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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Happy Birthday Boxie Brown! You are my Hero!

October 16th 2011 9:51 am
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Hi guys,
Below is a reprint of a poem I wrote for Boxie awhile ago.
Boxis is my hero. A legend, someone I have always admired.
Rainbow Bridge is no barrier to Boxie...he trots across it every day, to run the Purr List for Hazel Lucy, who has so many good deeds to do she's had to get help...and we all know how hard it is to get good help, except here in Catster land!

I love Boxie. I guess it has something to do with being orange like me.

But anyway, here goes. This is for you, Boxie.
Happy birthday from your pal, Ruffy.

Our Boxie Brown

Once in awhile while out on the town
You meet a Cat of world wide renown,
And headbonks suffice as with greetings and cheer
You take a seat at the bar for just one more beer
And maybe some catnip as you watch girl kitties go by
Share some good craic with that orange goatee guy
So Boxie I salute you with many a purr
You are so much more than just whiskers and fur,
A gentle correspondant who survived the cold
You might have some milage but you'll never be old
Boxie you know that no matter what gives
It ain't how you say goodbye, its sure how you live!

In Paris we carosed, we sang on a fence,
We ate trout almondine, we gulped wine without sense
We teasted the girl cats and flirted like mad
Ah that Boxie Brown is ever the lad!
We caught a tramp steamer, sure it's pirates we were
Boxie a Don Juan in orange and white fur!

Across to the Islands, we took booty and gold
Storing our cargo away in the hold
And leaping like wildcats from ship onto land
Leaving our pawmarks across the sand
To build us a castle, we were feline kings
In the warmth of tropoical evenings we'd sit and we'd sing!

Ah Boxie Brown, my good friend and true
A firey swashbuckler, I salute you
A handsome stout fellow with a great heart
A cat with great wit, a cat that is smart
Yet there are more than my words could tell
Our Boxie Brown is Modest as Well

He took over Catster, a comfort to all
A true funny feline with total recall
He purred with the best of 'em,
For all those in need,
ah Boxie Brown you're a great cat indeed!

So come sit down here, now, Boxie my friend
Have another drink for sure there's no end
To a wonder of Catness that lights up this place
To you, with your handsome goateed gold face
I want you to know, as you journey on,
You're the Greatest of Cats, and you'll never be gone
In my heart, in my life, in all that I do
Because Boxie my lad, I learned it all from you.

We love you Boxie-from the Kew Gardens Cats. And especially from a wild street guy who has learned so much from you.

Your friend,
Orange Ruffy


Moms making chicken!

October 23rd 2011 12:05 pm
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I saw her put it in the oven! Yay!!!!
I know that she is not feeling so good today-she's been having headaches for 3 days now and her medicine isn't working. So I'm working to distract her by being me. I really love being close to my mom....especially when she's cooking chicken!
So today is a good chickeny day!


Vet follow up tonight...can't they leave me behind and take- CK?

November 7th 2011 1:34 pm
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I heard mommy telling daddy I was past due for a follow up appointment.
My eye is still squinty but I'm not too badly.
Mommy takes the cone of shame off when I eat and leaves it off for awhile.
It is like my pennance for being the only orange intelligent cat around here.
Darn it. I don't want to go!
The little black and white nusaince could go instead. He's due for alot. But I guess it will be me.


The Cone of on again off again story....

November 8th 2011 9:47 am
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So everyone
I went to the vet last night...and I'm doing so much better!!! She thinks my eye is healed, but wants me to wear that Cone for 2 more weeks and take the medicine 2 more weeks! Yay! Maybe the end is in sight!
She said t's because of my FIV That I heal so slowly.
Mommy was a little worried and Daddy was too this morning. I was 'not myself' and didn't eat much. I was a bit sick to the stomach. Of course, we waited a long time last night and I was out of my home for nearly 4 hours!!! In a carrier!!!
Mommy thought I might be constipated so I got some fiber in some special chicken cat food this morning. And after a bit of rest I seem to feel better. Mommy said she'll see how I'm doing later.
Mommy spent some time brushing me this morning and kept CK from bothering me too much. I enjoyed the brushing and then 'mooched' for some food as she was leaving, and did seem to feel better. So maybe things will be better this week for me...


cough and wheeze, no vet please!

November 13th 2011 11:46 am
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Today mommy picked me up and noticed I'm coughing and wheezing again. She called Daddy, told him that she is desperate for a new air purifier filter for me, and she's getting the scary zoom thing out of the corner. It makes alot of noise and goes around the room seeking something...mommy seems to hold it back, and it pulls fowrad as though it's going to get me. I hide as best I can. Mommy calls it the 'Hoover'. I don't's a scary thing. It hides in the corner quiet til mommy gets it mad by putting it's long tail in the electrical outlet. That would make me mad, too. Mommy just changed the blanket on the back of the sofa for me so it's less dusty. She's worried.

