but I don't have teeth, so after a few moments I looked up at mommy hopefully because Smokie was trying to edge in and take it away from me. Well, Mommy said 'Ruffy!' but she's soft on me and doesn't get mad at me, really. She took the wing and took it apart and gave some to all us cats. She then put the wings in the middle of the table, and had the squirt bottle close at hand, because CK was around...and he jumps on the table all the time.

Mommy says I know how to be endearing, though she says I never want to be petted when I'm in food mode unless there is soemthing like a chicken wing in it for me. But I do like petting when I'm relaxing on the couch back.

Guys, my friend Tiger, who looks so much like me, as you may remember, is not in great shape. Can we all send him some potp? His id is: His mom is really a saint, and he's a great guy who is in need of many purrs...and a miracle!

We've done it before....lets ask our angels to intercede for him, huh?

Hoping for some chicken on this snowy NY day as I rest on my couch back in the warm....and send POTP to those not so lucky...



Random thoughts-our Foster whos 'up for adoption' a non- foster out there seeking a home whos FIV+ and more...

January 22nd 2012 9:33 am
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Hi everyfur!

Firstly, Big Congrats to Tiger for being a Dreamboat! Wow! What an honor! I know Miss Samoa must really have her hands full, so many handsome mancats to pick from...but gosh, what a great choice! Another handsome Mango gets recognized for his greatness!

Which brings me to:

We have a, ahem, 'Foster' in the bedroom with Natalie. She got out here one morning. I have no complaints...she seems an attractive, personable young cat. Shes a year old or so. She came from one of mommy's clients who got evicted. If mommy hadn't taken her she would have wound up in the high kill shelter here.

If you are in the NY area, and seeking a sweet, gentle, young female cat whos been spayed had has all her shots, please contact mommy. She appears to be fine with other cats, and she once lived with 3 pit bull dogs who were nice to cats so she might take a bit adjusting, but she's a nice young lady, and not at all difficult....she has to be to be rooming with Natalie.

And....Mommy knows of a young woman who's seeking a home for a special orange and white cat in NY. He's 4, male and neutered. He's dreamboat material! He's also FIV+. Mommy would love him, but really at t his time, it's just getting to be like the international cat hostel in here and til our young lady cat finds her furever home, there just isn't room at the inn. But this guy...he's a nice looking bloke, and extremly photogenic. I might remind anyone looking that the myths of FIV+ are just that. I live with other non FIV+ cats, and am neither a threat to them, nor are they to me. We can live with others who aren't, so long as we are fairly mellow. Me, I'm a lover not a fighter. Haven't any teeth, you see.

If anyone would like to see pics of either of these two friends, let me know, ok?

Mommy and Daddy told me last night....there was serious talk...once they place this little girl boarder, they are considering applying to be fosters for a tiny rescue that helped Mommy out with fluids for Bella...because they want to save at least one from the local kill shelter. Mommy and Daddy have a cage in the room with Natalie, and when Delilah goes to her furever home, Mommy and Daddy are considering opening that cage for a cat that would otherwise be killed. They feel that if they can save one...

I know no one wants cats, that is. But can I fault it? there but for the grace of god....

If any of your humans are in a position to reach out and save one of us, who still haven't come in from the cold..or who may be in a high kill shelter...lets move on it....and to those of you who do foster and rescue....I salute you humans...and the furs who live with them...with power of the paw. You are wonderful, wonderful beings.

With humble purrs...


I'm a Dreamboat? It is so unreal! Thank you-I'm humbled!

January 22nd 2012 2:10 pm
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...and for once, I hardly know what to say!
Except...thank you!

And I hope that maybe...this is proof positive....that FIV+ cats...and cats who came in from the cold...are all VSFS! (Very Special Felines!)

Thank you Samoa,

Your humble Servant,


Being Dreamboat #59-and an infomercial on FIV+

January 23rd 2012 12:06 pm
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Well, as some of you know, not only am I a handsome, solid, Spencer Tracy of the Catworld Dreamboat...crossed with Humphrey Bogart...but I'm FIV+ too.

Yesterday evening mommy had a conversation with a lady that bothered her. The lady is someone who was considering having Mommy foster for her organization. But when she found out that Smokie and I are FIV+....she.....she....well, I can hardly say it because it made me so upset! She said to Mommy we should be PUT DOWN!

I don't mean verbally. I mean she thought we should be killed!

Mommy was shocked and angry. She was barely able to be civil. She asked the woman 'WHY?'

Know what this 'Rescuer' said?

Because we're 'contageous!'

Mommy was going to bite her head off. I could feel it. But she was pretty upset. She said to the woman 'If you read up you'll find out that FIV is only transmittable through blood...and with cats that would entail a deep bite wound. Ruffy hasn't got any teeth, and Smokie, though he's very dominant, is not an aggressive cat by nature. They are wonderful cats and cats with with FIV+ can live long, healthy, and happy lives! She told the woman that she really needed to get educated on that matter because if she believed that she shouldn't be doing what she's doing!'

Well, the lady wasn't very nice. She hung up on Mommy. Mommy was upset-she said 'gosh knows how many people she tells to put FIV+ cats she finds to put to sleep!