Is there anything else anyone can suggest for mommy to do to help me breathe a little better? Mommy nagged Daddy over the phone to let the Super know that the corner of the living room ceiling needs fixing. Mommy told Daddy a new filter for the air purifier is top priority! She's going to get that scary thing out now....oh, I better hide in case it gets me. And I'm not goin to the Vet! I'm not! I'm not!

Oh, and Mommy got some meat to cook..I begged for some but she said 'Ruffy, it's not time to make Dinner yet! You behave! Yes Mommy I always do!


Where did CK go? They took him in my carrier!

November 17th 2011 11:08 am
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This morning, Me, Smokie, the BUB, and Bella ate. Daddy put CK in the bathroom. We ate, and then CK came out. he came over to us, but the plates were gone. He cried to me, and I could do nothing but play with him. He was playing, but he was hungry. Our parents forgot to feed him! How unlike them!

Then, Daddy put him in my carrier, and he and Mommy took him away!

I'm sad!

I hope they bring him back!

Smokie said that they are bringing him for tutoring. He was we were tutored once....he didn't have a good time of it.

He said they'd bring him back!

I just heard daddy talking on the phone to the lady where CK is. She said 'he did fine'. Daddy if fixin to go get him.

Maybe he'll bring him back with some chicken for all of us. Mommy is worried because she may have to leave for 'college' before Daddy is back home.

I miss the little guy. I haven't had a baby brother before. It's fun.

I'll be glad to see him.



Daddy went to get CK....

November 17th 2011 12:43 pm
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He had to call his friend Vick, who drives a cab.
Daddy's car got towed this week for 'tickets'
Then, today, it got 'repo'd.
Daddy is lucky he has a good person who is taking him to get CK.
Mommy said 'Ruffy, this is why you don't play lotto!
And I said, 'Mommy, I don't know what lottos is! Lotto's what? Lottos chicken? I love chicken!
Mommy is worried Daddy will be able to get CK in time.
Mommy said we got 'buzzards luck!'
Buzzards is chicken?
Where's the buzzards then, cause I like chicken!


Things I'm thankful for....

November 22nd 2011 8:14 am
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Chicken! Daddy and mommy bring it home and I love it! I don't get it every day, but I get it!
My little brother, CK! He's fun! I love to play with him and groom him!
My friends here at Catster! I have so many great people I love, and so many, many furs!
My DADDY! I'm glad he's home and that he's working ! Sometimes they give him chicken to bring home for me! Yeah!
My mommy-because she's MOM. She takes care of me, and doesn't let Smokie pick on me.
A warm and cozy place to live and a comfortable sofa back to sleep on.
My Aunts who sometimes bring me food! Thanks Auntie Kitty and Mary!
A clean litterbox! Mommy and Daddy do alot of scooping!
Clean water to drink and water from a cat fountain, too!
Toys to play with!
Cat Food! Mommy and Daddy bring it!
As much as I don't like going there-good vet care!
Every day...and night...warm naps in the sun, and on the chilly morns I have a warm place to rest.

For Ingen, and Royalty, my Kaci Sunshine girl, Tink, and Chiquita, and Jezabel Emily and, oh, so many of the sweetet girlfurs one could consider.

For having people who love me and a home.

And I purr, this week, for all those kitties not as well off...and purr that they all find wonderful homes with good humans to serve them.



Turkey is in the oven!

November 27th 2011 8:04 am
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I'm thankful!
Yes, mommy went out yesterday and bought a nice big 13 pound turkey!
I gazed at it lovingly last night when it was in the fridge!
This monning I got up and helped daddy when he put it in to cook! I'm going to have some later!
Thats the good news.
The bad news is mommy said that my mouth doesn't 'look right'. Sheeesh. She tried to grab me to see what was wrong, (nothing, Mommy, nothing!) but I jumped down and ran and sat there by the stove.
Mommy said that I'll probably have to go back to the VET this week. Sheesh.
That said, I am eating well, and just want some turkey!

ah....I can smell it cooking and it smells so good!


Turkey! Urrp! Excuse me!

November 28th 2011 8:15 am
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Er...turkey last night....turkey this morning...
Mommy laughed because I sprawled out on the back on the couch in a turkey induced stupor! And this morning, on the window sill. I didn't want to move.

Ah, bliss.

Thanksgiving has to be my favorite time of year.

Sorry Trout town cats....

the birds the word!

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