She then spoke with another rescue group who don't do that...who actually do help to place FIV+ cats. But for the record, I want to set the record straight for anyone who may wonder or think what we have is 'contageous!'

1) I, and cats like me with the FIV+ virus CAN and Do live with non FIV+ cats! Really! I mean it! I have never bit anyone, except a chicken wing! or various food! Not even when I had teeth!

2) We pose no risk of sharing cat bowls, litter boxes, or toys!

3) I play and rough house with my now not so little FIV+ brother. He's not FIV! Mommy had him checked just so show this is so! Even when Smokie-who has teeth-bites him it's not a mean bite through the skin!

Does this mean that there are FIV+ cats who do not like other cats with teeth who will bite another cat? Maybe. It depends on the cat. Like with any cats-you humans observe the interactions before unsupervised time is alloted together! But many of us work out things just fine!

4) We CAN NOT Trasmit the Virus to a Non Cat person or any other non feline.

5) We aren't 'sick'. We're not 'dying'! We are cats that may never get sick. Our immune systems are more compromised, but this is something most cat people can work with well....good food...lysine....good suppliments...lots of love and regular vet visits....we can live long lives! My cousin Blackie...also FIV+ lived to be 16. During that time Blackie ran the show at his house, and taught 3 non FIV+ kittens how to run the show after he went to the Bridge.

6) For whatever reason, along with the FIV+ virus often comes a wonderous personality and a gentle and sweet nature. Maybe we got bit by another cat outside becuase we were just being too nice, I don't know. But we're extrodinary cats, really.

What I would like to see is a Vet to come along and prove to people that it's no more dangerous for an FIV+ cat to live with FIV negative cats than it is for them to live with any other cat. Unless you have cats prone to being aggressive you aren't going to have a problem. That would make it easier for us to find homes, places in No Kill Shelters and even sanctuaries. Many sanctuaries sadly keep us FIV+ cats away from other cats. If I lived in a house that believed that, we wouldn't be here, because we're a 'mixed' household. And it works, everyone! It works.

So on that note...I'll leave it.

I want to thank Miss Samoa once more for the honor of being a Dreamboat! Just I the first FIV+ Dreamboat?

Love to all Furs,



Out of Character

January 24th 2012 10:42 am
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Well, here I am, a Dreamboat and Daddy is concerned....because this morning, I did something very out of Character for me. I peed on the dirty garbage bag with litter in it in the hall.

Daddy, maybe I thought it was there for the using!

But he and mommy are concerned. I am not worried...I had a lovely big breakfast with some corned beef as a treat on the side, then went around and cleaned everyone elses plates....then it was time for a nap.

Daddy was glad to hear I ate well...but is worried in case I wasn't feeling well. I'm a very clean cat usually and only like the cleanest litterbox.

Why, I wonder, did I do that? Did something just get into me to pee on the dirty litter?

I like puzzling my pawrents and keeping them guessing!

Dreamboatily Yours,



January 25th 2012 12:56 pm
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He's only 3 months old. Apparently the diagnosis his mom has for him is FIP!
She and he both seem alone.
Can we all help and give them some support and love?
I have never met a 'Savannah' cat before. It's sad that he's so little and ill and just here from a trip on a plane.

Poor little fellow.

No little kitten should have to go through this.


Purring and Concentrating....Power of the Paw to Blizzard

January 27th 2012 7:36 pm
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Tonight as I gaze up at the brightest star, Tigger, I ask you to interceed for Blizzard. Please help to make him well, you, oh magickal one, with an open soul and beating heart. You, mystical cat who follows where the Star Goddess Dances, and who weave in and out between the constellations. I know that as you purr, we here, all of us, members of a large and purring community, purr with you....we beseach you, and whisper as we weave....let Blizzard be healthy, let him return to his daddy in good health, to share more healthy and happy years with those that love him.
I ask our newest most innocent angels, as they are the closest to all things pure, to purr and interceed, even as they join you, all of you up there, Moma Ivey, Miss Mittens, our Natasha, Calvin, Hazel Lucy, Buddie, Soc, Boxie Brown....and oh, so many more who's purr along with ours rises in peaceful soothing waves, to surround you Blizzard.
I salute you with Power of the Paw, and sit up and purr....and say, with all within me that is cat....we love you, Blizzard....we love you....and we need you here.....

Return to us, my good friend. We love you here.

Love, light and bringt blessings,
Orange Ruffy


Uh oh...she was poking at me again...

January 31st 2012 12:20 pm
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Mom fed me twice like always this morning....and then she knelt by me and held me and looked closely at my mouth. She looked at me closely and this morning I heard her say to daddy sometihng that goes 'v-e-t'. Well, I know what that means...and I don't like it.
It means Mommy is fixating on me again.
I hope it doesn't mean getting hauled in the carrier to the Kitty Doctor again! Enough already? Can't a guy enjoy being a Dreamboat?

Ruffy's Mommy: I am not sure if it was always there and it's just his coloring or if something is going on, but Ruffy's lower lip (he hasn't any teeth) looked slightly swollen to me this morning, and it's a dark color...not sure if it's coloration or if sometihng is going on. He has a dark mark on his nose that is still we'll probably be planning a vet visit soon.

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